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  1. Why is there NO record of what Paul and Nero said? Seems odd no one present would have written it down (Romans, Scribes, Pharisees, Jews, Christians, etc.). Maybe it was burned in the Fire of Rome? I can understand if no Christians wanted to go with Paul due to, ya know, Nero (https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Acts_of_the_Apostles/Paul_Before_Nero) but Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha - dont fail me now? Seems odd that Paul wouldn't write down at least part of it, though it may have been similar to his appeal before Agrippa.
  2. Does your coworker support the practice as well? Or has he gone a different path?
  3. Excellent clarification, Robert. (not being sarcastic) That is the essence of my question: when will the Church re-institute it? What other measures do you anticipate the Church making due to the ongoing Demographic Cliff? I don't see them taking the Govt of Japan's route of robots fixing all our problems
  4. Aren't we close enough to the Millenium yet? Are we there yet?
  5. If extinction of a person's family line isnt motivation to marry and have kids, my hats off to the nihilism of popular culture over the past 50 years.
  6. I agree. As to what that new paradigm might look like, I'd guess polygamy or robot partners. Hoping for the former.
  7. Yes- We are every negative projection you listed, since perhaps we grew close to those we served with for decades - possibly under General Conference motivations/carrots/sticks/threats of being held partially accountable for their lack of faith or possible falling away should we not have done our due diligence. Back when some auxiliary youth groups were combined - in the "Agent ward" program, some of the youth from one ward asked if they could have activities with just the youth from their own ward, and were chided the same way you've attempted to do here. I'm not mad at you; just encourage you to use other methods of persuasion - all the "should's" in the world don't replace memories and friendships
  8. LDS or otherwise, thanks. Had an incredible prep for mission and mission Just not sure I can write it all, nor sure my tone/attitude would come across as humorous rather than incredibly sarcastic
  9. full tithe paying being a part of the worhty M. Preisthood holders, right?
  10. Let us not forget the spirit of the law, now Nehor. When you're in a well to do ward and almost no one helps you, their lack of helping you helps you grow adn was thus also an act of God. All roads lead to growth, some roads just have less screaming
  11. The ask: specifically, what goes into redrawing boundaries, other than prayer? Seems like critical mass of ward members and balancing of welfare needs, primarily. Remember, good information leads to good inspiration. Though high school boundaries (and thus non-online seminary classes) don't' seem to be a consideration. My son will be starting seminary in a class that has no other youth from our ward in it, due to high school boundaries. - Friends of mine in the Greater Denver area recently had their ward and stake dissolved/absorbed by the three neighboring stakes. The ward they'd attended for 40 years or so had a lot of welfare needs / bishop's storehouse needs (majority of the cases in the stake were from that ward) and had a large group of inactive and less active members - example: some active members had 10-15 hometeaching families / ministering families. For clarity, I'll call this the "needy ward." No exceptions were made to those who requested to attend the ward that had the majority of "needy ward" members in it. Temple recommends were going to not be issued if members continued attending the ward which absorbed most of the "needy ward" members. My friends are now in a predominantly suburban ward with much less welfare need and more balance - though in their older age, the loss of existing social relationships is difficult. - A long time ago in a farming community in Utah, my family and I were in three wards in 2 years while never moving. Some said it was the high count of Primary age kids that caused the boundary update. Some said it was the higher welfare needs of part of the neighborhood that needed to be balanced amongst wards. Either way, as a newly-wed couple, starting out and having known some of the people in the area from high school, loosing these relationships was challenging. And, yes, my friends in Denver and in the farming area are able to remain friends and see each other; the challenge arises in finding the time after the kids, callings, commute, work, date night, FHE, etc.
  12. The tricky part about that - is that I - and possible a few others - find some current commandments distasteful. Nevertheless we try to comply
  13. I don't find Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses' marital practices distasteful.
  14. Not sure what you're really asking here. THe same process that leads to babies here, leads to babies there. If more adults pursue that process in those places, the probability of more babies as a result is of a higher likelihood. THanks Moderators for not (yet) banning me from this thread. I am trying.
  15. True. Japan is hoping single women using baby robots will rekindle thier mothering instincts and prompt them to marry instead of remain single, living the dream/nightmare of working instead of raising kids as a homemaker
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