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  1. CH1 Now online for all membership

    Huh. And now when I click the link in my first post, it takes me to handbook two. But on my phone it still takes me to handbook one. Maybe this was a glitch?
  2. CH1 Now online for all membership

    I got the link when Dialogue Journal tweeted it this morning. When I go to LDS.org and search for Church Handbook 1, it comes up in what appears to be Danish, even when I search for it with English as a qualifier. English is set as my default language in the upper right corner but it comes up in Danish every time.
  3. Title says it all 😊 https://www.lds.org/manual/handbook-1-stake-presidents-and-bishops?lang=eng
  4. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    Perhaps what I should have said is that people are willing to turn a blind eye to these things if the perpetrator is a fantastic player or a coach that has a record number of championships or whatever. It’s all part of the culture surrounding the sport.
  5. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    I’d be happy to see it disappear. I have nothing but disgust for football. It’s dangerous and barbaric. Egregious acts have been committed against children (looking at you Paterno and Sandusky) and women (how many domestic violence cases have we seen associated with the NFL?) all in the name of football and the almighty dollar.
  6. Hearing from women who have been abused

    Yes. There’s a huge difference between a guy showing respectful interest and striking up a conversation vs harassing comments. Example 1: There is a male employee at my local Walmart who often works the self-checkout which I always use. On more than one occasion, he’s gone “above and beyond” for me, stands and talks to me, etc. Does not touch me or follow me to my car. Completely respectful and non-creepy. Example 2: also at Walmart (I have a big family and a Walmart down the street 😬). I am wearing a skirt and some guy in the parking lot feels the need to comment on the paleness of my legs and tells me I need to get some sun. Example 3: Church foyer (I kid you not). Wind blows my skirt up around my waist as I come in from outside. Some jerk sitting there feels the need to comment that my husband is “a lucky man.” See the difference?
  7. Too Sacred to Share?

    I would add that language is such an imperfect means of communication. It can be difficult or impossible to verbalize a profound spiritual experience. So I often wonder if it's less about reticence and more about simply being incapable of telling or describing accurately. Additionally, the Holy Ghost needs to be present to seal the testimony for both the person sharing and the person receiving. We live in a designated deaf ward and my daughter, who is learning ASL, likened the Holy Ghost to an interpreter during a discussion we had the other day. I thought it was a really good analogy. Both parties need the interpreter present to understand one another well. So often I've seen where people want leaders to share or admit something and say that if they would only do so, THEN could they believe. But it doesn't work that way. The person who had the experience could talk all day about it, but if the person listening isn't adequately prepared to hear it (in a "he that hath ears to hear let him hear" kind of way) and the Spirit isn't present, then the sharing of the experience will do very little.
  8. Elder Hales hospitalized

    So, do they have people preparing "understudy" talks for contingencies like these?
  9. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    Just as long as they aren't "pants of denim material" 😄
  10. The Church is growing so fast...

    Yes, the Lutheran church.
  11. Statement re: Population Explosion in UT?

    Aha. I'm guessing she heard something along these lines and "transmogrified" is a good word. This lady is definitely not a liar, but shall we say she doesn't always have good listening skills or good discrimination about sources of information, and then she tends to over-dramatize as well. I've quickly learned to take her statements with more than a few grains of salt. I was just curious about the actual story behind this statement she made.
  12. I live in CA. A sister in RS today said she has visited three different UT wards over the past month and in all three wards, a letter from "the Brethren" was read warning UT residents that there will be a huge influx of people and that they need to be prepared by storing food and other items. This sister is a lovely person but frequently gets her facts wrong. My husband is the bishop of our ward and has heard nothing of the sort, but again we would not be the target audience for the letter as described. Any UT posters care to shed some light on this?
  13. Heresy at BYU

    It is a great devotional! I saw some buzz about it on twitter and listened the other day.
  14. The footnotes through these verses are interesting. Like Matt 11:25: At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes. I think the use of the word prudent is so interesting here. I feel like in our culture today we get cautious about the gifts and power we are entitled to and we live below our privilege, whether it's because we're afraid or we don't want to appear "weird" or we don't think we're entitled or whatever. I've read and heard it said that often God has to work around what we think we know, and maybe he had less to work around with these children. Maybe it was to remind the parents/adults that the children are his children too and are not "less than". Maybe to strengthen the rising generation and thus prolong the effect of his visit upon the descendants. In any case it seems to be a direct fulfillment of prophesy. And to me it brings to mind the idea of "the first shall be last and the last shall be first".
  15. Pants Now Allowed at the COB

    Read the article. They did.