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  1. Standing in the same spot = retreating? Sorry, we LDS aren't the ones that changed. We still hold to the same scriptures and the same beliefs. It's rest of the country (including many Protestants) that's changed their minds on things like "hey not you decide if you're a boy or a girl" or "it doesn't matter who you have sex with" or so many other things. If you want to call still standing in the same place with the Lord "retreating", you can. I'm happily standing still.
  2. New Beginnings

    I did not know they used to move up as a class!
  3. Did anyone else get a Pro-Islam PM, here at Christmas?

    Could a newbie PM someone they're following?
  4. Did anyone else get a Pro-Islam PM, here at Christmas?

    I too enjoy two way exchanges (hence why I spend so much time doing interfaith stuff). FWIW, I've found that the "I just want to preach to you hit-and-run style" isn't especially a JW & Muslim thing. Rather it's a more equally spread out through adherents of all different human theologies/philosophies. I've met JW that are very inter-faith chatty friendly, LDS who shun the idea, etc.
  5. Did anyone else get a Pro-Islam PM, here at Christmas?

    Yep. I tried saying "hi" back to the person. Never got a response.
  6. Discussing temple stuff online

    My thoughts (after years of thinking on this): There's the specific "do not discuss" list mentioned in the temple itself. Obviously not a no-go. Rest of this post is talking about things besides that specific list. Speaking in general about things, like providing links listed on LDS.org, I'm totally good for. They're on LDS.org for a reason. Beyond that, the temple is a pearl (obviously some parts extra pearly). So it's a judgement call, based on the question, asker, and environment (don't want to throw pearls to swine, but honest seekers yes). If somebody is an anti-Mormon troll, I'm just not going to make sport for them. If it's an honest question about something super basic/logistic, I'm willing to talk with anyone who honest (like mentioning there's laundry facilities). If it's something more pearly, like asking about new names... I'm a believer in sacred things in sacred places. And yes, there are sacred places besides the temple (like the home). If it's an honest question in a sacred place, I'm game. Now online... frankly general FaceBook isn't frequently a sacred place. However, a PM conversation can be somewhat sacred. Obviously, I do my best to refer to in person if things get more sacred. We are here on Earth to learn, and I feel uber-taboo-silence can hinder that. So, sacred things in sacred places.
  7. I find that people do get freaked out with I don't order a drink. Ordering a orange juice alleviates their anxiety.
  8. What makes Mormonism work?

    Cool Just wanted to remind you we exist
  9. What makes Mormonism work?

    I'm a scientist. And live weeeeeell below poverty line. And don't receive any financial benefit from church.
  10. 1829-32 Doctrine of the Nature of God

    I know it's commonplace- such incidents are VERY familiar to me- heck in from some of my family. Still.... commonality doesn't make it any less sad.
  11. 1829-32 Doctrine of the Nature of God

    Thank you. I needed that.
  12. 1829-32 Doctrine of the Nature of God

    I've frequently been told I care too much...
  13. 1829-32 Doctrine of the Nature of God

    It's... frankly the reason I went to visit my pastor friend is because I had a negative encounter with another Christian someone who likewise tried to blindly deny my relationship with Christ. I tried chatting with the person, but literately the conversation had to be terminated (neither his nor my choice). I... he was filled with such hatred (by his own words), I was wondering if there was maybe something more I could have done about things- some way to maybe better show Christ's love. My pastor friend essentially told me it was best contact got caught off (this man obviously would have just gotten even more viscous) and the best thing I could do was pray for peace and for this attacker. I already knew that, but it was good to hear it from someone else too. I just... *Jane sputters for words again*...