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  1. 2018 curriculum

    The Come, Follow Me set up is very dependent on the teacher putting effort into things and listening to the Holy Ghost, and especially dependent on the class members doing the same thing. It's just not a canned presentation. That's a plus side, but the downside is lack of effort goes badly.
  2. What to do...

    Asperger's person here-- I have a personal motto: "just because I'm female doesn't mean I have to be a girl". And by this I mean that I am happy to admit that I am female, but I'm not interested in "girly" things. No make up, no shaving my legs, no chick-flicks, no cooking, no homemaking crafts. My wardrobe is "tomboy", with a bunch of jeans and t-shirts. Growing up my sister would spray me with "smelly stuff" (body spray, perfume, etc) and I would scream bloody murder in honest terror. I didn't have a crush till my 20's, and would rage whenever a guy would ask me out. I love video games, hiking, computers, programming, rockets, etc. Most of my friends are male, and frequently while in church I'd much rather hang out with the guys and debate Star Trek rather than talk about "girly" Relief Society stuff. Still, through all this, I am still female. That a basic part of who I am and I can no more deny that than I can my own name. But I'm the one that decides what me, a female, is like. Social media, "norms", and "popularity" have no bearing on that for me. I decide. Now, bringing this back to your daughter: what is the type of person she wants to be? She doesn't need to "change" her gender to enjoy the things she does. Let her tell you what she loves, and listen to her.
  3. Is excommunication enough sometimes?

    If a person is dead set on sinning, then being cut off from God via excommunication often times isn't going to stop them. That's just a fact-- they want to sin so they are going to do it. If their behavior is criminal, then criminal punishments should be pursued as well, obviously.
  4. My background coming into this: I work at a college, and have taught freshman courses. You (the parent) don't do anything. The minute a parent gets involved, college professors just roll their eyes and think "my students need to learn to be adults and quit running to mommy". This is your daughter's class, she's the one who should address it. First, wait until the class is over and she has her final grade. That way the professor can't take anything out on her (not that s/he would, but just as a safety net). As soon as it is done, email the state alcohol guy with the school's name, course number, and professor. You can also email the professor about your concerns at that time. Keep everything in email which creates a paper trail.
  5. Mosiah 15: 1-5

    I'm going to elaborate on this answer. Does Jesus have the ability to choose to sin- yes. He is not forced to do anything- He does indeed have a choice. He chooses to do what He does and always chooses righteousness. And He always will choose righteousness because that's who He is. LDS do not sit worrying that Christ may one day fall and choose some other path- that'd be very silly. He is who He is and will not waver. I have met Christians of other denominations who believe Christ doesn't have free will- that he can't choose and was/is forced to do everything he did/does. Obviously LDS passionately disagree with such an idea: we believe in Christ who infinitely chooses Good out of infinite love.
  6. Mosiah 15: 1-5

    I really would like to get back to talking about God and the ability to choose, and how/if this ability contrasts with other persons....
  7. Mosiah 15: 1-5

  8. Mosiah 15: 1-5

    Ok, we've established that God has the ability to make choices. Can we likewise agree that you have the ability to choose, I do, and everyone else does, including Lucifer/Satan? I'm asking specifically about the ability to choose. I'm not asking about how well that person uses it, if they are erratic in their choices, etc. Just that they all do indeed have the ability to choose.
  9. Mosiah 15: 1-5

    I'm asking whether or not you believe God (or Christ specifically) can choose. You agree that He does. I don't see why you keep bringing this point up, as we both obviously agree on it.
  10. Mosiah 15: 1-5

    So in your theology God DOES have free will. How do you view answer A not being correct?
  11. Mosiah 15: 1-5

    I am trying to understand your belief system, and you respond with a personal attack of "you don't comprehend God"? ??? I'm going to answer you a simple question. Please give me as simple and direct answer, A or B. Please don't respond with a lengthy paragraph because those are failing to answer my question. In your theology did Christ (A) choose to die and save mankind (of His own free will), or (B) was he forced (lacking free will)? Again, please just directly respond A or B.
  12. Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. Always a false assumption. In regards to 1 Cornin 14, the JST and modern day revelation clarifies this has not mandating women to always literally shut up, but they are to be respectful of men (and vise versa), and not dominate over them in church. I recommend: https://www.lds.org/manual/new-testament-student-manual/1-corinthians/chapter-39-1-corinthians-12-14?lang=eng In addition to receiving some criticism for allowing women to speak, we LDS also receive a lot more criticism from the other end of the spectrum for not having women priests. Your point here is extremely important. Thankfully, what you're describing has not been my experience as a woman in the Church at all. I have always been supported by men in the church (father, church brothers, friends, etc). One of my biggest supporters is my non-LDS husband. Still, I know that not all women are so fortunate, and what you describe is a real problem. There are variety of ways this problem can manifest-- - Not supporting her via not giving her time to do her calling. Remedied by giving her time. For example, dad can watch the kids for a time so she can prepare a lesson or visit teach. - Not supporting via not listening. *Jane bonks such an idiot on the head* Dude, the man is not without the woman. Listen to your wife/sister/mom/etc. - Not supporting via just skipping over her/her calling. *Jane bonks this an idiot on the head too* - Not supporting via never saying thanks. *Jane bonks idiot #3 on the head too* The proper way: give everyone in your life time to fulfill their calling, listen to them and respect them, and thank them for their contribution.
  13. Mosiah 15: 1-5

    So you don't believe God has any free will. He is forced to do everything He does. Logical conclusion: He didn't choose to send Christ- He was forced to do it. He didn't choose to love me- but was/is forced to do so. He doesn't choose to do any good, but is forever forced to do so. He's nothing more than a programmed robot. Why in the world would I (or anyone else) ever consider such a robot to be worthy of admiration, let alone worship?
  14. Inaccurate material in Primary manual

    If you (PP) want to send out an email to the Primary teachers letting them know the more accurate information, go for it.
  15. How to be a tolerant parent?

    By telling them you love them. Do wholesome activities together that show love and open communication. Speak their love language. A lot of the times there is a rebellion quality of things- to go and do the exact opposite just to be obstinate. A lot of the times its' because if they through away their Christ-centric moral compass then they have zero compass, as opposed to a moral-minded atheist. I am assuming that she is graduated high school, not attending college, and not holding a job? She is an adult: treat her like an adult. Adult's pay rent, car insurance, food, etc. None of that comes out of your pocket anymore. Do not endorse her bad behavior by paying for it (directly or indirectly). If she does not abide by the conditions of her renters agreement at your house, then she can rent elsewhere. You still love her and she's still invited to family game night (or whatever it is you do), but you're not endorsing bad behavior. As an obstinate young adult once myself: treat her as an adult. She's not a child anymore: let her have the rights and responsibilities of an adult, and let her deal with the consequences of those decisions. Don't try to rescue her like she's a child.