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  1. Why are revelations elevating to commandments not canonized in the DandCov?
  2. Need to keep reading after Heb7:14 "For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Juda; of which tribe Moses spake nothing concerning priesthood."
  3. Women are not more spiritually inclined, they have "distinctive spiritual gifts". "It takes both men who respect women and their distinctive spiritual gifts and women who respect the priesthood keys held by men to invite the full blessings of heaven in any endeavor in the Church. " https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/youth/article/men-and-women-in-the-work-of-the-lord?lang=eng
  4. A few good quotes from Ulrich, " So an elder is kind of a foundational thing that everybody needs to be, including the women of the church in some ways." "Zina and Eliza give every one of those young women a blessing by the laying on of hands. Eliza does it in tongues and then Zina interprets by the laying on of hands to bless them." "So, those are some of the things that elders do. It’s interesting for us to think, as women, of how we might participate in that work." "Joseph Smith spoke of establishing among the Relief Society sisters, a ‘kingdom of priests’. This ‘kingdom of priests’ would be comprised of men and women who made temple covenants."
  5. Green tea is bad because we said so, and vaping is bad because of nicotine. Caffeine is ok because i'm the president of BYU and I like diet-coke, creatine is bad because I read an article on buzzfeed. How many talks in general conference on the dangers of obesity or the laziness of mormon junk food "refreshments"? I'm ok with the church replacing the outdated sec89 with an annual healthy living prospectus written by nutritionists/medical professionals. From Harari's homo deus, "In 2014 more than 2.1 billion people were overweight, compared to 850 million who suffered from malnutrition. Half of humankind is expected to be overweight by 2030. In 2010 famine and malnutrition combined killed about 1 million people, whereas obesity killed 3 million." Still no official pronouncements on animal agriculture and the severe impact to 20% of green house emissions.
  6. Here's an account of a black African american seer named Mike who used a similar method as Sally Chase and Joseph Smith to make a living helping others find lost treasure. "Deriving no wisdom from experience, about a dozen years after, it began to be whispered about that a negro boy named " Mike" had a rare faculty bestowed on him. He could place a perforated stone which he had in his possession, in his hat, and immediately he could reveal the hiding places of buried treasure. This '■^medium'''' declared, with- out the aid of ^^ spiritual communication,''^ that money had been deposited among the pebbles in Pittston, and that it was very deep, for, though originally it was near the surface, the water had rolled the stones over it, and now, he said, he could see it down very deep. So his dupes digged eighty feet, and found nothing. The conclusion left on the minds of posterity is this, that the excavations were deeper than the people who made them." [History of Gardiner Pittston and west Gardiner, with a sketch of the kennebec indians, and new plymouth purchase, comprising historical matter from 1602 - 1852 with genealogical sketches of many families. By J. W. HANSON, Author of "History of Norridgewock and Canaan, Me. ;'' " History of Danvers, Mass. ;" &c. &c. GARDINER: PUBLISHED BY WILLIAM PALMER. 1852. pg169]
  7. For me when I read about this tragedy I get pretty emotional about it. To speak of leadership failures, poverty and other circumstances which contributed is ok for analysis to mitigate against future mistakes but we must honor the dead and propel movement to help others today suffering similar difficulty.
  8. Oliver Cowdery knew about the problems w Joseph's 1826 glasslooker trial. He's a lawyer covering for Joseph. (See his responses to questions about the 1826 trial https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/paper-summary/introduction-to-people-v-js/1 "On the other hand, Oliver Cowdery, who likewise was not present at the hearing, reported in 1835 that the court “honorably acquitted” JS.27" Compare w Neely's account "And therefore the court find the defendant guilty" Which conclusion does the new book Saints vol1 take?any prediction? See pg34. There likely never were an Urim and Thummim AR glasses set which the Lord designed but oops made the wrong size PD and prescription, because the Lord doesn't produce AR technology, bury it for 2000yrs and then get surprised when his prophet doesn't use them. We have the brown stone and the leather pouch Emma manufactured for it, her eye witness testimony of Joseph using the brown seer stone and we know this stone was handed over to Oliver's possession in [1829]. Oliver knew what instrument was used. https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/site/note-on-seer-stone-images See footnote 2 Here is the relevant quote "After the translation of the Book of Mormon was finished, early in the spring of 1830, before April 6th, Joseph gave the stone to Oliver Cowdery and told me as well as the rest that he was through with it, and he did not use the stone any more."
  9. Many good ideas and anecdotes here. I agree that meetings have changed to include more of the voice of women . 1)no PEC, now ward council 2x 2)Women from RS representation in ward mission leadership 3)stake leadership training which used to be only males now expanded to include the entire stake council. 4)more opportunities for STL leadership to extend to both elders and sisters. I have three daughters and hope they will all chose to serve a mission.
  10. I like the light rail system in SLC where I can go from downtown SLC to Lehi for only $2 the last time I was there. Also the "housing first" program was good. Hopefully the financing will be restored again. Not sure what can be done for the bad air quality considering the high growth. More trains, more electric cars, less wood fireplaces? My cousin is a trail runner and would never leave the Utah mountains.
  11. STL's where are they ranked in terms of the org chart of a mission ? Do they report direct to mission president or to both zone leaders and AP's? Would like to see them train and teach both elders and sisters.
  12. we know Pres Nelson was a practicing surgeon, I don't see how restating his professional practice helps provide a window into his racial views? Was he a practicing advocate for racial equality? Lester Bush was the physician that wrote the highly influential 1973 dialogue article which overthrew false traditions about the priesthood ban beginning with Joseph Smith. This article influenced Pres Kimball and many others. Yet Dr. Lester Bush did not become prophet, Dr. Russell Nelson did. I'm just interested to know how he felt about the ban. We know President Oaks felt all justifications for it were flimsy and weak. From Edward Kimball's article we can read that Pres Kimball when interviewing stake presidents was not interested in boxed in answers defending the ban - he was interested in heart-felt innovation of thought encouraging change, hoping for change. If Pres Kimball interviewed a prospective Stake President at the time and he asked about the racial ban and they responded with full sustaining support for it, President Kimball would likely feel boredom and internal disappointment.
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