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  1. New First Presidency

    Ah, sorry to be (as one of Scott Lloyd's teenagers calls him) Captain Obvious or Captain Oblivious ... Take your pick! In fairness, this thread has moved quite quickly. (And, Great Minds Think Alike ... )
  2. New First Presidency

    How quickly we forget. The link below is to then-President Uchtdorf's address to the Priesthood Session of the 187th Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in April of last year. The major themes thereof are that it's not where one serves but how, and that we ought to be wary of striving for position or for prominence in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I cannot imagine the person who gave this address being as crestfallen, despondent, angry, confused, ad infinitum, ad nauseam over his recent change in assignment as so many on this thread have insisted he must be. He tells of a Stake President who helped plan a major Pioneer Day celebration in his community, only to be released shortly before it occurred. Volunteers were requested, and were instructed to dress in work clothes and to bring a shovel. He volunteered. His new assignment? To clean up after the horses in the parade that was a part of the festivities. From Stake President to pooper scooper? Now that's a demotion! But he did it willingly, cheerfully, and without complaint. And I wonder, are these the words of a man who might have had an inkling (yea, even more than an inkling) of what was to come? https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2017/04/the-greatest-among-you?lang=eng Yes, how quickly we forget.
  3. New First Presidency

    I suppose that's where you and I differ. Is everything exactly the way I want it in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? No; if it were, it would be the Church of Kenngo1969 of Latter-day ... Somethings. (Honestly, if it were, that would scare me. See Isaiah 55:8-9.) Your mileage varies, I'm sure, but I haven't found much success or fulfillment praying for God to change someone else's heart and mind to more closely match my own. While I'm not holding myself up as any kind of a Paragon of Virtue, to the extent I have had success changing anyone's heart, that success has come when I've asked the Lord to (help me) change my own heart. I suppose that you and I differ here, as well, but I think the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Lord of the Universe is capable of getting any changes He want made in His Church through the thick skull of even the obstinate President Russell M. Nelson. And as for tradition, just be glad you're not Roman Catholic. Not only are they steeped in tradition, they have something called sacred tradition! Egad! Can you imagine?! And then, there are Jews. And of course, your post points to a certain irony: This whole discussion has been about nothing but change, but, of course, that's bad, because some members are up-in-arms about those changes. As for me? I would be exceedingly surprised if Elder Uchtdorf felt different. Any disagreement notwithstanding, I certainly bear you no ill will. Indeed, I wish you well.
  4. New First Presidency

    Dang! You mean, even Mormon cats are upset that Elder Uchtdorf wasn't retained in the First Presidency? Shoot! Maybe this is more serious than I thought!
  5. New First Presidency

    Here's a profile of President Nelson which may be germane to this discussion. Does it veer into hagiography? Well, to borrow and to slightly alter something attributed to OJ Simpson (who, reportedly, once said, "If you can back it up, it ain't braggin' ..." so we know he wasn't bragging about killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman ... sorry; another subject for another day), "If you can back it up, it ain't hagiography," and I'm sure Elder Jensen and President Nelson can back up most any of the latter's attributes attested to herein: https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900007746/marlin-k-jensen-president-nelson-is-superbly-prepared-for-the-destiny-that-is-now-his.html. Happy reading.
  6. New First Presidency

    Gray, et al: Even if I accept the conclusion from all of the outstanding face-readers and emotion-readers on this thread that yes, former-President-now-Elder Uchtdorf (Dang! ) appeared upset, angry, sad, [fill-in-emotion-here-seen-on-Elder-Uchtdorf's-face-by-expert-face/emotion-reader], if I am to accept the experts' conclusion, I also have to accept that either: Despite the fact that President Nelson likely has been considering these changes for months (almost since the very moment President Monson, God rest and bless his soul, drew his last), conversely, Elder Uchtdorf didn't get any cues from the Spirit about what was coming down the pike, unlike the former bishop's counselor and bishop, respectively, that I mentioned earlier in the thread (Welp, I guess that, somehow, those spiritual cues are reserved for the rank-and-file, while the Lord's Anointed, conversely, are left so in-the-dark that they're utterly blindsided by such changes in assignment and are left to appear [fill-in-the-blank-with-negative-emotion-here] at the meeting announcing the changes); or Accepting, solely for the sake of this discussion, that the face/emotion-reading experts are correct, Elder Uchtdorf was so blindsided by the changes in assignment that he was able to do absolutely nothing in the roughly 48 hours between the meetings when the changes were (a) made, and (b) announced to process the change emotionally. I suppose I'm better at that sort of adjustment than Elder Uchtdorf is, then, because I've gone to bed: (a) spitting mad, (b) abjectly sad, (c) somehow discontented, (d) fill-in-negative-emotion here, and yet still woke up: (a) feeling OK; (b) with a desire to mend fences; (c) relatively content, or even happy, perhaps; and/or (d) at least without negative emotion (d). The bottom line is, even if we skeptics accept that the expert face/emotion readers are absolutely correct in their reading of Elder Uchtdorf's facial expression(s)/emotion(s), if we accept the "why" proffered by those experts, we also must accept one of the two options above, or some combination of them, and that's where the "experts" go off the rails, I think. Are the Brethren human? Yes, of course. But that introduces a whole host of potential reasons why Elder Uchtdorf might have looked as though he felt [fill-in-emotion-here] which may have absolutely nothing to do with the recent changes in assignments among them. Perhaps Elder Uchtdorf went skiing, and, feeling a newfound freedom and sense of adventure because of the weight lifted off of his shoulders by the change in assignment, he disregarded Schwester Harriet's instruction to stick to the Bunny Hill, leading to a disagreement between them the night before. There is exactly as much evidence for the foregoing hypothesis for Elder Uchtdorf's facial expression and alleged emotional state is there is for any other hypothesis being offered in this thread.
  7. New First Presidency

    A lot you know! You simply lack Emotional Intelligence! You must pay attention to subtle cues (indeed, they're nigh imperceptible to normal human beings)! It's more of a "read-[waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay]-between-the-lines," deeply, deeply, subliminal sort of a thing! And they were probably only noticeable during the live broadcast, which is another reason why you missed them! Oh ... and, prophecy, schmophecy!!! And I'm still waiting for anyone (particularly anyone who views Elder Uchtdorf's new-old-new calling back into the Twelve as a "demotion" ... please note quotation marks ... I'm talking to you, Robert Smith! ) to comment on President Nelson's assertion that the Brethren who now hold new/old titles have already received assignments for which they are uniquely qualified in those roles. (I realize that many may feel it's impossible to comment intelligently without knowing what those assignments are, but, in an infinite number of possible universes, I can envision at least one such universe (however unlikely ) in which now-Elder Uchtdorf might be uniquely qualified for a particular role ... a role which it would have been impossible for him to fill as a member of the First Presidency, given the administrative demands of his former calling ...) And don't we care about Hal? How do we think President Eyring feels about his "demotion"? (Happy Jack Wagon, any comment as proponent of the theory that first counselors are trusted far more than those shifty second counselors?)
  8. New First Presidency

    On the contrary, I have never suggested that (nor would I), which is why I put the word "demotion" in quotation marks. And you have not been paying very close attention to the thread, because I have been arguing against that very notion throughout.
  9. New First Presidency

    You're probably right there. Just shows how little imagination the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve have, compared to the chattering classes in LDS Cyberspace.