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  1. Providing a public service == the public has a right to dig through every inch of your finances? NO! For all those Americans complaining about a non-profit not having transparent books, may I suggest that you're missing complaining about the real elephant in the room (the lack of transparency in US government finances).
  2. I spoke in the other thread about my childhood sexual abuse. My husband was also abused as a child (yes, the perpetrator was female). It really hurt his view of people in authority and put a deep (but unspoken) wedge in his family. On a different note though... he understands me on a level most other people don't. And I likewise him. In a way it makes me think of the Savior and how He alone descended below all things to truly understand the hurts we each experience.
  3. I had a very similar thing happen to me @Calm. The guy pushed this further, even asking bluntly for sexual things and not dropping it until I shut down everything. Of course I didn't tell anyone about it. The same guy showed up two weeks later for my high school graduation, putting on such a charming face for all my grandparents and cousins. For months I dealt with well-meaning relatives who asked "what about that super nice guy who brought you flowers at your graduation? Do you like him?" Me: "No." Well-meaning family: "Well maybe you should give him a shot". Me: "No." Well-meaning family: "Well how about you invite him to a movie." (Note: the whole incident above happened after a movie) Me: "No." "But why not? He was so nice!" Me: "We aren't speaking." "But why not?" Me: "Cause I'm angry at him". *Cue forgiveness lecture I totally didn't listen to, instead thinking this relative is totally clueless and naive and generally despicable company*
  4. What keeps you from doing service?

    I have a young family, a 60 hour week job, a calling, and trying to nurture myself. Hence a lot of my service time goes to my husband or my daughter. Some I can manage to do a 2-for-1 and serve while playing with daughter, but that's not always possible. And at this point in my life it is important that serving my family comes first. We also serve frequently in my calling (I teach Achievement Days), and like every 4th activity is a service activity. But again logistic can make serving outside the church building more difficult-- it's actually really difficult to find a place I can show up with 10 girls, work for 45 minutes, and then leave.
  5. Working with Bishopric

    Last year the Bishop rang me up for one of those "let's get you a calling" appointments. But he didn't actually gave me a choice in callings, acknowledging that my schedule can be complicated (my husband isn't LDS). Of the three options, I picked helping co-teach Achievement Days (they had 9 girls and 1 teacher). And the way scheduling worked out, we met about the calling at 10:45, and it was announced to the ward at 11:05. So no one in the PP or even my co-teacher new about this beforehand. In fact, I've been serving in the calling for a year and still don't even know who the Primary Presidency is...
  6. Is the Pope more Mormon than our current leaders?

    What AofF9 is talking about is known as "public revelation" in Catholic theology and it is specifically declared closed. Catholic theology allows for "development" of existing doctrine, not revealing of new doctrine.
  7. Is the Pope more Mormon than our current leaders?

    Can you show me where Francis declares God may reveal new scripture, as LDS believe?
  8. Is the Pope more Mormon than our current leaders?

    You talk about the pope's handling of statements and policies. Then you talk about LDS leader's stance on doctrine. Those are two very different things. If you want to talk about doctrine, we can talk about Pope and LDS handling of doctrine. Or if you want to talk policies/statements about the two groups, we can do that as well. But you got to pick one thing to talk about. Catholic doctrine declares the Heavens to be closed and scripture cannot be added to by even God. It's a stark contrast to LDS beliefs.
  9. Word of Wisdom Poll of Personal Beliefs

    Note: just because something isn't specifically listed against in the WoW doesn't mean that it's good for you! (Yes, I'm looking at you energy drinks)
  10. If you're not married by 25?

    A person who capable of picking a spouse without excepting unrealistic Mr. Perfect and not a complete trash heap. We are all imperfect people, but majority of us are striving to become better people and connect with others- a connection which brings joy. Yes, marriage is work- a lot of work, but it is joy and not something that should be avoided due to paralytic "what it's". Yep. I work at a college, so I see tons of people age 18-30 every day. Majority of them are striving to be better people (even if they don't always know how and frequently fail at it).
  11. If you're not married by 25?

    In middle school this guy had the biggest crush on one of my best friends. It was adorable! He carried the torch all through middle school, high school, and she (finally) accepted dating him in undergrad. I was SO happy for them!! And then they broke up three weeks later. He was totally heart broken. A few years later I was shocked when that same guy ask ME out :0 ! Two years later we said "I do" and have never been happier.
  12. If you're not married by 25?

    I'm unsure what you're trying to say here.
  13. If you're not married by 25?

    There's a middle ground between refusing to marry because you're waiting for the impossible "Mr. Perfect" and desperately embracing any horrible relationship.
  14. If you're not married by 25?

    Note: no one here is advocating "pick a spouse stupidly". We LDS are also not advocating "never pick a spouse because you might pick wrong". Rather we advocate "being married is a good thing that we encourage. Pick wisely and with God's guidance."
  15. If you're not married by 25?

    Ideally a person works with their eternal companion (aka spouse) in building that home. You don't get a fancy degree, a fancy car, and a fancy house and only after that "reward" yourself by finding a companion. Rather (circumstances permitting) you build your metaphorical house with your companion. People who marry old get divorced too. Getting married cost ~$20 bucks. What your friend paid for was all the ultimately unnecessary fancy party.