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  1. Last Movie You Watched

    Where I live many of the stores that used to sell CDs and DVDs ( ie HMV, Future Shop) are no longer in business. M.
  2. I think the roll out was poor because it's a Handbook 1 policy, only given to leaders. I don't think the LDS Church had been planning on informing the rank-and-file at the time. The policy was leaked, so they had no choice but to explain it. M.
  3. What about members who pass away? My MIL passed away in 1995, would she have been taken off the membership rolls in 1996, or is she still counted until the year she would have turned 110? Just asking. M.
  4. Last Movie You Watched

    PBS may re-air this series sometime in the future. M.
  5. Last Movie You Watched

    The one from the 70s is from the 70s. Of course not everything can follow the books completely but I didn't like how the 70s series didn't follow the books' story for Ross and Demelza's wedding. The new series got that part right. The series can't follow everything in the books or it would take too long to tell the story. I'm liking this new series, the actors that have been cast to play these wonderful characters are perfect. The important parts of this story are being told wonderfully. M.
  6. Last Movie You Watched

    You could purchase the DVDs from PBS or a store if you can find a store that actually sells DVDs anymore. Or you could purchase a Smart TV Box. I actually watched Season 3 of Poldark on my daughter's Smart TV Box during the summer. It lets you watch Seasons ahead of their normal TV airing. It was great. M.
  7. Explaining the Word of Widsom

    To compare the taste of coffee to dirt would mean you know what dirt tastes like. M.
  8. An update on our Temple

    Wouldn't you put the change rooms, where you would change into your temple clothes, in the basement? I think the Edmonton Temple is set up that way. M.
  9. From what's been reported, it doesn't appear the parents offered their son any words of advice, they just left him there. M.
  10. Comments removed. It might not be a good idea to mess with mods when you only have 10 posts under your belt.
  11. Shouldn't this apply to all posters whether Mormons or critics? Shouldn't all posters take others at their word. Who decides when a skeptic or critic becomes hostile or mean spirited? Is this a forum so biased that it thinks only skeptics and critics can become hostile or mean spirited and that the regular Mormon posters are never hostile or mean spirited? If you're going to make rules about "discussion behaviour", make sure the rules apply to everyone, not just the critics. M.
  12. Temple wedding policies

    Are you sure that was Winston Churchill that said that? Sounds more like Yoda. M.
  13. This is actually funny in that weird, inappropriate funny way. M.
  14. I haven't read all the posts so I don't know if anyone as mentioned this but, the singing could have acted as a helpful distraction. Instead of being so consumed with anxiety and fear, the singing could make those crazy moments a little less crazy just for the fact that people would take the time to think about the words and sing them. A calming action to distract them from the terrifying feelings they were experiencing. And I don't think it was merely death the other passengers were fearing; it was also knowing how they were about to die. I would fear dying from a plane crash more than dying in my sleep. M.