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  1. Maybe he scries through forum posts to divine the will of God.
  2. I just meant in the modern church. I don’t doubt JS was inspired by these exact type of NT verses in creating his inner circle.
  3. Yeah! The whole big picture.
  4. Actually the idea of an inner circle that knows more than the rest started with JS. Think about polygamy, the anointed quorum, and the council of 50 for really obvious examples. Second anointings have continued up until today according to multiple sources, and they are meant to be entirely secret, so there is at least one topic in which they believe they are meant to know more on a given topic than others. My guess is there is more to the modern inner circle knowledge than just about the second anointing and church finances.
  5. I’m morally opposed to the policy. I generally don’t want to judge people. Circumstances, motives, and beliefs tend to be much too complicated for that.
  6. I’m sure mustard seed will give you details, but you must be aware of the general faith-struggle that thousands of people dealt with in result of the policy. It felt morally wrong. For many it felt wrong to bar children’s baptisms. For example, among my immediate family (parents and siblings), four of six church members were vocally opposed. The dissonance of faith and moral opposition to a revealed policy can of course create doubts, a faith-crisis, or even a complete loss of faith. This was the very real circumstance for thousands of people. I’ve known plenty of people personally who were somewhere on the spectrum I’ve described.
  7. I'm not personally aware of children who have been harmed by the policy due to a delay in baptism. There have been several board members here who have mentioned knowing of someone's baptism who has been delayed, but I don't recall anyone saying it harmed that person. Of course, not having the gift of the Holy Ghost should be argued to be a negative. However, I think focusing on delayed baptisms is losing sight of the bigger picture. The bigger picture is the overall well being of LGBT church members. Were LGBT members affected by the policy? While the controversy rages on whether it was a primary cause to the rise in gay teen LDS suicides, a less controversial and very straight forward claim would be that LGBT members felt a greater level of stress, anxiety, and depression due the existence of the policy. This link has already been given in this thread, but here it is one more time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_Mormon_suicides. Again, even if you or others don't find the evidence compelling that the policy correlated to an increase in suicides, I think the data cited here clearly demonstrates that LGBT members mental health suffered due to the policy.
  8. I don’t want to speak for Jeanne, but I personally want the church to be the best it can be and a positive as much as it can be for every community involved in it, including the LGBT community. I want all of the above irrespective of its truth claims.
  9. I just heard a statistic today that Mormon gay teens are something like 10x more likely to commit suicide than their non-Mormon gay counterparts.
  10. I know he/she wasn’t talking about the suicides to begin with. I was more making a point. To be more explicit, no matter how small the affected population, the fact that the policy may have contributed to teen Mormon suicide illustrates that this is a significant issue.
  11. Are you talking about the 30 suicides?
  12. That would set a wonderful new precedent. I hope they do.
  13. That BYU address was a world wide broadcast to young adults. He was also the president of the Q12 at the time, fwiw. Also worth considering, the relevant paragraph from that address was included and then retracted from the online seminary manual.
  14. Just today I was saying I hope the church also changes it’s policy in regards to children of polygamous households to align with this update. When I found out that the church bars the baptism of those children, I was mad (true, no crying though).
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