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  1. Unfortunately, the news is not about the facts anymore. I hardly ever bother to tune in because to tune in is often to be misled... it is sad this has happened, but I think it is about controlling the political scene.
  2. You are welcome. Thanks for your interest in things pertaining to the restored gospel. I know you didn't ask, but I want to clarify my position for the benefit of the reader. I do not consider the Newark Holy Stones to be "fakes," but I believe they were probably somehow imported Sephardic artifacts, that were purchased and planted to perpetrate a fraud upon their finder, Wyrick. However, there is the very nominal chance that they could have been imported by the people of Hagoth or some other Lehites that went back to the Middle East. The Bat Creek Stone has a higher chance of being an authentic artifact. The finder didn't try to point out that it was a paleo Hebrew script, and therefore it went unrecognized for decades - not something that someone who went through the trouble of creating a fake is likely to do... I bring these things up merely because I believe it to be important that we don't promote the restored gospel with a lot of really speculative stuff. If artifacts such as the Bat Creek Stone are used to support the authenticity of the Book of Mormon, I believe that their issues should be also addressed. Unfortunately, I believe, however, that American archaeology has become very prejudiced about interpreting archaeological sites and artifacts in N. America. For awhile this served its cause to promote the doctrine of manifest destiny. Those that have suggested other interpretations - even if only that Vikings beat Columbus to the Americas - have been subjected to loss of their jobs, charges of being diffusionists, etc. That is only beginning to change with a few such as Dennis Stanford of The Smithsonian proposing that some Solutreans made their way to the Americas. I am not trying to bad mouth Rod Meldrum, but I simply disagree with many of his methodologies and conclusions, and he is a contributor to this annotated version. Feel free to let me know via PM what you think of this version Happy reading!
  3. Hello Hagoth! Good to see you again. R U behind the making of that video? Looks classy. I rather suspect a connection between the Germanic tribes and the Lost tribes, but it is more direct originating from the time the Goths spent around the Black Sea intermingling with the Samartians. The Alans even got adopted in. Intriguing stuff.
  4. A bright, shining star of truth shines yonder in the darkness!
  5. Ah, that's what the march back to Independence[Zion] will look like?!
  6. If the atonement does everything by itself, then Christ wouldn't have instructed his disciples to baptize would He? If the living need baptism to be resurrected in the first resurrection, why not the dead?
  7. Tragedy. She was honest at her trial though that she could have saved Jean. She didn't try to make those excuses. I think that goes to her credit, that she realized how in the wrong she was, even if it was only after the fact. Brandt is the one that stood up though and was the man. Following the example of Martin Luther King and Christ. Tragedy shows who we are.
  8. I don't know about "eternal gender." I do know that there are sons and daughters, male and female, in the resurrection. Are there transgender in the resurrection? I doubt it. Can a male make themselves female in the resurrection? I doubt it. I'll shut up before I "hurt" the feelings of a bunch of transgenders, but I view the matter as they aren't living the way God designed them. The Mosaic Law was not tolerant of males wearing female clothing and trying to play the part. I understand we live in a world confused by pollutants, chemicals, and environment, but that doesn't really change the way people are designed...
  9. Some things aren't and will never be shared publicly, so those who wait will be waiting forever... and P.S. Luke 9:48 48 ...Whosoever shall receive this child in my aname receiveth me: and whosoever shall breceive me receiveth him that sent me: for he that is least among you all, the same shall be cgreat.
  10. Interesting "misprint." I would say the sword represents the word of God, and therefore His justice - so even if it was a misprint, it was an accurate one.... One must come to God through the word to be able to finally eat of the tree of life. Everyone is equal under God's justice. He is no respecter of persons... so to be like Yeshua, we must follow Yeshua rather than just talk the talk... something modern Christianity often fails miserably at teaching. Anyway, it seems to me it was there from the beginning....
  11. I read you as saying that you see some different truth for you than the Church accepts. This ends up making you feel on the outside of the Church. I see that as a weakness of the hierarchical structure of the earthly Church, so I empathize with you to this extent, even though my other truths are somewhat different from yours.. The Church has assumed that only the president is going to receive the mysteries of God. To the extent that its structure discourages looking for truth outside of the current paradigm, it is frustrating. Do we really believe that the president is going to be the most exalted? Somehow that doesn't seem to jive with Yeshua's words that the greatest among us shall be the least. So yes, I agree that the Church teaches us that we are each responsible for our part in this life, and not to expect others to solve all our problems. However, I would add that the Church needs to accept its teaching that truth is acceptable from whatever source it comes instead of hunkering down behind earthly authority as it tends to do. As you say it assumes there is more to learn, but then sometimes discourages questions against its current paradigm. But you have to give it credit for teaching the principles even if it has issues following them itself - that we are still learning precept upon precept. When I began to have serious doubts about the orthodox interpretation of scripture, the open "theology"/outlook of the Church was appealing to me. But yes, there is a "natural" conflict/tension between the Church's own teaching, and its conception of authority. The things that initially struck me as true and godly about the Church - it's concern for others including the dead who have not had the opportunity to hear the gospel, still strike me as being the true gospel, and incidentally, the Church is the only organization which has consistently pursued this work - even among those who have schismed from the Church - other sects of Mormonism if you will. Why is this so? Is it because this Church is the only one which has remained true to the restored gospel? Where I have differed from the Church really has nothing to do with the gospel of salvation. The Church continues to teach the true gospel, and LIVE it. That is HUGE in my book. If I see God a little differently than the Church has come to believe, that is really not its fault. I just view myself as having evolved beyond what the Church has taught. As you say the Church teaches that ultimately we are each responsible for ourselves. Was Yeshua beyond our understanding? Yet, He came to teach us. God is invariably interested in the welfare of His children. I will always love the restored gospel, and what the Church has taught me, even if that has led me to some places where I disagree with past teachings. It is just slow to evolve, but it has shown that it will. It is willing. Can you accept that God is still working within the Church to forward His gospel? For me that is ultimately the question that it comes down to.
  12. I'm in a small Utah town which has been growing very rapidly. My ward recently moved out of our building into the stake center to make room for another ward. Our stake center is now full with four wards. Another nearby building has 4 wards. All the other ward buildings in town have three wards. It is time for a new ward building to be built, because we are all at capacity. However, I do not know how this will affect YM activities. I imagine that Wed night might need to be expanded into Thurs or Tues night if it is going to be weekly. However, I do not favor YM night turning into basketball every week - I think that is kind of defeating the purpose of it - so there is room to share the basketball court every few weeks even only on Wed night.
  13. How do you respond to the charge that this result is obviously due to European admixture in Native American DNA?
  14. I think most in the Church would call that the Holy Spirit leading you back to truth...
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