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  1. Depth matters. Seminary & home study are for depth. A properly done lesson (in any setting) doesn't just read the manual to you, and doesn't try to force going through every bullet point. Take a few, and go in depth. Different dives in different settings.
  2. A bishop is a Judge in Israel, and exists to help you get closer with the Lord. A counselor is like a hiking guide: they exist to help you get where you want to go. These are two different purposes, though they can work hand in hand, and frequently a bishop would recommend a counselor to help out with things too (if you're striving to follow the Lord). If the problem a person is dealing with involves sin or anything else that's distancing you from the Lord, going to see the bishop is the thing to do (and maybe a counselor too). Other things are just mental health issues and just require a counselor-- like depression, there's nothing sinful about having depression. In those cases, a bishop or other church member could help out in a support role with ministering / blessings / being a friend, etc.
  3. ... this seems very strange and Utah-bubble-ish to me, that they wouldn't even know that other troops exist (like the majority of the organization).
  4. I don't understand why people would need help to be involved in BSA. They simply sign up and be involved the way any other person would.
  5. And *if( the Lord commands the Prophet to be guided and do such a thing, then we shall cross such a bridge when it comes. In the mean time, it's not really something profitable for me to spend my time on.
  6. Part of the baptismal covenant is the promise to abide by the Word of Wisdom. If you openly have not desire to abide by the covenant you're going to make, then the Church won't allow you to make said covenant (such is just setting you up for lots of sin).
  7. My thoughts: this is a question to leave to Prophetic hands, not mine.
  8. ....hmm.. yes and no. On one hand, 'no' because it's totally ok for a group to have requirements for what is considered to be a valid baptism. On the other hand it is annoying to have the entire core of who you are (a disciple of Christ) systematically just denied, rather than just saying "you don't have a valid baptism". Also, it does feel that the decision was... based upon a suddenly added extra requirement and sort of silly since a non-Christian who totally does't even believe in God can baptize. It is annoying. All that being said, I don't loose one wink of sleep over this.
  9. Great! Hey @MiserereNobis, are you able to find anything for a Catholic-focused channel on this? You know where to look better than I.
  10. Evidently they did: "VATICAN CITY — Russell M. Nelson became the first president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to meet with a pope, according to a news release from the church. The historic meeting between Nelson and Pope Francis occurred inside the Vatican one day before Nelson will dedicate the LDS church’s first temple in Rome. “We had a most cordial, unforgettable experience. His Holiness, he was most gracious and warm and welcoming,” said President Nelson, according to the news release. “What a sweet, wonderful man he is, and how fortunate the Catholic people are to have such a gracious, concerned, loving and capable leader.” Nelson said he and Pope Francis talked about their mutual concern for people suffering throughout the world, religious liberty, the importance of family, the secularization of the world and their mutual desire to encourage the worship of God...." https://fox13now.com/2019/03/09/lds-church-president-russell-m-nelson-meets-with-pope-francis/
  11. Sorry, I missed the tone. *blush*
  12. Well, the Church likes to have things in people's native tongue. Do many Romans raise their babies speaking Latin as their native tongue?
  13. Awesome! Even better if they had s Lutheran friend there to explain things to them and share his/her love of God. Fantastic!
  14. Completely. I always welcome them in (frequently to their great surprise). I also talk with preachers found other places, and regularly visit other places of worship to learn more about what they believe. All of these greatly increase my love of other people, and my understanding of God (which may involve agree or disagreeing with another person).
  15. The open house has been going on for several weeks now for everyone. The first few days were specifically set apart for local religious leaders to tour and ask questions (this is actually standard practice). The dedication itself is for recommend holders only, as it will then formally be a House of the Lord.
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