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  1. Divine Love Is Conditional

    I agree with you.
  2. Divine Love Is Conditional

    I have an important counter question for you; Are you Christian?
  3. How is this reshuffling the Presidency will help worldwide church to help it's proselytizing efforts in Western part of the world?
  4. President Nelson Press Conference - LGBT Issues

    How is this "lasting happiness." is possible when we lose these young "Gay" kids to suicides?......How many of those faithful parents simply gave up in despair?
  5. You are confusing NY Times with Fox news. Who are the elites deconstructing Christianity? It doesn't need much of a deconstructing anyways, since most of the facts are laid bare by the historians. A power bloc to ignore the plight of LGBT people is wrong and deadly at that (since thes young kids kill themselves out of despair). As for moslem religion; it is a huge killing machine gifted to us by a JudeChristian Ideology......,,,,,, If you want more compassionate information about those LGBT people (mostly kids) you can follow one of the best Mormons I know;;;;;;;Carrol Lynn Pearson.........
  6. Scott, Whomever is a gay, lesbian or a transgender, it is not their political agenda, it is their lifestyle...They live as a gay, lesbian everyday....The saddest fact is religious oriented minds cannot accept this scientific reality that these people are not volunteering gay or lesbian by choice....... Either side have to live by the consequences of their actions. Do not derail this thread into a debate over gays.
  7. Kenngo, whether you like it or not there are thousands of members who supports LGTB types of initiatives, while they are members they see the world with liberal outlook, in turn Church does not start a purge...How could it, especially liberal States like California...I'm sure it is a painful coexistence but what can they do?
  8. Peggy Stack Reports Missionary Numbers Are Still Declining

    don't bet on it....you still have to work tomorrow.
  9. God, the prophet and slavery

    Yeah...when was the last date of intervention?
  10. Pope Francis and the "Fortunate Fall"

    Not me, I stick with what Joseph said then. Not to appear to be vindictive but most of those guys left such a rap sheet I'm wondering how can one still follow his seat.
  11. Thomas S Monson cars

    LoL, all you have to do is read the history....
  12. Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

    "What you think" and "what the reality" are two different things. Skeptics like me cannot see beyond humans penning the scriptures because no entity has manifested himself/herself besides mortal humans. While respecting your faith in scriptures, especially Bible, has changed hundreds of times on purpose or by mistakes....(I guess I am allowing myself a willing tool of satan, it's fine I don't think he exists either)
  13. Removing truths from the BOM or Bible.

    Yeh, I have some sealed records of my financial mishaps, (my wife never seen), instructed my secretary to show her after my passing.
  14. Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

    My bad, sorry...I agree with you.......