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  1. I think it’s between you and the Lord if it is breaking the word of wisdom. I’m going through throat cancer right now and in my state we do have legalized cannabis. I have done a lot of research, fasting, prayer and pondering on the subject. In the end I decided to use it. I researched my best access to medical advice available to me and got dosages for both THC and CBD specific to my type of cancer. I got my medical cannabis card so I would be legal and changed my diet. I also spoke to my bishop about it and he never even blinked like anything was wrong. He wants me to keep my temple recommend and everything, no worries, but this is just my experience and it doesn’t mean everyone would be obeying the WOW if they did it too. That said, it has been a hard time finding the right CBD oil, because it is so unregulated that much of what is available is truly snake oil. Much of it is processed in unhealthy ways and some of it doesn’t even have any CBD in it at all. There are, however, a few brands that are very good. The brand I went with was, “Medterra.” It is sold online by a hemp farm in Kentucky and they legally send it to all 50 states in the U.S.. It is all organically grown without GMOs. It’s 3rd party tested by a non biased lab to make sure it matches its labeling, and is extracted using CO2 instead of alcohol or other even more harmful solvents and has 0 percent THC in it. (I would never use the alcohol kind because it can react bad to your body, like cause heartburn and things that the CO2 kind won’t cause. The other solvents are even worse) I got the tincture that has 3,000 mgs of CBD in it, per 30mls. It comes with a dropper that has graduated lines so you can figure out exactly how many mgs you are taking. As far as the THC and other turpines and flavonoids I had to shop around for a good dispensary. Luckily I found the best one, because all the others were so thinned out that I would have had to spend nearly $10,000 dollars to get enough medicine to carry me through all of my chemo and radiation treatments, since most of them seem to be more geared towards vaping and smoking instead. I needed tincture and the good dispensary that I found had tincture that had enough THC mgs in it to make it far more affordable. All in all CBD included, I was able to get enough medication to more than carry me through all of my treatments for around $1,200. (This is the reason that in the states that fully legalize it for recreation too, that the number of people using medical cannabis diminishes.... because it’s far cheaper to not process it into good medicine than if you just sell it to recreational users, so good medical cannabis becomes too scarce to even find) I’m currently recuperating from all of my chemo and radiation but my tumor is almost all gone now and is still shrinking. Both of my oncologists were stunned how quickly my tumor shrank. They even had to remap the tumor half way through the treatments because they only needed to target the smaller area where my tumor remained for the radiation. I wasn’t even able to take the medical cannabis and CBD for the last 2 weeks of treatment because I got hospitalized during that time and they wouldn’t let me use anything but their meds while in there. During this time the shrinkage slowed in its progress, but I was allowed to resume after. My most disbelieving oncologist didn’t believe it would work, but I’m quite certain he might be wondering just a little bit if it did, unless he just chalks it up to the placebo effect. I’m not out of the woods yet. I’ve still got a stomach tube to feed myself and stay hydrated because it’s really hard to swallow. I can barely swallow Sacrament when it’s brought over every Sunday, but hopefully in the next couple of months I’ll be doing fine. A quick google search does show in many published, peer reviewed papers that not only does THC kill cancer cells, but also that CBD stops metastasis and the spread of cancer cells, for any doubters in its medicinal use. The Israelis have studied it far more than a decade. For more information on it’s medicinal properties and successes, as well as some failures, go to, “the sacred plant.com,” and see one of their docuseries, as well as (was mentioned in an earlier comment) Netflix’s, “Weed The People.” For anyone facing life or death and is looking for proper dosages, go to, “auntzeldas.org/consultation and pay the $300 to skype Dr Mc Ilroy. You also get free, unlimited follow up e-mails, that he is usually prompt to respond from.... at least in my personal experience. Also he checked for compatibility with all my regular meds as well, including my chemo because some types of chemo will have a really bad reaction to cannabis. As a rule of thumb, anything that can’t be taken if you eat grapefruit will also have a bad reaction to cannabis. By the way I take 2 large doses of CBD a day, and it has made me super drowsy every day, but I have 2 huge, full bottles of super strong opiate based pain pills that I didn’t take against my oncologist’s orders and my pain is easily bearable. That oncologist told me that I needed to take the pain meds so that my body could get used to it until I could take a full prescribed dose or I’d be really sorry when the pain started to get bad. It never got bad, and talk about drowsy.... when I first got them I took one and I was far to loopy to even feel comfortable. As far as my THC dose it is also a lot. It is 70 mgs per day, 63 mgs just before bed and 7 mgs upon waking in the morning. If I don’t sleep right away, I’ll be hallucinating and never be able to fall asleep. I know because someone called me once just before I fell asleep and I stayed up talking too long, and before I knew it I felt horrible. It wasn’t enjoyable at all! For some reason if I was already sleeping and had to wake up to go to the bathroom or something, I was able to go right back to sleep, because I remained really drowsy while I got up. I just had to go slow so I wouldn’t accidentally fall over from being dizzy. I too had to start with smaller doses of both CBD and THC until my body got used to it as well. These herbs are very potent and shouldn’t be taken willy nilly, if you ask me, but if you do want to try CBD on your own, I would start out with small amounts until it starts to work. Hopefully this is helpful to someone in need. I wasn’t going to post but when I read this I could see that many of you aren’t very informed about it yet.
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