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  1. Tyler Pace, a Mesa Republican who’s Mormon ... told the 50 people in attendance that he called church leaders in Utah about the ERA. He said he was told the church, which has opposed it in the past, was neutral on the issue. Mormon woman pushes for passage of Equal Rights Amendment, hoping her church will come around
  2. CNN https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/02/16/entertainment/jussie-smollett-attack/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com%2F Police sources: New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack Unfortunate if is true that the actor staged the attack
  3. interesting, I must have missed out on many a discussion that God is a he/she, not making a joke, I do not understand the statement of refering to God as a woman; given that LDS regard as God The Father of the God Head as a male. If we regard Heavenly Mother as a Goddess and if appropriate to refer to her as God the Mother, then that God figure would be a woman.
  4. @Nehor that certainly is the kinder of his statements on nuetrality.
  5. provoman

    Before the Temple is Restored in Jerusalem

    Who do you mean by "Jews must reunite"? Just Judah? All 12 tribes?
  6. Various articles I read indicated Congress could waive or change the deadline; though it all seems theoretical, and would likely result in SCOTUS intervention
  7. I went to the source which claim it verified with the Chicago PD that Smollet would not provide his phone.
  8. Madsen made the statement on June 5, 1977, time stamp of statement is roughly 38:00 - 39:00 The bracketed part of the quote should not be attributed to Madsen speech can be heard at speeches dot byu dot edu
  9. Wonder why towerload cited TMZ as the source of confirmation of parts situation.
  10. Please let’s not do this The Church is political neutral. Google can help you find modern statements about party affiliation in the United States. More importantly worthiness is a matter between God, The individual and that person Priesthood leader.
  11. https://www.tmz.com/2019/01/30/jussie-smollett-attack-surveillance-video-persons-of-interest/ same source that that made the story public, “We've confirmed with law enforcement sources that Smollett refused to turn his cell phone over to authorities after telling them he was on the phone with his manager during the incident.”
  12. The way terrorizing a group is being argued, seems to only apply if the targeted group knows or has reason to suspect it is being targeted. So take the arson scenarios, 4 homes in one community are burned by arson. There is no apparent connection between the four; thus the whole community has reason to fear the arsonist(s), not just a group within the whole. However, your scenario of ten people murdered while each doing the same thing - walking to church - would be a basis for the apparent targeted group within a community to believe they are being targeted.
  13. The business owners have cited State Law or Az State Constitution as the basis that that the Phoenix city ordinance violates the business owners rights.
  14. has any read the Az State laws being used to defend the business owners?
  15. There is no universal definition of art.
  16. Should governments be permitted to violate the rights of individuals?
  17. In the United States of America, governments are forbidden to compel speech, forcing an artist to “art” is to compel speech.
  18. Not sure they is an issue here. I think it is reasonable to seeks a spiritual witness to what he referred to as the primary questions.
  19. considering that the Mr Staley is gathering data that “makes up a “psychological autopsy,” and involves, among other things, talking to the people suicide victims leave behind: family and friends. “We’re getting real-time data about suicide that we’ve never gotten before,” Staley says. I hardly see a basis for claiming a study is incomplete because some anonymous sureddit user is not cited.
  20. https://missionary.lds.org/clothing/sister/guidelines?lang=eng Sister Missionaries now permitted to wear dress slacks.
  21. What study do you refer too? The person interviewed - a gay man - is working for the State of Utah and is currently in the process of gathering information about youth suicides in Utah...he is collecting data from the sources and those closest to the individual who died. Given that he is collecting the data from the source(s) how can what he says be “slanted and incomplete”?
  22. Exactly, "without leaving clear or traceable answers/motives", yet what did Ellen DeGeneres say on her show? She claimed that the 141% percent increase in suicide amongst teenagers was cause by the Mormon Church.
  23. provoman

    Status of Discovery in Denson Lawsuit

    The fraudulent concealment is about what was known prior to the claimed assault in 1984.