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  1. interesting...but I am disappointed Legendary Metal Library does it include Iron Maiden or Dethklok?
  2. Random update: On another board it is being reported that BYUPD offered mediation regarding the BYUPD records requests concerning the interview and reports of Bishop.
  3. You are welcome for the link, I was glad to find that the AMA was supporting medical use of THC. As for federal law....I consider those types of cautions to be scare tactics; and it just is bothersome. Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states - how many arrest of legal state law abiding officials or citizens have been arrested in 32 of those states for state legal possession, consumption, or legal distribution? People who promote "the fed is going to get us" have no evidence to offer of it having happened. I really do not understand why Utahians are promoting such fear.
  4. " why do some church leaders put someone like Murdock in high positions of trust, knowing of the harm he's done. As best i can surmise, Nehor is 1000s of miles from Holladay Utah. And as best I can surmise, Nehor had zero to do with Murdock's calling....so why not ask the people involved instead of Nehor. (side note, anonymous dog whistles of "faithful member" do not instill sense of surety and as has been pointed out, at best the anonymous dog whistle of "faithful member" does tend to suggest gossip.)
  5. adding to that American Medical Association Cannabis with THC and pain management https://journalofethics.ama-assn.org/article/medicinal-cannabis-and-painful-sensory-neuropathy/2013-05
  6. How would you have presented it? A Bishop is a volunteer, right? Bishop, in fact every position of service in the Church, is a volunteer position. For reference to cover those who receive living expense, the United States military is all volunteers - who also receive a pay.
  7. I think Daniel Peterson and @smac97 have done a good job at summing up the "evidence" for both sides. As I understand it, Daniel Peterson wrote a piece that was published wherein, I believe, he essentially said it is a act of faith whether for or against. And I believe @smac97 posted a few months ago about "balance of evidence" or something like that - as I recall - smac stated he finds the balance of evidence in favor of the truthfulness of the Gospel as taught in the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.
  8. There was a motion to compel discovery, this motion was filed on or about the time that Vernon withdrew, I believe the morion to compel has been withdrawn. Would a party - under the present case circumstances - be permitted to refile the same morion to compel?
  9. Not sure what you mean. I am asked if I keep the Word of Wisdom. I answer as I see fit. I do not get into the weeds about what the original intent was.
  10. And that question is answered in Church materials. I just am not particular to "well what it really meant is *insert personal philosophy*" discussions. I appreciate your comments on the other discussion, particular your beer in chili comment. I also appreciate other comments that suggested avoid cooking with alcohol just to be safe.
  11. I can only shake my head when people provide their own philosophy as "the original intent" for any given revelation.
  12. Thank for sharing, I believe I understand your position. If we take Sam for the words he used, then no interviews period. If a minor says "Bishop can I talk to you in private about being bullied in Sunday School", according to sam's postings it would be "predatory grooming behavior" for the Bishop to speak to the minor "behind closed doors" about being bullied. Sam has, in my opinion, set a zero tolerance standard for any "behind closed door" conversation between ANY adult and ANY minor regardless of the relationship.
  13. I do not think Sam would agree with. From his blog: "Taking minors behind closed doors, beyond the earshot and eyesight of everyone, IS predatory grooming behavior." ** which means every parent, teacher, police officer, Principal, etc who talks to a minor one-on-one, is engaging in "predatory grooming behavior". Notice what he labels "predatory grooming behavior"..."behind closed doors", so would that mean zero "behind closed doors" listening or giving encouragement or adice?
  14. Are you being serious with this post? Grooming has a specific intent, and it seems apparent - in my opinion - that Sam Young does not understand what grooming means.
  15. And on and on and on.... And because it can go on and on, I do not press the issue with others and how the decide to live the WoW. I do not drink alcoholic beverages for recreation purposes; I do "drink" (intake by mouth and swallow) medicine which contains alcohol; I do eat beer-battered food.
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