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  1. The hand that rocks the cradle......................
  2. Too old to be Jesus. He died at age 33.
  3. I’ve been to Israel, and I must say I saw very few people that even came close to resembling the picture of the “real Jesus” above. Ever seen a closeup of Benjamin Netanyahu? More typical.
  4. There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding here about when a prophet speaks as such. I have previously stated that when he speaks ex cathedra that stuff ends up as scripture. All the other times one must listen to the Spirit. The Holy Ghost will tell you when the prophets speak with the voice of the Lord, because one can feel the HG when hearing or reading the words. Ninety percent of the stuff said by our prophets is pretty much straight from the scriptures or explanations thereof. Not much room to quibble. Obviously much opinion has been offered over time as well. That is when the one must listen closely to the Spirit. And not all advice is for everyone everywhere. One must see many of these things in context. Ie. audience, time and place.
  5. Seventh Day Adventists are commonly called Adventists. Everyone knows what that means. Just like everyone knows what "Mormon" means.
  6. I’m not Italian. Just pointing out that the Church in Italy can only refer to the Roman Catholic Church. In Sweden it can only refer to the Lutheran Church. It’s the State religion. Until 2000 that is. In Utah of course it’s the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Yeah, people are provincial.
  7. Good stuff. I married a “lamanite” girl. Sixty percent according to DNA testing. As our marriage progressed, my mother was one hundred percent sure that my wife’s skin was getting lighter as time went on. She subscribed to the Kimball view of things. But no. Looking at old pics it’s about the same now as when we married.😊 If anything, BY and JS had it correct. Our kids are much lighter!😀
  8. If one lives in Utah, this may work. Don’t expect anyone in Italy to understand what you mean 😀
  9. Maybe I’m too old, but I vaguely remember this name deal has come up before. They rebranded the placards on all the new church buildings. The old ones stayed the same AFAIK. This, in conjunction with using The Church of Jesus Christ as the name of the church The problem is that the full name of our church doesn’t exactly trip easily off the tongue. It’s a classic PR problem for any brand. First thing they need to do is to get the AP et al to change their style book, if they haven’t done it already.
  10. You asked. I answered. Sorry you don’t like the answer. 🙄 But both additions to the D&C happened in my lifetime.
  11. I can think of at least two instances. The canonization of Smith’s 1918 revelation about the Spirit World and the 1978 revelation to make the priesthood available to all male Church members. Clearly our modern prophets lead the church with inspiration. But are they infallible? No. Most decisions are good ones, however.
  12. Neither It’s like the Pope. They are infallible when speaking ex cathedra. All the other stuff is informed opinion One finds these revelations in books like the Doctrine and Covenants. Like Kimball’s revelation in 1978 about blacks and the priesthood.
  13. The reality is he should have taken his secret to the grave. Had he been a moral person. But he’s obviously not.
  14. I have personally know three couples where one of the partners was gay. Two of them came out when they found a “better” deal, devastating their families. One kept it in until the death of his wife(who did know, apparently). After her death he began to live the lifestyle. His three adult sons were shocked, as they had had no idea. They all essentially disowned their father, as they didn’t want his immorality near their families. Thankfully for all he is now deceased. BTW none of these people were LDS.
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