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  1. Kenngo1969

    Is it time to end Testimony meetings?

    Heck, if someone attempts to hijack the meeting, let's simply have a prearranged signal from the bishop to the ward's music personnel that the congregation will be led in a specific hymn. Call it the emergency hymn or the contingency hymn: "Today's contingency hymn will be How Firm a Foundation ... all seven verses, if necessary!" * * The "Contingency Hymn" tactic, though not preplanned on that occasion, worked pretty well to distract Mr. Judy. Yet another reminder of why President Howard W. Hunter, despite the fact that we're not supposed to have favorites among the Brethren, nonetheless, was one of my favorites. That, ad the time when he fell at the pulpit in General Conference, was helped back onto his feet, and continued his address without skipping a beat (even though he'd broken a couple of ribs; I've never done it, but I've talked to those who have and who have had similar ailments ... such as pulled rib muscles ... and the first words out of my mouth if I were to suffer something like that would be, "I want my mommy!" ). "Life has a fair number of challenges ... as demonstrated." A sermon in action. Love it! And oh, by the way, "Bomb" = "BOM" = "Book of Mormon." Mr. Judy was still trying to sell that load of bushwhah as recently as a few years ago.
  2. Kenngo1969

    Is it time to end Testimony meetings?

    Yes, I realize that, just as the Gospel net gathers various kinds of fish, the "net" of fast and testimony meeting gathers many kinds of testimonies from those fish, some more appropriate to sharing in that setting than others. Yes, I realize that some may tire of the constant reminders of what the components of a genuine testimony should be (perhaps the leaders who give those warnings tiring most, and most quickly, of all). Yes, I realize that many may tire of hearing "testimonies" which veer into non-testimony territory. Yes, I realize that even genuine, sincere testimonies, as verbalized, may seem rather repetitive at times (though I might ask, are we so busy focusing on the repetition that we miss what the Spirit is trying to tell us individually, the message that transcends the "boring" words being spoken?). And yes, perhaps most of all, I realize that any "open mic" situation carries with it the risk that a given meeting may be hijacked by anyone with an agenda. But I think, all of those caveats notwithstanding, that what we would lose by not allowing the "tail" of supposedly-boring, repetitive testimonies, of off-topic, ersatz testimonies, or of meeting hijacking to wag the "dog" by eliminating testimony meeting completely is not worth what we would gain by not having to worry about these things. https://www.lds.org/topics/testimony?lang=eng#_
  3. I just sent an e-mail to my folks. I thought I'd excerpt it here, too, in case any of all ya'all have any thoughts: Thoughts? Any of all-ya'all know anybody who's hiring? Or, preferably, do any of all ya'all know anyone who will be, come mid-December? My employer has offered me a loyalty bonus to stay through mid-December, and I could definitely use that money.
  4. Kenngo1969

    AP Styleguide refusing to dump "Mormon"?

    California Boy, "Hair up his [deleted]"? What happened to "the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members can do what they want. Me? I'm all about peace and love toward my fellow human beings"? For someone who, supposedly, is simply on that quest, and who supposedly harbors no ill will toward his former faith, toward its members, and its leaders, you certainly seem to be doing a terrific invitation of the inverse. Disagree? Fine. No surprise there. Of late, especially, however, your posts seem to be infected with a degree of sometimes-passive-aggressive-but-often-simply-outright-aggressive venom which betrays your true feelings and belies all of your protestations to the contrary.
  5. Nonsense. You're using an extremely unduly narrow definition of due process with which I think few, if any, lawyers (although, if it needs to be said, I am not one ) would agree. This whole business of, "It's not really a hearing" or "It's not really a hearing hearing" or "It's just a job interview" so, therefore, due process doesn't apply, seems more than a little disingenuous. What sort(s) of due process should be available in any given proceeding, and what, exactly affording someone such due process in any given proceeding or circumstance might look like may be debatable, but the necessity of due process for any fair proceeding (whether that proceeding be a criminal proceeding, an administrative hearing, Senate advise-and-consent proceedings, or some other type of hearing) is not. Future political posts will be removed.
  6. Kenngo1969

    Did Pres. McKay Try to Rescind Ban in the 1955?

    Way to resurrect a putrid, stinky, smelly thread, Royce! (If that's what floats your boat, don't mind me: Have fun! Welcome to the Board! )
  7. Kenngo1969

    Mormon Women for Ethical Government

    And can a tenable argument be made that, in obtaining the affidavit from Ms. Swetnick, Mr. Avenatti suborned perjury? Does Mr. Avenatti have an obligation to do what a reasonable lawyer would do in the same or similar circumstances to verify the factual basis of allegations contained in an affidavit such as Ms. Swetnick's? I believe he does have an obligation to do so, and, while I am unsure if a failure to meet such an obligation constitutes suborning perjury, the prospect that it does constitute suborning perjury is not so ridiculous on its face that anyone bringing such a charge would be laughed out of court immediately. If someone with sufficient knowledge of the situation were to report Mr. Avenatti's conduct to the Bar associations of jurisdictions where he is licensed, I believe that a reasonable attorney in Mr. Avenatti's position would have reason to worry.
  8. Kenngo1969

    Bible Translations

    Happy Jack Wagon, Remember this, from December 8, 2014? What're you doing using the NIV, you Jack Wagon??!! P.S.: All in fun, HappyJack; all in fun! P.P.S.: RIP, R. Lee Ermey.
  9. Kenngo1969

    Mormon Women for Ethical Government

    What's your real name (along with a few other IRL details I'm sure you won't mind providing)? I'd like to go pawing through whatever record I can find about you, to determine how truthful you are. (But don't worry, I don't have any kind of an agenda or an axe to grind.) I know, I know, your immediate rejoinder will be, "But, Ken, I'm not being considered for a vacancy on the Supreme Court." But it's amazing how willing some people are to subject others to standards they don't wish to have applied to themselves. I think far too many people are far too willing to make Brett Kavanaugh an offender for a word (see Isaiah 29:21; see also Matthew 7:2-5).
  10. Kenngo1969

    Mormon Women for Ethical Government

    I don't babysit threads, so perhaps someone has already pointed out the discrepancies between the much-more-conclusory statements contained in Julie Swetnick's affidavit and her subsequent, public, on-the-record statements. Please forgive the duplication, if so. "Became aware of" is perhaps the Ultimate Weasel Phrase often used by affiants who want to obscure how they came about their knowledge of events: What did you, personally, see the subject of the affidavit do? What did you, personally, hear the subject of the affidavit say? And so on. ("But she wasn't sworn when she talked to the news reporters, Ken. She can tell them anything she wants and get away with it!" ) "I saw Brett Kavanaugh spike the punch," and "I saw Brett Kavanaugh give punch to girls who then went into another room with him," versus, "I saw Brett Kavanaugh by the punch," et cetera. https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/10/brett-kavanaugh-gang-rape-claim-falls-apart/
  11. Kenngo1969

    Do you see the church shortening the Endowment?

    They can learn.
  12. That's ridiculous, even by Great and Spacious Trailer Parkā„¢ standards.
  13. Kenngo1969

    Mormon Women for Ethical Government

    [Biting my tongue] [Biting my tongue harder] [Biting my tongue still harder] [Biting my tongue even harder] [Biting ... You get the idea]
  14. Reposting this segment of the conversation, so it doesn't get lost. Anyone who thinks the question is absurd on its face needs to think about it for awhile.