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  1. I would be surprised if that something new was homosexual behavior was no longer considered a sin. As distasteful as polygamy may have been to early saints, at least they could open their bibles and find examples of righteous men and women who were highly favored of God that practiced it. We have no such examples of homosexuals. The point isn't to beat up on gays. I just think it's important to be realistic. I think some well meaning heterosexual members are making it even more difficult for gays in the church by predicting God will soon approve of homosexual lifestyles including gay marriage, or the church will eventually cave to public pressure, or because prophets are fallible they will soon realize they have been mistaken all these years, etc. It seems like a foolish and vain hope that had been strongly refuted by every prophet that had spoken on the matter. This is a sin serious enough for excommunication so it seems we should be devoting our energy to helping believing gay members keep the commandments instead of giving them a false hope that God will approve of them breaking these commandments today because He will allow it in the future.
  2. Ha, it's on the Missionary Online Recommendation System homepage so lots of people have access to it.
  3. There's a "Weight Guidelines for Prospective Missionaries" letter from 2007 that lists a table showing max weight limits by height. It says for use by stake presidents and bishops and not for distribution so I won't post the table here.
  4. Are there any scriptures or statements from past/present prophets that would lead any believing member to believe God will one day no longer consider homosexual behavior a sin? It's not like the priesthood ban which prohibited blacks until 1978 from receiving the priesthood even if they lived the standards of the church. And blacks could hold the priesthood in earlier times. Homosexuality is either condemned or ignored in the scriptures or by prophets. It seems unlikely and unfair if God waited until the last of the last days to condone behavior that He had never encouraged or allowed before. Of course, that doesn't excuse poor behavior by any member towards anyone who is LGBT. I think most believing members would join together in condemning such behavior.
  5. Even though this discussion went off the rails, there were a few interesting questions raised: -How converted should you be in order to be baptized? Who gets to decide? I've seen strong new converts leave within a year and weak new converts still going strong. -Does pressure for missionaries to meet goals hurt or help the work? Even though many missionaries may have negative feelings about "numbers", does it help motivate them to work harder and smarter? Rely on the spirit more or less?
  6. There it is!! The one thing this thread was missing!
  7. The quote about church leaders comes from Sarah Jane Weaver, not Elder Ballard. But it continues to be attributed to Elder Ballard for some reason. Have you asked Sarah Weaver to explain what she meant since it's causing so much confusion for some here?
  8. Here are the full paragraphs from the news article. I think some of the confusion is that it's not clear that Elder Ballard said what you claim he said. The paragraph above states which practices the author claims church leaders don't know where they began. Am I not reading the news article correctly? Some missionaries have felt pressure to invite people to be baptized during the first lesson or even the first contact. “These missionaries have felt that inviting people to be baptized the very first time they meet them demonstrated the missionaries’ faith and supports their thinking that inviting people to be baptized early is what is expected,” he said. “Other missionaries have felt that an invitation to be baptized early allowed them to promptly separate the wheat from the tares. In this case, some see the baptismal invitation as a sifting tool.” Church leaders don’t know where these practices began, but “it was never our intention to invite people to be baptized before they had learned something about the gospel, felt the Holy Ghost, and had been properly prepared to accept a lifelong commitment to follow Jesus Christ,” said President Ballard. “Our retention rates will dramatically increase when people desire to be baptized because of the spiritual experiences they are having rather than feeling pressured into being baptized by our missionaries.”
  9. I was surprised that none of the youth complained about the historical inaccuracies with trek. It seems to be an bigger issue with some adults. I also didn't hear any complain about being manipulated into having spiritual experiences. The youth with me had a great time and were very sad when it ended. Sure, any additional safety precautions should be implemented if appropriate, but I think it would be a big mistake to discontinue trek. I'm not a crier, but I almost lost it when a group of girls sprinted back down the hill during the YW pull to help some of the girls struggling to get to the top. I saw one of my trek sons yesterday. He recently got his mission call to Utah. He struggles with anxieties, but said trek played an important role in helping him realize he can do difficult things.
  10. I went two years ago and we were also instructed to start drinking lots of water several days before trek. We were also instructed to spend time outside starting several weeks before trek to acclimate to the heat and humidity. I took a group of youth several times a week for a three mile hike in a nearby park before trek. On trek we had lots of water and gatorade and we made the kids stop and get a drink even if they weren't thirsty. We were trained how to spot early signs of dehydration so we watched the youth closely. There was a full-time EMT that was on the trail the entire time. Not a surprise when the few kids who didn't prepare had a harder time dealing with the heat. YM camp this year? two broken wrists, one sprained wrist, a broken collarbone, a gash on the face requiring 40 stitches, and a gash on a foot that also required stitches. But all I heard was how much fun it was. Weirdos.
  11. The title for the thread came from the article I posted: "Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Explains Why He's a 'Unique Mormon'" I found his response very bizarre so I was curious what everyone here finds unique about themselves as members of the church. Or if anyone even feels the need to explain why they are unique.
  12. I understand the need to feel there is something unique and different about yourself. Living in an area with a small church presence, just being a member was always a way to stand out at school and work. Of course, there were always quirky and interesting people at church. But I imagine it must be different for those in Utah where apparently everyone is the same. In the article I quoted, Reynolds states, "I hate that people have to be pigeon­holed" and then explains that sometimes NOT believing in God is what makes him a "unique Mormon". I can't quite put my finger on it, but that seems an odd thing to say.
  13. You have over 15k posts and you still have questions and concerns the smart believers here haven't been able to resolve? That seems hard to believe.
  14. But don't members want to believe they have unique gifts that are needed to build up the church, assist in the gathering, etc? Some missionaries believe they are sent to a certain country because they are the only one who can find and baptize certain people. Is it wrong to feel you are unique if you don't then compare yourself to others?
  15. Did you get that from the joke page of Boys Life magazine?
  16. Recently Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons was quoted in an article discussing what makes him a unique Mormon. It's understandable that many feel they possess traits and qualities that make them different from other members. However, it can be a challenge to distinguish yourself today especially with all the competition from social media. Reynolds explains: "Some days I don’t believe in anything — some days I’m probably more atheist than your atheist friend". What is it that makes you unique as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?
  17. Since everyone in Utah blindly follows what the prophet says (or so I've heard), maybe it's evidence that the Mormon culture doesn't hate LGBTQ citizens after all? President Gordon B. Hinckley said: "People inquire about our position on those who consider themselves so-called gays and lesbians. My response is that we love them as sons and daughters of God." I don't see any place for hatred or violence by Utah members of the church towards anyone. Well, maybe with the exception of families traveling in a wagon train from Arkansas. But seriously, how often does Utah see that? I realize there is a lot of hatred out there for gays, minorities, Trump supporters, etc. I haven't seen any encouragement from a president of the Church to engage in such behavior. Does anyone have a quote from a recent president to the contrary? I live far from Utah, but I get the impression the state loves to show off how accepting they can be to those outside the Church. I'd love to be treated with the same respect offered by the Church by those who disagree with me. I'm sure there are members who don't follow the council from the prophet, but it sounds like SLC is a pretty safe place for the LGBTQ community to live. Nice to see Dan Reynolds with his shirt on for the article. Since he started working out, most photos show him without his shirt on.
  18. At the Philly temple open house the tour guide also called it the "instruction" room. I guess they are using the same script?
  19. Didn't the Godmakers video show an elderly woman discussing how she had to keep the garment on while washing? That's the only time I've heard that claim I found out last summer that all garments that are tried on for size at Deseret Books are destroyed.
  20. Just give everyone more time Q: Where are you most often when you read MDDB? A: See thread title
  21. The only family that has left the church are two sisters after moving to Utah. Holy heck, what the fetch is going on in that flipping' state that kills testimonies and destroys faith?
  22. According to Bro Douglas Holmes of the YMGP, worldwide the 5th Sunday in September will be used to introduce the program. There will be a face to face broadcast in November led by Elder Gong. He mentioned that currently moms with kids in the programs are responsible for 470+ requirements for Duty to God, Faith in God, and Personal Progress. He said the new program will be radically different since all those are going away. He didn't give any more details in the training meeting this morning.
  23. As a proud feminist son of God, I'm appalled that an attractive young man publicly announced his intentions to discriminate against more than half our society. Can you imagine the howls from the patriarchy if a woman got up and announced she was starting a business and would only hire other women? I won't be sending my daughters to a school that tolerates such sexism, male privilege, and blatant discrimination against others who happen to be born with different genitalia.
  24. I thought you shared the article as evidence for your position that the Nov 15 policy was responsible for an increase in gay teen suicides in the church, which is the reason given for the protests and this thread. My bad. It may be good to talk more openly about suicide. I don't think it's good to spread harmful conclusions that aren't supported by the experts who are studying this problem.
  25. No where does it make the claim the church's Nov 15 policy was responsible for the suicides.
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