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  1. Georgia
  2. One of the greats, yes. Terry Bradshaw also, if not the best. Matt Ryan will have his day, just not this time.
  3. I don't understand how belief made you unhappy, and disbelief makes you happy?
  4. If you can attend with all of this disbelief, and do so without dragging down other people testimonies, then stay for the social structure. If you cannot, then don't attend, go find your beliefs, and if they one day bring you home again, then there will be joy and rejoicing and we will kill the fatted calf.
  5. It never should have been nothing, as Utah is barely, or maybe not...so telling of this was an effort to makes charges that people in the Church was in a state of depression.
  6. Some of you may remember the story of my friend Brother Stephen Crawford, who lost his oldest child due to a genetic disorder. His wife passed away on Jan 1st. His youngest child (a son) will die of the same disorder...today his father passed away. How much can one man and family endure? Please keep their family in prayer.
  7. Very cool...very cool.
  8. "The LDS Jesus", you mean Jesus, as there is no difference, he died to atone for the sins of all mankind
  9. Steak N Shake, hands down!
  10. They would first have to know of any, and then be made aware of their needs.
  11. Joesph Smith wrote as scripture his many failings and rebukes from God. He also included rebukes for others from the Lord. The Church has made right many wrong, rather than just giving lip service to it.
  12. All of that said, I don't understand polygamy, and ever example in the OT, shows women on the losing end of these types of relationships. Then we have Jacob in the Book of Mormon who speaks of polygamy as evil...moving forward to D&C 132...just to confusing. As for my wife, I am a one woman man, because I love her. My bio father turned out to be a bigamist, which causes me to view polygamy in only negative terms. So my wife's heart dwells safely in my heart. If an angel with a flaming sword came to me and told me to enter into polygamy, I would just tell him to run me through.
  13. Sadly polygamy is a bankrupt system, be it in the OT, or our early Church favorites are always the norm, for wife's and children. Thankfully the practice ended long ago. When you thanked me for noting older women in a question to critics, are you thanking me for pointing out the views of others, or upset that I used this example?
  14. We have had great leaders Prophets and Apostles who have been called while others served. If a man,or woman is qualified, and even more important, "called of God", then they should be called to serve. Just think of the great men all defendants of Hyrum Smith who have guided this Church, Joesph F Smith, Joseph Feiding Smith, Russel M Ballard, and by marriage, Bruce R. McConkie. "Whom the Lord calls, he qualifies".
  15. No it does not, just pointing out, that in his short marriage to Emma, she was with child much of their marriage, and we know of no others. I was not suggesting that he was not a polygamist in a very real sense, but certainly not all of his wives. Whatever level he was a polygamist, Brigham Young took it pro, I believe 19 wives and 60+ children.