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  1. God knows how to build a ship, yet he's speaking with ants constrained to the resources of a primitive economy. Proverbs 30:24-28 24 “Four things on earth are small, yet they are extremely wise: 25 Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer; 26 hyraxes are creatures of little power, yet they make their home in the crags; 27 locusts have no king, yet they advance together in ranks; 28 a lizard can be caught with the hand, yet it is found in kings’ palaces.
  2. I don't know if its reductionist, more grounded in complexity and economic theory. In the Expanse by Abraham and Franck the mormons contract Fred Johnson to build the largest starship ever constructed the LDSS Nauvoo. The starship has Epstein fusion drives, and is constructed of materials which we cannot mass produce at the current time. The book series is set in the future about +300 years. Would it be plausible to assume that one person receiving dreams, visions, and direct visitations, with a team of a few hundred can produce the LDSS Nauvoo in 2019?
  3. Wadi Sayq is interesting, but only 1% of the problem, because you still have to build a ship with technology 2000yrs early to transport the deutero-Isaiah and excerpts from the book of Malachi to Guatemala. Making a pencil - that's hard. How to make a transoceanic "nau - class" vessel - much harder. https://youtu.be/IYO3tOqDISE
  4. Not sure how successful we will be pulling people from other Christian churches using commonly used Christian vocabulary, like saved by grace, sermons, 'our pastor' is awesome, bible study every 2 weeks, etc. We need to embrace our quirkiness as polytheists, non-trinitarian, non sola-fideist synergists, semi-pelagian, arian heresy embracing, non sola scriptura, living oracles, gethsemane believing, cross-banning, evolutionary God/Goddess embracing, exotic marriage founded, like LDS chaplains do when grouped with the wiccans, scientologists, and JW's.
  5. Look there was not a single drop of blood wasted. He atoned for the sins of the elect.
  6. Just finished reading Elder Holland's address to the maxwell institute: https://mi.byu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2018-Maxwell-Institute-Annual-Report-small.pdf Holland cites this external review paper 8 times, 12 Terryl Givens, David Holland, and Reid Neilson, External Review of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship, December 2014, 7 I can't find it - anyone have a link?
  7. What are the ways that Gee's "research focus, approach, and agenda were out of sync with the interests of the post-2012 Maxwell Institute"? SW: "Professor Gee's unique brand of scholarship is clearly no longer welcome at the Maxwell Institute." Peterson: "We've known that for years. And now, mercifully, John Gee is free at last!"
  8. Not sure how this works, but from what I understand the late Frank William Gay was a billionaire executive who worked for Howard Hughes. His son Robert co-founder at Bain cashed out with more capital than Mitt. So likely they took $10M dollars in a Fidelity account and then depending on the terms of the gift at 3% over 20years, they gift the interest earned to byu who takes a 50% share and the recipient of the endowed chair the other 50%. If this is over 20years, then in the year 2000 this would result in a $300k gift for the year, with Dr. Gee receiving a salary of $150k. By next year 2020 his salary would be $263k. I just don't think the Gay's love BYU enough to just gift the $10M to them initially as one lump sum.
  9. I think it is forgiveable but why did Joseph say that Celestial glory can be lost? “If a man commit adultery, he cannot receive the celestial kingdom of God. Even if he is saved in any kingdom, it cannot be the celestial kingdom” (HC 6:81) Also 2nd strike adultery is not forgiveable. DandCov42 "26 But if he doeth it again, he shall not be forgiven, but shall be cast out." One strike lose celestial, but retain terrestrial after forgiveness, 2nd strike adultery fall down another tier to Telestial?
  10. I think LDS scriptures enhance the christian views of atonement by adding more experiential weight to Christ's experience. In a sense according to Wachowski's Neo in the Matrix, latter-day Saints believe Jesus experienced two levels of experiential cruelty, first in the garden in which the universe plugged a quantum fiber optic bundle into Christ's brain and dumped all feelings, pain, remorse, and loneliness related to iniquity, transgression, infirmities, sicknesses into our Father's child so that he could express a divine love through grace and extend infinite empathy and compassion to us. Then the second level of cruelty was transitioning from a god-like homeostasis to fully human in which he experienced great physical pain, open surgery without anesthesia, chemotherapy, the feeling of being burned alive etc and then the complete withdrawal of his good friend in the godhead fellowship (the Holy Spirit). "having the bowels of mercy; being filled with compassion towards the children of men; standing betwixt them and justice; having broken the bands of death, taken upon himself their iniquity and their transgressions, having redeemed them, and satisfied the demands of justice." Mosiah15:9 "11 And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people. 12 And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities." ALma 7:12
  11. His primary problem is with Leviticus 16 and using this to glorify what Christ did. That we piled all the sins on Christ vicariously, and then let our enemies put him in a winepress, flogged and whipped him, and then nailed him to a cross. Lev 16:21. Aaron shall lay both his hands upon the head of the live goat and confess over it all the iniquities and transgressions of the Israelites, whatever their sins, putting them on the head of the goat; and it shall be sent off to the wilderness through a designated man.
  12. Can someone help me with the history of when identifying as gay or queer within the church went from being sinful to being ok? After Elder Bednar's statement in 2016 that "There are no homosexual members of the church. We are not defined by sexual attraction. We are not defined by sexual behavior. We are sons and daughters of God. And all of us have different challenges in the flesh. There are many different types of challenges." He said, "simply being attracted to someone of the same gender is not a sin." "It is when we act on the inclination or attraction" "That's when it becomes a sin". Elder David B Bednar, 23-Feb 2016 A few scriptures would counter this, Mosiah4:30 30 But this much I can tell you, that if ye do not watch yourselves, and your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds, and observe the commandments of God, and continue in the faith of what ye have heard concerning the coming of our Lord, even unto the end of your lives, ye must perish. And now, O man, remember, and perish not. Alma12:14 14 For our words will condemn us, yea, all our works will condemn us; we shall not be found spotless; and our thoughts will also condemn us; and in this awful state we shall not dare to look up to our God; and we would fain be glad if we could command the rocks and the mountains to fall upon us to hide us from his presence.
  13. I think I understand what you are asking here. new atheists will attack the idea of Christian atonement as immoral. You are trying to come up with a new view of atonement which would be delicious to even the likes of Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens on Atonement: "Horrible idea of vicarious redemption. I could pay your debt even if I didn't know you. If you were my friend, if you were in debt I would take care of you. I will serve your sentence in prison. Throw your sins on me and they will melt away. Immoral! vicarious redemption is an immoral doctrine."
  14. “Happiness is the object and design of our existence; and will be the end thereof, if we pursue the path that leads to it; and this path is: virtue, uprightness faithfulness holiness and keeping all the commandments of God.” - Joseph Smith Jr. At this point we need to ask the worldly philosopher Aristotle what he meant by "best and most perfect kinds of virtue"? "the good for man is an activity of the soul in accordance with virtue, or if there are more kinds of virtue than one, in accordance with the best and most perfect kind.”
  15. Look as long as we're focusing on these bold words, we need to quote this worldly philosophy from Aristotle correctly, "Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence"
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