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  1. Just trying to have some fun. No offense intended. But you clearly missed the point and it's not funny if I have to explain it.
  2. I’m sorry, I don’t yet know how to use this site. But I saw you said for ex-mormon’s to set aside their differences and celebrate? Was that the joke part?

  3. It is unfortunate. When it was announced that the DC Temple would be closed for two years and that members could choose between going to Philly or Raleigh during the closure, I think many more were excited about Raleigh. No offense to anyone from Philly. But your city smells bad and you have horrible traffic.
  4. I can't believe you left out the biggest change! In a victory for my MRA group and our silent protest, children and youth can no longer be alone with one adult women. Previously, it was only men that needed two deep leadership in Primary and Scouts. The church has finally corrected this egregious wrong. So we are going to celebrate with a night of bowling and karaoke.
  5. I was told several months ago they found mold in the temple so they shut it down
  6. Who heard the disruption?

    At first I thought you were referring to President Nelson when he busted up laughing as he announced the Layton temple. That was one of the highlights of Conference for me. But now I see you mean the rowdies in the conference center.
  7. Who heard the disruption?

    I'm too lazy to insert a "That's the joke" meme here. But that was the joke.
  8. Who heard the disruption?

    I think it was mostly members from Layton who were excited to finally have a temple nearby
  9. Seems fitting that mormonleaks would steal a joke created by someone else and pass it off as their own.
  10. Who heard the disruption?

    The disruption was unfortunate. General Conference is a time for Mormons and ex-Mormons to set aside their differences and celebrate together the restoration of the true Church of Jesus Christ, the restoration of the Holy Priesthood, and the awesomeness of having a living prophet.
  11. Now we can accuse critics of racism whenever they criticize the Q12. At least that's how we roll where I live.
  12. Conference

    Nah, you have to get married first. No one takes you serious when you are single
  13. Conference

    Why no leaks about the new apostles? The moles in the COB seem to be low level.
  14. I don't get the impression that ex-mos, non-mormons, and the occasional EVs that stop by are looked at with contempt here. The most heated and entertaining discussions seem to happen between the full believers and the faith crisis crowd. I think many of them consider themselves on the playing field and everyone else is either cheering or jeering on the sidelines. When you have little or no skin in the game, I think it influences how others interact with you. And I think I'm done with sports metaphors for the day.
  15. Thanks, I wonder if knowing this would change some parent's minds about their objections. Personally, I don't have a problem with a Bishop asking. Not all youths have the courage to admit it on their own so they may appreciate the Bishop initiating the conversation. I'm referring to youth that want to be obedient and want to repent. It's in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet, so why not ask? I think many youth who are struggling will appreciate it so they can begin or continue in their repentance. If the Church decides it's no longer a sin, then of course it won't need to be asked. What harm is there in a Bishop asking youth about masturbation in a worthiness interview since it's part of the Law of Chastity?