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  1. It is not a myth, but a miracle. Many believe the LDS living in the Valley were saved by this event. But let’s get one thing very straight: From a technical point of view THERE IS NO SUCH A THING AS A MIRACLE. Only phenomena that is unexplainable at the time. Every “miracle” in the historic scriptures is totally explainable by natural occurring phenomena and scientific facts. Just like the Seagull miracle. Thanks for the article. There is not a single miracle that is not explainable by science. The fact that we don’t now understand what exactly how the miracle occurred does not mean that God works outside His own laws in an unnatural fashion. It’s kind of like an inexplicable magic trick. One one knows how it’s done it seems easy.
  2. mrmarklin

    church-owned businesses pay tithing?

    From a tax POV I know they all pay taxes to the appropriate government agency. This is the treasury department in the US. Then of course they are free to distribute profits to the owner.
  3. The miracles you describe in the Bible took place over centuries. Hardly everyday events. Christ’s miracles are the exception, but largely witnessed by a very small circle of disciples. Mostly only publicized by the gospel writers themselves.. i consider the Seagull miracle experienced by the Utah pioneers on a level of any in the Bible. One of those every hundred years or so and people two thousand years hence will wonder how come there are not enough miracles. Of course we are all so jaded as to miracles. Witness the cell phone you can no longer live without. And the calling is almost the least of its capabilities.
  4. mrmarklin

    Noah's Ark.....i know call me crazy.

    I don’t have a problem with Peleg’s times being a division of lands. The Atlantis myth backs this up somewhat. There is also current archeological evidence that this division took place. The flood myth is likely universal because it’s true and is the history of a clearly small population reboot.
  5. mrmarklin

    Noah's Ark.....i know call me crazy.

    I think the text is correct. But people read it without CONTEXT.
  6. mrmarklin

    Noah's Ark.....i know call me crazy.

    There was certainly something big. Every culture in the world has a “flood myth”. I tend to agree with the above view. Noah was likely commanded to save critical species. Obviously, since there are tens of thousands of species not all were on the ark, nor could all not on the ark have been destroyed. There is a place in the Amazon basin called Marañon where a big river converges with the Amazon. Translated this word is called sea or not. Because the early explorers did not know if they had reached an inland sea since they couldn’t see any shore.
  7. Historically the Tribune was founded by infidels to counter balance what was perceived as undue LDS influence in Utah.
  8. mrmarklin

    What is Going Well in Your Life?

    I think my wife would have some objection to your suggestion.
  9. mrmarklin

    What is Going Well in Your Life?

    1 Hobby of model trains is doing well. I will be in Germany (model train capital of the world) this fall for a convention (Cologne) and then the largest model train show in Europe in Utrecht Holland-Eurospoor!!! 2. Career is excellent. I will have a record year of income and last year was not too B.A.D.! 3. Family is well. Wife and I are taking granddaughter to Universal Studios Hollywood in June as a birthday present. Will spend very quality time with extended family at country home this spring and summer. All my children live within a few miles of my city house.
  10. I can tell by the arguments about settling, fighting a case to the end and NDAs that none of you have been sued or otherwise seriously entangled by the US “justice “ system. At this point none of us have all the facts of the case, nor are we likely to, ever. This is true even if there were to be a trial. Because evidence can be excluded for various reasons. To the detriment of both parties. The above being the case , NDAs serve a useful purpose in that the case cannot be relitigated in public by either party, thus possibly distorting facts and hence conclusions. I have been sued (better said my company, but I was also named) more than once, each time I was in the right IMHO. None of the cases saw court. For varying reasons they were all settled with NDAs, primarily to protect my company’s interests. I didn’t want people bad mouthing me or the company I work for. IMHO, had any of these plaintiffs had a real case, they would have gone to court on principle. But they just wanted money. Even if this is not the case, and a defendant such as a church or business, is guilty of an offense, of course they would want their reputation preserved to the extent possible. In some cases, this is impossible. Witness the Weinstein company’s demise. In the instant case, the Church had little to do with the offense initially, but it has deep pockets. Of course a good lawyer can make it seem like everyone in authority knew about the secret “tryst “ room!
  11. The Catholics have a device called a confessional. The Church could adapt/adopt something similar.
  12. mrmarklin

    19th Century Mormonism - Would you do it?

    Thursday night Sacrament meetings would kill it for me.
  13. mrmarklin

    End times doom and gloom

    I truly believe that we live in the best of times now. Many in the world live in air-conditioned buildings and drive air-conditioned vehicles on roads that the richest King in the world only 150 years ago could only dream of. Of course there is great suffering, but we are promised that the gospel will fill the whole earth. As events unfold of course there will be great calamities, but much of this in not new. A previous generation suffered through two world wars, the curse of Communism (that's still going on!) and a lot of very nasty things. The earth has always had its ups and downs, and will continue to do so. But in absolute terms the average person lives better than the average person has in any time in history. With increasing technology, this will continue to happen.