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  1. An Interview with a Mormon.....

    I understand completely. Thanks for taking the time to respond, the link you gave me looks really helpful as well
  2. An Interview with a Mormon.....

    I'm attending a community college taking online classes to be able to get a Bachelors in Nursing and found this board on google I have an Associates Degree in Nursing but the Bachelor's requires more classes that I'm taking now, which includes Ethics (PHL 206). Definitely not with any group or association, just doing non-judgmental research on my own accord to write an essay based off these interview questions. Your answers won't be used in any way except for my own research. Sorry if this post came off as odd, I understand why some would be a little hesitant to answer so many personal questions.
  3. I'm taking an Ethics and Society class where we are interviewing a person of a different culture or religion with the intent of learning and understanding different ideas and practices. If anyone is interested or has a few minutes to respond, I have a few questions that will help in developing my essay. These questions are broad in nature in order to fit many different religions. Thank you! 1) Were you raised in a religious or spiritual household? 2) How did you discover your religion or faith? 3) What are the "rules" or most important aspects of your religion's views? 4) Is there anything that is greatly frowned upon in your religion? 5) In what ways do you practice your religion? 6) Are there any stereotypes regarding your religion that you have faced? 7) What would you want others to know about your religions or beliefs? 8 ) Would you marry a person of a different faith than yourself? 9) How do you get to heaven? 10) Do you agree with everything your religion preaches? If you have anything different to add, feel free. I greatly appreciate it!!