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  1. It's been too long since I taught Seminary so I coudl use some help with: 1. Was it 40 days the Savior fasted? I remember reading this might be a phrase used to express a long time but perhaps not literally fasting for 40 24-hour days 2. What was the size of Simon Peter and Andrew's fishing business? I vaguely remember reading in some study guide it wasn't a failing business and they may have had staff who helped them. Trying to explain on Sunday to young children how hard it is to run your own business, and how you have to resort not to Plan B but more like Plan E on multiple high prioirty tasks that were due last week
  2. I understand that, and that makes sense. When I look back at my own life and I'm honest with myself, I see many times the information or prompting from the Spirit which I recieved was significantly diluted, misinterpreted, refused, or rationalized away, only to have the same prompting return later in occassionally more foreceful, unmistakably clear ways. Am I a prophet? Of course not. But I am a child of God and joint-heir w/ Christ, and a god (Psalms 82:6; John 10:34)
  3. Why did prophets and patriarchs in the Bible practice polygamy? Moses killed a man. Noah had a drinking problem. Jonah ran away and then came back. They still accomplished the work they were assigned.
  4. I'm wondering how anyone in the US expects to escape the judgments coming in the last days. If murdering alive, delivered babies doesn't cause the slightest tinge of conscience, what chance to missionaries have at successfully sharing the gospel?
  5. nuclearfuels

    "Why some people leave the Church"

    I think it's tiresome to say the least to continuously go against the grain and buck every conversation your college / high school freinds have and many of your coworkers. They've all been taught relativism is the onl acceptable norm, and even that is inherently binary (evil) and patriarchal (also evil becuase history is evil). Easier to simply leave the one place you're told that standing for unpopular truths is the integrity move.
  6. Based on what inspired leaders of the church have stated concerning Hagoth (https://rsc.byu.edu/archived/book-mormon-alma-testimony-word/15-hagoth-and-polynesians-0), I'm having trouble seeing how to reconcile this with the Heartland theory (North America = Book of Mormon lands). Hagoth sailing north from the East coast of the US doesn't lead to Polynesia. THen again, from the time the JAredites arrived, say 3100 BC (https://publications.mi.byu.edu/pdf-control.php/publications/transcripts/I00028-The_Years_of_the_Jaredites.html), up through 420 AD, I imagine teh Book of Mormon people spread throughout probably Polynesia as well as North, Central and South Americas - not as teh only people there but intermarrying with the other existing tribes adn groups of people, for 3500 years, suggesting the Heartland and Central America theories might both have some degree of accuracy, no?
  7. nuclearfuels

    Masonry essay on the church website

    Thanks for posting this, as I've been thinking about the topic lately. Seems like one theory is: Adam and Eve were taught the truth - the full Endowment - during their lives. They taught their posterity in Adam ondi Ahman, what may be considered an ancient wall-less Temple. Some left Adam and Eve and diluted/apostatized part of the ordinance while keeping other parts The righteous biblical patriarchs passed down the priesthood and this ordinance (sans Temple?) Noah received the ordinance from Methuselah (A careful examination of the record of the patriarchs in this section of Genesis shows that Methuselah died in the year of the Flood. Some have wondered why he was not taken on the ark with Noah and have concluded that he may have been wicked. The book of Moses, however, shows that the lineage given in this part of the record traces the righteous patriarchal line (see Moses 6:23), and Methuselah was in that line. Moses 8:3 records that Methuselah was not taken with the city of Enoch so that the line could be continued. Also, Methuselah prophesied that through his own seed would spring all nations of the earth (through the righteous Noah). Clearly, he too was righteous. Then is added this sentence: “And he took glory unto himself” (Moses 8:3). Once his work was done he may have been translated too, for during the nearly seven hundred years from the time the city of Enoch was translated until the time of the Flood the righteous Saints were translated and joined Enoch’s people (see Moses 7:27; see also McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, p. 804).)https://www.lds.org/manual/old-testament-student-manual-genesis-2-samuel/genesis-4-11-the-patriarchs?lang=eng Noah and his wife taught their posterity. Some left Noah and his wife and diluted/apostatized part of the ordinance while keeping other parts. The Tabernacle Moses built had the ordinance (but under the Levitical priesthood? not Melchezidek?) The righteous biblical patriarchs passed down the priesthood and this ordinance (within the Tabernacle / Mobile Temple?) Solomon's Temple is built, possibly by Masons using masonry in masonic ways, (930 BC) and the ordinance continues until the Temple is destroyed 587 BC, around the time of Lehi's exodus. Lehi and his posterity, some of them, build Temples in the Promised Land, and the ordinances are passed on (600 BC - 420 AD) The Savior on the Mount of Transfiguration receives this ordinance. Later, He administers it to His Disciples? They pass it on in the Temple Jesus attended more than once? Lost Tribes continue Temple ordinances while being hidden/lost? Apostasy Restoration in 1830 AD Temple ordinance restoration occurs while Joseph Smith seeks truths from any and all sources of truth as we're all encouraged to do.
  8. nuclearfuels

    How was two hour church?

    Loved it!
  9. nuclearfuels

    Mission Presidency?

    Heard or read somewhere that Mission Presidents are ideally supposed to call counselors and a secretary. Wondering what your collective experience has been, as my mission president had maybe one counselor for six months.
  10. nuclearfuels

    Missionary work

    Perhaps reframing would help? Think of the converts on the other side of the Veil that have accepted the gospel and accepted Temple work done on their behalf. That is a larger number, and I imagine missionary work is a bit easier to an audience that understands there is an afterlife, as is missionary work for converts who then share the gospel with their ancestors and unconverted deceased family. Also, I think the truth is something that has been revealed in parts and at times to different people (Buddha, etc.), line upon line, so most people have accpeted the light/truth given them. Adding to that is the illusive part
  11. nuclearfuels

    Accepting God's Will

    Excellent question!! During the Recession of 2008 the last thing I wanted was to move from New England back to the West. My family and I ended up doing so anyway, despite our self reliance. 9 months later we ended up living somewhere with better weather and better schools than those found in New England. I've found, after teh fact, that many parts of my life would have passed more smoothly if I hadn't pointlessly defied powers and events beyond my control. As for Mary and Joseph, the Manger, to me, speaks to the change of heart people had to make in order to see Jesus not as someone like Moses nor Ceasar, not someone who would deliver them from teh ROmans but someone who woudl deliver them from their carnal selves. I don't think God was upset at Joseph for not being more prepared. I think God was proud of Joseph going to many, many Inns before Mary delivered the Savior...or if Mary was in labor, that removes all other variables other than: "We need a place, any place, NOW."
  12. nuclearfuels

    Love Everyone Equally?

    If you love everyone in the world equally, they are all equally important and deserving of your time, money, effort, etc. I do not have the time, money, and energy to feed, clothe, and house the world's population. Prayer, fasting, tithing, fast offerings are what has been asked of me, so that's what I contribute. My family's first.
  13. nuclearfuels

    Replacing BSA in 2020

    From your cited article: More people left California (661,026) than arrived (523,131) from other U.S. states. Among the 25-years-and-older set, the state lost a net 86,890 residents without bachelor’s degrees, and just 4,443 with a four-year degree. It gained 11,653 people with graduate degrees. (Ok. So the 11K graduate-degreed people that moved in are equal in economic output to the 87K that left? Doubt it.) No state boasts more loudly of its attractions than Texas. Indeed, 63,174 people relocated from California to the nation’s second-most populous state, more than to anywhere else in the U.S. But it’s also true that no state sent more people here than the Lone Star State — 40,999. (This is a net loss of 22,175 which the article's author tries to cite as a mitigating factor in the net loss of people, in an odd "it's not so bad in CA" attempted theory.)
  14. nuclearfuels

    Replacing BSA in 2020

    You're disagreement remains with the authors of those articles.
  15. Thanks Sunstoned. Can you post some links to non-dated references?