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  1. Can someone point me to anything I can read regarding why so many have a hard time with the policy? I don’t want to derail this thread but i’ve never understood why people struggle so much with this policy. My former wife came out and we have 3 children between us so it’s not like I’m completely disconnected from this topic.
  2. It just seems like right from the outset you took a presumption of guilt position. Just my observation.
  3. This really makes me wonder about the Bullock case and any other case in which Snow was involved. The amazing thing is she’s still practicing. In her wake are two suicides, two convictions (one overturned), and now this suit implicating one of the most saintly families I know. Not to mention smashing up her sisters home with a baseball bat. I think in the end we’re going to to learn that many people have been duped by a very convincing sociopath. I’m fairly convinced Marion Smith suffers from schizophrenia as well.
  4. The lawsuit alleges Bill Carslensen abused the children. He committed suicide. We don’t know of his guilt. He was never convicted.
  5. Aren’t you simply repeating what his ex-mother-in-law testified to? In fact isn’t there a presumption of innocence in the case of Bill Carstensen? He was never convicted of child abuse. Everyone seems to assume he committed suicide because he was a pedophile. I wonder why no one has gone after Barbara Snow more aggressively. She seem like the common denominator in all these allegations and convictions.
  6. My gosh! The only thing more unbelievable than her story is that others believe her story. I've entered the twilight zone.
  7. I really can't believe anyone is taking her serious. I have a schizophrenic brother and this lady exhibits all the same characteristics.
  8. Wow what a small world. My parents moved into Bill Carstensen's home in 1989 while I was on my mission. I now own the home across the street from Brenda Miles. Somehow although my family has lived in the neighborhood for going on 30 years I missed all the drama. The Mileses are just about the finest people I know. Not sure how they got caught up in all this nonsense but there is no way any of these allegations against them are true. These plaintiffs need counseling but for the love Pete don't send them to this Snow character.
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