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  1. Speaking personally: I would greatly prefer to listen to an interview that didn't involve John Dehlin. I have a very negative opinion of Mr Dehlin and how he conducts things (including interviews), so every time I try to listen to one of his pieces, the interviewer gets in the way of me listening to the interviewee. Hence a different interviewer would be much perferred.
  2. Conversely though: I do know people who've had a attraction to the same sex when they were tweens and then experience heterosexual attraction later in life.
  3. I'd assume because it hasn't needed fixing yet. The old sign still works, they'll probably replace it when it needs replacing.
  4. Left by ourselves, life is cruel, brutal, and short. It's part of the reason I do believe in God 100%: seeing through God's eyes and feeling His influence life has sucky moments but it's for Good and growth, and it's not short-- we existed eons before now and will exist eons afterwards. Do I go to church for social reason? No, I'm usually an anti-social person and find many people simply annoying. I go to Church for God.
  5. My initial impression is "poor Savanah. Her mom is using her as a pawn in her game."
  6. *sigh* Yes, you can do whatever you want to do, but don't except to have people be ok with whatever you're doing. In the Gospel we do believe that some things are sinful and are going to speak out against such things. You still can sin (you have agency), but the Church is still going to speak out about it. If you believe that certain behaviors are not sinful when the Church has made it quite clear that they are, then you do have a conflict there. And no, people (for the most part) are not afraid that being gay in contagious. Honestly, if she had left out the part of which paraphrases to "and I hope one day to rejoice in sin", it would have been a great testimony. But she included that in there, and that's a huge conflict.
  7. So you're blaming a lack of scientific knowledge for solution....? I don't think I'm understanding you correctly.
  8. Acting on it at all in inappropriate. And there are MANY other things which acting on at all is inappropriate, not just SSA. I'm talking about people in general! There are MANY inclinations to sin that should be controlled and not indulged because "God made me this way". MANY people have thorns in the flesh, not just gay people.
  9. What the??? I'm sorry, but other inclinations from sin (besides SSA) can indeed preclude you from marriage. Uncontrolled anger issues can indeed preclude marriage and/or end existing marriages. Ask any person who's seen anger fueled abuse. Pride and egotism can keep a person from marriage. Laziness can keep a person from marriage. Mental illness can keep a person from marriage.
  10. I did NOT say the bolded part. Please do not put words in my mouth. No, a person who is gay should not automatically say "I'll marry an opposite sex person anyways". No! I'm not saying that by any stretch of the imagination!
  11. Not really. For example the burdens of pride, ego, anger, PTSD, other mental illnesses, abuse, etc. These are all burdens that people have to bear, frequently for life.
  12. Many people (not just gays) have major sinful inclinations in their lives too -- thorns in the flesh -- that they wish were taken away. However, God does not take away all thorns in our lives, for whatever the individual reason may be. We can't give a blanket response to a person's individual trials.
  13. No backing up: she is a sinner. However, she is not a sinner especially because she's attracted to girls, as you misinterpreted my statement. I'm also not denying that we are also all sinners.
  14. "I am perfect just the way I am" -- False. Christ is perfect. With His power/guidance/grace we are working in that direction. It is a work in progress for all of us. "God made me this way" -- Partially true. God did make you, we also start off as fallen natural men, and we make changes to ourselves, as do other people/things. "God... loves me" -- 100% True. Always.
  15. Clarifying my post: she and every other person that's ever walked this earth (save Christ) is a sinner. It's nothing specific to her SSA. If she had just token the podium and talked about SSA that would have been fine. But when she stands on the podium and says how she looks forward to sinning in the future (acting on her SSA), that's not ok. It would likewise not be ok for me to take the podium and talk about how I look forward to [insert whatever sin here] in the future.