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  1. What they did was use an iframe to embed mormon.org on their site. Look at the HTML source of the page. So you are viewing mormon.org. but the initial page is loaded from an unknown server. It's not clear why it was done. Maybe it's used for testing by the web developers for the church, but I wouldn't use it until it uses a valid certificate owned by the church.
  2. It's a fraud. Check out the SSL certificate (click on the padlock icon in your browser and view details). It's not registered to to the church and is a wildcard cert for lots of other sites that are not owned by the church.
  3. gopher

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    Don't give up - I'm glad I didn't. It was tempting at times. It just happens so easy for many. Once in a TR interview, the counselor told me that when he was ready to get married, he prayed about it and the next week met his wife in the BYU cafeteria. Ta-da! (Not mocking his experience - it just wasn't that easy for me). It's tough when you are told you are smart, funny, handsome, and any girl would be happy to be with you (why would my mom lie?) I was a few years younger than you when it finally happened. it was humiliating because it seems the entire stake was involved in setting us up. I brought her to church for the first time before announcing our engagement. In RS, after introducing herself, she mentioned "by the way, I'm marrying gopher". She said all the women stood up and clapped and loudly cheered. A few started crying. Some had known me since high school and thought I'd never get married. But it was all worth it - I married an amazing returned missionary who wasn't bothered by our age difference and now have a bunch of kids. I can't imagine life getting any better.
  4. gopher

    Speculations for General Conference

    The only change I'd like to see is swapping the General Priesthood and Women's sessions. Right now I miss the second half of the first NCAA Final Four men's basketball game and the first half of the second. It would be nice to see the church be considerate of those of us living outside the state of Utah that are fans of teams that have an actual chance to make it to the Final Four.
  5. gopher

    Hidden message in Sabbath Day video?

    Well, the very next scene is the couple in bed. He's falling backwards into bed while she is browsing on her phone (probably on MDDB looking to see if any weirdos are reading too much into her performance in the video)
  6. gopher

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    This thread is waaayyy more interesting than the stuff going on right now in General. I think you should go for broke. Post your photo all over the internet, including this site. Then wait for some nice young woman to see it and instantly fall in love. Wait- maybe that only works for serial killers in prison.
  7. Why does the wife vigorously shake her head at her husband after he raises his eyebrows at her at the :19 mark? Do I have a dirty mind or is there some other reason that I'm missing? Is the church subtly discouraging lovin' on Sundays?
  8. gopher

    Modesty issues...again

    Just to be clear - I'm not assigning blame to our wonderful YW leaders. I think in many cases they repeat what they have been told by others wrt to modesty. Many YW leaders do get it. Maybe a talk by the YW General President in GC about the topic would help? Our YW quote from conference talks often. It would also be very valuable for men and boys to hear.
  9. gopher

    Modesty issues...again

    I wood agree. Self reported to Mods
  10. gopher

    Modesty issues...again

    My concern is that it's being also being taught by YW leaders in lessons on modesty. I agree with and trust the women in this thread (and I'm even not gay!). We recently had a big Facebook brawl between a mom and a YW leader about an outfit a new member girl wore to church. How can you also encourage moms and yw leaders to stop passing along harmful expectations and incorrect notions on modesty? It seems that it would be best coming from other women instead of clueless men getting involved. We all care about our young women and want to support them all we can. I'm just not sure everyone is on the same page yet. And I think most men would agree that those BYU boys are losers. Probably very lonely losers.
  11. gopher

    Modesty issues...again

    What is the origin of the idea that the purpose for modesty for young women is to not arouse young men? Is it from overzealous YW leaders? It would be creepy if girls are hearing it from male leaders. And I doubt the young men are doing any complaining. We had a YW leader that admitted she was very naïve about how easily aroused males were until she was married. She said she would have dressed differently around boys in high school, as well as acted differently (no prolonged hugging, sitting on boy's laps, and in flirting). So she may have guilty of mentioning it in a lesson. She was recently replaced by a vocal OW follower who refuses to even say the word modesty due to the protests she's read online. I've never heard it taught to the young men. If we are serious about reducing the occurrences of the arousal of young men, we should look into getting rid of bumpy school bus rides. And mornings.
  12. Removing all the snark from my previous posts, my comments reflect my great disappointment and sadness when any LDS couple divorce when they have small children, no matter the reason. In Reynolds case, it also affects my interest in seeing his documentary where he and his wife are portrayed as a devoted couple. I'm not encouraging anyone to condemn either of them because of their divorce. It's my opinion they would be a stronger voice for change if there weren't getting divorced. And gossiping is actually good thing
  13. Cool, first time I've been smac'ed on this board! Do you ever worry that by refuting a post point by point that you may miss the overall intent of the poster? I'm not suggesting anyone judge why his family fell apart. I'm merely voicing an opinion that I'm now less interested in hearing what he has to say in the documentary he made with his wife, no matter the reason or who was at fault for their divorce. Too harsh? maybe so.
  14. But I have a date with the bishop's daughter. It took me, like forever, to ask her out.
  15. I disagree. He made his divorce public on Twitter and in Interviews. If his message was gun control it wouldn't matter. But his message is all about love and not giving up. He's been very public with his marriage and family. It's my opinion that he is weakened in his effectiveness now that he's divorcing his wife. It's especially sad since there are babies involved. Maybe he should have stopped touring or working on his documentary to try to repair things. I don't expect anyone else to see it the way I do. I don't think he's a bad person and I hope he can reconcile with his wife. It's hard to lecture others about their behaviour since you open your own life up for examination. It's a lesson the "family values" politicians never learn.