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  1. I saw it.....The problem was that it was presented like a cold case.
  2. Sounds very rational Smac....until I come to my skeptical question; "Too bad for me that I cannot test this".
  3. I am sure this is an important component in a belief system. It is easier for me to (for example) to visualize Continental Drift or a Supernova explosion since both happenings are backed up by science. would your visualization by any chance influenced by any Sci-Fi movie? Or would you feel comfortable to suspend physical laws of Universe for this event?
  4. I always thought so, it doesn't give you any other possibility but vouch for the truthfulness of the BoM.....
  5. What are you getting at? is current rate of 000.1% good enough?
  6. Puh! For your sake I hope you are not joking. Because I WANT TO BE FIRST TO EXPERIENCE HELL (I'm not joking, I'd love to experience the heat of Hell every day, every second.)
  7. Dear Happy, I don't xpect no one to live my reality or perception. The type of reality I'm writing is you & I will have no choice not to participate.... Such as an Asteroid hit or some inevitable war your President involves us.
  8. Yeah....If yo choose to live in your imagination.....
  9. Ahab, I love you guys but positive thoughts will not procure rabbit out of your hat. Even reputable guys David Copperfield who create a Flying Saucer out of thin air has to work on his perfectionism.
  10. Big deal. Your brain processes whatever it sees for the split second, there's no design behind it. I can tell you this; anyone can stimulate the Brain activity, I've done it decades ago. When it is the influence of those stimulants the brain takes an amazing journey (very short though), hard to describe.
  11. Of course I' do slip now & then, but end of the day I hope I grow up; I'll give you a very quick xample why your visions could be self serving & flawed as observed from you bubble.; Suppose that we became very good friends, I have no clue about your beliefs, one day you cordially invite me to your church, I accept and I really like what I see & hear from missionaries later....As time goes by I see this Church is Governed by Men, exclusively, when you invite me to GK, we go...I listen everything. After everything said & done, I ask you "Why you do not have any Women in your Priesthood, looks like your Church is led by 99.9% of Men" And you tell me "But I have no say in this, it is the lord who appoints the Prophets & GA's, all I have to do is follow them, a perfect way to happiness & salvation". I reply to you "it extremely funny to compare my profession (Medical) incidentally 50% or more are women who are in the business of saving our lives and yet the Lord does not seem appropriate His Church run by some equality?"..... I don't see visions, Of course I feel love, emphaty, anger, doubt...All those feelings are created by my brain depending on how it is stimulated for the moment.
  12. Hey, Not so fast; You are the one writing about the "Visions" and their veracity.....Unlike the followers of this said visions, I'm asking some evidence or proof.Who prove any part of your visions being "Real" except to you, if you experience it, good for you.
  13. "One woman speaker" imagine The God you believe creates 50% of humans as females........ and we give Her less than 10%.
  14. Yea right Ahab!!!!! No worries.... How come I've been in trouble (constantly) since I've been born?
  15. Great. How are we supposed to substantiate visionar's experience? Without any opportunity to test, duplicate it?