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  1. Does LDS version sound little bit more absurd than traditional Catholic & protestant version? If you are a little versed about traditional Christian one, please enlighten us first...then I willl give my 2 cents in LDS version.....
  2. Well Smac, while I am 100 empathizing with you here and have similar stories to tell about our Latino friends, Those in the Church who voted for Trump I don't think they will have the same type of empathy & concern. I love the fact that; "you make your bed & sleep on it too". proselytizing will go down the tubes. This has been a horrible ordeal for undocumented people who lived with us forever, Mexico or anywhere is not they know, they lived here most of their lives. I find it disconcerting that Church doesn't come forward and condemn this kind of ICE action, more like they resemble Brown Shirt round up......
  3. Why are you emphasizing/singling out Adolf Hitler? Isn't he also God's Creation after all?
  4. Why not trusting in Jesus' words; He could move mountains for ya.....(wherever you live)
  5. Imagine that.......You can afford this attitude because..... Nothing vital to your survival depends your inaction.... You can sit comfortably and wait until the evidence appears from tin air....as you expect...... In my case, couldn't wait......Unfortunately for me (or fortunately) I do have an acute symptom of ADHD (and suspect little bit of Autism.....). No criticism intended but....How you do this?
  6. I grew up with the visions of Asimov, Arthur C.Clarke.....I was so sure, we'd conquer the Solar System by 2000AD, especially when we landed the Moon. The future looked so bright. but growing up and your dreams crashing was not fun at all.....
  7. Somewhere is Asia where 75-80 % of population where slaughtered, which roughly amounted to 1,5 Million, surviving 15_20 % of them were successful to migrate from the bedlam, like my Grandma/Grampa and later I was lucky to run away from that country...I don't consider my (ancestral) story unique by any means, we have hundreds of similar historical events, even here in US...... (Trail of Tears). Anyway I don't remember in which context I wrote the original response but this event was the catalyst for me of my unbelief......Heck, one cannot have a better evidence (very similar to Jews, how they were delivered wholesale to Germans). I'd rather not be chosen but have a decent long life instead of witnessing likes of Anne Frank dying in a most miserable way.... (My apologies for writing this negative account)
  8. Very apt........some of us excel in revelation department for sure.
  9. That is called "make it up as you go". As his predecessor Apostle Paul liberally changed the Christianity.
  10. The APOD picture you are linking is a supernova, there is no life around it at least for few light years. APOD is the first page I start my day. Unfortunately all those beautiful Supernovas are nothing but the destruction of stars and the hundreds of Exoplanets are too far to discover any life. Our best hope SETI is equally silent about extraterrestrial signals due to the size of Universe. I'm not discounting the Scriptures as another resource. The problem for me to ascertain anything depends on evidence....It is a burden for sure to be born with a overwhelmingly skeptical brain.
  11. Thanks for this kind & civilized answer. But my experience has been great so far, I am grateful it didn't take me a lifetime to pursue something that I could never find or achieve.
  12. And this is Duncan...."that's what I wonder too, how is the recipient supposed to know that this? what do you mean possibilties and absolutes? " Ahteist Mormon: Hate to ask but how long living in this uncertainty will go on? There's no power behind those blessings & promises. You can spend a lifetime to hope & expect those empty promises to fulfill... The disappointing part in all is you are empowering everybody else but yourselves. Sometime ago I got tired of waiting uncertain blessings & hopes, decided there was no one else to help me but myself ( I had real help though, my wife). I invested in myself rather than empowering others...... You give this blessings to someone else too, how you feel about it? It is all a raincheck, no value attached..I don't know if you had a chance to cash a check of 50K or even 200K....It feels totally different (maybe you experienced it)...... It is reality, no promises....Way back in 70's I got my patriarchal blessing and many others afterwards...It was only fantasy..... Sorry I'm writing this while I'm watching "Dances with Wolves" and John Wayne's "Rio Grande".......
  13. Not really...You are the one who implies BoM is not a historically legitimate book....I asked whether you believe the Bible is?
  14. I don't want to start another thread. A "yes" or "no" would suffice, the question was; Do you find Bible more convincing than BoM?
  15. I'm curious, however...... Do you find Bible convincing? If so, what part is more convincing than BoM?