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  1. True, as scripture teaches "the earth and seas shall give up their dead". How someone is buried would seem a very minor issue with a God who can call forth anyone.
  2. I don't think "hate" is the correct word, not even close. The Lord has always had dietary laws for his chosen people, well those who have chosen him. No Mormon would ever think that any non-member drinking coffee would go to hell or face any judgement for doing so. In fact the "Word of Wisdom " (Doctrine and Covenants 89) applies to "the weak and the weakest of all saints" so it only applies to Mormon's, it is not binding in any way upon others. It is a commandment of promise, not just a "do not do list", but that promise does apply to all who obey it, member or not. Getting back to your first question, to bring Starbucks coffee knowing you are entering a Sacrament meeting, is probably impolite and an effort to draw attention to yourself. It would be the same to disregard the wishes of a friend who does not drink, and throwing a bottle of Rum away just before walking into his home. I would think just as this thead is meant to do the same thing here, which begs the question; why do so?
  3. I am sorry for your difficulties you have n your youth and problems. You know that White Wedding dressings came into be in large part due o the marriage of Queen Victoria. Before that time, 1st weeding are not it was Snsay best. So it can bout a royal wedding about 150 years. (If memory serves). But indeed marriage vows should be meant when spoken, and obeyed as long as the marriage last, you know . "Death do you Part".
  4. So true, this is why I stopped trying to engage anti-Mormons on other websites. Their tactic is to keep the Mormon hoping from one foot to the next, in an attempt to put out such fires. By doing so the member remains of balence and distracted from ever making a defense. It certainly is not as bad here, but more disheartening is that some of the attacks are coming from members, as well as ex-members, and I don't mean "excommunicated members" when I say "ex-member", least someone see that as an opening to start one of those brush fires. As the name implies "dialog and discussion", there is a lot of "discussion" but very little meaningful "dialog", when cheap shots and disrespect are the order of the day (thread).
  5. I understand, I did not grow up in the LDS Church. I did see much of people in my Baptist Faith, who were not very Christian, but not all were unfaithful, so to speak. In the South in the 50's, 60's and 70's there were people who professed the be Christian, but were horrible racist, would not let anyone of any other race attend Church with them. Certainly the LDS Church has had many of the same issues, but we have corrected and atoned for this, but even to this day (here in the South) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's remarks still ring true, "11:00 on Sunday is the most segregated hour of the week". But thankfully, in my home (after my mother remarried, when by bio-father married another woman while still married to my mother and ran off) I had the example of what Christianity should be. I did not leave the Baptist Faith because I did not love those in it, I left because after reading the Book of Mormon, I was converted. I have remain these 38+ years because that testimony has grown. Also because for the lionshare of the members I have known, they live their Faith, and no just give lip service to it. I have also tried to do the same, because I am a true believer in the Atonement of Christ and in the mission of the Church. I bear witness that these things are true, since that was after all your primary question.
  6. For those who are here to make a defense of our Faith, we must ever endeavor to do so with as much love and longsuffering as possible. But I fear that those who have an eternal axe to grind, will still attempt to keep the grinding wheel turning. Our Father in Heaven (the very term that offends many here and elsewhere) does not judge us based on the outcome of the war, or in this context the discussion, but in relation to our actions in the battle for truth. It has become clear that many posters have come to this website, to do what they cannot do in our meeting houses. Hoping that here (to borrow from a recent thread) that the "mic will not be turned off", or that we lack the will to do so. The free exchange of ideas, should not mean that we must endure endless criticism of our "faith" (our personal beliefs) and our "Faith" (our institutional beliefs), since we hold them both sacred. The way for the experience to be better is for all parties to be respectful of a forum that deals with matters of Faith, but that would assume all posters present and future are willing to act in good faith. Sadly, in just a small number of post in any given thread things can go wrong very quickly, thus exposing all to degrading comments.
  7. I do believe in the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and in my Faith. Is this truly a question, or to speak out against our beliefs, or any belief at all?
  8. Adultery, affairs are always wrong, it does not matter how many Doctors say otherwise, using the most extreme examples to make their case. As it relates to LDS Handbook teaches, it is a serious sin no matter the state of the marriage. It is also not (as many proclaim) victimless crime. My bio-father engaged in this sin, until it became bigamy, and my Mother and her three children ended up homeless (I was one of those children) for a time, when he left his true family for his illegal family. When marriage vows are violated, the inocent always suffer, "always".
  9. So a series of loaded questions that are easy fodder to attack the very notion that anyone, or that no one speaks for God? Or most certainly if they (Church Leadership) or scripture ever speak out against a person's sin of choice, and someone takes offense, then they are all lies. This young woman was well prepared, well scripted and someone was there to record it, and to post it. In short, every part of it was an attempt to show how bigoted the Church and Mormons are. It was not about truth, but a hit piece, to entice all viewers to reject our Church, and reject any missionaries who knock on their doors, or for current members to leave and be outraged, for turning off the mic on a child. It would seem that in this digital age, no one can worship in peace, as every talk, lesson and even attending the Temple is sacred to those who wish only to harm, expose, deride and belittle.
  10. I agree, if sex was the only thing a couple had or have n common, that marriage is doomed. This is why when Evangelicals preach and teach that our doctrine is a lie, and that there is no marriage in heaven, because God has something greater than sex in heaven. I feel a swell of pity for them as they assume that marriage is only for sex, and that Mormons only want to be sealed to our wives so we can have sex in heaven. It is a childish view of the very institution of marriage, the emotional bond in marriage is so much deeper (or I hope it is for all), sexual relations is just one of the blessings to deepen that bond, but not the only one.
  11. There is no "gene", just honor and dishonor among married me. It is sad that everyone is always looking for something to blame for their bad behavior, no cowardly.
  12. I had to repair a misspelling, if you would like to read again.
  13. What do I think, I think that many, many, many choose to live celebrate lives and obey God's laws. Just like heterosexual men who struggle with lust, and are attracted to every woman whom they find attractive on the planet, but remain faithful to their wives. I once spoke to a man who felt guilty because of the feelings he had, after more discussion I asked how were things at home? He said that his wife had been molested by her father, as a result it had been 20 years since they were together. Being with and loving someone is wonderful, but it is not impossible to obey the commandments of God if this is not our burden to bare.
  14. You did respond, but what would that thread be entitled, if you world rather respond in another thread? Tell me and I will do so...
  15. Yes Church leaders are men, and men and all men are flawed, but making a unilateral comment that they (or none) don't speak for God in any and all cases, as your post suggests is over the top. I mean sure, let's point to their errors and forget everything else! That is opportunistic and short sited, but I guess it felt good. I have always thought you were even handed, but even if they took every one of Paul's exactly, you know you would not, despite suggesting that you might. Like most, most do not care and will never believe the words of scripture when it conflicts with their lifestyles. That is the human condition, but at least some try, and try not to cast stones...no matter how good it may feel.