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  1. I think there are broader questions that should be relevant here: We assume that anything God does would be without error. Therefore, if God is to “inspire” something or, say, organize a church, will there not be bad things that can come from within that? The more broad question is, if God presumably created this world, would he allow people the calling of parents who will seriously abuse or harm their children? It seems to me being a parent has a lot more responsibility, as well as a much more immense potential for evil, than being a local leader in a congregation. Why would we not struggle with believing God could allow so many people be placed into the worldly circumstances that they are in, but feel his hand must surely not be involved in any kind of organization where unfortunate events happen? Ergo, if we don’t believe God can have a church authorized by him and simultaneously contain people who, in positions of power, fall mightily and inflict harm on others, then we may want to ask how God could also author this human existence while knowing so much evil would be afflicted on so many in the process.
  2. No, she is “in contact” with three law firms.
  3. I do find it amazing that in its 200 year history, this was the event the Lord used to withdraw the priesthood authority from the church.
  4. Coco. The best large-scale gospel message I’ve seen in a film in a long time, and perhaps ever.
  5. I don’t know. I mostly remember him from his pre-critic days when he kept posting his “bullseye” threads. Was he trying to convince himself? I don’t know. I felt the same about Kerry Shirts. Could be way off base on that, but just my thoughts.
  6. Out of the entire nearly 200 year history of the church, of all the controversies that could have taken place, of all the leaders who have made mistakes and perhaps even excommunicated people unjustly, I’ve always found it conveniently narcissistic that it was the excommunication of Denver Snuffer that caused the church to lose its priesthood authority. Not every other individual unjustly excommunicated, but Denver Snuffer.
  7. I smoked marijuana for a period of time in middle school. The last time I did it I was by myself. At that point I realized I didn’t even like the way it made me feel, and I like being fully in tact cognitively, so I never did it again. I’ve never had a desire to drink. I cook a lot with alcohol, but that’s about it. I used to drink Coke a lot and then decided to stop about 6 months into my mission because it was empty calories. So, I have gotten accustomed to drinking just water and prefer it that way. I occasionally drink strawberry lemonade. I have no desire to smoke. I don’t like drinking warm things (not even hot chocolate) and don’t care for the taste of coffee. Absolutely nothing would change about the letter of the WOW if I weren’t a member.
  8. You sure about that? I’m certain there were some very fine universities available that could have really expanded their first century understandings of the world, drawing upon the best available expertise. It could have been a wonderful opportunity versus the small effect and opportunity cost of following around a lowly carpenter’s son.
  9. Was there today. It was horrible.
  10. I don’t believe he meant that at all. If we pretended, for a moment, that he was speaking to the women and presumably said to them not to be the reason their husbands didn’t keep the law of chastity, we’d recognize how preposterous that is. Him suggesting that to the men would be equally preposterous.
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