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  1. Missionary work never ceased in the early church AFAIK, and the Catholic Church has an active program today. The Apostasy argument is a difficult one to make. Only in light of modern revelation is it convincing. Every picture, statue, portrait or other depiction of the Apostle Peter shows him holding keys. The LDS are not the only people who talk about this (keys). The Catholic view is that Peter passed those keys on to his successors, the bishops of Rome.
  2. I took a course on this at BYU. We must always remember that the Gospels were written from different points of view and to differing audiences. Hence the seeming contradictions. This is really not much worth worrying about. Kind of like the current controversy and remembrances of Trump's July 25 phone call to Ukraine.
  3. Ultimately we must rely of faith with some objective evidence. During Joseph Smith's time there were many Christian sects. This alone gives pause, because obviously the doctrines of the original Church had been corrupted. All these churches couldn't be correct. Even the Catholic church had undergone serious doctrinal change, giving rise to the Orthodox sects in the East. The Pope certainly claimed authority, but was he even correct considering the schisms that occurred in the Catholic church in the middle ages? I don know this: If you go into any Catholic church you will be confronted with a chart of a Line of Authority beginning with Peter. So, we must fall back on doctrine. And given modern revelation we can see that all Christian sects give lip service to Christ, but the doctrines are far from the original ones in the beginning.
  4. The idea that women are somehow unconscious of the way they dress is ludicrous on its face. At least having three sisters, a wife and a daughter has taught me that much. 😎
  5. Actually it hasn’t. What one wears, or doesn’t, sends a signal, want it or not Most of you are not seeing the big picture. The gospel is as simple as this. God wants us to be happy. He wants us to live in Eternal family units, and return to Him. That’s all. Anything that detracts from this idea is simply not living up to LDS standards. Think about it: modesty is common sense for both men and women. There is an old saying that I believe is true. Clothes make the man. This is a short way of stating that people pre judge you by how you present yourself. That goes for women too, IMHO.
  6. Sorry, Tacenda. One cannot repeal 6,000 years of history with your secular notions of right and wrong. The Church cautions women (and men too, for that matter) about their chastity because of the sacredness of reproduction and the sanctity of the family. Do most women look back on their lives and wish they would have spent more time at the office? The answer is no. Yes a woman is more than her chastity, but that is not something to lightly give away. God has advised us to only have sex inside the bonds of matrimony because of the sacredness of reproduction. Movies are not real life, and the actions of the characters if imitated can only lead to misery. Even today, most world societies take many steps to protect women from the predations of men. Men are visual. It's only natural for us to look at a beautiful woman and appreciate her. Other thoughts are not far behind. History has proven this over and over. In western European culture, to which most of us subscribe, men have been trained to not be drooling Neanderthals, at least in public. Hopefully, not in private, either. But I will posit to all of you that this is often not the case. Other societies take great care to mitigate the problems that the male of our species have by imposing extreme modesty in Muslim nations for example. Many other societies follow similar strictures. An Indian actor was arrested not long ago for kissing a woman in public for example. I could go on.
  7. Members of the Church are invited, so technically not open. However, no one is prevented from participating unless the Bishop has prohibited someone who is known to him. Otherwise it is assumed only members will participate.
  8. The hand that rocks the cradle......................
  9. Too old to be Jesus. He died at age 33.
  10. I’ve been to Israel, and I must say I saw very few people that even came close to resembling the picture of the “real Jesus” above. Ever seen a closeup of Benjamin Netanyahu? More typical.
  11. There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding here about when a prophet speaks as such. I have previously stated that when he speaks ex cathedra that stuff ends up as scripture. All the other times one must listen to the Spirit. The Holy Ghost will tell you when the prophets speak with the voice of the Lord, because one can feel the HG when hearing or reading the words. Ninety percent of the stuff said by our prophets is pretty much straight from the scriptures or explanations thereof. Not much room to quibble. Obviously much opinion has been offered over time as well. That is when the one must listen closely to the Spirit. And not all advice is for everyone everywhere. One must see many of these things in context. Ie. audience, time and place.
  12. Seventh Day Adventists are commonly called Adventists. Everyone knows what that means. Just like everyone knows what "Mormon" means.
  13. I’m not Italian. Just pointing out that the Church in Italy can only refer to the Roman Catholic Church. In Sweden it can only refer to the Lutheran Church. It’s the State religion. Until 2000 that is. In Utah of course it’s the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Yeah, people are provincial.
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