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  1. While I believe in supporting leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints qua leaders, that's not whence I derive the meaning I derive in my life vis-a-vis the Church of Jesus Christ: While I think most organizations which can provide some sense of meaning by asking their members to contribute time, talents, money, and resources to a wider cause can, by so asking, providing a sense of belonging and meaning, the meaning I derive in my life vis-a-vis the Church of Jesus Christ is fundamentally different, and, from where I sit, deeper and richer, because that meaning stems from what I am asked legitimately to sacrifice for it: I get that the "eternal life" bit is too ethereal, too ephemeral, for many: "Why should I sacrifice for an uncertain reward in a far-off (to say the least!) future?" they ask. Frankly, however, that's one of the few things that keeps me hanging on in the here-and-now amidst life's innumerable bewildering vicissitudes. Who doesn't love [at least one] member or [at least some] members of his family? And yet: And: Of course, while, as I have already mentioned, "eternal life" is a concept which many cannot grasp, the corollary to that is that these things don't play well in a society that, not only is "Me, Too," but "Me, First, Last, and Always."
  2. We don't know who our leadership is/who's-who among our leadership, but we'll be damned if that stops is from criticizing 'em!
  3. Methinks the thread title is off by just a "Tad." Mods??? Sorry.
  4. Alas, her belated recognition of what "would be foolish" will, I think, do her little good at this point. She's "been foolish" by the tractor-trailer full heretofore, in all manner of ways.
  5. As though I don't understand the respective definitions and the difference between two common English words? ("My interlocutors are stupid!" ) If that's what passes for good-faith dialogue in your world, I'll leave you to it. Thanks.
  6. I don't see any reason to accord good faith to you when you insult the intelligence of your interlocutors.
  7. Thanks for the clarification. I won't be dialoguing with you further.
  8. Because a third party already is allowed to be present in interviews?
  9. I don't know how effective it'll be, and I certainly have no idea what you're facing, but I do know that, at least, knowing that there's something that I can do, some way I can participate in my own recovery (in however limited a way), is far, far better than simply being forced to stand idly by while something like this runs its course (with who-knows-what results). Blessings and prayers and well-wishes to you and yours!
  10. @Duncan Monsieur le Duncan: I caught the tail-end of this BYU-Idaho Devotional featuring Bro. Doug Mason. He talks about the heartbreak he experienced when a few years ago, he says, his wife decided she didn't want to be married to him anymore. While his experiences along those lines comprise a relatively small portion of the address, when he mentioned that (for what it's worth, but I do have a personal witness that the Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways ), I thought of you and of your situation. As always, I wish you well. http://www.byui.edu/devotionals/doug-mason
  11. It simply goes to show that the Lord knows who He wants where. Consider this blog post, about a young man from Spain who was called on a mission from Spain to Arizona. Are there plenty of worthy young men and women stateside who could be called to serve in Arizona? Yes. The item I reference in the post notes that his call was unusual for that very reason, as most Spanish young men and women were being called to serve in their home country at the time. In a further ironic twist, when I wrote this, I didn't know him. Now he's my bishop. He's one of the most Christlike, loving men I have ever known (which is a good thing, considering what an idiot he has for a ward bulletin coordinator ). https://greatgourdini.wordpress.com/2014/12/21/the-power-of-the-one/
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