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  1. Is there a reason we can't use chapel baptismal fonts for both the living and the dead? A font on oxen is nice but not necessary.
  2. Venus lover! Primarily those without means to uproot and migrate are affected the most. If you work in IT and can work from the space station Elysium you'll be ok.
  3. Does anyone know how this book is different from Gary Bergera's book by almost the same name? Anderson/Bergera's hard cover is 314 pages but starts in 1842, Lisle Brown's book goes back to 1841 and is 395pgs. Joseph Smith's Quorum of the Anointed, 1842-1845: A Documentary History Kindle Edition by Joseph Smith (Author), Devery S. Anderson (Editor), Gary J. Bergera (Editor), Todd Compton (Foreword)
  4. Elder Packers talk said to not worry about the second coming and live regular, happy lives and most importantly have children. I think pres Nelson when speaking about how time is running out is speaking of his own life and his upcoming meeting with Jesus.
  5. Ezra 3:11 11 "With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the Lord: β€œHe is good; his love toward Israel endures forever.” And all the people gave a great shout of praise to the Lord, because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid."
  6. Yes but Fred johnson will commandeer the LDSS Nauvoo from the mormons and we'll have to wait for abaddons gate to open up.
  7. I agree it was God's will to protest against the false doctrine that we should not administer ordinances to gay families and their children and that it was homophobic to label all gay people who were in love as apostates. Galatians 2:11-14 "But when Cephas came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he stood condemned"
  8. Well it was a soft roll out. Last year in June the IT dept rolled out software updates to allow entering same sex marriage data into familysearch.org first to see how it would work in MLS at the local Ward unit. No issues for IT, and the surveys are clear that 58% of the next gen active kids are against lgbtq discrimination. Hopefully Elder Christofferson`s clarification video can be cast to the dustbin, and he can retract the horrible text he sent his brother.
  9. I hope not to see any more of these videos praising divorce so that someone can be baptized. http://www.ldsliving.com/Watch-A-Lesbian-Couple-Shares-Why-They-Divorced-to-Join-the-Church-in-Powerful-Video/s/86166
  10. I hope President Nelson wears a 🌈 tie.
  11. The correct translation concerning fac2 figures 8 - 21 are so important that the q15 works on these every Th meeting (rumor I heard). Scholars around the world are hoping some day to arrive at a concensus on these deep mysteries.
  12. I'm looking forward to this book by Harris and Bringhurst. Anyone know who responded to the book of Abraham essay? Harris said at Sunstone that Ritner's essay was too vitriolic and was dropped. THE MORMON CHURCH AND ITS GOSPEL TOPICS ESSAYS: THE SCHOLARLY COMMUNITY RESPONDS (MATTHEW HARRIS & NEWELL BRINGHURST, EDS.) University of Utah Press
  13. OK, I understand that Gee and Ritner are trained demoticists, but what did people in the early 19th century think Egyptian was? Could they distinguish between demotic, japanese, and arabic for example? Samuel Mitchell, Rafinesque, or Caleb Atwater would cry foul if you mixed demotic, japanese and arabic in a few lines on a scrap of paper and said "translate this for me and make an alphabet". They would say this looks like a jumbled mess. When the Whitmers and the Smith's said "we also saw the engravings thereon, all of which has the appearance of ancient work, and of curious workmanship" this doesn't give confidence that they knew what they were looking at. Joseph's performance on the book of abraham papyri proves this. We really need to completely drop this idea of Joseph as an actual translator and begin thinking more of him as a revelatory guru and work directly with the doctrine and ideas as pertains to current world problems like stagnant wage growth, education of the poor, hunger and climate change, how to deal with the forthcoming AI singularity, and synthetic life/genomics.
  14. Egyptian on the brass plates would have been demotic right? From mosiah 1:4 it says Lehi was trained in reading demotic from his fathers. "4 For it were not possible that our father, Lehi, could have remembered all these things, to have taught them to his children, except it were for the help of these plates; for he having been taught in the language of the Egyptians therefore he could read these engravings, and teach them to his children, that thereby they could teach them to their children, and so fulfilling the commandments of God, even down to this present time." Lehi was actually taught to read this language, not to use a seer stone to receive revelation on a book inscribed in his mind in an oracular sense. He could read the language directly like I can read spanish. If we had the brass plates then scholars like John Gee would translate them directly and they should match what Lehi could read.
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