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  1. I found this quote kind of funny but also wanted to add that there are benefits and risks to hanging upside down. As you mentioned we can't stand on our head but we can place our head on a floor or ground type surface with our legs in the air for seconds at a time without it being silly but actually beneficial. https://www.healthline.com/health/hanging-upside-down M.
  2. But, after you and your present wife have passed away you may be proxy sealed to each other by a family member. So who knows, maybe you and your present wife do have an eternal future together after all. M.
  3. There's always Downton Abbey. 😊 But IMO, it does help if you've watched the 6 seasons of the TV series. I loved the movie. M.
  4. My friend's brother sold Amway in the late 70s. I bought an Amway Queen pots and pans set in 1978 from him. It was a good investment for my "hope chest", which was something you could collect for back in the day. I got married in 1981 and am still using that same set. The only item that didn't survive as long was the frying pan. And of course Mary Kay (as you have mentioned) was popular back in the day. It is annoying when people are not up front about their intentions. I do not know anyone now involved in any MLM company. M.
  5. It looks like Murdock was arrested on August 13th which was reported in the media. Dehlin says he started receiving information about Murdock on August 14th. He didn't post his podcast until August 22nd. That's more than two days. M.
  6. John Dehlin has put together a summary of this person, Steven Murdock, on Mormon Stories. It's pretty interesting. M.
  7. Those choices are what ThirdHour has and two more, "Okay" and "Thumbs-up" (for Like). It's a shame they caused glitches on this forum. M.
  8. I believe RFM is still a member. M.
  9. This forum setup is almost identical to the ThirdHour forum (aka MormonHub, lds.net). I believe this forum has been setup this way for many years while ThirdHour is more recent (maybe only 2/3 years now). The only noticeable difference for me is the "React Emoticon" choice. This forum has one choice, a "heart" to provide positive feedback for a post. ThirdHour has multiple choices in Emoticons to provide specific reactions to posts. For example, a post might be funny or sad or confusing or you may want to say "thank you" in reacting to a post. Is it possible for the smart people that built this forum, to be able to add additional emoticons, so that we have the ability to react in specific ways to posts? M.
  10. For someone not interested in this thread why do you keep contributing to it? For my own opinion of RFM, he has great taste in music. 😊 M.
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