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  1. Legends about Cherokee from where my ancestors are from is the just about every western family claims a Grandpappy up line married a Cherokee Princess.
  2. especially when an attorney is free of charge and is in an upstairs room
  3. “Every incident has been talked to a bishop,” Bishop told the police. “I’m not sure that the bishop heard the severity of it.”
  4. It was leaked. KUTV anchor referred to it a leak. BYU PD is a confirmable entity in possession of the video. A person posted on their facebook - IIRC- that she knew what was in the interview. She also made a post on reddit that suggested she had infact listened to the audio. So there are potentially two sources of the leak.
  5. The short part I heard had names that were not effectively redacted
  6. There is no new attorneys of record in PACER,
  7. No it did not. The news article have mentioned who is requesting/appealing for a copy of the tape/recording; the name "consig" was not used neither were other online persona names.
  8. He knew the buttock info from a less redacted copy of the written report, he discussed that in a podcast many months ago.
  9. This was posted by the profile known to be rfm, on Sunday at 2pm on a different forum. How could rfm "have reason to beleive"? Is he in possession of a copy of the audio - which would have been "leaked" to him, because BYU PD has refused to provide a copy to him? Or has he discussed the video with someone who has seen the video. RFM has interviewed Denson and separately discussed at length various aspects related to the legal case in podcasts.
  10. noticed that too, which then tends to go towards your hypothetical suggestion of what his confession might have been.
  11. You and I are already aware of what is on the video segments. I shouldn't be accused to of some sort of conspiracy for not repeating what you I are both aware of, when a general description more than suffices.
  12. The Asay part is interesting, as he does not know who he talked to; and it would have been in 1987. I have to wonder why the media, with their professional editors, are withholding so much. I also wonder why Jessica Miller of the Salt Lake Tribune, did not ask Mckenna if she had ever seen the video.
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