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  1. I logged into FamilySearch and found 5 Adolf Hitlers. For all the ordinances in all 5 instances it shows "Not Available" . Same for Eva Braun.
  2. I think the Gospel Principles manual is invaluable - it has a section on the Church's teachings on homosexuality and SSM, and includes President Hinckley's counsel to the church to love gays and lesbians as sons and daughters of God. It's also written so even teenagers can understand. You aren't comfortable recommending this discussion board? Even the believing members here often can't agree on anything. I like the idea of your class. Even if you can't discuss each item in detail, it will expose the youth to the questions so they won't go through the struggle many have described after first hearing the issues as adults. I like your approach of tackling the questions head on rather than sidestepping them. I've already discussed most of them with my teenager so he could hear them from someone he loves and trusts and has his best interests at heart. I thought there are some good questions posted by teens on the webpage for the upcoming Face to Face broadcast with Pres Eyring and Elder Holland. Many are about faith, prayers, and testimony, but there are some other question that fit into your other categories. https://www.lds.org/broadcasts/face-to-face/eyring-holland?lang=eng
  3. It's just never a good idea to use an instance of rape to teach about any Gospel principle. I do think it's possible to speak up without bashing the person. A less active member recently told our SS class that he thought couples should live together before getting married. I was impressed with the kind tone of the class members who responded to him without making him feel stupid or unrighteous or unworthy. As a result, he has continued to attend. I hope people speak up and voice their concerns in church. It just seems our society often can't express disapproval without going into full scorched earth mode.
  4. I think it's prudent to set strict grooming standards for the temple since things can quickly get out of hand. I like the effort to help improve the temple experience by removing as many distractions as possible. I am still confused why I couldn't work in the temple as a single man once I turned 30. I've never heard the explanation. Anyone know why? I wasn't offended, but thought it was odd since there is often a shortage of temple workers. While visiting a ward in Provo nearly 15 years ago, I heard the stake president announce the same beard restriction for Bishoprics. The next week, the Bishop dutifully shaved off his mustache. I admired him a lot for that. He actually looked better with his mustache, but he was willing to follow his leaders, even when it was for something that may not have eternal significance.
  5. I don't see this being the breaking point for the Church. I think that may come when BSA admits atheists AND removes any mention of God in their handbooks, literature, and scout oath.
  6. I don't mind wearing white shirts - but I agree that it's hard to keep them white especially if you live in a high humidity area of the country. My shirts somehow get dirty walking into church from the parking lot. Now, ties? It's like wearing a leash around our necks. Who thought that was a good idea?
  7. The movie came out in the early 90's. Maybe it was just local, but his experience of overcoming enormous odds to make the Notre Dame football team was often used by ward and stake church leaders to motivate youth. Plus, the movie has a fun ending when he finally gets to play in a game.
  8. I understand your point. Let me assure you I'm not into celebrity worship. Celebrity members often make me cringe more than celebrate. However, this story showed up on my Yahoo news feed and I thought it was interesting because the movie based on his experience at ND seemed to be popular with church members I've known.
  9. Even if you aren't a football fan, everyone loves the movie Rudy starring Sean Astin. For some reason, I always think of Rudy as one of the favorite movies for LDS (along with Princess Bride, Napoleon Dynamite, etc). "Rudy Ruettiger, a former Notre Dame Fighting Irish walk-on whose brief career was dramatized by Hollywood, was baptized Saturday into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." Link
  10. From the article: "A neighboring church in Bellevue (WA) has given a local Muslim community a place to gather and pray after the community's mosque, the Islamic Center of the Eastside, was destroyed by arson." Link I thought this was a nice touch: "The church even left a welcome sign at the front door, along with two large boards covered in messages of hope from members of their congregation" There's a mosque across the street from our chapel. We have a good relationship with them and they've even used our parking lot for overflow parking at times.
  11. Agree. It's also becoming an effective way to silence opposing points of view. But I digress..
  12. They would have known if they were Hillary supporters! Now they've outed themselves and set themselves up for ridicule, scorn, and boycotts Wait, I mean
  13. It looks like a bigger controversy of playing the One Direction song is the Piano Guys are accused of trolling Hillary Clinton by playing "Fight Song" which was used extensively during her campaign. Link Poor guys, I'm sure they weren't looking for all this trouble when they agreed to play at the inauguration.
  14. Isn't history in general replete with misrepresentations, myths and faith creating exaggerations? We now see Columbus and Thomas Jefferson much differently than when I was in school.
  15. All this talk of of Gospel Doctrine not being interesting is making me self-conscious as a former instructor. I hope my class didn't feel that way Maybe the Church should create a Pathways degree program for all the Church issues (historical, intellectual, philosophical, etc) that seem to be popular in online discussions. I like keeping GD more focused on spiritual instruction which most of the members in my class seemed to prefer.