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  1. We have opinions and that great I do however disagree with your characterization of religion. It is not a scam and does do incalculable good. Don’t bother telling me about what happened in the middle ages. THAT was not religion. Also the power is not w/in us. It only comes from Christ. The rising generation does have a religion but its not Deity based. Their false gods are environmentalism, feminism, immorality, the self, materialism...this is why John the Revelator described our day as “Sodom and Egypt” The worship of those things, taking them away from organized religion id a very bad thing and we will pay for it as a society.
  2. In Elder’s quorum this week we had a visitor. He spoke up and told us a bit if his background. Sparing you all the details, but essentially he had left the church for a time because he had been affected by severe mental health issues (heard multiple voices in his head, head the voice of satan telling him what to do...). He has since ben diagnosed with PTSD and schizophrenia. With medication and competent help, he seems to be doing much better (working and coming back to church) now. My point in sharing this story: in biblical times this person would of course been labeled as being possessed ny evil spirits. He was / is not. This poor soul simply has debilitating mental health disease that can be helped with modern medicine. The vast majority of people today who claim or are thought to be possessed have mental health problems. Evil spirits can only occupy a place or person when they are invited. I do think that some of the evil new age practices (i.e. energy healing, emotion code, etc...) that are creeping into the fringes of the church could be inviting them.
  3. No, the church will never become extinct. However I do think that we have peaked. Based on the church growth trends, I expect that we will decline in size relative to the world’s population growth. Point of fact, I expect that decline to accelerate over time. The rising generation is a disaster in so many ways...the leaving behind of religion is one of those ways and they are leaving all religion at an unprecedented rate. Unfortunately our people follow in parallel to the rest of society in most aspects.
  4. Sorry there are a couple challenges with your response above. 1st you are referring to the United Order as attempted by The. church in the early days. That and the law of consecration are two different things. It was their attempt at living the law but it failed. Additionally where your post fails is that you are using a telestial notion of “ownership” and applying it to a celestial sphere. I’m quite sure our conception of ownership does not exist in heaven. I assume from your comments that I have read in this thread that you believe in MMP ( christianized, repackaged reincarnation)? I have this hard and fast rule that when the only sources for such a doctrine are excommunicated false prophets and teachers (i.e. Rowe, Stroud et al) I call it bunk...call me crazy.
  5. Again another wonderful expression of the law of consecration.
  6. FINALLY...someone understands what the law of consecration REALLY means. How we are to live it today / in the millennium is simply a shadow or type of what you have correctly laid out.
  7. FYI Bradley Nelson has been excommunicated as well.
  8. The shocking part is not that she says and may believes all this and much much more (cain tried poisoning her in the SLC airport; certain spirits made secret pacts w lucifer in the pre-existence that God didn't know about and they slipped through and made it to mortaity anyway; she is 4th member if the 1st presidency in NJ; all the encounters w evil spirits she details...) after all she is a deeply disturbed and sad individual. No, the shocking part is how many people believe her. There are FB pages with people pledging their undying belief in her. Also the positive comments on the youtube vids railing against her excommunication was startling. Really, my only question is why did it take so long to X her?
  9. The ordinance of the washing of feet was then introduced by the Lord as the means whereby someone could be rendered “clean from the blood of this generation” (D&C 88:138-141), it’s not about customs of the day or demonstrating Christ’s humility , etc...that is usually used as an explanation when these passages are discussed.
  10. This was an sacred saving ordinance that he was performing on the apostles.
  11. John 8: 12, 16, 18, 23, 24, 28 and 58 are all “I am” statements in this one chapter alone.
  12. In certain ancient societies, an election process occured to admit a new member into that society. The person that was allowd into that society was given a white stone signifing that they had been “elected” to become a member of said group. Thise who were not approved to koin were given a black stone. many are called to become one of God’s family but few are choosen.
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