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  1. mrmarklin

    A Story about healing.

    You are correct. This is not a real Ward.
  2. mrmarklin

    All-you-can-eat religion, Buffet style

    Most of what we hear is opinion. But it's good opinion from leaders that have lived the gospel and understand its effect on people's lives. One needs to pray and judge accordingly. I look at the Buffet, and realize that just like a food buffet, one must pick and choose. I don't mean going against any commandments. I mean deciding what aspect of the gospel appeals the most, and one should direct one's efforts accordingly. Some gravitate toward leadership. Others (like my wife) toward temple work. Others teach. There is a lot of opportunity in the church and IMHO we should not try to do it all, although some feel guilty if they don't.
  3. mrmarklin

    Before the Temple is Restored in Jerusalem

    The LDS building in Jerusalem is actually on the Palestinian side. The territory is under dispute and the Church had to get permission to build there from the mayor. It's a beautiful building with a great view of the historic part of the city. As one sits in Sacrament meeting the speakers are speaking in front of a floor to ceiling window showing the view. Very nice grounds as well. I guess it could be converted to a temple, but the location is not a likely one. As an aside, the LDS is under strict guidelines to not proselyte. Judaism is not a proselyting religion.
  4. Think about it. The chance, actually likelihood, of being quoted out of context is big. Typically, these people are speaking to a specific audience at a specific time. The advice and Opinions they offer may only apply to that audience. This entire stupid thread is about extrapolating one isolated speech to becoming doctrine and advice for the whole church. Of course, the chance of misspeaking or having a Freudian slip for any speaker, are always present as well. Many times the statements or advice given are opinions, not statements of policy or doctrine, but the statements are taken as such. Again, witness this useless thread. Even doctrinal statements can be taken with a grain of salt. They have not been vetted by the Prophet or the Church as a whole. And again can be taken out of context of where and when and to whom spoken. While Apostles can speak for God, this really only happens as the Catholics would say ex Cathedra. And it's done by the Prophet. These guys have a lot of experience with the spirit and my judgement is that by and large they are certainly worth listening to. But remember, this church was built on the Rock of Revelation. And everyone must have their own. One should take these speeches for what they are nothing more and seek personal guidance for oneself. So inconclusion, I would not want to be taped on everything I say, for sure. And considering the hazards stated above, I can certainly understand why the GAs avoid this.
  5. The sad thing is, some politicians are justifying Infanticide. That is killing the child AFTER it is born. IMHO that is no longer abortion.
  6. mrmarklin

    Missionary work during the priesthood ban

    Since I was a missionary during the Priesthood Prohibition era, I can say that we were instructed to teach black people only if they specifically asked for us to do that. If we tracted one up, we could invite them to a meeting, but nothing else. This was taught in the SLC mission home.
  7. I slogged through all the replies in this thread. My take on it is that Oak's speech was given on a specific topic to a specific audience. I don't extrapolate more than that. The advice he gave was for that specific audience. Let's not get carried away that it's advice for the Church as a whole. We should all do what we believe is necessary to justify our faith. Oaks is not contradicting that IMHO. Many here seem to be extrapolating his statements beyond what he intended. Shame on you.
  8. mrmarklin

    Statement on Book of Mormon geography

    It snows In Israel. There is even a ski resort!
  9. As man is God once was. Meaning Jehovah came among us and lived like a man. As God is, man may become. Ie. man may become a resurrected being.
  10. True. The Governor of Virginia apparently has, however.
  11. mrmarklin

    Leading LDS

    It can tell something about personality, but not necessarily character. I wear a Guayabera shirt to church and have a tightly shaved beard. For those that don't know, a Guayabera shirt is formal wear is some hot parts of the world. I hate neckties, and the day our firm (we're near Silicon Valley) got rid of the requirement to wear them was one of the best days of my life. So be careful in judging.
  12. mrmarklin

    Leading LDS

    The reality is that EQ meetings are not intended to be therapy sessions. They are a time for teaching, Should the topics that come up help someone in their personal lives, so much the better.
  13. mrmarklin

    Were jesus and Adam perfect?

    I have always taken the word perfect in the case of Adam et al. to be defined as without sin, as the Christ was without sin. Adam and others lived righteously to achieve this “perfection”.
  14. mrmarklin

    Joseph Smith's Monogamy

    A lie perpetuated by Emma Smith. I believe the Church itself has records of J Smith’s sealings.
  15. mrmarklin

    non members

    This happens all the time.