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  1. In addition to Jaredites, it shows that travel certainly occurred. If it happened one way, some back and forth is certainly likely. That opens up many possibilities. I’d note that the Maori have traditions that their people came from Hawaii, and from the east before that.
  2. I thought this was interesting. This actually corresponds to a number of islander origin myths. https://news.yahoo.com/blackfeet-man-apos-dna-oldest-200444731.html;_ylt=Awr9CJ6wiNFcvEgABp5x.9w4;_ylu=X3oDMTByNWU4cGh1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--
  3. Well, I understand the RCC position. I don’t believe the death of Peter was ever dispositive. That wasn’t my point. Rather, it was mentioned because the other evidences don’t support the claim. The problem is that Peter did not create the bishopric of Rome. There’s no evidence that he did. Clement (who we should think is reliable) states in the Constitution of the Apostles that Paul ordained Linus — not Peter. And that was long before the sources in the 300s.
  4. Well, I’m glad for your explanation. I’ve had the discussion with a number of Catholics and Peter’s place of death giving Rome meaning was their conclusion because Peter didn’t found the episcopate of Rome. Paul ordained Linus - not Peter. And there was no historical reason to believe the Roman bishopric was superior than any others - particularly Jerusalem.
  5. Not exactly. According to the Constitution of the Apostles, Peter was never the Bishop of Rome. And Paul ordained Linus and Cletus. Peter (I believe) ordained Clement, but he quit. And given the apostolic authority, succession would have passed to John. As set forth abundantly in Numbers and Hebrews, authority must pass by the laying on of hands - not simply by dying someplace. That never happened with the early popes.
  6. I’ve heard that before and I’m highly critical of it. The covenants made are nothing new. They are really the same thing you covenant at baptism and what you answer during the recommend interview. The only thing you promise besides those is to not share them outside the temple. And even that can’t possibly be new to most people.
  7. The brass plates are what Nephi got from Laban and not part of the golden plates except for what was quoted. Also, JS received one set of plates. They included various parts, including the sealed portion. The small plates were a more spiritual and limited record. The large were an abridgment by Mormon. After Harris lost the 116, there’s no indication that only one part (the large - which was translated first) was taken back.
  8. Wait...let me get this right. MiserereNobis butts into a conversation and trolls questions that I did not ask her. Then she tries to antagonize me by suggesting she just might not want to respond to me. Calling her bluff (and her presumptuousness), I take her up on her offer. And then you, without anyone's invitation, interrupt this exchange to gaslight a conversation as the self-proclaimed board police without adding anything to the conversation. And I'm the rude one? Right. Do me a favor and take a page from MiserereNovis's book...don't respond to me. Preferably, never, ever, ever. Ever.
  9. No, you shouldn't respond. Particularly where our whole interaction started with you responding to a comment I made to Julie M about disproving evidence. Unless, you are also Julie M....
  10. Glad you restated. What you believe is irrelevant to the fact that you must concede you don’t have an answer to explain it away.
  11. Not exactly. Read the corollary of your statement: 'Once something is disproven you are obliged to believe that something.' Why are you obliged to believe something that is disproven? But, who am I to judge....?
  12. Go back to page 11 to find my questions.
  13. Not in the eternities. And that’s the point.
  14. He was 24 and barely literate. I don't care if he used all 24 years to produce the BoM. You still can't explain it. And the fact of the references in the large plates of Nephi to the small plates which hadn't been translated yet, makes it all the curious of how Joseph Smith pulled it off. Unless, of course, you believe that JS had plotted for Martin Harris to lose the 116 pages years before, and staged the impact that it had on Emma Smith's pregnancy....
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