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  1. It's great to finally have an African American member of the Seventy. I don't blame anyone for being excited about it. Hopefully it can ease some of the racial tension in the church much the same way the first black president healed the country and ended years of racial discrimination. I hope the church can continue to attract black members to join the church so we can worship and serve together. I was at a stake training meeting this week and noticed only one black member in the small group. He also happens to be the stake president, but still..
  2. Isn't he also the first Seventy that once was Muslim? That's even more remarkable than just being black.
  3. Very helpful! Do you have the comparisons to the changes made to the statement on wearing the garment too? I noticed the wording is now different in the letter that came out yesterday from the 1st Presidency.
  4. I agree, that's certainly inappropriate to discuss around young children.
  5. I know a beehive young woman who will be disappointed to hear he has a girlfriend. That's funny about the beard. Sis Gopher immediately stopped lusting after him when she saw a picture of him with the beard. She doesn't think it looks good on him. Makes sense since it's fake. There's a good article in the New Era this month that quotes Jackson, the actor playing Nephi. He's in Brazil on his mission according to the article. Laman looks like he could play a dwarf in the Lord of the Rings movies in one of the photos.
  6. "Primary activities are generally held two to four times per month, where practical". https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/youth/childrenandyouth/where-do-we-start-as-leaders Looks like there's some flexibility if you want to meet every week for activity days.
  7. That's the kind of inflammatory rhetoric that is causing anger, doubt, loss of faith, and threads on this forum to go past 20 pages.
  8. And many members weren't hurt and didn't leave the church. What is the difference between the two groups? I have a member friend with a gay son and she isn't hurt or angry at the church for the policy. But she also doesn't criticize past/present prophets and apostles, pick fights with believers, or praise dissenters like we see from many who oppose the policy.
  9. I'm not sure what you are looking for. President Nelson actually gave us the reasons for the policy change. We don't always get that. I don't have a better direction than what he has offered. Everything else is just speculation which both sides have done.
  10. That used to mean something to me until the 1st counselor ran off with the Bishop's wife when I was a teen. Now I recognize you can be a critic or worse and still hold leadership callings in the church. But if you don't consider yourself a critic, I won't either. Yes, I'm just not convinced that President Nelson and the Brethren are the cause of the heartache, confusion, and tears of members.
  11. Wait, aren't you a critic? I don't see many positive posts from you about the church or its leaders, especially on this topic. So it might make sense if your mom didn't believe the policy as it was explained by you. It's become a divisive issue, that's for sure. Four years of arguing about it hasn't brought much resolution for many, it appears. However, I don't think it's spiritually healthy to continue to criticize the Prophet for doing his job. I could be wrong, but it's hard to imagine there are many believing members that think that President Nelson is ignoring or disobeying what God is telling him to do.
  12. Yes, those are some of the same arguments made by the critics of the church that post here and elsewhere. Maybe it's possible to come to those conclusions without being influenced by them. But they been addressed and refuted many times on this forum by thoughtful, believing members who don't agree with your conclusions. Looks like they've failed to change your mind. I don't know how your friend was hurt by the policy so can't really respond to that.
  13. I made the mistake of watching the video with some young women in the room. Next time I'm watching it with guys only so I don't have to continually hear how hot Nephi is. He does look a bit like Kylo Ren from Star Wars
  14. I wonder how much of pain and heartache was caused by agitators inside and outside the church. The initial shock of the policy was fueled by the reports that it was responsible for 26 (also reported as 32) teen LDS suicides in the few months after it was released. Opportunists (many now excommunicated or resigned from the church) quickly fanned the flames before the truth came out. With so many invested in the narrative the church had blood on their hands, I think it was the right move to change the policy. It's difficult to understand how any believing member of the church would find anything offensive or hurtful in the statements by President Nelson or Elder Christofferson. How many of those who claim to be hurt were influenced by critics and some in the faith crisis crowd constantly feeding them with negative comments about the church and its leaders?
  15. I would be surprised if that something new was homosexual behavior was no longer considered a sin. As distasteful as polygamy may have been to early saints, at least they could open their bibles and find examples of righteous men and women who were highly favored of God that practiced it. We have no such examples of homosexuals. The point isn't to beat up on gays. I just think it's important to be realistic. I think some well meaning heterosexual members are making it even more difficult for gays in the church by predicting God will soon approve of homosexual lifestyles including gay marriage, or the church will eventually cave to public pressure, or because prophets are fallible they will soon realize they have been mistaken all these years, etc. It seems like a foolish and vain hope that had been strongly refuted by every prophet that had spoken on the matter. This is a sin serious enough for excommunication so it seems we should be devoting our energy to helping believing gay members keep the commandments instead of giving them a false hope that God will approve of them breaking these commandments today because He will allow it in the future.
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