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  1. https://www.sltrib.com/news/2019/09/11/robert-gehrke-utah-should/comments/#twt-comments Surprised to see the Trib advocate this but here we are. My own take on the issue: the gov't of UT and State Supreme Court won't legalize polygamy at all. It won't really matter though, some US state (MN?) will legalize it after Canada does (following Kenya, other African countries, Denmark which already have), and based on freedom of religion (not the freedom of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, no; but the freedom of religious practice of other groups. Wondering though when we might hear an announcement about this in General Conference, 5, 10 20 years?
  2. Very true. Waiting for UT to desalinate the Great Salt Lake. Might move back then...after the inversion is also removed.
  3. I'd like to hear it. Many times in Sacrament meeting (and Stake and General Conf.), we all hear things from the Spirit that the speakers might not be saying word for word. If it's all about the Masons, I'd get bored but if it elaborated on the acoustics of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve's natural, outdoor Temple, that woudl be cool. If it elaborated on lesser known Temples from the Old Testament, that's be cool as well.
  4. What would you emphasize if you could speak in General Conference? Seems like the epistles of Paul might be appropriate, as the apostasy then was followed by Rome's fall, followed by the Dark Ages. Fullness of times' falling away won't be the Church as an organization but some of the Savior's followers in the Church, followed by very bad things/signs of the times/other?, and the Millenium.
  5. I imagine we followed the promptings of the Spirit and had to walk by faith (not faith the Jesus and God live and love us) but that They could complete the plan without so much as even one mistake, sin, etc. I thought Jesus progressed to godhood after the Atonement was completed. Not sure.
  6. There's only so much accomadating a person can give to the scum of the earth.
  7. Excellent points, Rev. I think the hyper collective mindset and applaud we give to self-martyrdom are things to be aware of and lean out from. Not sure those are things we here from the GA's. On the other hand, why would they share mediocre or less than mediocre examples of people living thier faith? If Zion is everywhere on earth, then by definition isnt it diluted?
  8. Excellent question. Peterson is a genius, truly. Rubin and Shapiro will get there, eventually. If the GA's push too hard on encouraging traditional values and lifestyles (wife is the homemaker, husband the breadwinner, lots of kids, lots of callings, etc.), I imagine it alienates some people (MGTOW, MRA, Singles (both genders), LGBTQ, people with disabilities, etc.). The odd thing is - in each General Conference some GA's speak to those who are not able to accomplish lifestyles that are the gospel ideal. These talks sometimes don't stand out as much because they're given with a lot of humility, in my opinion. As society continues to crumble and some argue for more of the sickness causing the crumbling, res ipsa loquitur, tabula in naufragio (we are left with but one option): The GA's won't likely call all of us away from Babylon which is now everywhere in the world; they will speak around it and imply it, directly and indirectly. Whether we believe we can last a little longer or leave the crumbling and shrug (an inevitable result of white knighting), is up to us individually.
  9. Just believe...like Darwinism...ya know....
  10. I haven't heard word one from those who have been called to minister to me. Told EQP I need new ones. He won't. As for me, I ask if those I am supposed to minister to would like to visit, or come to a BBQ; some attend, others don't. Seems like everyone's glad we're no longer responsible for our HT families.
  11. Without continuing modern revelation, in addition to the Book of Mormon, PGP, D&C, it's hard to really reconcile the history of Christianity (not just Old Testament stuff but Elder Talmage's text, The Great Apostasy goes into detail about other reasons) with a loving Savior.
  12. This is a topic I have struggled with for a while. When I turned down one calling, I was given another very-related calling the next week. Why would God prompt a person to give me a calling I'd say no to? Probably because at the end of the day: a ward or branch has the people it has; the auxiliaries need the presidencies they need. I've tried not to focus on it as I've accepted every other calling I've been given. And seeing how many people have rejected callings to the Primary (9 to be sunbeams coteacher in a large ward; many more for other primary callings also in a large ward), it's clearly not an exact science I am grateful for the callings I've received, including the ones I had to turn down. The issuer and the receiver of callings, I believe, are both edified together regardless of the response (yes/no/maybe later)
  13. I'll be prepared for self-defense, without arms, regardless of what the policy is.
  14. I'm not sure it was unpleasant; Paul lived for such events. Clearly, Nero wasn't as anti-Christian with Paul as Nero was afterward. Otherwise, Paul wouldn't have left the meeting alive. Nero was probably almost persuaded, as Agrippa was, so the record keepers destroyed the record. Maybe Paul's defense was more secular- I'm a Roman citizen; it's against the law to have me killed for what I belive
  15. Sad but true, not only for the Marxists but for everyone else as well. What To Expect When No One's Expecting is a powerful book about demographics (non-LDS author) that unwinds threats of war from the Middle East; what do the govt politicians of such countires have to lose? Their unemployed/underemployed, unmarried group of males - if nto told who to blame for thier country's problems - will look inside and start a rebellion at home
  16. Why is there NO record of what Paul and Nero said? Seems odd no one present would have written it down (Romans, Scribes, Pharisees, Jews, Christians, etc.). Maybe it was burned in the Fire of Rome? I can understand if no Christians wanted to go with Paul due to, ya know, Nero (https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Acts_of_the_Apostles/Paul_Before_Nero) but Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha - dont fail me now? Seems odd that Paul wouldn't write down at least part of it, though it may have been similar to his appeal before Agrippa.
  17. Does your coworker support the practice as well? Or has he gone a different path?
  18. Excellent clarification, Robert. (not being sarcastic) That is the essence of my question: when will the Church re-institute it? What other measures do you anticipate the Church making due to the ongoing Demographic Cliff? I don't see them taking the Govt of Japan's route of robots fixing all our problems
  19. Aren't we close enough to the Millenium yet? Are we there yet?
  20. If extinction of a person's family line isnt motivation to marry and have kids, my hats off to the nihilism of popular culture over the past 50 years.
  21. I agree. As to what that new paradigm might look like, I'd guess polygamy or robot partners. Hoping for the former.
  22. Yes- We are every negative projection you listed, since perhaps we grew close to those we served with for decades - possibly under General Conference motivations/carrots/sticks/threats of being held partially accountable for their lack of faith or possible falling away should we not have done our due diligence. Back when some auxiliary youth groups were combined - in the "Agent ward" program, some of the youth from one ward asked if they could have activities with just the youth from their own ward, and were chided the same way you've attempted to do here. I'm not mad at you; just encourage you to use other methods of persuasion - all the "should's" in the world don't replace memories and friendships
  23. LDS or otherwise, thanks. Had an incredible prep for mission and mission Just not sure I can write it all, nor sure my tone/attitude would come across as humorous rather than incredibly sarcastic
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