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  1. Soon, I will be able to post on my Ipad again, as posting on my laptop is very difficult. Due to my back injuries, sitting in straight back chairs at tables or desks, is very difficult. However, I wanted to respond to this post before my response became swallowed up in pages, or hundreds of reply's. Very often members, or non-members, mistake some things as divine or revelation, be they policy, or vice vasa. Even Church leaders may assume (especially on the local level, and the general membership...even more so) that any counsel, from the First Presidency is, or was as if from the, "burning bush" itself, or etched on "tablets of stone". But outside influence, and inside influence ("as the prayers of the righteous availeth much") can be a result of legitimate change to many things. But, both policy change, or revelation from God our Father, can be affected (or is it "effected"). Very often outside influence can make a difference, as in Emma's example, she led to Joseph to question the issues surrounding WoW, and such questions led to revelation addressing various health issues. Also, his Father's dreams about the continuation of the family beyond death, leading to wondrous revelation and the appearance and warnings of Elijah, and the "Keys of sealings, of past, present and future generations, to the family of man. The changing world that caused President Spencer W Kimball to question, and to plead to God, which of course changed the policy which granted the Priesthood to all worthy male members of the Church, also the blessing and sealing blessings to all mankind. I do not however believe that the protestors who usually surround Temple Square cause change, if so we would have abandoned the Book of Mormon, closed our Temples and disbanded our Faith long ago. Some outside events may be a catalyst for change, but insulting signs, the profane, and the angry are not the voices that God listens too. Nor do leaders and most members who come to worship, as such tactics only cause most, if not all to did their heals in, and resist any change promoted by those who only wish to disrupt, and rob others of the Holy Spirit. The scriptures all filled with examples of Prophets and Apostles who both questioned, and changed the mind and will of God. Moses for example pleaded with and changed the mind of God, when he told Moses he was going to destroy his "chosen people", which doing so, as scripture states, "...the Lord repented of the evil he sought to do unto his people". (see Exodus 32: 7-14) This is not the only instance, however. When the issue came up concerning children of Gay couples, or same-sex married couples, not being allowed to be baptized, I stated then that it would later change, knowing that good men, would feel God's calling for change, (if it be policy), or heed God would hear the pleadings of the righteous, (if it be revelation). It is for lack of a better term, the "steadying of the Ark", which is the nature of conditions of a righteous people, or a chosen people. It is noteworthy that some protesting, when asked how they felt, or were they happy said nothing. I am sure this probably steamed from the fact that it was not enough in their eyes. I know this is a difficult and heartbreaking issue, and I pray this is not the only thing anyone takes from my comments. Be that as it many, please forgive any errors, but hopefully next time we debate, or discuss...it pray it be on my Ipad. This laptop, and the need to use it, (pardon the pun) is "backbreaking".
  2. The Church employs 1,000's, if not 10,000's of people. it keeps the lights and other utilities on around the world so that we may worship weekly, attend the Temple, which after all it's primary function. Our Church helps to feed and care for it poorer (be they "truly poor", or due to economical downturns). Our people do not go hungry, or naked, or homeless, when they seek and ask for assistance. On average, "Fast Offerings" are a drop in the ocean on Ward and Stake levels, to the amount of payout given in charitable donations. Even when the Church invests in building projects they are providing jobs, for those who might not be employed otherwise, and thus seeking assistance. In addition, their (our) holdings it is what allows the Church to build new Chapels, Temples, and other things, without going into debt (in most cases, if not all). So the "them" you speak of, and not giving too, is "us", the members, your "brothers and sisters", as well as those who don't know our Faith, and whom might never grace it's doorsteps. By all means, give to charities, but don't deny yourself the blessings given to the "faithful", let our "God", open up the windows of heaven and bless you, and those around you.
  3. Due to my inability to sit up typing at a keyboard for long periods of time, I always use my ipad or my phone. This has worked well, for a long time, until now! Now I have a new ipad and smart phone, and this site, and all others where I am long time member, no longer work. So for this thread, I am using my laptop, to see if another poster, or a moderator can help me figure out what is wrong. The problem is when signing on, now using my new devices, my account is not recognized. I don't know if it is the font, the keys used for my "quotation marks", when typing my user name...just don't know? So, I come seeking help from someone who speaks "geek", as my oldest son is in Europe, and can't see my screen to help right now. Any help would be great!
  4. Our Family (well My wife Pam and I, paid for and ordered) DNA Kit"s for Christmas. We bought the kits for, Pam, Myself, our four Children, and their Spouses. This amounted to 10 different kits, and everyone loved the kit and loved the idea of doing this as a family. We have down some, (in some cases, (a lot) with some family names, and less with others. The DNA Test's are all back now, the biggest surprise would come in mine, and my oldest adopted daughters DNA information. This because I was adopted young by another man, and knew little to nothing about my bio-father, or family. my oldest child (a daughter) I adopted, and very little was known about him, other than a name. My daughter had some surprises, not knowing anything about her bio-father. She is much more Cherokee, than we knew, her Mother (my Wife) has always known her great-grandmother was Cherokee, but we did not know Sonya's bio-father, was part Cherokee, so my daughter is 25+% Cherokee Indian. Myself, I am 90% British, with the 10% remaining, Scot, Irish, and Norway. I knew on my Mother's side this was the case, so now I can really dig in and to very targeted search results. My continuing health issues, and some very close members down the road, who are retired and have offered to help, ready to help. They are (long-time) Family Research Specialist, and have offered to come here, or we can go there. This is a calling and a work, that I can still be of some assistance for others, and to my genealogy, and be of help in the Temple, as a patron, to help my family, and assist who need help. Seems, I have found a place to serve, by giving service to others, inside or out of the Temple.
  5. Thank you, but I was not seeking pity, or to be mentioned. I was just pointing out the obvious. No one (well two replied) to the thread I posted (I only noticed yesterday however) about taking time look inward, and turn to the scriptures, hundreds viewed it. But of those hundreds, no one cared anyway. As I recently posted on Facebook, I have been very silly to assume that others feel the same way concerning friendship, as I have (or do). Some may have felt as if I was becoming an "apostate", and just did not know what to say...who knows? People are often frightened if they think people might be becoming non-believers or apostates, and are afraid to speak or in this case reply. But the odd thing is, we should "leave the 99, and seek out the one who is lost", or whom we think are lost. I am still a believer, serving in a calling in my Ward, and I will always be a believer; always! But my silly idea that all I think of as friends, don't always view me as the same. The "scales have fallen from my eyes", in the hope, it will cause me less pain. I am 61 years old, and it is time I grow up! But, I thank you for your kind words, and if you viewed my other thread, I would ask for your prayers for in behalf of my wife. May God bless you.
  6. Hello all, I am here to ask for prayers for my wife, Pam. I believe in prayer, the Church, and the Priesthood, and most certainly prayer in numbers. My wife has a serious operation coming up this Thursday (Feb 21) and I worry for her. We celebrated our 43rd year of marriage just three weeks ago. I will give her a blessing before the surgery, but wish also that prayers of the righteous, or the believing, will bring about much. Simply put, there is no "me", without her. If I lost her, I would bury her, and come home to die, as quickly as I could. I just love her, and cannot help myself. My absence as of late does not mean I have lost my testimony, as I fear some may have thought. it was due to the fact that many did not understand my copious errors and my rambling writings, which I hope explains the very few replies (two) to my post about leaving for a time. Anyway, my family does not work without my wife, so again please prayer for her. OK, enough...time to crawl back into my into hiding. Love you all Papa
  7. That Bill "Papa" Lee (the most forgettable person you might never miss fellow has been gone, for at least a month or so. Don't worry, this is not a comeback, just stopped by to make a prayer request. in another thread of course.
  8. I used to have confidence in my ability to communicate, verbally to be sure, in print maybe not so much. Too often my typing abilities are either in lead or lag, of my mind, concerning what I wish to say. As a result in many different social forums, I find myself being misunderstood, or misrepresented. So, it is time to find out where and how that process came to be. Time to look inward, and see where I may improve, and to see if it is possible, to do better, or too redeem oneself. Maybe it is a possibility to do so, maybe not? Regardless of where this journey takes me, it has been both fun and frustrating. But life, "my life" is to short now, to unintentionally undo all that I sought out, to do. So for a while at least, I need to look into the scriptures and my soul, before I lose my soul. Love too all... Papa
  9. That is a great story, and really wonderful. I spent most of my professional life, speaking before large groups, and in law-enforcement trying to dodge the press so I could do my job. So, when I was able to go help others, I just wanted to get in, do all I could, and pass unnoticed to all but God. As I said, I have no issue with others wearing the shirts, it is just not my style. I think it is wonderful thing we do for others, for many years I was the point man for the "Day of Service" each year. But when the day came, I would pull a hat down on my head, and get to work, and loved every min of it!
  10. Even that is a mixed message, they quote the scriptures, (to make my point) and wear the shirts, and have camera crews repotting on every word. BTW, I have no issue with people wearing the shirts, I do what I do on a personal level, based on my understanding.
  11. In my many efforts to help with flooding, hurricanes, and tornado clean up and repair, I have never worn one. Each time I was asked too, the scripture, "let not thy left hand know what thy right is doing" (too paraphrase) as I did not want to call attention to myself, or the Church. I just wanted to help, and then go home back home, and there "count my blessings", and "lay up treasure in heaven". But, I did love the work, and saddened I can no longer go help.
  12. I read all the time, I am getting better at my profession, everyday. But have no one to teach. Learning more and more of the scriptures, with little to no outlet to instruct. I am however helping with the home schooling once or twice a week for one of my granddaughters, who turn 13 today, tomorrow my oldest grandson will be 18, really feeling my age. I do have much to be thankful for, I have a home, and due to good investments, my wife and I do not have to work. Well she does not have too, I can't anymore. I still have the heart, and spirit (more mature) of my youth, now trapped in a body, I do not recognize. Took a bad fall a few weeks ago, injured two ribs, and a trip to the hospital; again! We are currently making repairs (remodeling) to our bathroom so it can have a larger shower, railing, and other things to be in place as things get progressively worse. My wife and I will be helping our granddaughter in Sciences, Social Science, field trips, etc. So, I am also taking upcoming Middle School classes, to stay ahead of her classes, so I am prepared to teach her. My wife has started finding things to keep me out of the house, so that my son's can work with looking over their shoulders, to insure I don't take another tumble.
  13. I am never "resentful", it is just hard to sit an watch. I want to climb a ladder, hand someone a tool, even though it is easy to lose my balance. When they are gone, I try to do what I can in secret, while my wife is pleading that I stop and sit down before hurting myself. I have punched my way through life, and don't know how to let others do things for me. I am trying to slip them money, I am my Father's Son.
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