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  1. nuclearfuels

    Are natural disasters on the rise, and a sign of the time?

    Speaking as a deranged Sunday School teacher, I'm with snowflake and Nehor on this topic - not believing most of what you hear and read today is more likely to help you reach an accurate view of reality - as opposed to believing the grounded adherents, complete with their unreliable, invalidated, peer-skimmed/reviewed studies.
  2. nuclearfuels

    Are natural disasters on the rise, and a sign of the time?

    Spot on, SL. The crest/magnitude of the peaks, 50-60 years apart (as well as the deepening troughs) seem to be increasing in their salience as well.
  3. nuclearfuels

    “Relaxed but Engaged” Mormons

    I think it's tricky for some people to realize: Joseph Smith and his Successors did not create gender nor biology. Neither did the Savior or His Father, and so on. The idea that current Church leadership should change x or y doctrine assumes they control these things and helped create them. - Honestly, it's kind of difficult for a ward to function without a critical mass of "willing hands who wear the worker's seal," but...more blessings for me, always has a nice ring to it.
  4. THANKS EVERYONE!! You've provided some reassuring comments. Seems like being content might be the key; whatever the calling may be
  5. Holla back, Amulek. I echo that sentiment with every fiber of my being
  6. nuclearfuels

    Preparing for Conference

    Absolutely. Including questions of things I dont undertand and woudl like to I believe we're encouraged to do so. Direction and revelation are great but if you have no goals, direction, or at least thoughts of where you might want to end up, General COnference woudl be more like: That's nice; doesn't really apply to me since I'm good where I'm at and am no seeking much of anything, in any part of my life.
  7. 1. My father in law and a few other people I know seem to need callings more than those callings need them (Scouters, like for decades). It seems unhealthy to me, to need a calling more than it needs you; like to feel a part of your identity is literally missing unless you are called to serve in X group (Primary, Youth, scouts, RS, EQP, etc.) or if you attend church w/o a calling for a while (new ward, stake boundaries; you moved for work, etc.) So detaching the correct amount - accepting any calling that comes to you with no thought of specialization - seems a more healthy but also aimless approach. 2. If an EQP member was called to serve as the Primary Pianist, this seems like it woudl upset the hierarchy of responsibleness the ward and stake leaders have; BUT if there is no such thing as "advancing in the priesthood" per Elder Christofferson, why would such a neutral (not advancing, not retrogressing) calling be less preferred? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  8. nuclearfuels

    Mormon Women for Ethical Government

    People of both genders, belonging to every religion on earth, subscribe to every political philosophy on earth.
  9. nuclearfuels

    Royalty in the loins of Ham

    JLHPROF is correct. Noah and his seed were authentic royalty through the presithood and foreordination. Kings of Egypt claimed royalty through their other bloodline, which was an attempt to subvert the truths Noah taught
  10. I've never been more proud to be one of said hayseeds.
  11. Glad she sued though in CA, not sure it will leave much of an impact.
  12. Not to worry. The open-minded Californians will continue moving to UT, bringing their enlightened non-sexist culture with them.
  13. nuclearfuels

    Administering the Sacrament in Special Circumstances

    I took the Sacrament to a paraplegic brother in a ward I was in many years ago. We had to put the bread and straw from the water in his mouth. Makes one appreciate what we truly have.
  14. nuclearfuels

    So...Weird Question

    Why would prior departed friends, family, and other loved ones not be there, joyously awaiting the arrival? I mean, in all honesty, what do people do in the Spirit World - preach the gospel, accept the gospel, pray for their Temple work to be done? I'm sure they are notified when births and deaths are scheduled and attend, when possible