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  1. First I will admit I know very little about therapy, and psychology is mostly a soft science. I heard the same thing "They hold underlying assumptions as fact or "right"" in other fields. For example, there are some Christian scientists that don't believe in Evolution, and say their views "automatically become questionable or "wrong." Some say the same thing about universities, the scientific community, and scientific organizations like NASA. Mythicists say the same thing about the scholarly community. Ever heard of mythicism? For some reason leading national organizations are always very biased and authoritarian according to some. I am just letting you know, I am not judging. Isn't AASECT the leading national organiztion on sex therapy? Doesn't it have thousands of members? I know it is not perfect, but who should I trust more?
  2. However, social psychologist Dr. Travis wrote, "Davis and her colleagues Guillermo Villalobos and Richard Leo have suggested that the primary reason for the many “he said/she said” reports that make the news is not that one side is lying. Rather, each partner is providing “honest false testimony” about what happened between them. That is, both parties believe they are telling the truth, but one or both may be wrong because of the unreliability of memory and perception, and because both are motivated to justify their actions." Read "The Delicate Dilemma of Defining Rape" http://www.skeptic.com/reading_room/the-delicate-dilemma-of-defining-rape/ It is good news, but I think the number of "honest false testomonies" is going to increase a bit. To make things worst sex outside of marriage is seen as an evil in Utah. Why is the relevant? Dr. Travis wrote, "For others, 1% to 3% feels like a more accurate number, supporting their argument that claims of rape are exaggerated in a political climate that invites women to turn unpleasant or regretted sexual encounters into assault charges"
  3. Let me guess "stake will grow" "you will prosper" "more stakes and wards " "new temple" "peace"
  4. Can you name a general authority in recent years that has made a new unambigious promise? What promise?
  5. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/our-humanity-naturally/201211/has-your-therapist-tried-save-you He is a PhD with years of experience. He publishes peer-reviewed articles. I don't neccesarily disagree, I am simply skeptical. What makes me more skepical? see other threads. That is why I was asking her about credentials. Well, I guess we need some clarification. I basically said religion in therapy is good in "special circunstancies". Dr. Kenneth I. Pargamen wrote, "Empirical studies of many groups dealing with major life stressors such as natural disaster, illness, loss of loved ones, divorce and serious mental illness show that religion and spirituality are generally helpful to people in coping, especially people with the fewest resources facing the most uncontrollable of problems...On the other hand, some forms of religious and spiritual coping can be more problematic. Life events can shake and shatter people spiritually as well as psychologically, socially and physically. People may struggle spiritually with their understanding of God, with inner conflicts or with other people. A growing body of research has linked these spiritual struggles to higher levels of psychological distress, declines in physical health and even greater risk of mortality. Thus, it is important for psychologists and other health care providers to be aware of the dual nature of religion and spirituality; they can be vital resources for health and well-being, but they can also be sources of distress" Right now I am changing the mind a little because I am a very open minded person, I guess I can agree that religion can be a powerful ally, but only sometimes. So I hope she clarifies.
  6. He is suppose to have the spirit of revelation and discernment. well many of them don't, especially in poor countries. Some of them would rather perform an exorcism priesthood blessing, no seriously. That includes LDS missionaries. I read a mental health expert that disagrees with, "...Done right, religion can be a powerful ally in the therapy world". I myself don't neccesarly disagree, but I thought it was best to keep religion out of professional therapy except in special circunstancies. In other threads she has said stuff that the experts I read disagree with.
  7. We agree. I am not. I am just skeptical about some comments. Please read the previous page.
  8. perhaps because the experts are not neccesary in some cases. Courts are not perfect, not even close. I understand. You can define "expert" in many ways. For me an expert in mental health is If I ever need therapy, I would go to a therapist with a PhD in psychology.
  9. We are talking about mental health, not law or courts.
  10. Okay I retract. What about an MD, PhD with a specialization or an area of research. What about actively publishing research papers. Better? On this thread I don't neccesarily disagree, but I am skeptical about her claim, "...Done right, religion can be a powerful ally in the therapy world". I thought it was best to keep religion out of professional therapy, except in special circunstancies.
  11. You earlier told me therapists disagree with each other, they disagree yes or no? Why does AASECT only attract liberal therapists? Isn't AASECT the leading 50 year old national body of sex therapists? Doesn't AASECT promote evidence-based therapy? Mormon BYU therapists not very like-minded? I do. However, I seen more research and evidence for the positions that you disagree with. No, I have no reason to deny evidence or good research. I follow the evidence wherever it leads. I already told you why I am a little skeptical. For example, if a Biologist tells me that Evolution is an unproven theory I won't quickly believe him. For me an expert has a PhD, MD, or the equivalent. Simple. Let Scott decide that, I am enjoying the conversation. i don't disagree.
  12. I know counselors, therapists, and psychologists don't think exactly the same about all theories and topics. However, like you said, "most in AASECT" do agree on some things. Psychiatrists and Neurologists too. I am NOT saying there is an overwhelming consensus, but most of the experts I read tend to agree and contradict what you say. Perhaps selection bias on my part. True, I am very careful (most of the time) about propaganda on the internet. I don't doubt your credentials, I know you are a professional (with a profession), but I am just not sure if you are an expert. Are you an expert?
  13. Yes I don't dispute any of that
  14. You a family and marriage therapist or a sex therapist? or are both the same thing? Sorry for so many questions, I am confused and a little skeptical because many therapists (with a PhD in Psychology) don't have your views. Or is it because you earned your LAMFT in BYU? I guess BYU is simply different? Maybe UT is why I am a little skeptical. Therapy is a soft science, and even the professionals can have a lot of confirmation bias. So a "Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) – Master of Social Work required, plus three years of supervised experience, and continuing education" I say MD because some mental health experts are MDs, like psychiatrists for example.
  15. I still don't get how a masters in Marriage and Family therapy makes you a mental health expert. Is LMFT the equivalent to an MD? PhD? Isn't AASECT certified better? and isn't LMFT different in every state? in Utah? I am confused