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  1. Jane_Doe

    Polemics and Apologetics

    Both LDS and non-LDS schools do do theological correction, that is for sure. But the methodology of said correction varies dramatically. For LDS, it's very reliant on revelation and priesthood authority. For non-LDS things like an academic degree matter and things are more of a matter of debate (hence the field of "polemics"). Ultimately this really comes down to the different epistemological approaches.
  2. James White is a man who makes his profession by bearing false witness to the people he preaches to (via knowingly and purposely misrepresenting other people's beliefs). He might put one sheets clothing very nicely, but a liar is always that. This particular "debate" is no different: he is just like the Pharisees of old-- trying to trick the other person with fancy word games and misrepresentation. The LDS dude is one of the guys from YouTube show "Saints Unscripted" (formally known as "3 Mormons"). I have always liked his work.
  3. Jane_Doe

    Polemics and Apologetics

    No difference. Explaining beliefs is explaining beliefs. Yes, it's best to speak to your specific audience, but that's custom presentation and doesn't make the subject matter different. Due to modern day revelation, "maintaining doctrinal purity" is approaches from a VERY different angle in LDS camp versus non LDS camps. I would not feel comfortable comparing these apples and zebra approaches.
  4. Jane_Doe

    Video games

    Agreed, except that there are females with the same problem too. The problem is not video games themselves (or social media or other electronic stuff), but when people use anything as a form of escapism and run away from real life.
  5. Jane_Doe


    An "anti" anything is about the approach the person takes to things (this goes for any subject). An "anti" person will: -Not care to get their facts straight, even when provided with good information -Use inflammatory language / flaming / mockery / etc -Talk *at* a person with the attitude of I-know-everything, rather than having a respectful two-way conversation *with* another person. Being critical doesn't make a person automatically anti anything. It is entirely possible to be critical without flaming, high-and-mighty, or ignoring information.
  6. Jane_Doe

    Accepting God's Will

    I totally get what you're saying. I don't see being proactive (research, problem solve, work) as being contradictory to following God-- in fact, I believe doing those things (research, problem solve, work) is PART of being His disciple and He helps/empowers me do all those things. I don't just lazily sit around waiting for someone else (including God) to do things. In fact, I would call such a couch potato to repentance (which involves getting off your butt). And I would not describe vast majority of the bad stuff that goes on in life as "God cursing you" -- such is a lazy scapegoat mentality. Vast majority of junk happens because life is messy and/or people are sinful jerks. Submitting to God doesn't mean sit there are cry "woe is me, I'm so cursed!". Submitting to God means being His active disciple, and He's going to empower you to go through things and guide you on the best way to do so. Through my miscarriages, I submitted to God and let Him... first and foremostly give me a hug. Cause I just really really really needed a hug. I needed someone who know what I was feeling, whom I could talk to. And once I started to get back on my feet, He helped me have that courage and to guide me to make the right medical decisions. He sent people to help me with things- stupid stuff like "can you drive my daughter to school". He cleared/clearing my mind so I could/can work through all the pain and see strength inside me/Him, instead of just being wrapped up in my own misery.
  7. Jane_Doe

    Accepting God's Will

    Rather than imposing my viewpoint on someone who lived in a way different time and place then me, I'll just use an example from my own life: This past year I had two miscarriages, both of which had life-threatening complications for me. It's been a miserable ride in a lot of ways. Now, that doesn't mean I sat around and did nothing- there was a LOT of advocating for health care, doing what I could myself, etc. But still life does go down miserable roads sometimes. I don't think it was "God's will for this to happen"- no I think biology is messy and sometimes downright miserable. That's just life. I still advocate for myself the best I can. I still trust in God the best I can. I still listen to God's will the best I can. None of those are contradictory with each other. If you want to talk about abuse and this, then I'm cool talking about that as well. Not as some hypothetical, but as someone who's been there first hand.
  8. Jane_Doe

    Confused by revelation

    You are right that we do not all have the same spiritual gifts and we're all individuals. May I suggest focusing on the spiritual gifts you yourself have and the way God speaks to you the best (which is different than how he speaks to other folks).
  9. Jane_Doe

    Youth Curriculum

    Honestly I don't know if a random person is ex-mo -- I may remember them being baptized or otherwise officially being a member, but if they lost their testimony, it's not really something I would know-- frankly it's not my beeswax unless they want to volunteer the information. So lack of information/people's privacy here is a notable factor here. The schedule is actually more uniformed now-- you can even see the dates for the lessons. Though there will probably be the usual week fudging (like my ward has ward conference early January, so that moves dates around for us). You totally have the right to request no one-on-one stuff and anything else to suit your comfort level.
  10. Jane_Doe

    Confused by revelation

    Speaking point-blank-honesty hear: I put pretty much no emotional investment in future-casting-type things. They are just so subject to interpretation, and we mortals want to put things on our time table in our box-- but God doesn't work like that. So I personally just... I'm just un-invested in future-casting-type things. It seems like too much work and taking constant God-doesn't-work-in-your-box humble pie stuff. So those type of things are a "dud" in my book. What I AM invested in is personal revelation I get here & now for the (relative) here & now. I've had to many promptings from the Spirit, light bulb moments, and super-natural comfort to deny that. Promptings like "hey Jane, you should call Mike because he needs you" and then Mike just got in an accident and needs his friend. Other times for personal guidance-- like I was once spending the day walking around an unfamiliar downtown city, and I get the prompting "you should take the bus home"-- only to find out I can't take the bus home because they don't take plastic (which made this a totally confusing prompt), but the act of seeking out the bus took me on a different path home and hence I avoided a super dangerous area (something I found out 2 days later). Other times... well, frankly life can suck and be mind-shattering painful at points, and I've been knocked on my butt hard. And it wasn't me with my strength that got me standing up after that-- it was God and His power moving me when I hurt too badly to budge myself.
  11. Jane_Doe

    Youth Curriculum

    Everyone has the same base manual (linked below). So, I get the same lesson subject as my preschool daughter, with some obvious major differences in presentation and depth. I like it, so I can talk to my daughter and what *we* learned in church today. They actually HEAVILY encourage studying things out beforehand with your family, so that sounds great. https://www.lds.org/study/manual/come-follow-me-for-individuals-and-families-new-testament-2019/title?lang=eng The ward I grew up in had a never-mo of 20+ years attend most every week to support his wife/kids. He attended and participated just like everyone else (comments, prayers, singing, example, etc). Honestly majority of people forgot he wasn't actually a member --- something which resulted in a few laughs when people just assumed he'd be the one baptizing his kids (the dude had a great sense of humor).
  12. Jane_Doe

    The Front Doors of the Older Temples

    Can't speak to St George or SLC, but my new local temple is Fort Collins, and they likewise have a set of front doors you will never see open-- in fact they physically don't open. They exist for the photo shoot. Meanwhile, people enter and exit the nearby doors, and don't get in the way of the photos. It's a practical logistic thing.
  13. Jane_Doe

    The VERY Respectful Temple Poll

    But the way we present and teach arithmetic and algebra has varied over time.
  14. Jane_Doe

    The VERY Respectful Temple Poll

    Again, just sharing my perspective: the First Vision and 1800's Restoration were restoring large-scale communication and priesthood authority. Get those channels flowing once more and to continue learning (9th AofF). It was never meant to be a "stop!" point for learning, individually and collectively.
  15. Jane_Doe

    The VERY Respectful Temple Poll

    My perspective: eternal Truths are eternal. The specifics of the rituals we go through to understand these Truths are specifically catered to us, to help us better understand. Hence, as we and our understanding changes, so do the educational tools used. In one way, it's like learning math: math is math. 2+2=4. The end. But the ways in which we teach math and the pieces we focus on do indeed change, because we change. And that's not remotely a bad thing.