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  1. Vincenzo Di Francesca Testimony Donated to Church

    Di Francesca was raised in Italy, where he studied religion. He went to New York City in 1909, where he became a Methodist and graduated from Knox College of New York in November 1905. He then became a pastor. He found the BoM which converted him in 1910.
  2. Outward privileges

    Very interesting point. I think I have to go with the English usage of this phrase at the time which seems to refer mostly to the social aspects of Christianity - any outward manifestations that one is practicing religion. These would include worship services, ordinances, priesthood blessings, etc. So the text is saying to me that the Lamanites were trying to disrupt all the comings and goings of the Nephites from city to city and thus hamper the ability of the Church to function - the ability of Church leaders to give priesthood blessings, ordain new church leaders as needed, and that sort of thing. I also believe the Nephites had preserved a land southward mostly for hunting, and so this would also have the effect of cutting off some food. If they are holed up inside their walled cities, their ability to grow food would also be limited. One of my first thoughts was an attempt to eliminate trade, but we have no/very little evidence that the Nephites traded with the Lamanites to the south. However, as a practical matter I believe the Lamanites craved Nephite goods, and when they couldn't pillage them, they would trade for them to the advantage of the Nephites willing to do so. We have no evidence, however, that Nephites used any type of trade goods in the practice of their religion - incense, oil, etc.
  3. My view of salvation is much different than it once was. I agree with Papa that most everyone will return to God. I believe Yeshua will reveal more and more of Himself, and thus more will return. In the last day of judgment when even the wicked get resurrected from hell, I believe most will repent and accept Yeshua, but those who wait to the last day to face Him face to face at judgment until they fell a need to repent probably won't get much more than a telestial reward. So I agree with Bill. Yeshua said of those the Father has given Him, none will be lost. Other than the sons of perdition, I believe the Father has given Him the world, and that He atoned for the world. As for once saved always saved... No. No such thing.
  4. Is the Pope more Mormon than our current leaders?

    Some of the recent pronouncements he has made certainly do sound rather Mormonish - he seems to have pronounced a form of universal salvation, and now there is this married men can become priests thing. Rather than being inspired though, I have suspicions it is a last ditch effort to save the Catholic Church. I'm sure most Catholics will disagree with me. No matter, he cannot undo what God will do. Is the Pontiff leading the way in our troubled world? No, absolutely not. IMHO the misleading teachings of the Catholic Church are a large reason why the world is in turmoil and has not reached a peaceful state yet. Doctrine and Covenants 78:18 18 And ye cannot abear all things now; nevertheless, be of good bcheer, for I will clead you along. The kingdom is yours and the blessings thereof are yours, and the driches of eeternity are yours.
  5. What if People with Red Hair Were Denied the Priesthood? I would say finally, justice is done! Keep all those Esauites out! He was a porridge lover from the beginning, and doesn't deserve the priesthood.... Anyone with even a recessive red gene in their genes - even one drop - is tainted forever!@#$%! Let the DNA testing begin! Eww, those recessive red genes. They make me so mad... P.S. pun intended...
  6. Would you worship a God who commanded lying?

    I respond by telling my wife what I think she looks most fabulous in.
  7. Would you worship a God who commanded lying?

    No, it doesn't. Taking the 5th is not lying. You cannot be convicted of perjury for it. Don't need to. God's servants have told us numerous times that they were commanded not to reveal certain things. Is that a lie? Of course not.
  8. Would you worship a God who commanded lying?

    No, we are not lying. In fact we can simply state that we consider the ordinance holy so don't talk about it or that we have covenanted not to reveal it.
  9. Would you worship a God who commanded lying?

    Numbers 23:19 19 God is not a man, that he should alie; neither the son of man, that he should brepent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he cspoken, and shall he not make it good? jfyi - Abraham did not lie about Sarah who was his half-sister so the poster was wrong. God withholds stuff all the time. That is not lying.
  10. Oh, now you have done it Clark Kent - now we know your innermost secrets! Now we've got you on the run! Now you are on your heals. Now you have no excuses. Now I'll be watching your every move with my super x-ray vision dude. Yeah, you are definitely in for it now... Say no more, I got you pegged. Just head for the ropes... P.S. note my EME word "innermost" - yeah, I could write the BoM too with one pinky tied behind my back, and no I won't even do it during a print job - that's just disgusting
  11. Evangelical Creation Movie

    Didn't you know that is why jailbirds who sing are said to have bird brains? P.S. In all seriousness, do you mean like this: or this: ????
  12. Word of Wisdom Poll of Personal Beliefs

    I believe I do, except I don't drink beer, and I believe it is written to expressly allow beer. Beer was actually a very common drink in ancient days. Well water could become dangerous with storage in the heat on trips. I do eat meat about once per day, and I believe that corresponds to "sparingly" except in times of famine... I don't consider frozen or canned fruits to be a violation of the word of wisdom since they are in a fresh state. I used to have a very high opinion of seeds and grains, but have come to moderate that to needing to be cooked. Uncooked, such foods present a problem for most people. It seems several thousand years of agriculture has moderated our ability to digest or otherwise disable lectins, which can become a problem for us if eaten in high amounts. So while I still consider such foods as beans to be healthy, they do need to be soaked and cooked as do most seeds. I do drink hot chocolate and herbal teas, and don't consider them to be the type of "hot drinks" which were meant in the WoW.
  13. Mormon 9:22–24 vs Mark 16: 15-18

    There is no way for an uninspired man to know many of the archaeological points in the BoM - things like barley were only recently archaeologically confirmed. There is also no way for him to know the future. That is God's realm. The Church mistakenly puts BoM prophecy in Joseph Smith's day, and thereby took the teeth out of the BoM, and takes away one of its great evidences of its veracity in favor of a bowl of confusion.
  14. I just can't go there. I'm definitely in the "creates more problems than it solves camp." Yeah, Joseph Smith's father, and others slaved away on this book for years just so they can give it to some sinning, treasure-minded child to bring forth, and his family all went along with this plan.... it's completely ludicrous. Critics know better to come up with something so totally absurd.
  15. Mormon 9:22–24 vs Mark 16: 15-18

    Hmm. Unbingo. There are many things in the BoM Joseph Smith simply did not even know nor could know. It is unfortunate the Church has misinterpreted them.