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  1. "America and the nations of the Earth, as in times past, “are at another crossroad,” he said." I so not see a reason to think Elder Ballard was being American-centric.
  2. @smac97 and @Kenngo1969 thank you for your input.
  3. Any generation offended their Parents generation of modesty. This is no basis to force a standard on a female. Elders are out everyday among the people, to include females that do not adhere to modesty standards as define by the Church. If Church dictated missionary modesty standards are not modest, then the Church would change the standard and not some random mission.
  4. Not sure how much that California law is going to help her. A entity can be sued if the entity "owed a duty of care to the plaintiff, if [the] wrongful or negligent act by that ... entity was a legal cause of the childhood sexual assault that resulted in the injury to the plaintiff." Or an entity can be sued "if an intentional act by that ...entity was a legal cause of the childhood sexual assault that resulted in the injury to the plaintiff." Perhaps @smac97 or @Kenngo1969 or some of the other more legal astute could explain what "legal cause of the" assault would mean. From my understanding the abuse was committed by a parent.
  5. I had a Teacher who prohibited Students from watching a School sponsored program because some of the School sponsored content discussed STDs, she turned off the broadcast and said we did not need to hear what was being discussed. It seemed clear she morally objected to the content and took it upon herself to "save" us students from the horrors of the discussion.
  6. Do you have a side by side comparison? An article I read said the proposed rule was similar. (I have not read in an article that the proposed rule is word for word identical.)
  7. From a perspective of the recently released guidelines, I see it as a matter of "how" does one barricade in a room with 3 doors into a hall way and with fabric room dividers. please see below for other comments.... You and @The Nehor have mentioned training? What is this training? And is it put on at the Skate or Ward level?
  8. very similar to those and it is a bit unnerving when you first sit down because of all the give and how lightweight they are. A Guardian Article informed the front entrance of the Synagogue had a locked door which was staffed by a Security guard.
  9. Plastic folding chairs for sacrament overflow. The folding chairs with the thick cushions are in the RS. But yes, in Run, Hide, Fight...you use anything you can throw as a fighting tool. The Synagogue in Germany was protected by a locked door - a specialized locked door.
  10. My building almost all doors open outward into the hallway.
  11. https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/17/17-1618/113408/20190823135252781_Bostock Amicus Brief Final Version CORRECTED.pdf The case involves "sex" discrimination and whether or not "sex" discrimination applies to sexual orientation/gender Identity. Specifically did a religious based business discriminate based on sex when it terminated the employment of a male employee that was/had transitioned to identifying as female. wikipedia entry
  12. He taught the Gospel....Love God, Love Your Neighbor, we make choices in life, those choices affect our eternal progression, and repentance. He mentioned same sex marriage, God standard on marriage and the law of chastity...children were present. (It is understandable that a parent has not discussed sexuality, homosexuality, marriage, and same sex marriage with a child)
  13. Thank you for the clarification.
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