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  1. Every hear about the swimming pool on the roof of the Salt Lake Temple; a non-member told me about on my mission.
  2. provoman


    @Calm thank you for your post about what brand. The phramacy version I have seems watered down.
  3. Are you talking about what he said at the very end of the last session? If so, I would only take what he said to apply to that specific individual he was talking about
  4. Thank You, I realized at 725pm last night while at a Stake building that I could have streamed it at home.
  5. What are the veiwing/listening options General Priesthood Session broadcast in Utah?
  6. provoman


    In Utah I think the THC level has to be less than .3%
  7. My post was to agree with you about apparent reversals. The post was not a commetary on whether anything was right or wrong.
  8. Thank you for the update
  9. Just and update to your post, The BYU Honor code provides - which I acknowldge BYU practices/policies do not dictate practices/policies for the Church: One's stated same-gender attraction is not an Honor Code issue. However, the Honor Code requires all members of the university community to manifest a strict commitment to the law of chastity. Homosexual behavior is inappropriate and violates the Honor Code. Homosexual behavior includes not only sexual relations between members of the same sex, but all forms of physical intimacy that give expression to homosexual feelings.
  10. Oaks did claim it was revelation, but without having used the word revelation I am sure a debate will ensue. It is uncharitable, though, against Scott to suggest he has no opinion.
  11. Yes I am aware of that and even thought about adding "but it will probably be referred to your Stake President"
  12. Hopefully EACH instance of immorality and adjudicated by the Spirit. But I think your main point is unrepentant sexual immorality.
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