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  1. I am not the kind of poet who looks at a tree, and just writes about, although I have. I am more of a theme writer. after reading your story, these few words inspired this poem. So this is for you...first draft. A Simple Prayer A simple prayer to Thee, O Lord, Let me hear thy voice. A fervent cry, born of want Not arrogance or choice. Build in me a righteous heart, One filled with perfect light. Let not, my soul wander more In this world of endless night. Let me hear thee as you pass, In the whisper of the tree. Let me see thee in the eyes Of others just like me. Let me feel the Master’s touch When I am so in need. Give to me this healing power, This most of all I plead! Let me feel thy music sweet, When I struggle so to hear. Send thy Angels with joyous song, To vanquish all my fear. Grant unto me a giving soul That I might be aware. Of all of those who also cry Of longing and despair. Fill my eyes with tenderness Erase the sin of doubt. Let my tears heal this pain, Least evil find me out. Take from me the sin of pride That restricts the bended knee, Better that my legs should brake That my pleadings thou receive. Give to me a lighter step, Not heavy feet of clay. That harden in the hot day sun And never find their way. Give unto me, thy words life That I may therein write. To show that even such as I Am worthy in thy sight. Some say I ask too much, Of one who is not there. But I know of whom I ask In faith, and simple prayer. William E. Lee August 19, 2017
  2. I am shocked!

    Who was quoting it and claiming it was official Church Doctrne? Was it just a single teaching do so? Either way beyond the Standard Works, the Church has only two (to my knowledge) commissioned books to reflect "official doctrine". Jesus The Christ, and "The Articles of Faith" (the book, not the Articles themselves, as they are already part of our canon). But for those quoting aspects of the book Mormon Doctrine, where Elder McConkie, was quoting others or espousing truth, and not opinion, I see no harm. But one should or any teacher should simply quote him and not promote the book by name. Even better they should look up such quotes from the Church search engine and find the "Conference Talk" in which he said it. Heaven forbid that they quote from his anti-Black comments, or ant-Catholic remarks, or other topics that were opinion only. Despite his flaws (that all men have), he was a powerful teacher and speaker, and obiedent sevant of God. His final address in Oct 1985, General Conference, was like the "dews of heaven", from a man who had given his life in the service of the Church. It was unfortunate that he did not heed to the wishes of Church leaders and publish the book, but all men struggle with ego, or a need to teach and convince others of our views. Also much of what he wrote was the words of his father-in-law, Joseph Feilding Smith and Brigham Young. Who were usually always speaking to a largely small or closed community, just went to far. We all want (or most want) to speak only the words God gives us in that hour when we speak. But sadly most, if not all can get carried away when we see we have the audience grasping at the straws that we are offerering.
  3. That is so unfortunate, I would hope that the Church takes more action than just mention this in passing. I was asked a dear brother who was around when this happened, he was in his 70's to talk about his feeling of when this occured (the Priesthood Bn be lifted) the following Sunday. He did not call and say no, or that he could not make it (which is something he was known to do) he just did not show up. I got a lot of responses that I did not expect, from others who were in their late 60's and above, who were talked of being shocked. It was a difficult lesson so 20 years qgo now.
  4. That each night, 20 units (down from 40 for being a good boy and eating better) pills, once a day, and a once a week shot of something called Trulcity, big needle spring loaded in the belly. Sadly are the problems with vision, horrible pain like pins and needles and burning in my feet waking me up all hours of the night, and making long walks an impossibility, these conditions are irreversible, the damage is done. But keeping my blood sugar under control, as I have been for the last six months, I can prevent it from getting worse. Oh so I hope that my doctors are right about it. I just realized that not only was my condition slowly killing me, but it is unfair to my wife, my children and my grandchildren. As my wife needs a husband, my children still need a father, and my grandchildren need a Papa. As something defies all logic, they all love me. So many thanks to your relative.
  5. The Church is growing so fast...

    You know I "love Stem" as you used to sign your posts on the other website, where you used to make a defense of and for the Church. But I need to point out some issues with this thread. I joined the Church in 1979, and it was a membership of around four million, and the Church has more than tripled in size since. It was growing much more quickly, in the 80's and 90's, this is true. But your thread title seemed to suggest you were pointing out Church growth (but only growth of others years), and in the thread to show it's decline. Feels a little like a "bait and switch". Also trying to point out that 15,000,000 is not really 15,000,000. The way the Church counts members is the same as any other Church does, not just weekly attendance. It is not deception, or an effor to deceive, it is record keeping. Each baptized member who may attend or not attend each week is still entitled to feel the Spirit of God, and reach his or her God given potential to become the future leaders of Wards, Stakes, or any other calling. In my 38 years I have witnessed it time and again, once from a man who for a decades stopped attending Church, who when I visited from a very old roster, threw me out of his home. Others under the same circumstances, who returned after difficulties in their lives not know where else to turn. Those who may not be "strong" as you put it, are not any less members, not any less important in the eyes of God, or the Church. They are the "one" that each Sacrament meeting, Stake Conference and General Conference we are told to leave the "99" and go find, the "1" (too be redundant). They are counted because it is their right to be counted, and not dismissed the way anti-Mormons love to do with our numbers, but never their own. These tactics are not worthy of The Church, nor of it's members, but of the naysayers. While other Wards may be declining, our Ward is growing, there is scarily room for the "Gospel Essentials" class in our Ward. Far to often those who in any endeavor, but especially when it comes to their Faith, or any Church find themselves looking so closely for flaws or warts, lose site of any beauty. I would hate to think that anyone I know well, even those casually, which includes those in "cyber space" have lost site of what is beautiful. This Sunday I have the responsibility to teach the 16th lesson in Preisthood, on "The Power of The Book of Mormon". Now, I could point to things I have read on the lost 117 pages, and the many doubts of others, or how some are dismayed at how the translation process is depicted in Church art, or similar language and exact language that have cost many their belief that it is from God. But my responsibility is to teach the lesson, the teaching of the Book of Mormon and to bear my testimony of it. Because this Sunday to the active, inactive and investigator (whomever is under the sound of my voice) is to tell the truth, and the truth is, I believe! So, I will not be selling doubt or trying to plant the "seed of doubt", because this Sunday, my soul is NOT for sale. I hope Stem, this message is not misunderstood, because like I said, "Love Stem".
  6. Sunday appropriate getting-to-know-you games

    We have monthly "Linger Longer" dinners as they are called. Reminds of a song by the "Cranberries".
  7. The D&C tells us we should confess our sins to one another, a practice I would never recommend. My vices all seem to revolve around sweets that are killing me. Never had a weight problem in my life, but now my diabities are killing me. Or were until a few months ago when I finally saw the light, a light that is fading from my eyesight. Now, my only vice is excessive posting.
  8. We are not a Gov't of men, so I wonder why the Church needs to address something that happened in Virginia. Unless it has to do with the Church school there, or if members were involved. PR, departments are so often so bad a "Public Relations" one wonders where they learned their tradecraft. Just like Gov't's we are issuing statements and then waiting for backlash to issue another, or other statements. So, why do we feel the need to have an opinion on everything?
  9. Board appearance change

    It is different, I find the older I get the harder change is...but quickly adapted anyway.
  10. LDS serviceman killed in Afghanistan

    God speed him home!
  11. I found a couple of misspelled words, I hope the intent made it through.
  12. The Bishop's first duty is to protect the child (if in his Ward) or the wife (if physical abuse), and then the general public. One thing that we know about those who sexually assault children, is that they cannot be healed, ever, and without the crimal courts keeping tabs on them, they will do it again (even though many do). Also, just as mental health care Dr's and workers, must report anything where the person is a danger to themself and others. So must Bishops, or Stake Presidents, or even Home Teachers, because this too is a Priesthood calling. In fact, since every calling within the Church as it relates to men is a Priesthood calling, this can put themselves and The Church at risk for criminal prosecution. Maybe it is the police officer in me, but I would not even let him leave my office before I was on the phone. I would not constrain him, I would inform him that I must do this, because as I said it would be my duty to do so, as a Bishop, a Father, a Grandfather and as a good citizen. I would also be required to do so if the Mother knew what was going on and allowed it, because the same rules would apply to her. When anyone knows and does not act in the best interest of the child, all become a part of the crime to lesser degrees. In our Ward once we had a brother move in from another State. There he served (at his request) in any calling he could dealing with the Young Men's Program. Sadly the only information that our Bishop was given was that he was spending so much time with the Young Men, via his calling it was causing "martial problems". So in the beginning he was given other callings, but used the Scouting Program (as most know, not many ever want to help in Scouting) where he helped with merit badges. Soon he became Scout Master, and as all seemed to be going well, he became Young Men's President again. I was High Priest Group President at the time, and had some Fathers who felt like he was trying to take their place as their fathers. Something I pointed out in PEC Meeting, and wondered why he had the calling due to past issues. The Bishop at the time wondered how I knew this, and why I brought it up in an open meeting. Keep in mind, no one knew what he was doing, (or I should say what he might be doing) but in hindsight it is very clear now. My son left scouting and refused to have anything to do with him, he (my son) said that there was just something very wrong with the brother. So one night (as we found out later) the Young's Men President, showed up in the dead of night with other Priests and vandalized out yard. When this came to light, he was dismissed. Slowly other complaints came to light, and he uprooted his family and moved out West. Within a year he was arrested and convicted of child molestation of a Priest, as he had talked his way back into become the Young Men President, again! The Bishop had long talks with all the young men to insure that allegations being spoken of where (hopefully) not true. So, more simply put, the protection of children "must be" the primary reason for contacting authorities, and not because of "what" might happen to us, or liability to the Church. Also, wives should be the first phone call, then the police, as another night should not pass where children might be in danger of any physical abuse. Sorry for the length of this reply, but I feel very strongly about this issue, as it relates to Spiritual matters and criminal matters.
  13. In Latter Times Some Shall Forbid Marriage

    Very well stated, but due to my circumstances it hard for me to do multi- quote responses on my iPad. Gave you a rep point, because this is well thought out, respectful and makes good analogy. So I will address one point at a time, if you do not think it will make the thread too cumbersome. So, let me know I have your permission; thanks!
  14. Church Statement - LBGTQ concert - is this sincere?

    Sometimes, you and others seem to think that opposition to Gay Marriage is a Mormon thing, when it is not. It is a universal belief, backed by scripture, real and practical history; mankind's history. Mormons are just one of the late comers to the issue in every way. It is just like those who wish to lay the entire sin of racism at the feet of The Church, due to the Priesthood Ban. They hopethat by so doing it will draw attention away from their own sins. Now we have this movement to attack all things South, that other parts of the Nation, might purge themselves of their own sins. Who cares if in so doing by tainting the South, and all her Gernerations, as long as their hands are clean. But, it all these issues, we as Latter-day Saints are the ultimate "Johnny-come-latelys". However, when you added the scripture that you did, without any cometary...you know the message you were sending. My question is; why? Would you not have a greater sense of peace, to just let it all go? I know you were agreeing with me, I just don't know what the implication was to me personally, or to the Church collectively quoting that particular scripture? Which by the way, those passages were probably added to the KJV Bible as a means to reinforce the Church of England and to cast doubt upon the Catholic Church.
  15. Church Statement - LBGTQ concert - is this sincere?

    I am always "sincere", I don't just try to sound that way. But yesterday, I had someone even question what my name is, as if I might be lying. Let's just say, "that straw" came near to breaking my back. So, I am sincere, I don't just sound that way. If I type a comment, it comes from the heart. So, I meant it, you should just let go, and go find peace. That peace will not be found in constantly reading the words of Church leaders, whom you dislike or distrust, searching for cracks in the foundation. That type of quote mining will drive you mad, as it has some many who came before you.