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  1. Bill "Papa" Lee

    The role technology is playing in today's Church discipline.

    Well, I had hope politics was not brought into this thread. That seemed a short trip from religious commentary and debate, to today's politics.
  2. Bill "Papa" Lee

    The role technology is playing in today's Church discipline.

    That was the point, that quit possibly expressed poorly. The point about how at the it seemed to be vanity in the end.
  3. Bill "Papa" Lee

    The role technology is playing in today's Church discipline.

    No, just noting that there are dangers, and how technology is playing a role in today's Church. I did of course admit that others may see things differently, I guess that is being overlooked. But, by no means do I suggest my opinion is superior, I just listed what I have observed.
  4. Bill "Papa" Lee

    The role technology is playing in today's Church discipline.

    Does persuading others to leave the Church, or not join the Church, qualify as shinning the light on (or at) the darkness? Did he truly remain on hunger strike until the Church changed it policies? My guess is that he is still healthy, still caring for that which is most precious to mankind, his own flesh. Or, just lke in other situations, the message, or the hype became larger than the man, or the real "original" message? The crowds will go away, they always do, and the movement with become a byline in some blog, where no one reads anymore. Then sadly, the crusader will find himself alone, no longer a member of his Faith, the one he wished to influence, where he can do nothing from the outside looking in. Was the cause worthy, the original cause of Bishop's and young men and women alone discussing very sensitive things, just to go to the Temple for baptisms, yes it was. The Church had already made changes to address aspects of this, but it was full steam ahead with this brother, because they rain was to far down the tracks to stop. The movement had become something he could not abandon, even if he wanted. The fear of widespread rejection was more important that the 15 High Priests, who sought to reclaim their brother. If you have ever been a part of a Stake Disciplinary Counsel, you know that every avenue if taken to redeem a fellow Priesthood holder. There are pleadings, discussions and humble prayers to know what can be done. It is the same way in a Bishop counsel, I have sadly been on a few of these, the same thing, pleadings, discussion, and prayers. Each prays individually, out loud and kneeling, and then together as a Bishopric. As always, every avenue is take to find a way to "never", excommunicate a single soul. Not to mention many, many tears shed by all.
  5. Today, I learned of the excommunication of "Sam Young". Before today, all I had ever heard concerning him (even having to be reminded) was a hunger strike. I did not know of "crowds", websites", "podcasts", etc. Although I agreed with certain aspects of his message, as I have often had concerns with Bishop's being alone with young children (for the sake of the Bishop or the child) the Church has already taken steps to address some of these matters. What I did not know, and did not agree with was many of the other things he did, in publicly attacking the Church, Church Leaders, and the spectacle of it all. Of course only learning of his other activities in an Internet search. I bring this up, because there have been a number of people (as of late) who, at one time started out just expressing just a few concerns, to taking part in activities leading them being excommunicated. Now, due to ever changing ease of technology, anyone can start, "Blogs", or "Podcasts", just to name two. These things leading to their downfall, although I clearly agree they might not see it the way I do, but these activities can and are leading to popularity they have clearly have come to enjoy. The days of discussion boards, and mods, giving members a place to discuss many things, but not allowing such discussions to get out of hand, are easily swept away. Now, the only "Mod", is the person using newer communication technology to vent, and find a following. In many cases a large following! These "followings", lead to much larger audiences, and a kind of popularity that their ego's can't let go of. So, what might have been a few threads on either friendly or unfriendly websites, are now becoming "movements". These people are finding that becoming leaders of such movements, that it is impossible to give them up. In fact, once concerns are expressed, that go ignored, then letters sent to discuss these matters in Church proceedings, they just ramp up their game, inviting all to come along for the ride. In so doing, making the matter even more public, gaining more followers, it all becomes to much to let go off, and leads to the worst conclusions. We currently have a very talented, and charismatic Pastor here in the Sunny South. He has gained such a large following on Facebook (1,500,000+ followers, or so he says), it has led to the loss of his Church, the breaking up if his marriage, because of infidelity, both and home, and at Church. Now, I see podcasts where young men, and women, doing their own podcasts. Right now they say it is to debunk anti-Mormon comments, and some others things, but much of what is said is in error. True enough very often the simple mistakes of youth, young wives, or father's barely home from their missions. My fear (or my desire) for any member, even though some have serious doubts and issues, I would rather have them turning those doubts, where they could and would be discussing them among the believing. Usually it took a lot of effort, a lot of leg work, or a platform like teaching at a university, but now just a a Smartphone, and you could find yourself so, a leading of a moment. A movement they never even supposed theirselves to be at the center of, an finding themselves excommunicated, and then soon, even the "followers", will hace vanished, almost quickly as their membership. Thoughts.
  6. Bill "Papa" Lee

    SL Tribune Suspends Robert Kirby

    Very strange, of course I have only delt with "escorts services", from a criminal standpoint, as they are illegal in Atlanta, and almost every other major city. I was called on a complaint to a two room apartment, being used by as a (can't use the term), only to find that she had a six year old child who would sit in the kitchen while she did business. Needless to say things got very ugly, very fast. Having said all of this, WHY would any married man, or religious man, ever want to have others think he was using an "Escort Service"? Then to take part in having her take drugs? He should be fired!
  7. Bill "Papa" Lee

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short. Who is Sam Young, and what did he do?
  8. Bill "Papa" Lee

    Need advice

    Thanks, it would seemor you ex is trying to use Church YW, to circumvent her rights. So, don't worry about seeming unchristian, maybe you could get the YW's President to help explain to th Bishop, he could help, uawzaqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq ?.
  9. Bill "Papa" Lee

    Need advice

    It sounds like your ex-wife might be using Church activities to circumvent her visiting privileges, if so then you will have to address it. Especially if you ex-wife, is anti (any) Church as you said in the original OP. Also, you need to find a way to keep peace in your home, as your wife and you are her primary care givers, meaning, because it is your daughter you speak of, your wife is now becoming her mother, and feels as if she needs to protect her, rejoice at those! So, her anger is out of concern and love, not spite. Also, just explain to you ex-wife, that YW activities are for the YW, that Sacrament meetings would be more appropriate. I say Sacrament meetings, because from what you said, she won't come, and if she did, she would not be able to pour poison into your daughter's ear. Either way, my prayers are with you. Also, return to Church, this way you can stop her Mother abusing or circumventing anything. You said you are inactive, it would seem you and you wife are believers still, because you encourage your daughter to take part in YW's. To quote from scripture, "And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren (you my brother) if you have experienced a change in your heart (meaning if you once believed), and if he have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now"? From your comments, I was not sure if you were the "non-active" member, or your ex-wife. Either way the advice concerning her, is to explain that YW's is for the YW, and tell her if she is willing (so it does not seem unchristian, as you said) to come to Church on Sunday's. I doubt from what you are saying, she will not take you up on it. But this way, it would seem like you are telling her she is not welcome at Church. BTW, to keep peace in your family, after that, if she comes that one Sunday, then remind her to go to her own Ward. Good luck, I would not want to be in your shoes. Anyway, Love ya.
  10. Bill "Papa" Lee

    Mormon Leaks document on handling Child Abuse

    No worries, I was no trying to be harsh, I was just a bit confused at the lack of context. We all make errors at times, but should always endeavor you do better.
  11. Bill "Papa" Lee

    Mormon Leaks document on handling Child Abuse

    The thread title suggests something very serious, or implies something very grievous, something despicable in happening within the Church. The first three posts, including yours admit that either nothing has been read and no link given, then little has been read, and finally a comment, "I am am reading it". Is this what threads have come too? I saw one where an individual posted nothing but a link, but he is new. This thread posted no link at all. (Well the author; yourself did not) If the "Denson Thread", needs, or you felt it needed another thread, some commentary and background would help set the stage, or at least set the tone. I gather there are other issues it would seem, issues concerning bad behavior by missionaries, and other Priesthood leaders, more information BTW, that if true, all of us would want to know about it. Be it good news, or bad news, despite some who think otherwise, be it this website, or another? All who have true and honest hearts, want to know the way our Church Leadership is governing the affairs (no pun intended) of the Lord's Kingdom. I suspect that even the inactive, the disaffected, and former members would like to know as well, as most if not, since most, if not all have family, who still attend. So, too much content cause readers to grow tired and turn away, where short comments can cause the reader to pass them buy. But, enough for now.
  12. Bill "Papa" Lee

    EQP now over Ward mission leader?

    I hope this is not another new Church policy. First they go from dealing with half of the Priesthood holders, to presiding over all. Then from maybe half of the members, to every family in the entire Ward. This is just too much. Especially for our Elders Quorum President he is very young, with very young children, and never even served as a quorum president, or a group leader, prior to the change. Each week you can see, and he has said, that he is being crushed.
  13. Bill "Papa" Lee

    A Different Take On The Cross.

    Yes, I have a signed copy of the book.
  14. Bill "Papa" Lee

    A Different Take On The Cross.

    Wow, what a leap. And my granddaughter was not laughing "at" the cross. Also this site, does not allow for the discussion of Temple activities and garments as a rule. You might not like that, but "it is" am LDS website..
  15. Bill "Papa" Lee

    A Different Take On The Cross.

    I was not denigrating the practices of believes, I was pointing out the persons who misuse the cross. In my opinion those who truly revere the cross, do not misuse in this ways I listed. Sorry, if you think I was speaking of those who put it on their places of worship, or wear it around their neck as a token of worship. Unless we disagree of the terns, "belief and reference".