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  1. No offense, but that is like saying following these 6 pillars will help you prevent cancer. I'm sure exposure to less artificial foods, etc, will help, but I know plenty of people who have followed a healthy lifestyle but gotten cancer anyway. It is well known that susceptibility to certain cancers can follow genetic lines. To tell my aunt for instance "just follow the six pillars and don't worry about it" could have doomed her to die of breast cancer. Her mother got it, and she got it even though as a PE teacher she got regular exercise, and lived what we consider a healthy lifestyle. My father got prostate cancer too despite eating home cooked meals, watching his calories, etc. Alzheimer's is a complicated process, which is not well understood, but simply living a healthy lifestyle is not going to necessarily prevent the disease at all. For those who have a family history of this disease, I certainly recommend they pay more attention than that. I will recreate my prior post here: there are probably a number of factors important in its onset. it is probably a genetically-predisposed condition, but it is likely there are things we can do to stop its progression if we know what to do. Vitamin D3 and Omega 3 fats seem to cause macrophages to absorb more amyloid betas. While this probably won't get rid of the amyloid plaques already in the brain, it could probably reduce or stop their flow to the brain through the arteries. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/255957.php So it seems a half hour to hour of daily sun could be very beneficial. Being that the prevalence of Alzheimer's seems to be increasing, it seems to me that something that we have started doing or stopped doing may be a key factor. It seems statin drugs or anti-cholesterol drugs given by doctors could be a cause of the increase. These drugs are prescribed to approx 25% of people over 50 in the US. A last thing which has dramatically changed is our use of antibiotics. Antibiotics usually kill off our healthy gut flora. Most people don't realize that our gut flora are important in production of serotonin and dopamine - two chemicals very important to our brain function. http://www.caltech.edu/news/microbes-help-produce-serotonin-gut-46495 Therefore, a wide-spectrum acidophilus and bifidus supplement seems doubly important after antibiotic use, but probably neglected in elderly patients who are treated for pneumonia, etc with heavy doses of antibiotics. That gut feeling - American Psychological Association www.apa.org › Monitor on Psychology › September 2012 Monitor on Psychology http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/70624-lds-church-gets-beat-on-medical-marijuana/?do=findComment&comment=1209824883
  2. Of course not. I am saying that if normal or recommended use has no significant harmful effects (some people are allergic to water) that it should not be a prescription or controlled substance. Some herbs like comfrey can cause harm from "normal use." Why should CBD be a controlled or prescription substance? Is there any rationale for that? Should we need a prescription to buy herbal seasonings from the grocery store? You seem to want to shut down the herbal industry because companies cheat on the ingredients. Don't you know that if you go to buy "extra virgin olive oil" from the grocery store, you probably aren't getting that? It has been estimated that most of these foreign oils are actually blends - virtually none are 100% extra virgin olive oil. Should we ban the import then? I think the vast amount of companies are not going to intentionally sell something that could do harm, because the legal system and the threat of being sued will keep them honest that way, but they will fudge ingredients etc, and like I said I don't have a problem with periodic inspections or preferably testing to ensure the products aren't a rip-off. Many OTC medicines were once prescription. I am not in favor of that route for herbs as a general rule, unless serious bodily harm can be caused by the use of a product.
  3. Toe nail fungus is a toughy. I have used Tea Tree oil for it, but it really is resistant to the oil because the oil can't get through the nail. Probably the best cure for it is an oral systemic antifungal, but if you are in a humid client, it will probably still come back. I got rid of mine by religious use of tea tree oil in the winter when I moved to the dry climate of Utah. If you know your Oregano oil is from Oreganum Syriacum, I believe its ingestion is safe in small doses. I have never suffered any ill effects from it, and have used it to cure many a sore throat.
  4. Tryptophan is a good example of a useful product which really doesn't need to be prescription. I get mine from bananas and turkey Unless it is contaminated, it is fairly harmless. So far it seems CBD is in this category. If the government wants to make it a prescription drug, or a controlled substance, I think the burden should fall on them to prove it is dangerous somehow. After all they are impinging on our rights to freedom and the pursuit of health and happiness. I did not say the nutritional herbal market should not be regulated. Indeed, I suggested that since interstate commerce is involved the federal government presumably has some rights to regulate it. I am not opposed to that to ensure that the products are what they say they are. I am suspicious that I recently got ahold of a product that is not what it claims. I think that problem has grown with the rising popularity of the herbal products market. However, the harm is probably just usually financial rather than physical like prescription drugs can cause.
  5. RevTestament

    Board Glitches

    I got blocked three times today until your post here finally helped me figure out that the 403 error I was getting was because I put "generic Z-y-r-t-e-c (without hyphens)." Moderators - a list of things which will cause a 403 error would be helpful.
  6. The Oregano oil you are talking about is an essential oil, and is not made from Greek Oregano, a mild cultivar. It is essentially biblical hyssop, and grows wild in the Mediterranean region as Origanum syriacum. Jewish oral tradition expressly prohibited Greek hyssop, and the biblical plant is said to have been identical to the Arabic word, zaatar (Origanum syriacum). Although modern tradition has tied biblical hyssop to Hyssopus officinalis, this plant does not grow in the region of Judah nor the Levant, so cannot be the biblical hyssop. The essential oil of Hyssopus officinalis is not recommeded for internal use as it is known to cause seizures and convulsions in even low doses. I wouldn't ingest Oregano oil in large amounts, but I have added about 5 drops to another carrier oil - pick one; any will do - and dripped it from a syringe down the back of my throat to kill sore throats. In fact this was my cure for the first time I got strep throat. After about a week of use once every morning - even though the sore throat had gone away - I got rid of the strep altogether - no prophylactic antibiotics necessary - and with virtually no symptoms other than the original sore throat, which went away within about 10 minutes of using the oregano oil. Oregano oil not only has antibacterial properties, but testing has purportedly shown it to be antiviral as well. I keep it in my fridge at all times, but rarely need it now that my kids are grown. I use it and a C & F remedy every time I feel a cold come on. There is supposedly no cure for the common cold, but if I use this stuff every time I start to feel a cold come on, the cold goes away. I use the C & F formula for 3-5 days every morning. My worst problem is a sinus issue due to allergies. I use a generic Z-y-r-t-e-c for this, and if I get congested for more than three days, I clean out with a mix of Alkolol (not alcohol) to prevent the onset of a sinus infection. Consequently, I have not been to a doctor for decades except to repair my hernia. I did use some antibiotics on a few occasions before I learned how to deal with my sinus issues, and used a nurse practitioner once to get a Z-pak.
  7. So, you want to make all herbs prescription? Forget that. No way. While I agree many companies are shamful, since almost all these herbal products are sold through interstate commerce, it is within the power of the Federal government to regulate them. They could test the products from time to time much like the FDA does with agricultural inspectors to ensure that they contain what they say. Otherwise, there is not much reason to make them prescription. Prescriptions are necessary to protect us from physical harm - not scams. Sometimes scammers just get away with it, but periodic testing would stop that.
  8. Mmm. I know someone who lived these six pillars with the possible exception of regular exercise - still got Alzheimer's like his dad. While living a healthy lifestyle, I'm sure helps, it won't necessarily stop alzheimer's at all. I made a post on the subject awhile back. Doing things which prevent the buildup of the plaque will help - a short period of daily sun for vitamin D, etc.
  9. RevTestament

    What is pure knowledge?

    Yep, it refers to the scope of the punishment rather than the time of the punishment. In other words the punishment can be infinitely severe in scope.
  10. RevTestament

    Why Not Engage the Evidence for Historicity?

    i think your "argument" is not as good as you think it is. Catch phrases like "infinite atonement" are probably your best point (ie "Protestant theology"). While Protestants believe it mighty "convenient" that the BoM answers questions not answered by the NT such as baptism of infants, and the salvation of deceased infants, it is also difficult to claim the BoM adopted Protestant thought on these issues - most "Protestants" kept Catholic baptism of infants - Methodists, Presbyterians, etc
  11. RevTestament

    Why Not Engage the Evidence for Historicity?

    No, it wouldn't. The Nephites were utilizing the OT from the brass plates, much as Yeshua and the Israelite apostles utilized the OT - a lot. Would you feel better if some other English version was utilized more in the translation process? The Greek NT seems to utilize the Greek Septuagint, whereas the Peshitta NT seems to utilize the Peshitta OT - big surprise? Not at all. The BoM seems to utilize the KJV OT - I don't know why that should be a big surprise. However, it does depart from it in significant places. Probably more of an issue is the BoM's utilization of some of the same words and phrases as the KJV NT. I suppose one can either believe that the Lord gives the same words to multiple prophets or not. I suppose some just believe Revelation is a copy of Daniel. I believe the Lord gave John a new Revelation with some of the same words and phrases as appear in Daniel. If so, why can't He do that for the BoM?
  12. RevTestament

    Why Not Engage the Evidence for Historicity?

    Doesn't the NT rely heavily on the OT? I get the feeling Yeshua relied on it heavily in His teaching.
  13. RevTestament

    Mormon Transhumanism- New Interpreter Article

    I read Greg to be saying that Cannon misuses LDS scripture on fundamental levels to draw several conclusions. Greg concludes that therefore Cannon's conclusions are not reliable or necessarily salient. On these points I mostly agree. I don't believe man is going to reach exaltation with technology or self-improvement. John 15:5 5 I am the avine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without bme ye can do nothing. John 5:30 I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is ajust; because I seek not mine own bwill, but the cwill of the Father which hath sent me. I don't see man progressing above what is prophesied. During the millennium man will reach very old ages, but nonetheless man will still die. Immortality will not come by man, but by God. Exaltation will come of God - not of man. Our own Savior taught that even He could not do the works of His ownself, but that His mighty works were by the power of the Father. Man does not have an inkling of the power of the Father, but man will not learn it through His own intellect. We will have to learn to do the will of the Father, even as Yeshua did, if we want to attain those abilities. To think that we are doing it for ourselves is actually the opposite teaching of what is needed. Instead, only YHWH will be exalted, and man will be humbled. Then will man begin to learn of the ways and power of YHWH. So you are right Mark. This is a spiritual teaching. I believe it to be virtually the opposite of what Cannon espouses. What Cannon seeks to achieve by the arm of man, is a gift from God, and cannot be attained elsewise. The path is a spiritual one rather than a technological one, and few there be that find it.
  14. RevTestament

    Standard Egyptology, A Sequel

    I was hoping to find more about Egyptology in this thread Ed, but just found additional argument. Just for the record, I did find your ideas interesting although I have not found anything yet to make me really believe your ideas. They were still thought provoking and may have some truth to them. You never did respond to my last post that I recall. You are posting here to introduce your ideas I thought, but you don't seem open to any feedback. I hope you do not take offense, but you seem overly sensitive to scholarly or scientific criticism. If you post here, you should expect criticism. This place provides a good opportunity to test your hypotheses against some good minds, and even gain suggestions. Hopefully, you can accept criticism here with a more friendly mindset, and realize that not everyone is going to agree with your ideas. But, I will grant you - they are original. We are not out to get you just because we don't agree.
  15. Definitely. He would denounce common abortion practices, and many other things the left is pushing. He also may speak quite frankly about Pres Trump tho, so I don't think He would win the nomination.