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  1. Date-onomics

    If you aren't intimidated or threatened by strong, educated women, come visit the DC area. Lots of high-powered professionals in both government and private sector. I think the single adults are still the fastest growing demographic in the area. The church recently created a DC singles stake.
  2. I'm curious why the church needed to put out a statement at all. Hoping for good PR by piling on with everyone else? There are much larger problems going on every day in the US than a small group of racists protesting. It was tragic there was a fatality. But what does it have to do with the church? Do we know if any members of the church were involved? Charlottesville is a beautiful college town, but it's been tough the past few years at UVA. Apparently some are just now realizing the school was founded by a racist.
  3. BoM The Musical in SLC

    You are probably correct. I understand that some are attracted to the vulgarity and the shock value of the play. I had hoped the blasphemy and other mocking of sacred LDS beliefs in the play would be a deterrent to seeing it, especially to those who are appalled when it is done to other religions or groups. But I don't know what members should do about it. I thought about getting a group of angry members together to go riot and vandalize my town and then place all the blame on the play, but I got back too late from hometeaching and had to scrap the idea
  4. BoM The Musical in SLC

    I'm a bit disappointed to see those who regularly criticize the Church and its members support and defend this play. This could have been an opportunity to help bridge the gap and restore trust with those who defend the church. I get South Park humor. But Bernard and others have clearly laid out the reasons why anyone who professes to believe in tolerance, respect, and understanding should not see this play. It can cause you to lose the moral high ground and your criticisms of the church start to ring hollow. It is sad that in this day of increased sensitivities to other cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles that this play has become such a success. But that's just the world we live in.
  5. Mormon's behaving badly

    I haven't heard any mention Kevin around here and I regularly see members of his stake. Maybe it's because many members have top secret clearances and they are used to keeping silent about intelligence matters. When I worked for the Federal Gov't, I would always joke that I was the rare member that could openly talk about what I did for a living. But there is big money around here for CIA, State Department, and other intelligence employees when they leave the gov't depending on their field of expertise. Hopefully Kevin wasn't corrupted by the lure of money.
  6. So this happened in Church today...

    Have you noticed any improvement since the change was made to have Ward Councils help plan speakers and topics for Sacrament meeting? It's no longer the bishopric or executive secretary making the decisions. We use the entire 3rd Sunday WC to plan the next month's meeting. In theory, it should lead to more diverse ideas, better coordination with lessons in the 2nd and 3rd hour, etc. Yesterday, we had our ward OW, pro-SSM, pro-everything-progressive activist speak and she did a great job. I don't know if the bishopric would have dared to ask her to speak, but the WC convinced them. I also think very few people have the skill to give a good talk from a few notes jotted down on a card. Write out your talk! And read over it several times out loud before the meeting so when you deliver it, it sounds natural. Our meetings will be more likely to end on time and I won't be ticked off at you for taking time away from my SS class
  7. Sure, there are some uninspiring speakers, but all it takes is one new convert or recently activated member to bear sincere testimony to make F&T meetings worth it for me.
  8. What would the reaction be if the girl said she is a lesbian but intends to remain faithful to her testimony of the restored gospel and keep the law of chastity as it is currently taught in the church? That would take even more courage, imo. Unfortunately, it would likely result in vicious attacks on her by those opposed to the church. Reading the comments on youtube, huffpo,fark,etc is depressing. The level of hatred towards the LDS church and its members is appalling. I hope it doesn't lead to violence. This week a man shot a congressman and others nearby because of his hatred towards them.
  9. Is the Church Homophobic?

    For those interested in the actual numbers in the US: Also, Link I got the link from this interesting story from my newsfeed entitled, "'Born this way'? It's way more complicated than that". Link
  10. Trek dos and don'ts

    I recently attended the final training for trek. We usually learn from the dumb stuff that's done out west, so there are plenty of precautions added to keep the youth safe. There will also be a full time EMT there. I expect there will be some complaining from youth (and some leaders) during trek, but I think it's going to be a blast for most. I wish it was available when I was younger, but I plan to have a lot of fun as an adult leader. The youth do service projects all year already, so I don't see how Habitat for Humanity (as noble a cause as it is) is going to provide them a better experience than trek. It's unique, challenging, and may be a life changing experience for some youth. I don't know if trek costs much more than the usual youth conferences held on non-trek years. In my stake, the only complaints I've heard came from a few adults who have never gone on trek. If the only thing the youth get out of it is a fun experience, is that so bad? Maybe one reason the church is losing younger members is because they see how boring, dull, and no fun the adults have become. (oops, almost forgot the smiley face )
  11. Trek dos and don'ts

    yep, that is heavily stressed. We were warned by the Stake YW president that some young women won't want to drink anything during trek so they won't have to go to the bathroom on the trail. Maybe I'll use the news story in your link as motivation, if needed. As I posted before, the stated purpose of trek is to "strengthen testimonies, build unity, and learn gospel principles while learning from the experiences of the handcart pioneers". Maybe there are better activities to provide the goals you listed. I hope to help make it a great experience for the youth, no matter how contrived, misguided, or historically inaccurate parts of trek may be.
  12. Trek dos and don'ts

    I agree. I don't think it's helpful to promise the youth they will have powerful spiritual experiences on trek (or any other church activity). It sounds like our stake leaders have learned that lesson. From the handbook, it states the purpose of trek is to "strengthen testimonies, build unity, and learn gospel principles while learning from the experiences of the handcart pioneers". Those seem like reasonable and realistic goals. Dead babies aren't mentioned anywhere in the handbook, so I think we are safe there. However, I do like the trek talks in Church. Of course, the youth need a topic to speak on instead of just giving a report on what they did on trek.
  13. Trek dos and don'ts

    Thanks, that will be good to keep in mind. I don't get the impression our stake is trying to make it unnecessarily difficult. We are supposed to watch the youth closely for any signs of "trail sickness", which is mostly heat exhaustion and dehydration. I think the first day is the hardest, with around 5 miles of trekking.
  14. Trek dos and don'ts

    According to the top secret trek handbook that I'm not supposed to allow the youth to see, there will be "pioneer games" such as stick pulling, leg wrestling, and knife/ax throwing. But they claim the most popular activity is hair washing. The youth are supposed to wash each others hair? How am I going to get the young men to do that?
  15. Trek dos and don'ts

    wow, our schedule shows getting into camp by 6:30 the first night, 2:30 the next day, and only one hour of pulling handcarts the last day. Everyone is supposed to be in bed by 9:30. I don't think it serves any meaningful purpose to make the trek insanely difficult. It's never going to be as authentic as the actual pioneer trek, so it doesn't hurt to compromise on a few things.