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  1. Removing all the snark from my previous posts, my comments reflect my great disappointment and sadness when any LDS couple divorce when they have small children, no matter the reason. In Reynolds case, it also affects my interest in seeing his documentary where he and his wife are portrayed as a devoted couple. I'm not encouraging anyone to condemn either of them because of their divorce. It's my opinion they would be a stronger voice for change if there weren't getting divorced. And gossiping is actually good thing
  2. Cool, first time I've been smac'ed on this board! Do you ever worry that by refuting a post point by point that you may miss the overall intent of the poster? I'm not suggesting anyone judge why his family fell apart. I'm merely voicing an opinion that I'm now less interested in hearing what he has to say in the documentary he made with his wife, no matter the reason or who was at fault for their divorce. Too harsh? maybe so.
  3. But I have a date with the bishop's daughter. It took me, like forever, to ask her out.
  4. I disagree. He made his divorce public on Twitter and in Interviews. If his message was gun control it wouldn't matter. But his message is all about love and not giving up. He's been very public with his marriage and family. It's my opinion that he is weakened in his effectiveness now that he's divorcing his wife. It's especially sad since there are babies involved. Maybe he should have stopped touring or working on his documentary to try to repair things. I don't expect anyone else to see it the way I do. I don't think he's a bad person and I hope he can reconcile with his wife. It's hard to lecture others about their behaviour since you open your own life up for examination. It's a lesson the "family values" politicians never learn.
  5. Sorry. Dad. Can I still borrow the car this weekend?
  6. Sad that he didn't devote more time to saving his 7 year marriage than trying to save the world, That should have been his most important cause. It makes his words ring hollow as he lectures about love, tolerance, and acceptance as he breaks the hearts of his three children by no longer wanting to be with their mother. "Dad was a hypocrite. He could talk about peace and love to the world but he could never show it to his wife and son" - Julian Lennon
  7. gopher

    Depression and your State

    I live near a city ( in a state rated a 3 on the map) that declared one weekend a 'don't kill anyone" weekend. And they couldn't make it the 72 hours. But I'm sure Utah is a more depressing place to live.
  8. I also find it alarming that there are Mormons that like Nickelback (who hit it big in the 90's). Imagine Dragons is the actual band in question and are often referred to as the Nickelback of this decade. yes, I'm an east coast music snob.
  9. Since hatred is the only valid reason for opposing SSM (according to many), it's no wonder youth don't want to be accused of hatred. Plus they are easily influenced by celebrity Mormons who support SSM like that lead singer of Nickelback.
  10. WHY ISN'T THIS SITE BLOCKED?? It's far more dangerous than social media. (Sent while connected to the church wifi in a church parking lot)
  11. Just trying to have some fun. No offense intended. But you clearly missed the point and it's not funny if I have to explain it.
  12. I’m sorry, I don’t yet know how to use this site. But I saw you said for ex-mormon’s to set aside their differences and celebrate? Was that the joke part?

  13. It is unfortunate. When it was announced that the DC Temple would be closed for two years and that members could choose between going to Philly or Raleigh during the closure, I think many more were excited about Raleigh. No offense to anyone from Philly. But your city smells bad and you have horrible traffic.
  14. I can't believe you left out the biggest change! In a victory for my MRA group and our silent protest, children and youth can no longer be alone with one adult women. Previously, it was only men that needed two deep leadership in Primary and Scouts. The church has finally corrected this egregious wrong. So we are going to celebrate with a night of bowling and karaoke.
  15. I was told several months ago they found mold in the temple so they shut it down