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  1. .This is not the worse one, on other occasion he said " "You still lack one thing. Sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."
  2. No necessarily. It is inevitable from evolutionary point of view.
  3. True to that , JLPROF..."Why have kids?", My kids resent me for this that I would never ever be a parent, even if I had fifty remaining lives.....I raised them with dignity & honesty but it does not make sense in any sense even in evolutionary sense......Anyway, the pit does not exist in any sense. I loved Mormon Doctrine in my youth, it still makes more sense than any Christian belief... I wish it were more than a mere illusion......
  4. This sums up the whole nonsensical stuff about faith..... (and then, again......why bother to create and torment over fifty billion humans & throw them in the pit?)
  5. As I'v read that Scripture years ago, how a man dropped dead for disbelieving or blasphemy reasons, I always wished to be that man. (I don't mean any disrespect to anyone's faith) I knew somehow that wasn't gonna happen anytime soon.
  6. Frankly I don't have the same curiosity about the minutia when the whole system looks like a MLM Pyramid system. It breaks my heart because I can imagine how hard those people under John work for Foundation to succeed......, and especially it bugs me because I've heard those people in many occasions, how selflessly they were driven to help others. To me this is not anymore Exmormon/Mormon, people helping people issue......It looks like a blatant exploitation of opportunity.
  7. I don't see how you can't see the glaring apathy for supernatural. But your kids surely will see it.
  8. What information exactly you would like hear or see other than how much Natasha Parker made in 2015? This is worse than an MLM gig. I could never stand this disingenuous guy. Paying his foundation president 5% of what he is cashing? I run a business, I could not look straight the eyes of my employees day after day knowing how blatantly I exploit their good will....Yes I'm guilty too, I listened most of his podcasts in the beginning, when they were interesting, but I did not contribute any money to him, frankly I don't believe any of his methods...Heck, I'm an exmormon, I did not need all this fanfaring, mourning process of lifetime....I won't feel sorry for John because the evidence shows he is no different than most of the MLM leaders. This looks bad from every angle.
  9. I see now where you've learned your english
  10. Remember, as everything else in life, you are discarding 50% of it to dwell on positive aspects of it. (But of course, this comes from an eternal pessimist, skeptic guy who seldom sees the glass half full)
  11. Does God ever cause the death of someone? How about Laban?
  12. sorry, was born Eastern Orthodox, one of the oldest....Later as I amusingly discovered our liturgies & Rites are derived (incorporated) by previous Pagan beliefs...One of the most prominent one is the "Blessings of Grapes" that we celebrate with a great Liturgy comes directly from previous beliefs.
  13. I wish so too, but it won't happen anytime soon, if ever happens it will be by luck as Qumran caves.
  14. Yes Clark, YOUR attempt; why would you ask me to do your job, since I gave you the hints how to find them. BUT no worries, I found those citations and will give them to you. I suggest to get those books in "Audible" versions (which I exclusively do, since I have zero time to read). The book that I'd recommend (I have print and audible versions) "Jesus interrupted" by Bart Ehrmann. Not only this guy an impartial Historian, but does a great detective work for readers behalf, just an example; how we otherwise would point out so clearly, I'm quoting Bart; "It is impossible that both Mark's and John's accounts are historically accurate, since they contradict on when Jesus died". Another importanb book of Bart's is "Forged". Have to be frank here to say that Paul was never one of my favorite Scriptorian. Coming back to Apostle Paul : Paul’s “Exceptional” Letter to the Romans I wanted to follow up on a comment that I made in my last post about all of Paul’s letters being “occasional” (i.e., written to deal with certain situations that had arisen in his churches), with one partial exception: his letter to the Romans. Now would be a good time to explain why Romans is the exception. Here is what I say about the occasion and purpose of Romans in my discussion of the book in The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings. ******************************************************** In one important respect the letter to the Romans is unlike all of Paul’s other letters: it is written to a congregation that Paul did not establish, in a city that he had never visited (see 1:10-15). Given what we have already seen about Paul’s sense of his apostolic mission, this should immediately give us pause. Paul’s other letters were written to deal with problems that had arisen among those whom he had converted to faith in Christ. That clearly is not the case here. Why, though, would he be writing to someone else’s congregation (See Box 1)? At least on the surface, Paul does not appear to be writing to resolve problems that he has heard about within the Roman church. The issues that he discusses appear to relate instead to his own understanding of the Christian gospel. This is clearly the case in chaps. 1-11; but even his exhortations in chaps. 12-15 are general in nature, not explicitly directed to problems specific to the Christians in Rome. Nowhere, for example, does he indicate that he has learned of their struggles and that he is writing to convey his apostolic advice (contrast all of his other letters). Is it possible then that he simply wants to expound some of his views and explain why he holds them? This is possible, of course; but why would he want to do so for a church that he has never seen? Why I Wish We Had More of Paul’s Letters In the previous post I began to answer the question of which lost books of early Christianity I would most like to have discovered, and I started my answer with the earliest writings of which we are familiar, the letters of Paul, most of which (presumably) have been lost. I would love for us to find some of them. I doubt if we ever will, but who knows? Maybe someone will announce that one is to be published later this year! Seriously, we would all love to have more letters from Paul, and not merely for sentimental reasons (Oh, wouldn’t that be *nice*?). Paul is without a doubt the most important figure in the Christian tradition next to Jesus himself. His writings have served as a basis for Christian ethical and theological thought for centuries. And yet we know so little about what he thought and taught. When people read Paul’s letters, they frequently neglect to realize that these are all “occasional” writings. By that I do not mean that Paul occasionally wrote letters, but that Paul wrote his letters for particular occasions. The letters are addressed to situations that have arisen in his churches that need to be addressed, problems of belief and practice. When a church was having problems in one area (whether they knew it was a problem or not) Paul dealt with it in a letter – since he couldn’t be there to deal with it in person. With the partial exception of Romans, that’s what Paul’s letters are: attempts to deal with problems as they have occurred. But what that means is that these letters are NOT systematic expressions of Paul’s thought, where he picks a topic and explains what he really, and fully, thinks about it. You will look in vain in these letters for a detailed and systematic exposition of Paul’s doctrines of God, and Christ, and the Holy Spirit and so on; or Paul’s teachings on important ethical issues. Whatever the problem is at hand, he deals with, often rather succinctly.
  15. Clark, you did good research on your attempt....It's a long process.....Ehrmann sees how corrupted the translation process was, as did Joseph...Why do you think Fundamentalist Christians saw him as threat? I know Paul was the Architect of Christian doctrine, He did good job of tweaking it here and there. Catholics always despised him...There's a wealth of info about him out there for sure.