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  1. mrmarklin

    Heavenly Mother and the Virgin of Guadalupe

    AFAIK this sort of mixup is not even alluded to by missionaries. I have a son who served in Mexico City.
  2. mrmarklin

    General Conferences and Hermeneutics

    It was not that talk. I don’t have a cite, but it was buried in a speech that was not specifically about social media. I don’t recall whose speech it was.
  3. mrmarklin

    The Apostasy and the Restoration

    The seeming fact that the Western World, at least, was without the Gospel for over fourteen centuries has always bothered me as well. I’ve never heard a good explanation other than the Lord knows what’s best for His children. It will have to suffice, I suppose.
  4. mrmarklin

    General Conferences and Hermeneutics

    After being a teacher in various capacities over the years, I’m not a fan of using GC talks as a teaching tool for teachers in the Church. While they may be inspiring in a live setting, many times they are doctrinally unsound or inconsistent. Recently gave a lesson where the GA pointed out all the feel good Facebook postings by “friends” could make one feel badly about one’s own personal situation and lead to discouragement. Message was to avoid these sorts of social media. Convenietly forgotten was the Church’s monthly publication full of similar member feel good stories. The other gripe I have is many times speakers, upon being assigned a lesson or talk from GC, essentially read the speech, adding very little extra inspiration or content. I think recommending these speeches as teaching tools smacks of laziness and budget cutting at Church HQ.
  5. Without knowing a lot more facts this is not far from the truth. 😑
  6. Just for the record I think the one third number is preposterous. That being said, when young men left at 19 most had a year or so outside the home experience even if it was just having a job to save for a mission. Being away at school, working, and gaining some life experience has a lot of value IMHO. The level of training received is very lacking in my opinion. And tracking is a total waste in the US There is a lot they can do. Working with part member families, meeting people in the ward to which they are assigned can be very productive. My business is dependent on growth by developing client referrals. Clients only refer if there is a level of trust in our competence and ability. This is only developed with interactions and allowing relationships to develop. Many mission presidents consider interacting with the membership is a waste of time But the truth is exactly the opposite Missionaries cannot obtain referrals from people that don’t have any sort of relationship with them
  7. mrmarklin

    Missionaries and health insurance

    It wouldn’t surprise me. My son in the Wash. DC mission was involved in a serious car accident. He broke his jaw. Instead of handling it locally they sent him home to us so our insurance could pay for everything. This was twenty years ago. It came at a bad time as we were only days away from a month long South American vacation. My wife ended up staying home for part of that time. We were picking up my twin sons from their missions in Bolivia and Mexico.
  8. mrmarklin

    Forget S.E.T.I. - We're the only ones here!

    Yes. But there’s a lot more than just telescopes.
  9. mrmarklin

    Forget S.E.T.I. - We're the only ones here!

    I live near the SETI probe and observatory here in the US and the search continues with constantly improving technology.
  10. mrmarklin

    Beauty Pageants - Good or Bad?

    They used to be good, but now they're bad.
  11. mrmarklin

    A Fourth Watch God

    Watch God??? I thought this topic was about Patek Philippe.
  12. mrmarklin

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    I have a Nephew exactly your age. He recently married a Mexican woman from Monterrey Mexico that he met on line using a site called LDS Global or World or something like that. They were married about a year an half ago in Mexico. I attended the wedding in Monterrey and it was all very nice. She is a very nice Mormon girl from a good family south of the border. They now have a daughter and live in Lehi UT. As I was attending the reception I noticed that the bride had a LOT of single girlfriends, members of the church. Many were very attractive and active in the church AFAIK. These young women were in the late 20s early 30s range, and a lot of them spoke English. Quite an educated group IMHO. Since you are in Texas, Monterrey is not that far away. It's a modern Mexican city and relatively affluent. There is a temple there. I'd give you a link, but I can't seem to find anything. But as an old married fossil, I'm not motivated. Give this a try.
  13. The real problem with the BoM naysayers is that there were contemporaneous witnesses to the existence of the plates. And if the plates exist, then the translation is likely good as well. This was never contradicted by the witnesses in their life time, even though some had left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And if the BoM is true, then Joseph was a prophet. Of course, one can disregard the testimony of witnesses, and many have. But it is compelling.
  14. mrmarklin

    The Catholic scandal and the Church

    To put this a little perspective, I’m sure that as someone is caught he goes into full repentance mode. He confesses his sins, does some form of penance and promises never to do that particular sin again. The sinner is properly remorseful and maybe even withdraws for a while from normal duties. But the reality is that he is repentant. He can be given another chance because God has forgiven him and certainly a change of scenery can do the repentant good, because he is away from his immediate temptations. This is the logic behind reassignment. Of course it is flawed because the sinner should have been referred to authorities if a crime had been committed. The Catholic Church is so dominant in many societies, that it truly believes that the problem is “handled “ without recourse to secular authority I think the LDS Church has been burned by this a little by too easy forgiveness of members. I know of one case. But I think hierarchy is more aware now that some proclivities never really go away despite repentance. So safeguards have been instituted. Bishops and high leaders are always excommunicated so that mitigates any problem with them.