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  1. you concocted the whole reply..I never said christians are not civilized, on the contrary; they live mostly in civilized world. How can they not save themselves? If they want to swim they will learn swimming and not drown, rather than relying somebody else to save them. How my doing is going to save me, if a runaway train comes across and I don't have time. What I am saying is Christians (sizable sum of them) are getting tired of waiting for second coming. And the number of conversions support this hypthesis.
  2. Got you, but I'm still wondering where the condescending is, is it untrue that peoples interest in religion waning and skeptics/non-Believers numbers are increasing?
  3. Sadly it was inevitable & long overdue. The growth in 60's, 70's. 80's virtually stopped...I was in the Mission Field (not as missionary) in Europe, even then things weren't great but still there was a steady stream of new members, now with the age of technology there's no chance of capturing those glory days back.....This is not the case only for LDS obviously. The civilized part of the Planet is waking up to the reality, if they want to be saved it will be only by their own doing.
  4. Yeah, subsequently I searched it and couldn't find it either, (sorry about that). I am looking forward to listen his podcast interview with JD though.
  5. Calm called this guy "Despicable" and she knows only half of this guy's story. I own a company too, one day two of my trusted nurses (I'm not the doctor) run a gig on me with self made story, I totally fell for it...I could not believe they would think it would be funny to mislead someone with straight face. Later I let them know and they felt awful a little. The reason I told this story was this "New Name Noah" guy had the videos of going to Lion House, Temple Square and represent himself as investigator and try to trap missionaries with insensitive Q's with other guests present, I felt bad for missionary girls and never listened his podcasts again. Whatever he does with dishonest means, which is not acceptable. I guess I can give him an appropriate title of an accomplished sociopath.
  6. Who cares is is right......What I'd like to know is how much she was paid (if true).
  7. Meanwhile, at the Long Beach Public Library...

    Looks normal to me....It's Halloween, isn't it?
  8. Is the Pope more Mormon than our current leaders?

    One of the reasons for my conversion was when I discovered shameful, brutal, genocidal history of Christianity (i.e. Catholicism mostly). At first I was shocked when Prophet Joseph such harsh view towards Catholicism, I made a point to study the history... Well, I don't want to repeat what most of you already know. The Popes are figure heads who put the best spin on their convoluted/incomprehensible beliefs. This Pope looking better because he has better personality/social skills.
  9. conference today

    I wish Everything was going well for me Kenngo...I'm still cleaning up after harvey (in Houston). But I like you guys with your subtle humors, having lived half of my life in Utah, I miss my Mormon culture
  10. conference today

    Sorry, it's funny and very old fashioned cordial...........
  11. conference today

    You know Smac. I like your posts, but can you quit punctuating your posts with "thanks". "Thanks".
  12. conference today

    Do I have to be a member to get a ticket?
  13. A Prophet of God

    Knowing what I know of running an enterprise I'd do nothing differently, and why should I? If my leadership is satisfactory enough for majority of faithful nothing will change. Not only LDS Church Catholic Church is running is running under the same infallible precepts......