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  1. You do realize that the Maya are many hundreds of years AFTER the Nephites and Lamanites dominated the news in the Americas? That being said, the ruins are certainly spectacular. I've been several times to Chichen Itza (among others) and it's truly amazing.
  2. Some of you guys are hilarious. There are several sites postulated as the burial, birth etc of Christ. As well as many places of events that took place. There is no need to get hung up on any of this. You will be taken to the places that are postulated as having been the real places, but in many cases your opinion is as good as anyone's (but probably not). I will say that one certainly gets a feeling that the events portrayed in the Bible certainly happened in the Holy Land. BTW, Jericho has no walls! There are churches at almost everyone of these sites, and sometimes more than one! The place where the Beatitudes were supposedly given has a church donated by the dictator Mussolini! One of the amazing things to me was how many groups of pilgrims there were from all over the world singing and praying at the holy sites. Our group spent an afternoon in the supposed Garden in Gethsemane and it was very possible it was the actual place. In the ballpark at least!
  3. I went on a Morris Murdock tour to Israel that was LDS oriented in 2015. It also covered three days in Rome. It it was very religious. I didn’t go back to church for six weeks after that. LOL
  4. The thing that always gets me is the idea that a 24 y.o. With little more than a sixth grade education, Could invent all the stuff in the in the Book of Mormon, revolutionize how the doctrines in the Bible are seen and practiced etc etc all by himself. when I was 24, I had a college education, and access to many more resources than JS had (had I known about them) and call me stupid but I could not have accomplished or invented all the stuff JS did. I don’t think JS had access to many historical resources to even help him with inventing anything. He lived in an essentially rural environment.
  5. Most of the discussion revolved around how attitudes and customs could/would change among us Stateside based LDS.
  6. Most of the items listed are still needed for the reception. And on top of that, music, food and drink, a decent venue and some sort of entertainment etc. Best man of course is usually the officiator, but sometimes an MC is hired to coordinate the steps in the various rituals, like cutting the cake, etc Of course we have all forgotten the rehearsal dinner and the wedding breakfast! yeah, tabs can be run up!
  7. Most of you are missing the point of the new policy. Two years ago I witnessed by nephew marry his bride civilly in Monterrey, MX. A couple of hours later, we went over to the local temple to witness the sealing. The church is accepting the reality of laws in many countries. Apparently over half the population of the church live under civil restrictions as to marriage. The church is now recognizing that it’s rather silly to not have the same policy for everyone. BTW, for most marriages, the big bux are spent on the reception. But you knew this, right?
  8. Read Mein Kampf. The NSDAP is essentially left wing. Goebbels even noted in his diary how close politically they were to the Communists. The perceived differences are a matter of the political practicalities in Germany during Hitler’s time. Both of these forms of evil socialism rely of force to maintain power.
  9. Here's what gets me about this whole thing. There was no need to come out. I've never come out as a heterosexual. If a person is living within the laws of the Lord, of course he/she will be in favor with God. I don't need to know that either. I live and work in the San Francisco bay area. I know many gay people, some are clients. None go around telling the world about their sexuality. No need. People aren't stupid, they know. I really don't get the compulsion to tell everyone about one's sexuality. Any one important in this person's life already knew.
  10. I didn’t mean to say that God didn’t intervene. After all, timing was critical in this event. It’s just that He used the tools at hand to accomplish His goals.
  11. Fundamentally there is no such thing as a miracle. God only works with the tools at hand, and only does what is natural and normal. Water to wine, the parting of the Red Sea and the Seagulls all fall into this category. The seagull miracle is no less a miracle for all that there is a “natural “ explanation. This is the way God works once one learns the magic trick, it’s not magic anymore
  12. At some level the only reason I stay with the Church is hoping polygamy will come back!
  13. You’re kidding right? The treasures in the Vatican Museum alone probably dwarf the net worth of the LDS Church. Not to mention the incredible art in many of the churches containing many pieces from the greatest artists in the world.
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