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  1. And then there's the noted psychologist Joy Behar, who thinks its OK if someone talks to God, but he's gotta be crazy if he thinks God talks back to him (said of Mike Pence).
  2. The last idiot psychologist who administered a battery of tests to me concluded that the pattern of my responses is consistent with someone who is attempting to present himself favorably. (I wish I were as smart as he apparently thinks I am ... )
  3. Heh. Reminds me of a couple I once heard about who got a civil divorce but didn't get their sealing cancelled. When asked about it, the wife shrugged and said, "Meh, it's just this life I can't stand him in."
  4. Cat got your tongue, Mark?
  5. Well, according to the angel who appeared to me last night ...
  6. Yes, and why is it a secret?!?!
  7. Kenngo1969

    Stephen E. Robinson passes away

    No se preocupe, Hermano muy mio. Some people are 71 going on 100, and some people are 71 going on 40. There's such a thing as a "young 71" and an "old 71." I strongly suspect that, in both cases, you belong in the latter category. My dad just turned 81. He has a mischievous, fun-loving streak about him (too much so, sometimes! ). Most people don't believe him when he gives him the actual number. Besides, no matter how old we are, we're mere infants (or perhaps toddlers) in Eternal terms. And no matter how old we might be, we'll all be Forever Young after the resurrection, anyway. "Forever Young" as performed by original performers Alphaville, was The Senior Class theme of the Tooele High School Class of 1988, and was covered at graduation by Roger Nix, Rick Coil, and Brendan Thorpe (wherever you are, warm regards from a fellow classmate, gentlemen). Rod Stewart's tune of the same name, which, honestly, I prefer. It's a lot less fatalistic and much more optimistic, with some terrific life advice. (And at the time the video was made, Rod Stewart had the cutest little redhead you'll ever see in your life! )
  8. Kenngo1969

    Stephen E. Robinson passes away

    Here's the thread from By Common Consent on Brother Robinson's passing: https://bycommonconsent.com/2018/06/19/in-memoriam-stephen-e-robinson-1947-2018/
  9. Kenngo1969

    Stephen E. Robinson passes away

    The best one can hope for is to leave an honorable legacy. I wasn't well acquainted with either of those gentlemen except through their published works (more so with Brother Robinson), but to the extent that such works provide a useful barometer in that regard, surely, each has, indeed, left such a legacy. (And I do like the quote from Brother Robinson.)
  10. I would be the last to discount psychology and/or psychiatry if someone says he has benefitted from them. Indeed, I count myself among those who have done so. That said, however, while religious devotion, on the one hand, and psychiatry and psychology, on the other hand, have at least come to a state of detente, historically, psychiatry lumped religion, religious devotion and practice, and spiritual experience in with delusional states.
  11. I haven't followed each word of every post on this thread slavishly, on the edge of my seat, all aquiver, with 'bated breath, so please forgive the duplication if someone already has posted this: https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900021663/op-ed-responding-to-ellen-on-mormons-and-teen-suicide.html
  12. Kenngo1969

    Stephen E. Robinson passes away

    Ditto, that. Sorry to hear of Brother Robinson's passing. Condolences to family, friends, and colleagues. Between the recent passings of Brothers Robinson and Tvedtnes, respectively, there is quite a "faculty" being built up on the other side.
  13. In addition to the bolded quotation above, suicide is too complex of a problem which is driven by too complex of a constellation of factors to be attributed with any degree of certainty to one factor (e.g., sexual orientation or religion) above all of the others. And yet "Mama Dragons," et al, have told us that there has been a "spike" in deaths of LGBTQIA... youth and/or that the rate of suicides among LGBTQIA... youth has risen in Utah, one or both of which can be traced directly to policies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. No, because that doesn't fit the narrative of the people who are vying the hardest to get in front of the people with the microphones and the cameras or the audio recorders, notebooks, and pens. They have already determined that the deaths of any and all LGBTQIA... youth in Utah are directly traceable to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (For "proof" of their assertion, all I had to do was run the search "spike suicide LGBT youth Utah LDS" in Google.) QED. Of course, failing adequately to characterize a problem at the outset is the first step toward not discovering effective solutions for it, but that is irrelevant.
  14. Hey, at least you grew out of yours! What? Oh, sorry. Couldn't resist. Carry on! P.S.: As a friend of mine once put it, "Beauty may be only skin-deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone!"