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  1. I agree. He probably attends all the Gen Conf's as do many others in his same state of being
  2. I heard a lot of hotels in Palmyra, NY were booked out after Oct. 2019 Gen. Conf. Thinking about heading up there myself, takes about 6 hours. Heard from our missionaries that some people are going to Adam ondi Ahman for the April 2020 Gen. Conf. - seems a bit much to me but, to each his own. I'm wondering what if any speculation y'all may have heard? I've heard speculation that Joseph Smith will be there (I imagine he will be but not as a resurrected being), that the Savior might appear there (I honestly hope He doesn't as I need more time to fix some stuff).
  3. they only are effective in that they save the prayer giver. Rightesouness won't delay the Second COming. Wickedness won't hasten it. Bingo. Elder Ballard is trying to help all of us be able to answer at our own Judgements that we did all we could, before the world truly went to pot.
  4. Paul asked the same thing in 1 Timothy (50 AD-ish), and similar statements are in Alma chapter 10 (82 BC) and 3 Nephi 6 (26 - 30 AD). Makes me wonder if today we are as close to the Savior's return as those in Alma 10 or those in 3 Nephi 6. I'd prefer the Alma 10 timeline, if not more time.
  5. Is there an email to send in suggested additional verses? I've burrowed so deep in Primary for so many years, additional verses have arisen in class, many times
  6. Beto is competing amongst many Socialists/Democrats. He has to up his game if he wants to continue attending their debates. Like Sen. Harris, he'd consider it a victory to get any political appointment, heading any federal agency at all, after the POTUS election next Nov.
  7. - Sorry for the confusion. Alma and Paul used logic as a teaching method during times that were within 100 years of the Savior physically appearing on earth. Is President Nelson doing the same thing? Not in relation to the First Vision, but in relation to the Second Coming.
  8. Wouldn't it be nice if He let all of us be born and live w/o any problems or challenges? Wait- that was someone else's plan
  9. Why would we discuss principles when someone's opinion has been shared?
  10. Spot on. Most of Paul's epistles which = most of the New Testament, use a hundred analogies to help the Christians in Corinth, Ephesus, Rome, etc. understand that Christ and the House of Israel were no longer restricted to Abraham's literal, biological posterity. Understanding the Savior's infinite Atonement and the infinite amount of resources He provides to everyone must have been hard to process. Plus, getting over the fact that Jesus wasn't like Moses, a physical deliverer, and wasn't warlike, Us vs. Them, etc. seems to have taken a long time to process as well. If I'd been there, I'd prefer to believe Jesus would deliver me from the Roman gov't rather than (or in addition to) a future spiritual deliverance. Whether those Christians understood the eventual Millennial triumph of the Savior, I don't know.
  11. I miss living in Colorado. Beautiful country
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