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  1. Bill "Papa" Lee

    Mary, the Mother of Christ

    If memory serves, it was (is) something like 14 generations from David, to Joseph and Mary. That is a looooong linage for all to be wealthy and still considered nobility. I don't have Matthew Chapter 1, in front of me at the moment. I am a bit immobile at the moment from surgery Monday, to take a look. Maybe someone could look it up?
  2. It is like having your heart ripped out repeatly, with every cry, and even more so with every scream. Not to mention every scream when needles are used for IV's.
  3. I have a broken back, so before I can be approved for the nerves to be burned into, I have to have two shots (two weeks apart, due to swelling) to num them for a single day, sometimes two days, so I can get the eight months to a year relief. As for my illnesses, Sarcordosis, Diabities, heart problems (recent, very recent stints put in), and all the issues with diabities, I can barely walk anymore, and never without a cane. Also if I go shopping with the wife, only with motorized carts, and now having a wheelchair ramp being built. Other than this, life is great, not! But, I am still above ground.
  4. My youngest son and his wife, who live with us, their six month old daughter is very sick, and has been to the hospital two times in a week. Finally growing tired of regular hospitals telling us. she, "she just has virus", and sending her home. We finally took her the 50+ miles to a children's hospital who found out that she is very sick, and that it was not a virus, but a bad infection. Many here my remember Caleb, as I sought your advice when he was not sure if he wanted to go on a mission, due to your advice, (which I shared with him) and your prayers, he served a honorable mission. We gave her a blessing last night, but things only got worse, maybe due to the raging infection that went undiagnosed, or maybe due to doubts of mine, that God no longer hears me, but few do anymore. Heck, I wouldn't listen to me if I had a choice. Also, on many levels, I need prayer. I have had to endure two painful shots in my back, so I could finally be approved to have some nerves burned into. They do with with, (I think) a combination of electricity, and radio waves. They have done so in the past, so after about three weeks of (what can best be described as hell) they usually allow me to feel almost human for eight months to a year. Anyway, here's hoping it works. But, most of all, prayers for my granddaughter, to spare her such agony, and Mom, Dad, Nanny and Papa, the river of tears for and in behalf of her hurt we all feel. You who have children and grandchildren, you know you would give anything to feel their pain, even your life if necessary.
  5. Bill "Papa" Lee

    Coat retrieval plan?

    I pray this is so, as I do not wish to think badly of anyone. I also wish Temple lockers did not need to be locked, but maybe it is to give people comfort, who knows? Well, some may know.
  6. Bill "Papa" Lee

    Coat retrieval plan?

    Hey, send me a PM, qaqaI can "friend me" on Facebook. I have few FB friends who are members and share my beliefs. Having grown up Baptist, and in the home of a Baptist minister. Most of my friends and 99.999% of all my family, canned n replace to myself. Asa mormOn.
  7. Bill "Papa" Lee

    Coat retrieval plan?

    My prayer is that he is not the one who slole it, or it is truly a mistake. Being a member (as I assume he is) I am heartsick that something like this could happen. But unless he owns a coat like it, from so long ago, the only explanation that fits, is that he stole it, "IN CHURCH", which makes me want to thrown up on my iPad. Either way, if it is monogrammed, be bold and ask him to show it to you. If not "monogrammed", make him explain where he purchased it, and when.
  8. Bill "Papa" Lee

    My youngest son is worried, due to the California wildfires.

    He does know some her taugtj have died, members as well, but many more many more lost now. Heartbreaking?
  9. Bill "Papa" Lee

    My youngest son is worried, due to the California wildfires.

    I will let him know, Thanks.
  10. Bill "Papa" Lee

    My youngest son is worried, due to the California wildfires.

    He served in Paradise for about 4 months, so you can understand his concerns.
  11. Bill "Papa" Lee

    People with beards (academically speaking)

    I have often said, and will say again. If President Nelson or any of the 12 showed up in General Conference wearing a blue shirt, all of Utah's stores would be sold out in a week of "blue shirts".
  12. Bill "Papa" Lee

    People with beards (academically speaking)

    True, but not both are sins.
  13. My youngest Son, Caleb, served most of his mission in the areas of the California wildfires. Two places at least, that he served in, the towns are simply gone. Also, he has been unable to contact or make any contact with those he taught, and many who befriended him while on his mission. Of course as most of you know, when you serve people, you love them. He keeps hoping and praying for news, good news of course would be best, but news of any kind, would be better than nothing. So, if any here can help, please do so, and of course pray for those who have lost so much. E.T.A: because these events we are praying very much, it is a topic that him and for those who served with, this makes for a very stressful informatiaaaA
  14. Bill "Papa" Lee

    People with beards (academically speaking)

    Beards, are after all, the natural state on man, well most. I used to get both light hearted, and very serious comments about my own, and it is not a full beard. We still have many in the Church who think that men with beards, are one step from "apostasy".
  15. Sadly as a parent of a Gay Child, who is now in her 30's, nothing as Parents, nothing as a Church, is ever enough. It is not a Mormon issue that sees Homosexuality as a sin, it is a Scriptural matter. Our Church has done more, gone farther, reached out more than most mainstream Christian denominations, especially in what is termed as the "Bible Belt". Homosexuality, and the classifying such relationships as sinful, is not, "Mormon Doctrine", it is Scriptural. As all Scriptural based Christian Faiths view it the same way, or worse than our Church. There are of course some Faith's who have decided to abandon any mention of such teachings, and any scripture that refers to these things as sinful. In fact many who in doing so, have chosen to ignore many other things as sinful, such as premarital relationships to name just one. My daughter who works as Aids Atlanta, still has issues with families who visit. She is welcome at out home, and invited to every single Sunday Dinner, which is every Sunday. We refer to her wife as our daughter-in-law. We sometimes have the missionaries at Sunday dinner, and when they come we, we freely introduce her wife as our daughter-in-law. But, as all our children come to Sunday dinner, they have all our grandchildren with then, and that happy image angers her, an image she often disrupts by trying to sow discord. It might be a source of anger at a Church that is pro-family, and teachings of, and encouraging children and an eternal posterity, or maybe the ability to pro-create in most cases. But many resent a world where heterosexuality is the norm, but what is to be done? It is also normal for any parent, to want or wish their children, no matter the sin or transgression to be excused, or exempted as sinful, just as I do. As a parent, or as all parents, we wish to shield our children from any harm, precieved, or real, and we would all be willing to suffer wounds, instead of those we love without condition. I am sure that many who live in the bubble where the Church is the norm, think that it is just Mormons (sorry, Latter-day Saints) are the ones who are the problem, but in the world, we are not even a blip on the screen, when it comes to "World Religions" The reality is, no matter how liberal, or how much we reach out, 99.9999999% of of everyone who is Gay sees, sees the difference, and so many are harmed by the difference. So fo those who cannot cope, often turn to suicide, it is tragic, but our Church is not responsible. My own child, has never been nothing but, well received, everytime something brings her to Church, long with her wife; always well received!