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  1. In general I agree with this sort of analysis. Horses have always been valuable assets, and the idea that they somehow just got loose and started running around on their own is rather silly IMHO. Even if natives saw wild horses, it’s not obvious that they could be domesticated or trained, nor how to go about doing so.
  2. Wow! This topic has raged on for several days, and I have offered my opinion as well. Maybe we should just settle on the idea that Ballard misspoke. I can live with that, in spite of my opinion.
  3. I had heard about the cave story in the past and was inclined to believe it. But having read the wonderful article by Mr Cameron Packer in the link provided, I think it is apocryphal. At best, it's a recounting of a vision or even a dream.
  4. No one is impugning his honesty. But it is a fact that in the sixties there was a challenge to baptism midway through the first discussion. He has obviously forgotten this. But it was surely generally known. He served as a mission president from 1974 He he was a mature adult during this time, albeit not called as an apostle. And he’s been a GA since the seventies.
  5. When I recently found out that the cost was about the same as I paid twenty years ago when my kids were on missions I was astounded. This increase is long overdue.
  6. No question pron is a problem. Hence the 70 videos. If they help even one person, it will have been worth it. It is pervasive, and even with heavy protections on my Grandkids iPads, they still see inappropriate things from time to time. In my experience, and I have reason to know, the Church's handling of those that abuse authority in their positions in the Church is fairly absolute in cauterizing the wound. This may have been less so 30 or so years ago when "repentance" was blindly accepted by higher ups. I don't think that is the case today. The church has learned a lot about these problems, particularly as it has expanded outside the Mormon corridor. I'm sorry your experience was other than this.
  7. I think you are misinterpreting what I am saying. My thesis is that the Church has always pushed early commitment to baptism. Of course, this was a conditional commitment based on feeling the spirit, understanding the principles of the Gospel etc. But it was in the middle of the first lesson that we sought this commitment. Most people that had heard the JS story made the commitment because it was conditional. The question was something like this: Mr Brown, if you come to know that JS was a prophet of God would you be baptized? A big if. Of course a lot of people agreed, but never went much farther than one or two discussions. The Word of Wisdom was an early discussion, and it was generally considered that if the investigator had not been to church, read none of the Book of Mormon, or not praying then it would be almost useless to present the principles of WOW with no solid foundation of belief in the church. But the reality is that the pushing of statistical measures put a lot of pressure on missionaries to continue discussions and yes, baptisms that IMHO were unwarranted. Ballard is old enough to know this. Hence, I think he is being disingenuous. BTW you about the age of my youngest child.
  8. I was actually a missionary doing this stuff at that time. What were you doing then?
  9. I guess I’m a little older than most of you. I served in the late sixties and we were given scripted lessons that we were expected to memorize. The scripted invitation to baptism was in the first discussion. If the investigator did not accept the conditional invitation we generally terminated the discussion. By conditional, I mean that by the baptismal time the investigator would have accepted that JS was a prophet etc etc. So the assertion that Ballard does not know how all this began is disingenuous.
  10. Really? Eliza Snow, one of his most prominent wives was older. Given JS had no issue from any of his plural marriages, I acquit him of “targeting” anyone.
  11. We cannot understand these things with our finite minds. Remember, God, through His Son, Jesus Christ, told Moses in a revelation, that He had all things before Him. This infers a concept of time, both past, future and present that is beyond what we can possibly understand Speculating on any origin scenarios is just that, speculation. We simply don’t have all things before us, yet.
  12. This. And notice the Church got rid of the guy ASAP unlike some other religions that I could name.
  13. ????????????????????? The reality is we don't know, just like we don't know how Spirit children are born. There's a lot of stuff out there like this and we are exhorted to not dwell on "mysteries".
  14. It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. And should the occasion arise that you're not here to ask forgiveness, oh well!
  15. Only you know what you have as interests. Mine are shooting, model trains and motorcycles, among others.
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