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  1. Wow, school is one thing, but not letting them play together; harsh!
  2. He spoke about understanding the first rejection because the school was under the direction of a single Church. So this time, they chose a school that just identifies as Christian but not with just one Church. This school admits, Catholics, SDA, and others denominations all along the spectrum. Also (as I pointed out) even Jewish Children who do not claim Christianity at all. As for his contact, it was like most Dads, Mom did most of the interaction concerning the attempt for enrollment. I have had friends here in Georgia who put their children in Pre-K and up to second grade, but that Christian School drew the line at age 8, since that is when "they felt like" the child would have been taught too much doctrine as they are prepared for baptism. I do live in the "Bible Belt" as it is called, and this talk show host now lives in Texas which is also considered the "Bible Belt"...an odd thing, since what they are doing is anything but Biblical. Thankfully, after many years, my family and extended family consider me Christian. They ask me to pray, speak at funerals, and even attend Church at times when I speak, or (now) my grandchildren are baptized. However when my wife's Father died, I was asked to pray by my mother in law. So my wife's sister and brother in law, walked out saying they were not going to listen to a Mormon pray. When they got to the Church early, they told the Pastor that we were Mormon. So the Pastor took time, half of the sermon preaching about their would be no marriage in Heaven. He even said, while his wife was sitting right there near him, how happy he was that in heaven there was no marriage, and his wife saying "Amen" all the while. Made me wonder what kind of marriage that had.
  3. I was just listening to a famous talk show host, who was speaking of the second rejection of his children (who are Mormon of course like their Father) enrollment in the school of choice their parents wanted them to attend. They wanted their children to attend a very good school that would also teach Christian centered values. However, for the second time, (this was a different school than the first) his children have been refused enrollment. This school allows every denomination of what it deems Christian and Jewish children, but not Mormons. I know the Church does all that it can to interact with all Faiths, in community service, family counseling, and disaster relief...but is it changing the way others see us? Is the gap just too wide to close? If anyone ever visits websites that only want to focus on the differences between different Faiths, Mormon Forums make of the lion share of all threads and comments, "horrible threads and horrible comments"! Will we ever be viewed as Christians by those who believe that they own the definition of the word "Christian"?
  4. Agreed, as scripture points out, Jesus Christ speaks only the words of the Father, and the Holy Ghost only speaks only the words of Christ. He does this to bring all things to our rememberence. So anytime the Holy Spirit speaks to us, reveals to us, inspires us, it is the Father who is directing it all, through the Son, to the Holy Ghost and then to us. We then teach others, be it family, Church classes, or Sacrament talks...such is the "Gift of the Holy Ghost".
  5. Rumors are so much more exciting than facts to those with what Christ called,"itching ears". I heard a rumor that the sun was going to rise tomorrow...I'm thrilled, hope it's true.
  6. I have eight as well, but every Sunday seven are here at my house for supper. We are also in the same Ward, I am blessed indeed. They are blessed to have my wife as Nanny, not sure how blessed to have me as Papa.
  7. You need to see your Bishop, that is what he is there for.
  8. When I joined the Church 38 years ago in just four days from today, I went on a quest. I had already read most of the Book of Mormon having received the revelation that it was true. The very day I received the Book of Mormon from a friend, while in the Army living in Germany...I had duty that night (from 7:00PM to 7:00AM, I read the first five books in the Book of Mormon, and the Spirit bore witness to me that it was the word of God. Then I asked my friend for every single word ever printed by the Church, of course I had no idea what I was asking for. But as is my nature, when I want to understand something, I study everything I can get my hands on...you know, "study it out in my mind" as scripture tells us. Thankfully this early study has sustained me for almost four decades. I am a student of scripture, and I am unashamed to declare that I am a believer. I used to buy so many books, my wife made a rule, no more books until you read all you have. So I did, and have read over 100 books that address doctrine, explain scripture, and just feel good books by many General Authorities...everything I could find by Neal A Maxwell, Hugh Nibley, and every book I could find about the early Prophets. My favorite is "rough Stone Rolling", by Richard Bushman. The more we study scripture, the more light God illuminate our souls.
  9. Tacenda, no one who post on such sites would ever mistake you for a troll, or just someone who does nothing but "drive by" posts. Issues about Faith and Church can easily turn into passionate posts that hurt others. Even though such issues of Faith in God and the Church should lead us all to be long-suffering, gentle and kind to all, even those who disagree with us, if not more kind to those who disagree with us. However, we are all flawed, and too often our flaws are peppered throughout our comments. Be of good cheer, be forgiving, and pray that everyone else does the same. I am sorry for hurt feelings, or hurtful remarks that have caused any pain.
  10. You're a Papa, that is so great. Tell me, is there anything greater in all the world?
  11. I love the feeling of always being at home. After joining while stationed in (then) West Germany, it gave me a feeling of community right away. People were genuinly glad to see my family and myself each week. They rejoiced when almost two years later they went with us to the Swiss Temple where we were sealed as a family. Then on different military assignments, I could count on home being a welcoming place, and whatever Ward being the same...so it did not matter about all the strangers at work, that would end at 4:00PM, and then I could escape to those at home and Church who loved me. After joining the Church I read maybe, 100 books on Church leaders and Church doctrine. There I found such flawed (as all men are) men and women are) who despite their flaws did such amazing things. I grew to love those I read about, and felt injury and sadness when they were attacked. I love the Church, I love our leaders, I love always feeling at home. So maybe it is my poet's soul that bruises so easily when others are so harsh, even vicious things in many instances, which causes me to mourn for such comments, and for those who make them. I have always considered everyone who has a testimony, and for those who no longer do, as my brothers and sisters in Christ...even though I am not always viewed the same way. I pray God's blessings on all whom I have known over my 38 years in the Church, and love all whom I have met in Church and here on this website as well. I am just thrilled that I am allowed to converse with all here and at Church...before all see just how flawed a man I am. So God bless you all, s I have prayed so many here, despite their views about Church or her doctrines. Bill "Papa" Lee Atlanta, Georgia (God's country) For those who would like, join me on Facebook, where we can come to know each other better.
  12. Very deep, not the waters, but the thoughts.
  13. Two weeks ago, the Priesthood lesson was about the Holy Spirit. In this lesson a number of things we written and pointed out, from these many quotes I came to a conclusion. Now this is my opinion and I take full responsibility for it. First, it pointed out that no man or woman can know or have a testimony that Jesus is the Christ except the Holy Spirit bares witness of it. Second, answers to prayers, and inspiration also come from the Holy Spirit. Third, if we are not striving to live the commandments, the Holy Spirit is withdrawn and we are left to "kick against the pricks" and "amen to the Priesthood of that man". Forth, if we are not living righteous lifes, we cannot enjoy the "Gift of the Holy Ghost", or have him as "our constant companion" D&C 121: 45-46. Fifth, we can sin against against the the Father and the Son and be forgiven. But if we sin against the Holy Spirit, we cannot be forgiven "in this life or the next". I am sure there are more examples...so I would enjoy any other examples, and any of your thoughts.
  14. In Elton John's defense that was when he had a serious problem with drugs. From what I know now he is a much more polite man.
  15. CA, you know me and that I have a Gay child and would do nothing to hurt any Gay person or act out of malice. I was only addressing my experiences with so many who act badly and scorn. The only person in a High Ruse condo who was scornful (well a few more as noted in my post) and who pointed the "finger of scorn", at myself was Elton John in his 38th floor condo (that because of the photos from the Mapplethorp photos and my displease of the crucifix photo in a bottle of urine). In fact, the only ones allowed to do his remodels, were contractors who would "at least" admit not to be Evangelicals, and who were required to hire (each of the five types of tradespeople meaning one for each five), at least one "male Gay employee, who was not required to work, but to be on site when that company was there. Other than that, it was not my purpose to imply otherwise. But you only gave the example of the Church headquarters...so please forgive me of making that connection. Had you mentioned other "High Rises", then I would have not made that assumption. I have always been kind and courteous to you and others that are Gay on this website, despite our differences on matters concerning Church doctrine and Gay marriage. It is not in my nature to be unkind to you or any others here, or elsewhere. But, I am human and flawed as all men and women are, but I do try my best. I would hate, no mourn, if that is ever the impression that I leave with anyone...I mean who knows, every post might be our last as we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Just a few weeks ago I was told by my doctor that my A1C test (hope I named ithat correctly) a test done every 3 to 6 months for diabities was the worst reading that my Doctor, (in his 40 years of practice) had never seen. He went on to say that he has no idea how I was alive or walking...although I have to walk with a cane and helped out of a cars. So most of all I do not want to seem insensitive or unkind, as I have upcoming surgeries (yes plural) and do not want to meet my maker with that added to (whatever the equal of A1C would be) my soul. I only responded to the one example you gave me, the Church headquarters", which of course would include those who work in it. So forgive me if I misread the content of your response, and knowing how hurt you and others feel about Church teachings concerning, Homosexuality and Gay Marriage. It was never in my nature to offend, nor in my nature...although I often fail to be always what God wants for me. So God bless, and you have been in my prayers more than once, if that matters.