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  1. Jane_Doe


    It's all up to your ward/stake on how they want to do it, best meeting local needs.
  2. Comment sections are pig-pens on any news organization. As to the actual articles: newspapers thrive off of drama. So they're going to focus on it, even if it's to the point of making mountains out of molehills.
  3. Jane_Doe

    Implementing the New Changes

    Our ward conference is in the 3 wks. Today they release all the men's leaders and said "just show up for class in the gym, we'll figure out who's in charge come ward conference". I don't attend EQ, but the ladies in RS were very excited for them on their behalf). The ministering thing: we talked about the principles a lot (people are also excited about that). As for as actually implanting, the announcement was "we need to decide this with the EQP. So as soon as they figure out who the EQP is, then we'll work on assigning routes--- and figuring out how to give candy out, cause that's a must."
  4. Jane_Doe

    RS council Sunday

    Our are fantastic! I've really gotten to get to know the other ladies. The discussion is lively and lots of people participate. The guider mostly just call on people and doesn't interfere too much (unless things need a push). Our circle is 2-3 rows deep, so people don't have to sit on the front row. I think it's best that way, just to get people over the front-row phobia (which usually no one sits in anyways), and the ladies in the other rows get equal opportunity to talk. The idea has worked out so well, that we now do SS the same way. This also helps out in that we set up the chairs once at the beginning of the day and can just leave them (SS and RS are in the same room).
  5. Jane_Doe

    Part member families

    I'm also married to a non-member. For your own personal behavior/spirituality/walk inviting the Spirit more into your life will automatically invite it more into your home. This is a good thing. If you're talking about doing more things as a couple/family, say for example scripture study, that certainly is an option. However I would make triple-sure to always be respecting your wife and her wishes. If somethings are limited in your agreement, is there something else you can do instead? For example, my husband gets sad if I spend all weekend at church, so I keep my in-church-building commitments small. When General Conference comes along, I typically focus-mode having lots of family time that weekend and listen to Conference when I'm by myself-- that way I'm making both my husband happy, and still getting to listen to Conference (just not live).
  6. Jane_Doe

    New official interview policy

    For me, the bishop's office was a safe place. As a youth I never spoke to the bishop about what happened (I never spoke to it to anyone). But I was able to speak to him on other matters-- for me, my relationship with Christ was the anchor that kept my sanity. We spoke frequently on the value of Christ and a relationship with Him. They were very valuable talks, probably much more so that the bishop ever ever realized. Would those I have had those conversations with another person in the room? HECK NO!!! Younger me would have said "that's way to great of a security risk. Allowing the mask to slip a little for one person-- pending they've past my background checks, it barely permissible. With two people? Squaring the possible risks? Simply unacceptable. Initiate shut down mode." As to having a parent there.... suffice it to say I STILL refuse to have my mother know anything about my trials (it'll be a disaster).
  7. Jane_Doe

    New official interview policy

    Thinking on this more... Many fond memories of my childhood are of 1-on-1 moments with leaders. ....I remember one time- I was 12, and their was this boy named "Bob" in the ward that really liked me and kept pressuring me into giving him a kiss for his 13th birthday. I did not share the feeling back-- rather i was/am an abuse victim and the thought of giving him a kiss radiated SO wrong with me / absolutely terrified me. I didn't want to talk to my parents abut it- we had an extremely rocky relationship. I did NOT want anyone to know about Bob. Eventually though, I did turn to my Beehive advisor. "Sally" was a woman about 21 years of age. She assured my terrified self it would be ok, and I shouldn't feel pressured at all. When I didn't immediately relax, she came up with the idea of giving him a Hersey kiss instead! So we went to the store, and bought a giant bag of Hersey kisses! And me of course, being a chocolate-holic, ate them all. The last time I saw Bob he asked me "hey, don't I get my birthday kiss?", and I laughed and said "nope, I ate them all!", and walked away. It... on one hand the whole story was kind of silly-- the poster child for middle-school silliness. But on the same hand also deeply profound. Sally helped me have confidence n myself, to say "no", and have it be ok. With her I felt special- because I was special- she just helped me see that fact. Our relationship help empower me, and see my own beauty. It was just a special moment, just the two of us.... It was special. We've heard a lot about bad things which can happen 1-on-1 the last few weeks. And certainly they can- I personally know that all too well. But I also know all too well the many good things that can happen 1-on-1 too, so many of the good times which outnumber the bad. The new church policy... it is a prudent and needed move, I'm not going to argue with that. But there's also something which is lost here too, and part of me-- the part that remembers Sally and so many other special moments that helped me through troubled times... part of me mourns today.
  8. Jane_Doe

    New official interview policy

    I'm currently in Achievement Days, and up until yesterday we didn't have a 2-deep policy. We do have 2 teachers, but if (for example) I need to be away on a work trip, my co-teacher handles things solo. This will overall require a lot of adjustment. For example, some wards I know specifically have handled... let's call them 'hard' students by splitting the class in two so hard students couldn't feed off each other and got more individualized attention.
  9. Jane_Doe

    New official interview policy

    Being blunt here: I was sexually abuse as a kid, with 2-deep policies & background checks in place. For every new lock, a thief gets a new lock-pick. It's naive to think that any policy any place guarantees safety.
  10. Jane_Doe

    New official interview policy

    I'm noticing it says by default the other person is in the next room/hall. The adult can be in the room if so desired. I imagine teenage me that would NOT be my desire- I valued the right to be able to talk to my bishop about things without having my mother butt in.
  11. Jane_Doe

    unlikely songs the MoTab worked on

    Oh, but now I want to see you guys do "the Reason"!
  12. Yeah, the church does do these. I got one a few weeks ago about LDS.org's change of format (different than Calm's, which seemed to be a long time ago). I also did one while ago about garments (part of the research before the new styles got released). The Church does research things.
  13. Jane_Doe

    Prom dress shopping

    (Pardon a question from miss-oblivious) What's the big deal about Mormon prom?
  14. Historically (like even 30 years ago), we LDS folks didn't have the really work hard to convince people that the Bible is important or to read it-- it was just kind of assumed in Christian-dominated world. Now, we live in a secular-dominated world, and people frequently don't pay attention to God or any of His words at all. Hence we now have to do the work of convincing people that the Bible is important and should be read (in addition to talking about the Book of Mormon).
  15. I'm coming at this from the angle of someone that was abused as a kid. Yes, there is a possibility of a kid being abused by a bishop-- or anyone else in their life. There's also a possibility of a kid reaching out to a bishop/other adult for help and being unwilling to ask because of the larger audience. You can't negate risk in life. Instead of depending on a system to protect you/your loved ones, teach them how to handle *when* a bad person comes along, because it will no matter the level of protection you take.