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  1. The idea of the modern marriage vow is largely a social construct in that married couples can obtain various benefits due to marital status. This construct descends from God's original intent, but is obviously now very corrupt. Modern governments have arrogated God's authority. The LDS marriage is not technically a marriage as the world understands it, but a sealing of covenants made by the Holy Spirit of Promise. Any other "marriage " is not recognized by God. God has no use for secular marriages and only tolerates the social construct in church so that people aren't living in sin. To this extent He bends a bit. But He still works toward a finalization of a temple sealing. There are even classes for this. Many other Christian religions, particularly the Catholics are the same. Technically in the Catholic Church one is living in sin until the marriage is sanctioned by the Church. The primary reason the church opposed gay marriage so it doesn't get caught up in the social construct imposed by secular governments that have already imposed "discrimination " rules etc on these constructs. Unfortunately, the church must abide by a certain amount of this social construct so that members can obtain secular benefits and our clergy can perform secular marriages while also performing the sacred sealing rites.
  2. The church expects all its worthy members to live virtuous chaste lives. It applies that standard to all members AFAIK.
  3. It is against Church policy to record Sacrament meetings. This was a set up all the way. :((
  4. Your observation is an astute one, but the correlation is not necessarily education or lack there of, but humility. In the Book of Mormon, the success in preaching the gospel always was with the poorer more humble part of the people. It's true that in the West, church growth has stagnated. I believe that this is largely due to our prosperity, which gives rise to a perceived lack of need for the things God can offer.
  5. I guess one has to have been there.
  6. Tough to see this working in a ward with less than 50% or so activity. Which is the norm for the church. The repetitive nature of the SS manuals is getting very stale and in my ward for the last few years, attendance is declining with a lot of people leaving after Sacrament meeting. Having lessons on the essays is not a program, but pablum for the people that care about tenets IMNSHO. Better to incorporate the ideas in an upgraded series of manuals. The church has decades of material to draw on for this as some of the old manuals were quite good and could be revised. Hard to see how on going council meeting third block does anything to improve third hour, especially with attendance declining as it is already. An unstructured program is a recipe for boredom and disaster in wards that are not blessed with as many hard core members as the pilot project. Im not qualified to opine on Primary classes, but valuing ears? Really?
  7. Pretty standard in bankruptcy and Ponzi schemes. The trustees have a duty to recover and they sue everyone. Church prudently assesses costs and hazards of litigation and settles. Standard stuff. We're not in possession of all the facts so we cannot reasonably answer the question.
  8. Interesting. Fairly modest by SF Bay Area standards, but I imagine comparable to a lot of large organizations, even here. Remember, this is not a total package. I understand that the health and retirement benefits are decent as well. Plus the satisfaction of helping God! Of course those numbers, if true, are ten or more years old!
  9. Here's what I did yesterday, Sunday May 7. Got up and dressed before church in time to watch Media Buzzfeed on Fox News at 8.00am. Went to sacrament meeting at 9:30, leaving church at around eleven. Stopped at Panera for brunch. Picked up wife at noon to go to my son's sacrament meeting at 12:30 as he was being made first counselor in bishopric of his ward. After sacrament stayed and watched him get set apart. Went to lunch with wife at Panera again around 2:30. At 4:00 picked up my granddaughter and her mother to go walking for around 1-1/2 hours. After dropping daughter in law off I took granddaughter to my house. We stayed a while and she played(she's seven) then went to Japanese for dinner with both wife and her. Finally dropping granddaughter at her house in time for her to go to bed. It was a great family day for me. Comments are welcome.
  10. If anyone thinks that Mormons are going to leave conservatism (the doctrine of personal responsibility) to frothing at the mouth liberalism (I use the modern sense of liberalism) they're nuts.
  11. I actually googled this, and most websites that address this state that there was a fairly high level of literacy in the Roman Empire. Certainly enough that it's likely most, if not all the apostles were literate.
  12. Like Ehrman's an expert. Go look up the first few verses of the Gospel of John. Sheesh!
  13. Don't be naive about the sex industry. I've personally known people in prostitution, and other aspects of the industry, and in every case these are seriously damaged personalities. They only appear to be having fun. The film "stars" are ACTRESSES, not real women necessarily having a lot of fun. Drugs are rampant. They have to be when one thinks of the indignities these people go through. Low self esteem is a common denominator. Legal porn is still human trafficking. Legality does not change that.
  14. Most Mormons are not so addicted, of course. The leaders recognize it as a problem in relationships and accordingly advise against. I don't perceive this as a major problem in my church experience, but with the availability of porn on the internet maybe things have changed a lot. I trend older.:-)