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  1. Jane_Doe

    Maybe a mission isn't for everyone

    Doing a service mission is still doing a mission. There are MANY types of missions out there beyond 2 year door knocking ones, or any formal church component. Everyone should have a mission, but not everyone's mission involves an LDS name tag. And even when a formal name tag comes off, your mission isn't over: our service to God and our fellow man is life long call. Different venues and different assignments at different times, but we are all called to serve.
  2. The FAQ page specifically says they are not including national anthems in the new book. Which I am happy about.
  3. These arguments are so silly and show a complete lack of understanding of stats, cause & effect, and medience. They're slander tactic and nothin more.
  4. My husband doesn't go to the temple with me--- he's not LDS. My sister's husband doesn't go to the temple her husband-- cause she doesn't have a husband. My mom doesn't go to the temple with her husband -- my dad is LDS but doesn't hold a recommend. Still we all go by ourselves, to reinforce our love and commitment to the Lord. Haha-- I'm FAR from perfect. Same with my mom (who works at the temple) and every other temple going person. The temple is not a tourist destination, but rather a place we go to make covenants with the Lord. My husband (for just one example) is not yet ready to make those covenants -- he's got commitment issues and isn't emotionally there yet. That doesn't mean he's a bad person, that he doesn't love God, or that he won't be with me in the Celestrial Kingdom. But his relationship with the Lord grows in his (and God's) own time, not mine. After much prayer and contemplation, I am happy to trust the Lord here and don't fret.
  5. I honestly think you're fine with this explanation. Here's a good explanation on "What does it mean to sustain leaders"-- "We have an opportunity to sustain—support, help, pray for—each of these people in their callings." https://www.lds.org/ensign/2012/03/we-sustain-our-leaders?lang=eng To sustain is to help support them doing Christ's work, and to pray for them. It doesn't mean to idolize or assume they can never do wrong, but to help/support them when doing the Lord's work. (Unrelated note: this has been a really good thought provoking discussion, thank you for it).
  6. You're giving me hope for you too @changed. Much of your post makes me smile. Addressing a few specific points-- Well that's actually completely alight with orthodox views, particularly with the 9th Article of Faith. You also echo my views here. Your answer here is 100% ok. We LDS don't believe that being a church leader automatically makes every little thing you say/do perfect-- no no, only Christ was/is Perfect. And other peoples/faiths do indeed have the light of Christ and can be guided by God-- that acknowledgement is actually one of the things I like the most about LDS beliefs. And you hit a home run with the AofF reference. That is the actual belief Haha. Nope. Of course. Well technically you could have had a kid outside of any marriage, what about them? Well, you start by opening your dresser drawer .... If you've already talked with your bishop about things, then he probably knows where you're standing on this and probably good. This question could be rephrased "hey are there any big elephants in the room we should talk about but haven't yet?" Is an opening to talk about things if you want/need to. I applaud that you have already chatted about a lot of things with your bishop. It means that you're trying-- honestly trying and putting one step in front of the other. It by NO way means you're perfect. And yes we sometime suck at measuring those things ourselves, which is why the bishop is there to help and provide a outside view as a servant of God.
  7. Jane_Doe

    Service animals/therapy animals

    This is accurate. When you see a working service dog (the harness/poncho is on) the proper thing to do is to let the working animal do it's job and not distract it with treats/pets/cooing/etc. In other words, you should pretty much ignore it. When the harness/poncho is off, then they're 'off the clock' and open for belly rubs, kisses, etc. It's SUPER important to respect this difference: it takes 100's of hours and >$1000 to train a service dog, and not respecting the harness royally messes up that training.
  8. None of those things are deal breakers. For [1] you'll find many different interpretations and it's not a huge deal. #2 doesn't matter. LGBT you'll find disagreement, but it's not a dealbreaker. Masturbation you'll find different opinions and isn't remotely a deal breaker.
  9. There's a HUGE variety of different things hetrorthodox LDS folks believe / practice, and none of them are things you get a club membership card for. Heck, a lot of the folks in each group mega disagree on things. They "categories" are more very general broad loose labels then a specific "we believe this". I'll actually address question [2] first: [2] These aren't groups you get membership cards for, so not even sure if the TR question would will apply here. As to different members of your ward, they're probably care more about beliefs rather than affiliation. Who cares about what and how much you'll get individual answers from each different person. As to the TR question, that's focused on things like KKK or polygamist groups or stuff like that-- not folks who interpret scripture to be metaphorical. [1] Again, these are super loose categories. If you believe in God at all, you'll likely find some fellowship with Liberal / progressive Mormons folks.
  10. Jane_Doe

    Different Degrees of Glory.

    There is no caste system in heaven. And I say that as an orthodox LDS person. Neither is there one-size-fit-all identicalness. What you should strive for: to be the best follower of Christ you can be. Same with me and every other person. We don't understand what it is to live forever, let alone glories. There's no point in worrying about it or staying away from Christ because you don't understand it. Instead, welcome Him into your life and follow the best you can. Let Him worry about judgements and glories.
  11. Jane_Doe

    Do you choose to believe?

    In my observation, believing in anything is always a choice. People can have a mountain of facts standing in front of them, but still choose to refuse to believe. The reverse is true as well.
  12. Jane_Doe

    LDS history - chapter 2 - Hear Him

    Truth is given by God, through revelation. It is not decided by men voting in counsels. When folks kicked God out of the driver's seat and put men their instead when the declared the cannon to be closed, public revelation to be done, and turned to men's voting on Creeds as a way of deciding Truth. That is indeed an abomination in the highest regard.
  13. Jane_Doe

    Salvation and good works

    A gift requires you to open it and accept it. LDS believe this. We ACCEPT Christ's gift of faith. We ACCEPT the opportunity to repent. We ACCEPT the opportunity to be baptized. Getting dunked without Christ or faith in Him is useless. But so is a gift you refuse to accept. God will force no man to heaven.
  14. Jane_Doe


    It's all up to your ward/stake on how they want to do it, best meeting local needs.
  15. Comment sections are pig-pens on any news organization. As to the actual articles: newspapers thrive off of drama. So they're going to focus on it, even if it's to the point of making mountains out of molehills.