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  1. The shocking part is not that she says and may believes all this and much much more (cain tried poisoning her in the SLC airport; certain spirits made secret pacts w lucifer in the pre-existence that God didn't know about and they slipped through and made it to mortaity anyway; she is 4th member if the 1st presidency in NJ; all the encounters w evil spirits she details...) after all she is a deeply disturbed and sad individual. No, the shocking part is how many people believe her. There are FB pages with people pledging their undying belief in her. Also the positive comments on the youtube vids railing against her excommunication was startling. Really, my only question is why did it take so long to X her?
  2. The ordinance of the washing of feet was then introduced by the Lord as the means whereby someone could be rendered “clean from the blood of this generation” (D&C 88:138-141), it’s not about customs of the day or demonstrating Christ’s humility , etc...that is usually used as an explanation when these passages are discussed.
  3. This was an sacred saving ordinance that he was performing on the apostles.
  4. John 8: 12, 16, 18, 23, 24, 28 and 58 are all “I am” statements in this one chapter alone.
  5. In certain ancient societies, an election process occured to admit a new member into that society. The person that was allowd into that society was given a white stone signifing that they had been “elected” to become a member of said group. Thise who were not approved to koin were given a black stone. many are called to become one of God’s family but few are choosen.
  6. If true, how sad. Do you have a link for this or proof that it happened? How did you find out about it?
  7. that's just a fraction of the issues w her claims. she very little credibility. I think she MAY have been assulted by someone but not Kavanaugh. I would gues she has some pretty significant issues ( she required counceling over installing door in their house???) this lays out nicely some issues w her story: https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2018/09/25/eight-big-problems-for-christine-blasey-fords-story/amp/
  8. Remember the parenting is part of the problem. Kids are raised in this “safe” environment now with low expectations. Coddleing does not an adult make. Where is the tough love??? Of course they have mental issues when demands are placed upon them. If the kid is worthy to go and not an overt phsyco how can a bishop / sk prez deny them? An 18 yr old American is too young to be going. period. They don’t have jobs as teenagers and don’t know how to stick it out and accept resonsibility. They would greatly benefit from a year of college, vocational school or full time work before they are allowed to go. The YM / YW programs are nothing but entertainment anymore. Why arent they doing service 1x per month, studing the gosple, physically demanding activities, why r they allowed to read the scriptures from their phones, ...? In the era that I served, the attitude was: get out there, work your a$$ off, suck it up and the only way you are coming home rarly is in a body bag. Now, why is coming home early such an easy alternative?
  9. I don’t know if the numbers represented in the article are accurate but in the last 6 months my stake sent out 17 missionaries and 8 came back early—absoultely horrendous. In my daughter’s mission, the worst it got was when 9 missionaries were sent home early in one month. In all honesty I wouldn’t be shocked in the least if 1/3 was not accurate. This generation is a DISASTER—because of poor parenting (my generation is responsible for that), electronics, entitlment mentality and they’ve been trained to expect instant gratification. As a result of thier environment / upbringing, they are simply unable to cope with the demands of missionary life. The missionary program must have major changes to address this. The elders’ age must go back to 19 for starters. I also expect the new YM / YW program to address this but that will take several years to have any affect. I also suspect that elders’ time will be reduced to 18 months. Was it not a Pew study that reported this same generation is leaving The Church in unpresidented numbers?
  10. The longer this goes on and the more Ms Dennison exposes herself (poor choice of words I know) the less credibility she has. At this point, I wouldn’t convict Bishop of jay-walking based on the info that’s out there.
  11. That just may be what "the doctor ordered". The quality of missionaries and especially mission presidents has gone down as a result of the surge. I base this on admittedly annicdotal evidence plus the fact that the baptism per missionary has gone down significantly since the surge.
  12. I couldn't agree more. I suspect that too young of missionaries is one of the reasons for why so many return early.
  13. I don’t have anything authoritative to point you to. Its just what I have come to understand through study and thought on the subject. Look at it this way. The Creation is not as much an explanation of HOW the earth was created as much as WHY it was created. As such, it provides the backdrop for the ultimate explanation of the Plan of Salvation: where we came from, why we’re here, and what path we must follow to become like our heavenly Parents.
  14. I’ve heard from multiple annonymous / 3 rd hand sources now to expect changes to the missionary program to be announced at conference.
  15. For the primary kids however just keep it simple and literal.
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