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  1. I wish the critics would give the church credit for the progress that has been made in viewing women's roles. There's a good example at the :30 service mark in the new Light the World video: The helpless man with a flat tire is rescued by the young lady who not only brings over a tire iron, but also helps loosens the lug nuts. Progress?
  2. Over here on the other coast we've heard all the sad reports of celebrities losing their homes to the fire. There hasn't been any reporting about non celebrities affected by the fire, so that's a good thing.
  3. gopher

    Anniversary of the “The Policy”

    Fair question. I haven't found one that would cause me to leave the church. But I realize it's different for some people. I do know someone who was deceived into joining the church. My sister told a boy she was dating she would only get married in the temple. He took the missionary lessons and was baptized. A week later she dumped him. He came from a broken family filled with lots of abuse and hopelessness. He served a mission, met a nice, nondeceitful girl, got married, and has five beautiful kids. I saw him a few years ago as they were planning a trip to visit his old mission. He seemed very happy. So maybe it's ok to be deceived into joining the church. I have another sister who left the church with her husband after reading some false claims against the church online. In the next few months she made a big deal about how nothing bad happened to her for leaving. Within six months, however, she was diagnosed with cancer (she got better, but that's not the point). She's the only breadwinner since her husband is an alcoholic and won't work and her son gave up a promising baseball career to lay around the house and do drugs. But she loves her family and loves her job. And we still love her. So maybe it's ok to be deceived into leaving the church.
  4. gopher

    Disturbing New Statistics about Seminary

    There may be some truth in that at least according to a member of the ward who has a son that left for Brazil last week. She says Brazil requires missionaries to have extensive training beyond just the few weeks in the MTC before they can work in the country. The church claims the four years of seminary fulfills that requirement. Anyone heard anything similar?
  5. gopher

    Anniversary of the “The Policy”

    And there were people 100% convinced the policy caused a sharp increase in suicides. I wonder how many members left the church because that believed that? Hopefully they will find their way back some day. Maybe it would be a good idea for critics to be as wary of claims against the church as they are of claims made by the church. I do want to to thank all those here that take the time to answer the accusations that come up regularly against the church. How many times have there been seemingly devastating claims made that turned out to be false, misleading, or incomplete? Few of us have the time to go through all the evidence and unravel the claims to come to an informed conclusion.
  6. gopher

    Anniversary of the “The Policy”

    Wasn't the greatest outrage of the policy was that it directly led to the suicides of 26 gay LDS teens in Utah in the two months after the policy was announced? I recently saw that same claim made in another forum so it hasn't gone away yet. Now we know that suicides have decreased since the policy. Shouldn't the inspired Church leadership get credit for saving the lives of conflicted LDS teens by issuing the Nov policy? And who is trying to convince gay LDS teens that they are unwelcomed, unwanted, and even unloved in the church? It's not coming from any Church leaders that I'm aware of. In everything I've heard and read, the message is the opposite. But they are constantly being told that by ex-mos and disgruntled members. Is that really helpful for gay LDS teens who have testimonies of the restored Gospel and living prophets? Hopefully they put more trust in their parents and Church leaders who are more likely to have their best interests at heart. There is always more members can do to minister and support everyone so there's definitely room for improvement.
  7. gopher

    Anniversary of the “The Policy”

    The policy unfairly targets children of gay Catholics since they have to wait 18 years to get baptized instead of the additional 10 years for children of gay LDS parents.
  8. gopher

    Anniversary of the “The Policy”

    You are far enough outside of DC you probably have fewer activists in your ward. We had a family leave for about 6 months while the mom angry blogged about the policy. But they've come back and seem to be at peace now. Virginia is beautiful this time of year. I'm planning on hiking in the Shenandoah mountains to celebrate Veteran's day. The leaves changing colors are breathtaking and put those boring, ugly, brown mountains Utahns brag about to shame.
  9. What they did was use an iframe to embed mormon.org on their site. Look at the HTML source of the page. So you are viewing mormon.org. but the initial page is loaded from an unknown server. It's not clear why it was done. Maybe it's used for testing by the web developers for the church, but I wouldn't use it until it uses a valid certificate owned by the church.
  10. It's a fraud. Check out the SSL certificate (click on the padlock icon in your browser and view details). It's not registered to to the church and is a wildcard cert for lots of other sites that are not owned by the church.
  11. gopher

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    Don't give up - I'm glad I didn't. It was tempting at times. It just happens so easy for many. Once in a TR interview, the counselor told me that when he was ready to get married, he prayed about it and the next week met his wife in the BYU cafeteria. Ta-da! (Not mocking his experience - it just wasn't that easy for me). It's tough when you are told you are smart, funny, handsome, and any girl would be happy to be with you (why would my mom lie?) I was a few years younger than you when it finally happened. it was humiliating because it seems the entire stake was involved in setting us up. I brought her to church for the first time before announcing our engagement. In RS, after introducing herself, she mentioned "by the way, I'm marrying gopher". She said all the women stood up and clapped and loudly cheered. A few started crying. Some had known me since high school and thought I'd never get married. But it was all worth it - I married an amazing returned missionary who wasn't bothered by our age difference and now have a bunch of kids. I can't imagine life getting any better.
  12. gopher

    Speculations for General Conference

    The only change I'd like to see is swapping the General Priesthood and Women's sessions. Right now I miss the second half of the first NCAA Final Four men's basketball game and the first half of the second. It would be nice to see the church be considerate of those of us living outside the state of Utah that are fans of teams that have an actual chance to make it to the Final Four.
  13. gopher

    Hidden message in Sabbath Day video?

    Well, the very next scene is the couple in bed. He's falling backwards into bed while she is browsing on her phone (probably on MDDB looking to see if any weirdos are reading too much into her performance in the video)
  14. gopher

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    This thread is waaayyy more interesting than the stuff going on right now in General. I think you should go for broke. Post your photo all over the internet, including this site. Then wait for some nice young woman to see it and instantly fall in love. Wait- maybe that only works for serial killers in prison.
  15. Why does the wife vigorously shake her head at her husband after he raises his eyebrows at her at the :19 mark? Do I have a dirty mind or is there some other reason that I'm missing? Is the church subtly discouraging lovin' on Sundays?