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  1. Acts 17:28 Question

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The Mormon Jesus is not as depicted in your chart. 1. Created Being 2. Gave us Salvation 3. Unique and supreme importance 4. LDS doctrine is that Christ was conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost 5. LDS doctrine is that we don't know if He was married, much less a polygamist. By created I mean that Christ is a child of God, like the rest of mankind. Of course, we all have the eternity of Intelligence within us.
  2. It's a little sad IMHO that your experience when you were a kid tainted you so much. The WOW is really not such a big deal to repent from, although many Mormons regard it as very close to a Mortal sin. You obviously do, but it's not. Not even worth a confession to your bishop or anyone other than the Lord. Prior to 1930, WOW was not even a sin of any sort, just a recommendation. It's pathetic that many don't understand that by true repentance and partaking of the Sacrament, one's sins are forgiven. This does not apply to sins such as adultery, etc of course, since major restitution etc can be called for in the repentance process. But WOW, by itself, requires no restitution. It's between you and the Lord. If violating WOW in your thirties led you down a path of non-belief that's very unfortunate. No real reason that should have happened IMHO.
  3. I would suggest that your advancement is based on sociality and attendance at these events, not the drinking part.
  4. Growing up in California and being in business here has created this situation time and again. I entered my profession when hard drinking at lunch was in vogue and have lived to see it not in vogue anymore. Most people I lunch with abstain, whereas these same people would hoist a couple at lunch routinely back in the day. Culture in general has changed. In the eighties our office Christmas parties were drunken affairs with male strippers for the ladies (one time only!) and in one case even drunken dancing by an employee on the table! Then everyone would drive home in their own cars! The last party we had was far from this. It was at a country club and everyone who wanted to have alcohol was picked up either by a Limo or a designated driver. The days of many people becoming seriously inebriated have long passed. Now our office Christmas parties are even more sedate because we are taking the $$$$$ we used to spend at a fancy restaurant and giving it out to the employees as a "present". It's almost $1,000 per person! Office Xmas party is now a teetotaling pot luck here in the office! General consensus by employees to do it this way. Even during the harder drinking times, I don't recall being pressed by anyone to drink alcohol. I travel to Europe every year for my hobby interests. In general, the people are much more into alcohol on a regular basis that here in the US. No one in France would consider a meal complete without wine, and in Germany, with which I'm most familiar, beer is an essential ingredient of every social event. But while my lack of alcohol consumption is remarked upon, I've never been pressed to drink at all in Europe. Diet Coke or the equivalent is available everywhere. In Germany in particular, where drunk driving laws are draconian, in every group there is a designated driver that does not drink. There are even drinks that look like beer so that that person does not need to stand out in a group! Think Apfelshorle or Bionade. If you've never been to Germany you don't know what these drinks are most likely. In England, the average person drinks more alcohol than we do here in the States, but in fact, the Pub culture is on its way out. Many Pubs are evolving into family places or upscale restaurants. My best friends are in my monthly local hobby group and I'm the only LDS. One guy who is a particularly close friend owns a beer and wine distributorship! While many times beer is brought to our monthly meetings no one is ever pressed to imbibe. Many don't. Again, times are changing. Obviously YMMV.
  5. New third-hour curriculum: Your experience?

  6. They didn’t ALL die at eighty. But some lived long lives. Cicero himself lived to age 63. And may have lasted much longer. Unfortunately we’ll never know. He was murdered.
  7. I read the biography of Cicero a while back. Many of the Roman elites lived well into their eighties and one prominent politician died of natural causes at 103. Cësar was not considered old at 54 when he was murdered. Not to mention that John the apostle hasn’t yet passed on!
  8. I don’t wear a jacket or tie at all. Quit wearing ties at work in 2000 and I’ve never looked back. I don’t own a suit anymore.
  9. Bishops interview with minors

    All the angst on this topic. The Catholics seem to have solved the problem with the confessional. Private conversation, but public enough for safety. Ive never been in a windowless bishops office. Maybe I don’t get out much if I were a bishop i’d Leave my door ajar for all interviews. Most offices are large enough to admit a large degree of privacy. And most interviews are very routine, anyway.
  10. The great apostasy

    A claim, not proof for sure. However, it’s a strong claim because what other church can even make this claim among Christians? All other churches must rely on something else to assure their members that they are genuine. And, AFAIK, only LDS claim a restoration. So there are really only two contenders for TRUE CHURCH. At least in Christianity.
  11. missionary work

    This. Many churches have big efforts.
  12. The great apostasy

    I personally like the Nicean council as a good benchmark because the nature of God changed, as the Arianists lost the battle to recognize essentially what LDS now believe about the Godhead. This battle went on in the Church for several centuries after. BTW Isaac Newton was a closet Arianist.
  13. The great apostasy

    Many. I believe that Peter did not sit for them, however.
  14. Coffee an Tea

    Recent research indicates that coffee and tea, in moderation are good for one! Two months ago in Consumer Reports they claimed that coffee was a good thing.
  15. The great apostasy

    The Apostasy is problematic for LDS, because one can go into any Catholic Church and see a chart showing a line of authority from Peter, complete with portraits! One can only infer apostasy from the writings of Luther, etc. Another indication is the departure from obvious biblical practices such as baptism by immersion, etc. Clearly,, with all the Christian religions out there, something has gone wrong with the original Church Of course the Catholics argue that all these changes are sanctioned by the vicar of Christ and various conferences, such as the one in Nicea. Which of course was approved by the Pope. One must notice, moreover that every portrait of Peter includes the keys, which the Catholic Church says we’re passed on to Peter’s successors. For LDS believers, there is the testimony of Joseph Smith that a restoration was necessary. It really all revolves around that, in the end. There is no proof, so to speak.