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  1. blueglass

    Oaks on Religious Freedom

    The church does not really believe in religious freedom: 1) otherwise it would have praised Waddoups ruling. HB 99 passed by an overwhelming majority to re criminalize polygamy. Consitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley took up the case. https://jonathanturley.org/2017/01/23/supreme-court-turns-down-sister-wives-petition/ 2) The BYU schools also go out of their way to kick out those who have faith transitions. http://www.freebyu.org 3) church IT surveillance systems spend money on Amazon deep learning AI to find and attack blogs like the Van Allen's who spoke our against sec 132. Within days after posting the blog an area authority 70 asked the stake president to call them in and take it down. https://www.mormonstories.org/podcast/kirk-and-lindsay-van-allen-facing-church-discipline-for-rejecting-polygamy-dc-132/
  2. Yeah could be. I'm with president Nelson on this one. It's a beautiful doctrine.
  3. Mormon gods will “frame earths”, "form and create worlds”, "organize matter into worlds”, “have jurisdiction over worlds”, and people them “by our own offspring” The phrase "worlds for all of us" by president Spencer Kimball turns up 4 hits from lds.org from gen conf, ensign, new era, and doc and cov student manual. https://www.lds.org/search?lang=eng&query="worlds for all of us" the Mormon newsroom article and gospel topics essay are wrong.
  4. blueglass

    Bill Reel Invited to Disciplinary Council

    Here is the intertextual evidence for the time wormhole. 1 Nephi 2:23, Malachi 3:9 1 Nephi 3:7, Malachi 3:1 1 Nephi 14:17, Malachi 3:1, 4:1 1 Nephi 22:15 copies 27 words from Malachi 4:1 2 Nephi 22:23-24, Malachi 4:1 2 Nephi 22:13 Malachi 4:2 2 Nephi 26:4–9 54 words from Malachi 4:1-2 Alma 45:13, Malachi 4:5 Ether 9:22 compare with Malachi 4:2-3
  5. blueglass

    Bill Reel Invited to Disciplinary Council

    Let's take one point from Daniel Peterson's essay in light of the many time wormholes in the book of mormon. Peterson: ["And at one point he finds a line in Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” that will give Joseph a really good line for the Book of Mormon. And Joseph says, “But Sidney, this book won’t even be written for another 35 years.”] Let's juxtapose this against the appearance of Malachi in 1 and 2Nephi and Alma. What is the best explanation for this?
  6. blueglass

    Bill Reel Invited to Disciplinary Council

    What is the purpose of this documentary? It's great that you don't have very many issues on your shelf. As Elder Renlund demonstrated in his CES training this year it is possible to balance 12 nails! Hive five to you brother.
  7. blueglass

    Bill Reel Invited to Disciplinary Council

    Answering your CFR: Lowry Nelson's letters to the first presidency, Lester Bush's 1973 dialogue article, Sterling McMurrin presentations to the NAACP and writing with Hugh Brown the civil rights statement which was read at General Conference, etc. Read the Firmage papers on the tremendous work by Hugh B. Brown over the years, including gaining the ear of Wallace Turner of the New York Times, as well as influencing the jr apostle Spencer Kimball at a critical time after the failure of overturning efforts of 1969. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/865638644/Positive-developments-for-LDS-blacks-weighed-against-troubled-history-by-Lester-Bush-at-McMurrin.html "University of Utah professor Paul Reeve said the article was one of the forces at work in 1978, when then-church President Spencer W. Kimball, who had read and marked up Bush's article and had been praying about the restriction for 15 years, announced he had received a revelation ending it."
  8. blueglass

    Bill Reel Invited to Disciplinary Council

    I read the 2017 testimony Bill Reel has posted, and I don't see why he should be excommunicated. When I served on the Stake High Council, there was much deliberation over whether disfellowshipment or excommunication would serve the disciplinary council's will to "save the soul of the transgressor". HB1, section 6.1. Under section 6.7.3, when a disciplinary council is mandatory it lists under apostasy a series of trip wires, and it is not clear that if you trip over one you are to immediately be called in for a council. "Repeatedly act in clear, open, deliberate public opposition to the Church or its leaders". Does the church consider any website, blog or podcast which calls out failings of the institution or its leaders the same as a Nauvoo Expositor printing press which must be destroyed as soon as possible? Is there any evidence that Bill Reel should not be "numbered among my people"? The scriptures cited for sec 6.7.3 are 3 Nephi 18:31, Mosiah 26:36 3 Nephi 18:31 But if he repent not he shall not be numbered among my people, that he may not destroy my people, for behold I know my sheep, and they are numbered. Mosiah 26:36 And those that would not confess their sins and repent of their iniquity, the same were not numbered among the people of the church, and their names were blotted out.
  9. In our last stake we used to live in a full-time female therapist employed by the church regularly gave training at expanded stake bishopric training meetings. Keep pushing - they will change their minds if they pray about it, read the new testament, or At the pulpit.
  10. There is a sense of proxy representation through the influence of the apostles wives, but to have a male and female apostle (Junia) flying together to dedicate a temple? Unthinkable! The tabloids would relish the opportunity. We need to rise up in professional maturity and become a light on the hill for how this could work.
  11. What are your thoughts on the council of 120 mentioned in Acts 1 which counseled together to select a successor to Judas? In the NIV Acts 1: 12-23 it says that in the earlier meeting with the apostles they "joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers." The council of 120 also included women, "Brothers and sisters". Should we look at this more like a general conference solemn assembly in which a new apostle is sustained by the general body of believers in order of authority from priesthood office holders to women and children, or should we consider this council of 120 closer to that of a leadership council like the Nauvoo Anointed quorum which comprised both endowed men and women?
  12. We had a stake conference just 2 weeks ago. The Saturday exclusively male Priesthood leadership training meeting was not scheduled and was replaced with an expanded ward council training. It was much better.
  13. A few thoughts by Sheri Dew recently Oct 2018 on these topics. In the interview Sheri Dew reflects on women and leadership. 5 top universities in Utah now have women leading as president. https://omny.fm/shows/therefore-what/can-men-and-women-ever-be-equal-in-america?in_playlist=therefore-what!podcast "Going back to can men and women ever be equal". I hate the Equal word. I think it is the wrong word. Can men and women both flourish and shine and achieve their own maximum capacity? - yeah for sure. " "My experience is that in any setting and I think I have learned this in work. At work, actually, better decisions, better results come out when men and women are working together because they all contribute something slightly different to the mix." From Susan Madsen president of Utah valley university business school: "getting to the best results in academia and research by having women and men in the conversation can affect both nature of questions asked and the findings found." Dew: "Equal is a funny word, sameness is a funny word. Boy I'm telling you. I could go back to a company that i used to lead and inevitably if there was a really bad decision made. A really bad mistake where we just missed it on something just blew it on something - When you tracked it back to where was that decision made, in the spirit of how to improve it for the future, inevitably it was made either by all women or all men. It was just uncanny." Dew: "I like to be in a room where there are men and women counseling together because I think the questions do change, we hear things differently, we tend to focus on certain things, and I would readily acknowledge that I am often in a room where I am the only woman. With lots of men. I love actually working with men, I respect them, I admire them. they have talents and gifts I will never have. It is fair to say, when I can see other women in the room, they are hearing different hings, and it contributes to the overall conversation in a very distinct way. I think that it is true. It is a true principle. Men and women coming together, actually counseling together they come up with very good results." President Astrid Timenez UVU 7th president: build a "community of kindness". Dew: There are women who are leaders who are hard to deal with I would guess that most female leaders have tendency to see the human side, to concentrate on the human side, which is not to say that men don't - I'm not saying that at all. There is a natural empathy that when you are sitting across the desk from someone that has just blown it - it cost us a lot of money, or has done something that didn't work well. It is an instinct to say - how will we do it better the next time." Ruth Watkins - 16th Pres of University of utah. "making a contribution" "We are never really happy or satisfied unless we're contributing. When we're using our gifts and talents on a regular basis, we maximize our talents and ability to contribute to society." Dew on Watkins ideas: "Each have a divine orbit." "We are uniquely prepared and able to reach and influence in places where we are uniquely prepared to go and have influence. We're wired that way. If we're not there. We're not happy. Where are we supposed to be - being there and doing the best we can." Noelle Crockett 16th UState Univ. empathic intelligence Dew: "It's often the strength of the mother. It's often the strength of the mother when it comes to the penetrating influence on the children, when their world is rocked by something the death of a father or something else a divorce, or something else, or other things, serious illness, something that rocks your world for a period of time. I'm not minimizing the impact of the father which is absolutely , profoundly important. Often that mother pulls those kids through. I have seen it in my own family. There is a kind of courage that is instinctive almost inside of women. I'm not sure if we credit women with that." Deneece G. Huftalin, 8th President of Salt lake community college - centered in the strength and value of diversity. Classrooms are at their best when they are diverse. 16, 69yo and every ethnic group - only being at it's best when their is strength in diversity. Dew: "This is a better amplification of what I was trying to say earlier. I want men and women in the room when we are discussing something difficult and yes if now you can add in different cultural points of view, just about life, about how things work, whether it is socioeconomic status, marital status it makes the conversation richer, it is part of the reason travel although it is exhausting has its benefits, you see people everywhere confronting the same problems but finding often different kinds of solutions for those problems." Beth Dobkin 19th Pres of Westminister college: "looking for identify, community, and purpose. " Dew: "a female marine was interviewed and asked how do you do those things under difficult circumstances. interviewer kept coming back - fourth time - she broke her demeanor and answered, "Look! I'm a marine, ok!" "They're brave under fire. The power of identity - who they are and who they have always been, it helps discover what your divine orbit is." women leadership in the political space. Dew: "one of the areas in the state of utah where we are lagging behind. a number of very accomplished women who are in the Utah state legislature one or two exceptions where is the dominant voice? dominant roles along side men. not instead of but along side. "I will repeat again my personal experience has been that better results occur when there are men and women in the room who all have a voice. It can't be be secretaries lining the wall it needs to be women and men who have a voice and who contribute in a spirit of collaboration to try to reach - not what their best idea is but what THE best idea is." An area in this state where we need help and maybe we do in the country as well. " challenges: social media comparison - women have a challenge with constantly comparing with others. impostor syndrome if people knew how insecure i am they would run me out of the building! movements for women - grievances against men. what they have or not. having a scarcity mentality as compared to abundance. Thoughtful view of President Nelson, "he's one of the brightest men I've ever met and the most humble I've ever met. Pioneering heart surgery and claiming credit, patents, publications? "Our competition was not with each other our competition was with death."
  14. blueglass

    Article re: Child Slavery in Early Utah

    When Brigham said "buy up the Lamanite children" he's not calling for some horrific thing to acquire a labor force for building temples, I think he's speaking of liberation and rescue. The Daniel Jones quote is demonic - why didn't the men immediately attack and take the lives of these murderers?
  15. blueglass

    This American Life

    "too blah" is good right?