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  1. There is a person on this site that posts Anti stuff just to get a rise. Ive called him out twice and will continue to do so.
  2. I served in the Andes South Mission. This statistic was given to us in Salt Lake City by a general authority at the then SLC mission home. I believe it was the church average activity rate at the time.
  3. No. I think He has a general idea, but I firmly believe we are masters of our destiny. Activities that are risky will shorten lives and positive activities will lengthen it. Our choice.
  4. I don't think much has changed in regard to inactivity. Fifty years ago when I was in the mission home, we were told that 60% would go inactive after our missions. I remember looking around and wondering who would be inactive, because it certainly wouldn't be me!
  5. The gospel has the answer to all life's problems. It is very tangible, but of course one must make the investment in God's method of problem solving by study and prayer. The latter can be a stumbling block for many reluctant to believe. The world is is a big place. I went through my atheistic phase, but it ultimately leads nowhere. There is by definition no starting point to a systematic study of anything.
  6. Gagging, JC? Really? I'm not a fan of the song either, but I fear your troll instincts are on full display. Unfortunately many seem to have fallen into the trap.
  7. Google the Church of the Temple Lot. These people are an offshoot of LDS who currently own the temple lot purchased by the Saints in Jackson county MO. A cornerstone was laid during Joseph Smiths lifetime, but the Curch lost control of the property. This revelation was taken very seriously at the time. Many believe the fulfillment of the New Jerusalem was imminent, but so far, not yet!
  8. Without reading all replies I will state that for me, the knowledge I have that the gospel is true is based on spiritual revelation, not feelings or emotions. This is the fundamental teaching of the church. "Upon this rock............". in my case, this was revealed to me by sincere prayer. When I have given healing blessings or ordinations, there is no question the Spirit is speaking through me. I experience an actual "separation " of my spirit from my body performing sacred ordinances. This Is not a feeling or an emotion it's a fact and cannot be denied. Just like Joseph could not deny his revelation in 1820. Revelation is the foundation of the church and unless one has experienced it, one does not have a lasting testimony of the truth.
  9. I didn't want to get political, but Reid was the worst leader of the senate in my living memory. No integrity at all.
  10. And why should I care about anything he says?
  11. You're such a troll. No, I won't bite.
  12. How many do you know that drink beer?
  13. I see the usual Trolls are here again. Its like the old Hollywood adage: There is no bad publicity. Wouldn't surprise me at all if their was fair success with this handout program.
  14. The activity rate in many countries is very low. Yes, these numbers are for enrolled members. The thing that that has bothered me for years is why doesn't the leadership of the church reflect these statistics? Seems like there should be some more brown faces at the higher levels.
  15. As a dyed in the wool Harley rider I can firmly state that if I have to explain it, you wouldn't understand. As as for atheism, one cannot prove a negative.