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  1. Fair enough, on what you meant. Now back to the "Jesus never said that"?
  2. What is a "radically conservative LDS poster"? What is a "radically liberal LDS poster"? I ask because, when it comes to issues of Faith, the term "moderate" reminds me of these words... "So then because thou art lukewarm, neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth". ~Jesus Christ~
  3. Oh yea, we get them a lot. Downtown Atlanta was hit a few years ago blowing windows out of a 50 story high rise, from floor 20 to the top. Last night in Atlanta a man died when a tree fell onto his house killing him. I have personally witness three F-4's here in my lifetime, many more smaller ones.
  4. Atlanta Georgia
  5. True, it is the middle of the night here right now. I'll also contact Bishop or High Priest Group tomorrow as well. But, for the next eight hours it will have wait for sunrise, just so I will find out just where all the debris is.
  6. It is the middle of the night, we have a Tornado or stong winds destroyed my well, well house, well infrastructure is gone! This will take days if not a week to get us any water again. I just pray that all will be covered on our homeowners. In the meanwhile got to figure out where to start, I can't do anything because of my back! Where to start? Any suggestions, it also did a lot of damage to our roof.
  7. Wow, nothing like naming a source as to "what might have" caused the "policy" to maybe exists. Just not fair, and quoting it to me the parent of a gay child as a source.
  8. I am sure it will, after all "hope" is the very foundation of any faith or any family.
  9. My comment was pertaining to the idea that the Church taught that gay children (or any children) we required to be shunned. I have never heard of any such teaching in 38 years. My Bishop and Stake President's only advice to me (and I sought it) was to be loving and forgiving of my child. If their advice had been different, I would have still been loving and forgiving. As for what happened with yourself and your family, I can only say that I am so sorry. I would also add that the healing powers of the Atonement, and Balm of Gilead are available to both those who have sins, or to those who have been sinned upon. It is my prayer that one day (and I believe that it will be) you and your family will all once again find that bond for which heaven made you. Hope this helps? Bill, your brother in Christ Jesus.
  10. I hope I handled it well. That understanding came at such a cost to my Mother and her three young children, I being the youngest. But, I think that it is due more to the man she later married, and whose last name that is mine...he who showed me what a Father was. My four children (the first I adopted, as my Dad did me) we're really more the benefit of the pain of my bio-father, and the wisdom of my adopted Father, than myself. When it came to Grandparents for them (and parents for me) we all won the lottery. BTW, the "forgiveness" I spoke of is the gift that you give yourself, from what you said, he does not need to forgive you. Either way...God bless you.
  11. Forgiveness is a requirement to be forgiven, but forgiving someone (even your Father) does not require that you allow him or any other to keep hurting you. I forgave my bio-father 30 years ago, but never saw or spoke to him after that. I wrote him a letter and explained all of this to him, but I had a Father who raised me, who gave me his name...and I put all that in the letter. I did go with my older sister to his funeral, but for her sake not mine. He died of a heart attack, but had he become ill, and asked to see me, I would have probably gone, it is just not in me to be cruel. I know this is a little different, I did not even know him, I was so young when he left us. But understand, I understand what it means when someone in whom your love and safety should rest, abuses it. I hope this helps a little... Bill
  12. Not sure the Church ever taught that anyone should ever shun their children. If so, myself and my wife, nor any other Mormon we know we're ever listening. It never occurred to us to shun our gay child, if anything any issues that would ever seek to distance our children from us, only made us want to draw nearer.
  13. Maybe I should re-read what I wrote, I worship Jesus Christ as this is His Church, we do work in His Temples, and He is the author and finisher of my salvation. But I worship Him as He commanded, I pray as He instructs, all that I know of God the Father is what He taught and as He lived. I worship Him always...maybe another thread would help to make my point, as it would seem I have not done so in this thread.
  14. In Nauvoo, while Joseph was having a lot of issues with polygamy, including with Emma, Hyrum encouraged him to dictate to his scribe, the revelation concerning the issue. He told Joseph that he would go at that moment and get the U&T so that Joseph could do so, and that he (Hyrum) would take it to Emma himself. Having (Joseph) known of it having first recieving the revelation within the first year of the Church (in 1831). Joseph told Hyrum that he would not need the U&T, because he it knew it by heart. He dictated it as if reading it from a paper. In a matter of moments, as fast as the scribe could record it...it became known as D&C 132. Throughout Joseph's life he had four methods of receiving revelation, the U&T (as Prophets of old), Seer Stones, (as Prophets of old) Prayer, (as Prophets of old did) and those who pondered over issues that needed answered, heavenly answers, (as prophets of old did) which in some cases came from Emma being his muse, as no doubt, the same with "Prophets of old".