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  1. 2018 curriculum

    Lame. I find using Conference talks as an excuse to essentially read them. Plus they're not always as doctrinally sound as an edited manual.
  2. SL Trib article on co-worker interactions

    It's a mandatory compliance meeting conducted by our broker/dealer. One cannot avoid it and earn commissions. It would not cost extra to do separate flights, meals etc.. But why? It would be fairly inconvenient to arrive on separate flights and have to take different transport. Plus it would necessitate someone arriving too early or too late. Fairly silly IMNSHO. BTW our company is paying the costs, but we are the owners! So is coming out of our hides. Which raises a question. Should a male have a female business partner not his spouse? I do (she's not the only partner) but I've know many other instances. Believe me, business associates that close are constantly dining, traveling and attending lots of stuff together!
  3. SL Trib article on co-worker interactions

    I'm not a fan of one on one interviews and I've been in a bishopric and done youth interviews. I have four children as well. The Boy Scouts now have an ironclad rule that no leader is ever one on one with a youth. It's a good rule, and one I believe the church should adopt. In today's litigious environment I think it can be the Bishops who can be vulnerable!
  4. SL Trib article on co-worker interactions

    I served long ago enough that we didn't have this rule. At that time it was assumed that having a companion present at all times was enough. And it was. I'm sure the current rule is the result of a unique circumstance, but I regard it as silly. I think staying with one's companion is enough protection.
  5. SL Trib article on co-worker interactions

    People don't necessarily WANT to travel with the opposite sex. It's almost always necessity. Next week I'm traveling with a female colleague on a mandatory conference to maintain our securities licenses. We will likely have a meal together. It's overnight, but we'll be staying in separate rooms, of course. It's all business and it's mandatory.
  6. SL Trib article on co-worker interactions

    When traveling on business I've never shared with another male, either. This is a silly argument.
  7. BoM The Musical in SLC

    I've been. It's delightful.
  8. How to be a tolerant parent?

    OP is enabling her behaviors by allowing the daughter to manipulate them into giving financial support. Also even though she doesn't obey house rules, she is apparently allowed home whenever she wants. This is enabling is immoral IMO.
  9. How to be a tolerant parent?

    Two words: Tough Love. Look it up. You're not doing her any favors with your current lax morality.
  10. Not in favor of ulterior motives. But sincere service, low key, IMHO could be very effective. I believe the Church has lost its way to some extent. The sell sell sell approach is not working. We need to have schools where there is a need. Working with other organizations (or our own where applicable) to help the poor is a high visibility activity that can lead to converts because of the selfless example. All one has to do is be there.
  11. Is Talmage's Jesus the Christ outdated?

    What is the relevance of Talmadge's cigar smoking to this thread? It was around 1930 that Mormons were to obey the WOW to be temple worthy. Talmadge was before that time.
  12. The idea of the modern marriage vow is largely a social construct in that married couples can obtain various benefits due to marital status. This construct descends from God's original intent, but is obviously now very corrupt. Modern governments have arrogated God's authority. The LDS marriage is not technically a marriage as the world understands it, but a sealing of covenants made by the Holy Spirit of Promise. Any other "marriage " is not recognized by God. God has no use for secular marriages and only tolerates the social construct in church so that people aren't living in sin. To this extent He bends a bit. But He still works toward a finalization of a temple sealing. There are even classes for this. Many other Christian religions, particularly the Catholics are the same. Technically in the Catholic Church one is living in sin until the marriage is sanctioned by the Church. The primary reason the church opposed gay marriage so it doesn't get caught up in the social construct imposed by secular governments that have already imposed "discrimination " rules etc on these constructs. Unfortunately, the church must abide by a certain amount of this social construct so that members can obtain secular benefits and our clergy can perform secular marriages while also performing the sacred sealing rites.
  13. Is the Church Homophobic?

    The church expects all its worthy members to live virtuous chaste lives. It applies that standard to all members AFAIK.
  14. It is against Church policy to record Sacrament meetings. This was a set up all the way. :((
  15. Your observation is an astute one, but the correlation is not necessarily education or lack there of, but humility. In the Book of Mormon, the success in preaching the gospel always was with the poorer more humble part of the people. It's true that in the West, church growth has stagnated. I believe that this is largely due to our prosperity, which gives rise to a perceived lack of need for the things God can offer.