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  1. So you believe a living God doesn't talk anymore-- that He's mute?
  2. Except we DO really believe that the Bible is the word of God. It is the word of a LIVING God. We teach correct doctrine. Correct interpretations, guiding by a living God who continues to speak to us. Simply teaching Truth is much more effective means of conveying Truth.
  3. You're approaching this still as if God were dead to have His final words spoken. LDS do not believe this. Do you?
  4. Ummm.... pointing out the obvious here: God's not dead. Nor is He mute. He continues to speak, and no words written in the past are complete without that *living voice* which speaks to every disciple today. God's not dead.
  5. The Biblical definition of a Christian is a disciple of Christ. While I may disagree with many of the teachings of different churches, I will never deny that personal powerful relationship those individuals have with Christ-- the very thing that makes them a Christian. I too, dedicate my life to Christ as my very core...and honestly it hurts when a person witnesses that very core of me and then pretend it doesn't exist. For a personal example: I once shared a very personal story with my mother-in-law about how Christ and the Comforter got me through a horrible abuse I suffered as a kid. About how He was always there for me and I so welcomed His everlasting love in my life. If anyone else had shared such story, my mother-in-law would have rejoiced in how in that moment they were "saved" and now can never falter from Christ. But for me, she denies the core of my experience and literally to my face calls me "brainwashed and headed straight for Hell". She lectures me about how I need to "just come church and accept Christ"... never mind my experiences, never mind how she's never read the Bible through, never mind I attend her denomination more than she (in addition to my LDS meetings), never mind she admits I know more about Christian beliefs and have a stronger faith than her, never mind she admittedly knows nothing about LDS beliefs. Never mind any of that: according to her I am a brainwashed "non-Christian" and going to Hell. Yes, it's annoying and hurts at points.
  6. But what about the similarities between the views? (I ask this of both LDS and Athanasian's).
  7. Personally I find that many mainstream Christians totally ignore the Father and/or fall into modalism. Christ is a different person than the Father, both LDS and Athanasian Christians agree on that.
  8. I don't feel that anyone is being told *not* to read the Bible-- after all we spend twice as long in Sunday School on it than the BoM. Just that in a larger world full of many Christians of other faiths, reading the Bible is kind of a given already. But for people (especially investigators/recent-converts/returning folks) reading the BoM is not such a given already.
  9. It's not that your assignment is odd- it's actually quite good. It just helps to know the audience you're answering to-- I would answer things very differently if you were in a middle school class or a advanced seminary graduate class, for example. As to "personal questions": none of the questions you're asking here are overly personal. Many of them aren't even personal at all (such as 3 & 4).
  10. I'm going to answer these very shortly on a basic level. If you want something more in depth, let me know. Yes, devout. Discover: grew up with it. Embrace it: at age of 6, when I was going through a rough time and needed His help. I can elaborate more on this. Social? I recommend this: https://www.lds.org/youth/for-the-strength-of-youth?lang=eng My religion empowers EVERYthing I do. Did you want any more specific things? A million. Some as stupid as convince a college educated person that I literally don't have horns. More commonly are things like "you're not a Christian!" That I am a Christian and I love the Lord. Yep, I did. He's fantastic. Embrace the Lord with your heart, mind, soul, and actions. Doctrines: yes. Culture sometimes drives me crazy.
  11. For my general FYI, where is the "ignore" button on this forum? (This is general FYI, not related to the OP)
  12. I saw her at a youth fireside and actually chatted with her in person once too! It was an amazing experience (this was many moons ago when I actually was a youth).
  13. My young daughter doesn't understand a lot of things we teach her and force her to learn regardless of whether or not she wants to (such is potty training). Should we thereby quit teaching her those things and let her do whatever she wants?
  14. Should we likewise not tell our children to go to school? Or teach them manners from birth? Teach them to value life since birth?
  15. Why can't I believe Einstein and Joseph Smith? I investigated both very thoroughly, using the best tools advavlable, sound philosophical techniques, mountains of evidence, etc.