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  1. When Christ ascended, he had the Apostles and believers wait for the comforter, who has been here on the earth since his departure. We communicate with God through Jesus and the comforter. Do you honestly believe the LDS are the only group privy to the Holy Spirit and the only group who can communicate with God?
  2. I study the Bible daily and pray for wisdom in understanding and revelation of God's word, and I am rewarded with new understanding and insight into his word constantly through the Holy spirit. Jesus is alive and active in all of his believer's lives and I have put him as my Lord and King, I worship and talk to him daily in prayer. One comes to understand God through Jesus. I do believe that the Holy Bible is sufficient in everything with the inspiration of the Holy spirit.
  3. How is something of value for study if you can't trust it? I constantly hear this on the message board, "the Bible is the word of God"...cough....cough.....(we don't really believe that).......What parts have been corrupted or changed or misinterpreted and why doesn't the LDS leadership either fix the problems or throw them out? We know precisely where and how the BOM and D&C have been changed.
  4. I would agree with you on several of your points. The bible is by far the most complete work with the most prophets, apostles and by far the most documentation on Christ himself in the gospels. The bible also tells the creation story which is absent from the BOM. And seriously, the Book of Moses reads like Joseph copied and pasted it right out of Genesis and changed God to gods. The bible has been considered a literary masterpiece and a historically accurate book for hundreds of years. The bible also has the end times book of Revelation, which is absent from the other LDS sources. IMHO the bible is far superior to any of the other LDS works.
  5. I have been comparing LDS scriptures with the KJV bible for many years. As many times before, I read recently the claim that the Book of Mormon contained the “fullness of the gospel”. I thought how ironic that none of the LDS scriptures would be considered “complete”. Certainly not the Bible, it is incomplete and corrupt….as the LDS have continuously informed everyone on this board many times. Joseph’s “inspired version” of the Bible is not complete simply because it was never finished. And the Book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price are suspect because the Church has recently admitted this scripture has been totally misrepresented as an Egyptian papyri translation (church essay). The D&C cannot be considered complete because many important sections from it and its predecessor have been deleted. And finally the crown jewel of Mormonism, the Book of Mormon, does not contain the signature doctrines like the nature of the Godhead, Mother in Heaven, baptism for the dead or polygamy. The BOM is very vague about priesthood too. Finally, the teachings of LDS Prophets should not be considered complete because many of their teachings contradict previous LDS Prophets, and the biblical Prophets too. So what would you consider to be the most complete source? Thoughts?
  6. Interesting take (I think you are correct), it's as though God (or Christ) uses some unknown technology to transport the risen Jesus in and out of closed rooms. Similar to how you said Moroni appears. Gabriel and Michael also seem to appear "out of thin air" in the Bible. It seems to me that "heaven" and "the spirit world" are possibly in another dimension. We are trapped in the length X width X height X time dimensions. Many scriptures lead to this idea that we are living in a separate world from the "spirit world".
  7. Is the Mormon god inside our outside of our time-space universe? Am I correct in my understanding that the LDS believe matter and space is eternal? or no beginning?
  8. I tend to read the bible more literal and historical than allegorical but of course many areas of the bible are allegory. Several things revealed about the Father ( YHWH or Adonai, Elohim, Jehova) many names in the OT for God. I'm always awestruck by the reprimand the Father lays on Job. The Father is pure intelligence, to be able to lay out the foundations of the earth, the water cycles, the creatures described, and yet he seems so concerned with the small intricate details as well, like a truly loving Father, just amazes me. There are so many intricate details about science that were clearly unknown to the world at the time of Job described in these few chapters ie: Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea? Indicating he is so much bigger than we can ever understand. Yet he declares his total authority over creation: verse 41:11" ....whatsoever is under the whole heaven is mine." I get the sense that because he is so concerned with all of his creations (animal kingdom) that he is even more concerned with us! And since created everything He is the boss!
  9. Try reading Job 38-42, God the Father's response to Job. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Job 38-42
  10. Amazing how legal drugs kill so many more people than the illegal ones. I know that alcohol and tobacco are the kings of drug death. Marijuana seems extremely safe compared to other substances. I live in Florida who just recently passed medical marijuana and work in the health care industry. It's amazing the mindset with healthcare providers is still to push opioids over marijuana. It just doesn't make sense to me.
  11. My father has suffered from a tremor in his right arm for over a year and has recently been diagnosed with early stage Parkinson's disease. Since his diagnosis and over the last year he has tried all the medications his neurologist has prescribed without relief from his tremor. He has also been suffering from severe insomnia since his tremor began and Dad was really quite depressed (which I totally understand, try not sleeping for a few nights). Dad is a true blue temple recommend Mormon and absolutely rejected any thought of trying any form of cannabis to help with the insomnia or the arm shaking. Well thank God, he finally became desperate enough to try some cannabis oil and some edibles about 6 weeks ago. Dad lives in a very marijuana friendly state (Oregon) and is now eating cannabis butter and cannabis oil and told me that 30mL of cannabis oil treats his tremor for about 6 hours and the butter is helping him sleep through the night. Now you must realize that as a TBM, I thought that my Dad had lost his mind, I couldn't believe my ears, he said that he felt alive, that life was worth living again. It was amazing to hear ho happy my Father was! So here is a few questions to the board. And I have not ran these questions by my Father yet..... What is the church's stance on medical marijuana? Is my Father at risk of losing his place in the celestial kingdom because he is violating the WOW? Could he lose his temple recommend if the brethren found out he is taking cannabis?
  12. As a kid I was obsessed with the idea of UFO's and aliens, the whole conspiracy behind area 51 and what appears to be a government cover up is ripe for the ufo shows. I personally for years disregarded the whole ufo thing as rubbish, crazy people or utterly impossible, being the great distances between stars. Interesting as UFO's are, they do seem to have quite a bit of evidence that seem to support their existence. Many prominent American astronauts are firm believers in the phenomenon and claim to have seen them. http://www.syti.net/UFOSightings.html Undoubtedly if some giant spaceship showed up and revealed itself, I think that it would be a "worldview shocker" to many. Not only the EV's the LDS and naturalists as well. Biblically speaking there are a couple of possibilities for UFO's. Fallen angels, demons or the return of the Nephilim from Genesis 6.
  13. Great scriptures, sounds so much like the trinity, I just don't understand why Mormonism seems to "back off" these scriptures. If you believe Jesus is God, then why do the LDS refuse to pray and worship Jesus as God, no? In the BOM the apostles worship Jesus.
  14. Not sure most of these are doctrines, but ok, what about the temple, temple ceremonies (like in the OT) and priesthood, baptism for the dead, LDS heavy hitter doctrines, where are they? The BOM claims to be the "fullness of the everlasting gospel"?