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  1. I thought you shared the article as evidence for your position that the Nov 15 policy was responsible for an increase in gay teen suicides in the church, which is the reason given for the protests and this thread. My bad. It may be good to talk more openly about suicide. I don't think it's good to spread harmful conclusions that aren't supported by the experts who are studying this problem.
  2. No where does it make the claim the church's Nov 15 policy was responsible for the suicides.
  3. The article was clear that conclusions such as the one you made are incorrect. And drugs are evil especially when used by teens.
  4. All four apologies accepted!!!! Yes, the board is still flakey sometimes with posting duplicates.
  5. According to my family and friends involved in the protests, the claim is that the Nov 2015 policy was responsible for an increase in suicides of gay LDS teens. Do you have any evidence that claim is true? No doubt it is challenging to live as a gay inside the LDS community. Why make it even more difficult by spreading unfounded claims in an effort to turn them against the church they believe in and love?
  6. Do you read any of Calm's posts? She has done an incredible job of gathering information provided by professionals who warn against drawing the types of conclusions you have drawn. And she is by far the most credible and trustworthy poster on this board so you can't easily dismiss what she has posted. I think those members of my family who have suffered the tragic loss of gay children to suicide deserve to have accurate information. Do you agree?
  7. I'm afraid you didn't understand my post at all. I wasn't mocking family and friends who have struggled with suicide or testimony issues over culture or positions over homosexuality. I was only calling out those evil people among the protesters who have evil designs in their hearts to inflict further misery on those who struggle. If you wish to defend them, I promise I won't judge you. I also have a great amount of love for those who struggled. I guess we'll just have to disagree to agree.
  8. That would be cool if they did...
  9. Not a bad idea. We have the organization already in place with the Honor Code Office.
  10. When will those who helped perpetuate this cruel hoax that the church was responsible for teen suicides be held accountable? Opportunists and faith crisis actors took advantage of grieving families to fan the flames of anger and misinformation in the church community. How many families left the church after being getting caught up in the outrage from activists instead of seeking peace and solace in the temples of the Lord? How will those involved who remained in the church repair the damage they have done to the faith and testimonies of others?
  11. Elder Stephenson gave a great talk in priesthood session, but there was some grumbling in the chapel when he showed Bryce Harper. It's still way too early for DC sports fans to be reminded of him in a Phillies jersey.
  12. It's just nice to have a few commandments that you don't feel tempted to break. Drinking coffee, eating shellfish, coveting my neighbor's a$$, and getting gay married are all on the list of things I don't feel tempted to do.
  13. Coffee belches from the person sitting in the back seat of your car while commuting to work are awful. I'm not a big fan of second hand coffee aromas.
  14. 20 years ago who would have predicted that homosexuality would become such a testimony killer for some who claimed to be full believers? And now the church even includes discussions about SSM in the lesson manuals. Did everyone watch the video from Come follow me with the two attractive blond women arguing about SSM? Pretty entertaining. https://mediasrv.lds.org/media-services/CM/size/5366137675001/480/268/347506 I guess the video can't be embedded here?
  15. It's becoming clearer that the plague of site instability began after the mods stubbornly refused to obey President Nelson's council and let the name of this board go. I expect to see lots of bugs on this site soon. Hopefully the mods only have daughters.
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