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  1. The fake apology is interesting in that the outcry about it seems to be more because they really embraced it as the Church making proper amends. It's clear what a large portion of the membership wants to see happen. Passionately so. So the furore towards the hoaxer is simply a proxy for how upset people are that the Church hasn't offered an apology like it. But I agree with what someone said earlier, Pres. Oaks clearly still believes God wanted black people embargoed from the temple and the Priesthood. Whilst the Church has leaders maintaining that kind of belief it will be impossible for the hurt to be properly healed.
  2. Comparing the Church use of donated monies to an individuals use of personal monies is not a valid comparison. Nobody donated money to you or I with an expectation as to how we would use it. Stashed away - means stashed away.
  3. Has the Church repented for the Racial Ban?
  4. Serious question: Do you believe the Church has amassed so much wealth in order to build an enclave in Missouri? If the dollar is going to be worthless after some cataclysmic happening, what’s the point in stashing so many of them?
  5. No. The Church has a four fold mission, one of which is helping the poor & needy. ‘Take care of each other’...sounds an awful lot like humanitarian work. The only thing we know know for sure is that tithing supports the building of a $32 billion stock portfolio. The rest of what you say is conjecture. I say that because up until this year, when explaining how tithing was used, the building up of stocks and bonds and residential and commercial property investments and for-profit business investments, was glaringly absent. Tithing not used for humanitarian purposes. Got it. I wasn’t arguing otherwise. Bernie Madoff said all investments given to him were profitable. Should I believe him or ask for proof? Well no, I disagree. It has a clear need for operating expenses. Which it obviously covers with extreme ease as the surplus has been amassed into a stock portfolio worth $32 billion, plus bonds, property and for-profit business interests. I’d say the operating costs for maintaining the portfolio of religious buildings is insignificant on the basis of how much surplus the Church has managed to stash away.
  6. “Dear brothers and sisters, we have been uplifted by the message of President Oaks and by wonderful musicians and dancers. We are especially grateful for Gladys Knight, the Be One Choir, Alex Boyé, and the Bonner family. These talented performers have inspired us all.” Arranging for Black people to perform in front of the unapologetic White Church leaders as a celebration of the end of a racial ban is a symbolism that I find jarring.
  7. What do you find factually incorrect with my statement? If you don't clean up the bad attitude, you will soon be gone. We will not subject our Mormon posters to a barrage of snarky, mean and mocking jabs. You have enough warnings to know this.
  8. No, there’s a mechanism for interviewing dissenters with an outcome of “if you have a problem with the General authority called, it’s your problem”. But dissenting votes arent counted and collected. And there’s no mechanism for counting sustaining ones. Nobody knows how many members voted in favour. It might have been as few as 25%. Does a 25% positive vote really count as the “overwhelming” common consent of 16 million people?
  9. So, what percentage of the 16 million members voted in favour? And what percentage would need to vote opposed for it to be deemed that common consent has not been given and the appointment is not upheld? And I want the handbook/church protocol percentage rather than your opinion (not because I don’t value your opinion, but your opinion isn’t the point here)
  10. “It is proposed that Russell Marion Nelson be sustained as prophet, seer, and revelator and President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, together with his counselors and members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles as they have been presented and voted upon. All in favor, please manifest it. Any opposed may so manifest it.“ https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2018/04/solemn-assembly?lang=eng Now what?
  11. How would the legalising of medicinal marijuana affect the stock price of other pain relief producing drug companies?
  12. So, what are the terms for collective common consent to not be deemed granted? 51% against? More? Less? If there isn’t a criteria for collective common consent to be denied, then there isn’t a criteria for deeming it granted. Lets say the CEO faces a shareholders sustaining vote each year at the AGM. If there isn’t a set threshold for deeming that the general body of shareholders approves or disapproves of his appointment then the vote is a sham. What percentage of the membership voted in favour of sustaining President Nelson as Prophet and President? And if you don’t know the answer to that (and you don’t), you cannot say that common consent was given to his appointment.
  13. Who’s gold was it? How had Nephi come into possession of it? What was Laban and Lemuel’s reasonable expectation as to what Nephi would do with the gold?
  14. If lack of general member consent is never deemed, then the Church isn’t operating with common consent. It’s a meaningless phrase if there exists no criteria for it to be deemed to be not commonly given. It is simply being assumed as given no matter the circumstances of the sustaining vote.
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