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  1. mrmarklin

    Silk in Ancient MesoAmerica

    Likely not from silkworms. There may be another material that is silk like that would qualify. But at some level as another poster said “a horse is a horse”. BTW I’m not convinced at all by the Mesoamerican model. I much prefer SA as the venue.
  2. It’s an interesting opinion. One with which I happen to agree.😎
  3. mrmarklin

    The Young Pope

    I saw the series. It is a journey of the young pope from notions of youth through maturity. He is a good guy, but too prideful to begin with. As life goes on he moderates his attitudes. He must deal with the politics of the Curia who is initially out to get him, but his basic goodness, in spite of his flaws, deflects the machinations.
  4. There are examples of polyandry in the early LDS Church, notably in some of Joseph Smith’s marriages. This is has been noted by some people that dealings were regarded in early church history as as much horizontal as vertical. In other words, we all of us are one big happy family. God will sort this stuff out IMHO.
  5. mrmarklin

    Is it time to end Testimony meetings?

    Advent in Germany is the 24 days before Christmas. Advent calendars are a countdown so to speak, with candies or other treats hidden behind each number, that are then peeled off, typically by children in anticipation of Chist’s Advent.
  6. mrmarklin

    Is it time to end Testimony meetings?

    Advent is almost unknown among LDS. Things such as Advent calendars and such are almost unknown here in the US.
  7. mrmarklin

    what is our position on the Caravan

    In general I'm very sympathetic to people who want a better life. Some of the conditions these people live in are appalling. That said, I think we need to control the US borders. The current laws are not the correct ones IMHO. Maybe this incident will be a catalyst for a more open policy for those who want to improve their lives. There is certainly no reason not to regularize those already in the country, after proper application and vetting. And to at least give work visas to those of good character who want to be here for opportunity. No welfare benefits should be available for those who want to enter. But I see no reason that opportunity should not be extended.
  8. mrmarklin

    Who Does the Father Give to Jesus?

    Context is everything here. I believe that the Nephites were among Christ's stewardship. He then goes on to elaborate, that there are others also encompassed into that group, namely the entire human race.
  9. We simply don't have enough facts to judge the instant case. Joseph Smith was a fugitive from Missouri justice at the time of his death. Leaving the Church IMHO is not a sin per se, but of course one is abandoning all saving ordinances that one took on oneself during life. This can, of course, be repented of.
  10. mrmarklin

    Heavenly Mother and the Virgin of Guadalupe

    AFAIK this sort of mixup is not even alluded to by missionaries. I have a son who served in Mexico City.
  11. mrmarklin

    General Conferences and Hermeneutics

    It was not that talk. I don’t have a cite, but it was buried in a speech that was not specifically about social media. I don’t recall whose speech it was.
  12. mrmarklin

    The Apostasy and the Restoration

    The seeming fact that the Western World, at least, was without the Gospel for over fourteen centuries has always bothered me as well. I’ve never heard a good explanation other than the Lord knows what’s best for His children. It will have to suffice, I suppose.
  13. mrmarklin

    General Conferences and Hermeneutics

    After being a teacher in various capacities over the years, I’m not a fan of using GC talks as a teaching tool for teachers in the Church. While they may be inspiring in a live setting, many times they are doctrinally unsound or inconsistent. Recently gave a lesson where the GA pointed out all the feel good Facebook postings by “friends” could make one feel badly about one’s own personal situation and lead to discouragement. Message was to avoid these sorts of social media. Convenietly forgotten was the Church’s monthly publication full of similar member feel good stories. The other gripe I have is many times speakers, upon being assigned a lesson or talk from GC, essentially read the speech, adding very little extra inspiration or content. I think recommending these speeches as teaching tools smacks of laziness and budget cutting at Church HQ.
  14. Without knowing a lot more facts this is not far from the truth. 😑