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  1. Church Statement - LBGTQ concert - is this sincere?

    I disagree, there's a good reason to think the progressive faction seized the moment and offered an olive branch. Let's hope these small steps will repudiate a very painful past.
  2. 2018 curriculum

    Don't even go there....While I'm eating lame left over lunch at my office
  3. 2018 curriculum

    Okay Nehor....I don't mean any disrespect but.........I prefer (participating) talking these important issues over a beer, amicably in a Pub......face to face.....Would this be possible?
  4. 2018 curriculum

    Okay Avatar, I don't want to discourage you by any means but I saved some manuals from early 80's.....They'd work as well today's..... If the story never changes......
  5. Building mortal into God

    Like you I lost a very good friend recently. As horrible as it sounds, death is a recycling process of Evolution.... One of the most treasured concepts I remember was Joseph Smith's infusion of mortality of Gods into Christian doctrine. As I grew older the concept of death (coupled with my atheism) got really brutal. But end of day (every day) I realize this is a gift I shall enjoy, I did nothing to earn it. But I like to read your thoughts, enjoy the insights I once felt close to my heart.
  6. The foolish life of living with the Spirit

    My Heck! That Holland's story tried very hard to kill me through my pre-GPS days....I can't remember how many times I lost my path in hiking and driving my FJ in Utah's unforgiving deserts.......Couple times it was a matter of survival. It was amazing though how the life changed with the coming of Garmin (which would be alot easier to worship as deity). In those years when I took my next step in my heavy boots, it was so obvious there was nothing to elevate me except my brain......
  7. Is excommunication enough sometimes?

    What do you suggest? I have a Beretta, AR 15, a .38 Special for defensive purposes.
  8. Now that was way, way over the top....
  9. Is this "Denver Snuffer" a real name?
  10. Chinese National People's Congress

    Amazing.....Thanks for posting pictures.
  11. Remember the double digits stakes being created claim

    Whatever you are quoting here is not even drop in the bucket of what Faith (in general) claims & never delivers.
  12. Church Acquires Commercial Property in Texas

    Yea, old enough to remember Danny White.
  13. Church Acquires Commercial Property in Texas

    Yea plenty.... While we are in Big D., why don't we purchase C0wboys for a paltry sum of 4Billion$?
  14. How an Ahistorical Book of Mormon Can Still Be Scripture

    It is my friend...Why would you ever think for a second that BoM is any less Scripture than OT or NT? Because Shwn McCraney or Sandra Tanner authorized them? The most important element is how you look at them, to me they are ordinary books but to masses they are Holy and so be it.
  15. How an Ahistorical Book of Mormon Can Still Be Scripture

    Benji, you don't have to waste ton of time rethinking about BoM being Scripture, because it is a valid Scripture as OT/NT ever been.