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  1. John Dehlin has put together a summary of this person, Steven Murdock, on Mormon Stories. It's pretty interesting. M.
  2. Those choices are what ThirdHour has and two more, "Okay" and "Thumbs-up" (for Like). It's a shame they caused glitches on this forum. M.
  3. I believe RFM is still a member. M.
  4. This forum setup is almost identical to the ThirdHour forum (aka MormonHub, lds.net). I believe this forum has been setup this way for many years while ThirdHour is more recent (maybe only 2/3 years now). The only noticeable difference for me is the "React Emoticon" choice. This forum has one choice, a "heart" to provide positive feedback for a post. ThirdHour has multiple choices in Emoticons to provide specific reactions to posts. For example, a post might be funny or sad or confusing or you may want to say "thank you" in reacting to a post. Is it possible for the smart people that built this forum, to be able to add additional emoticons, so that we have the ability to react in specific ways to posts? M.
  5. For someone not interested in this thread why do you keep contributing to it? For my own opinion of RFM, he has great taste in music. 😊 M.
  6. Does this mean you have actually tasted paint thinner? M.
  7. 1. What if the priesthood leader interviewing him agreed that he had indeed broke the WofW due to the Coke? 2. Maybe he was told it was time for his Recommend interview and he complied. M.
  8. For an example, if Member "A" believed that the prohibition of Coke or Pepsi were part of the Word of Wisdom and this same member slipped up and drank a glass of Coke one afternoon - during a recommend interview when asked if he kept the Word of Wisdom and being honest and feeling guilty he said "No"; wouldn't he be denied a Recommend? M.
  9. My friend also said these words in 1976/1977, not necessarily in a extremely serious way but as a confirmation that Coke or Pepsi were not allowed. M.
  10. It looks like she is the daughter of Mark Eubank. https://www.lds.org/church/leader/sharon-eubank?lang=eng M.
  11. I'm going to guess that the words "married" or "sealed" in the temple are being used synonymously. M.
  12. Does this mean you don't trust the message when it comes from a GA, as in when they speak during GC? M.
  13. It appears that the Baseball Baptism program was also Henry Moyles idea. Stands to reason that if Moyles realized he needed converts to fill those meetinghouses, he needed a way to create converts. M.
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