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  1. Why do members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe the priesthood keys and presiding priesthood were taken from the earth? 1) Not all apostles were killed, John an apostle who held Apostolic keys was granted "apower over bdeath, that I may live and bring souls unto thee. " according to D&Cov7 Joseph and Oliver use the seer stone and receive a vision of a parchment of John and given power to translate it that they may obtain an answer to their question. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/scriptures/dc-testament/dc/7?lang=eng 2) Paul teaches immortal church that the gospel of Christ Jesus would be upon the earth "throughout all ages, world without end." Ephesians 3:21 3) The letter of 1Clement (first century dated 80 - 140AD) says the Apostles themselves instructed the bishops and ordained them with power to call and ordain other bishops to retain succession and authority. 1Clem 44:1 And our Apostles knew through our Lord Jesus Christ that there would be strife over the name of the bishop's office. 1Clem 44:2 For this cause therefore, having received complete foreknowledge, they appointed the aforesaid persons, and afterwards they provided a continuance, that if these should fall asleep, other approved men should succeed to their ministration. 4) Brigham Young teaches robust quorum succession in the event of catastrophe (see Wilford Woodruff journal July 28, 1860) that if either the first presidency or the twelve or both are killed the seventy can recreate the church and can re-organize the higher quorums - which matches the letter of Clement. Quote: "The President of the Church holds the keys of the sealing powers & his Council act in Concert with him [in] all things. Should the Presidency die The Twelve Could organize another Presidency & should the Presidency & Twelve all be slain the Seventies being Equal in power & Authority to the Twelve or first Presidency Could organize both Quorums. He also taught that a high priest is a primal seed and can re-organize the church if all authorities are dead (nuclear holocaust, alien uprising, voyages to new planets etc). Quote: "The High Priest Could organize the Church in all its parts if all other Authorities were dead for they have the Melchizedek Priesthood out of which grow all of the Higher offices of the Church." 5) John Taylor teaches of revelations received during the time of "darkness" which coincides with Ephesians 3 John Taylor, 7-Sept 1873 "Say some—'Oh, we are so enlightened and intelligent now. In former ages, when the people were degraded and in darkness, it was necessary that he should communicate intelligence to the human family; but we live in the blaze of Gospel day, in an age of light and intelligence.' Perhaps we do; I rather doubt it. I have a great many misgivings about the intelligence that men boast so much of in this enlightened day. There were men in those dark ages who could commune with God, and who, by the power of faith, could draw aside the curtain of eternity and gaze upon the invisible world. There were men who could tell the destiny of the human family, and the events which would transpire throughout every subsequent period of time until the final winding-up scene. There were men who could gaze upon the face of God, have the ministering of angels, and unfold the future destinies of the world. If those were dark ages I pray God to give me a little darkness, and deliver me from the light and intelligence that prevail in our day;" Just to be clear I believe in restoration - these points arose as I studied the matter more closely when I served as a ward mission leader and the update of Preach my gospel released.
  2. post first manifesto there were a lot of deals made with wealthy members to keep the church from going insolvent. A few entries from Wilford Woodruff's journal: July 20, 1893 20 I signed a Dozen Recommends for 2d Anointing. We got up 126 names to Borrow $1,000 cash to help the Church for a season through th[is?] difficulty. I met with J. F Smith & the Twelve in the Temple for Prayer And we Conversed upon the financial Condition of the Church. I met with the Lawyiers to day upon the water question. Sept 15 1896 15 I held a M[eet]ing with ZC.M.I. Took out $200,000 out of the Reserve fund. We done a good Deal of Business. Sept 22, 1896 22 I Borrowed $2,000 this morning of J R Winder & George Romney to pay upon our Notes that were Crouding upon us. We are in a terrible financial Condition. Susan Called upon me to day for some Council about renting her farm. Oct 9, 1896 9 I spent the Day in the office. We Met to arange the Mutual Improvement Presidency. W Woodruff is the superintendt & Joseph F Smith H J Grant & Brigham H Roberts are my assistent. We took up one $25,000 Dollar Note from Mr Clarkson through the Assistance of John M Cannon A bit of a turn-around with this entry Nov 16 1896 [] I Received 2 Letters one from Sylvia M Thompson. Held a Meeting with the ZCMI Board. Cash on hand $71,235.60. Recepts for Oct 286,859.63. Disbursments $277,939.52. Cash on hand 80,155.73. The institution is doing well.
  3. Wilford Woodruff journal: March 30, 1877 This is the first day I ever went [to] the [Temp?]le to get Endowments for the Dead. I got Endowments to day for the Prophets Robert Mason. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgVUBQMDVu8] We gave Endowments to 150. There was 52 Elders ordained. W Woodruff ordained 2. 1 was ordained a High Priest & Patriarch for the Prophet Mason. There was 152 of the dead of the Hart family baptized for to day. Bulah A Woodruff Beatie was Baptized for 60 of them. July 12, 1896 I was Adopted to my Father Aphek Woodruff. He was ordained a High Priest & Patriarch.
  4. This is known as Paul Reeve's false justification #6 http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/70793-emergence-of-new-justifications-for-the-black-priesthood-and-temple-ban/
  5. Praise Yahweh! Just to be clear though the Lord was not the source of the black priesthood/temple ban doctrines or policy. It was a catastrophic mistake. Prophets reveal wonderful doctrines but they can also invent garbage because they and all of us are fallible.
  6. I suppose after 2018 elders and high priests meet together in the spirit world now?
  7. Oh. That's low! I can't stand that clippy character. Proverbs 17:10 10 An intelligent person learns more from one rebuke than a fool learns from being beaten a hundred times.
  8. The handbook2 20.3.7 entry requiring that witnesses be two priests or melchizedek priesthood holders serve as witnesses makes sense. They would know how to perform the ordinance properly because they receive training on how to perform the ordinances themselves. I suppose the danger for the church is that a 12 year-old girl may study carefully the ordinance and then correct a boy 15 y/o priest if he makes a mistake and may then ask in her mind? "Lord, I'm ready for the responsibility to baptize - will this day ever arrive?" At that point a kind leader will explain that women can wash with water in the temple but they can't immerse someone in water outside of the temple. Jurisdiction rules. And certainly no ordination to an office as that would require a massive back-propagation proxy-ordination project to ordain all our kindred women who are dead to the office of priestess, elder, or high priestess. Again I'm confused on why the office of Elder was chosen as the proxy ordination office in the late 19th century rather than "priest" or "high priest". This creates a stratification of priesthood offices in heaven in which someone may become a God - but only hold the office of Elder, because this is a mandatory mortal ordinance?
  9. I think you mean what Goddess thinks. This person believes women have the potential to become an equal partner as a heavenly parent. Which means ordination to the office of Goddess. I suppose you're right. It's important for those who can't answer correctly the questions to not bother interviewing.
  10. Yes far worse. Teaching that the most crucial conception and births of human history Adam, Eve and Jesus Christ did not require a male and female joined as husband and wife.
  11. I don't think the high counselor will be governing or training the bishop who is the new young men president?
  12. 1Cor 12 is one of my favorites. Some doctrine in Corinthians is in play other teachings are not.
  13. Yes it has always frustrated me how few people read carefully the book of Mormon. Not sure if Jared Diamond has read the book, maybe someone could invite him to BYU to give a speech or spend a day drafting a project to work on? He's in his 80's though.
  14. My dream would be to conduct a 3 way interview with Michael Coe, Jared Diamond, and Gareth Lowe. Perhaps some day in the future we can upload all of the available writings, journals, books, photos, video, newspaper articles and create AI representations which can co-participate in complex interviews or debates on these topics. Then we could compile lists of most recent discoveries which confirm or dispute the findings of others to clarify the picture of the ancient past, anthropology, culture, theology.
  15. Yes I have participated in a number of these disciplinary counsels where other bishops were brought in as substitutes as they are members of the stake high priests quorum they can help when other high councilors are not available. Sadly no women allowed in high councils or high priests quorums yet.
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