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  1. So sad - sexual abuse is so insidious - and in this case aggravated by the gaslighting and emotional manipulation from the organization.
  2. So an organization infamous for accusations of sexual abuse against children and scandals surrounding that condemns abuse. Like Jussie Smollet pledging to stand and fight for truth; lol!
  3. If you can't set boundaries at church its likely that you don't set boundaries in your personal life and if you use guilt-ing to get folks to do stuff at church its likely that you do that with your family and kids as well - this all seems indicative of personality disorders under the dark triad or being raised by the personality disordered and being guilted and shamed into doing things or feeling inferior. NPDs especially are always seeking praise or being the center of attention - if you research emotional manipulation/manipulators I'm sure it will explain the attitudes and behaviours you are witnessing in your ward.
  4. I interpret this parable to be (among other things) about liberals and conservatives, heterosexuals and every other sexual orientation; folks like us and millions of others around the world who seek to uphold and protect traditional family lifestyles against gender ideology, or politically correct attitudes and against the adversaries entertainment industry are the wheat - our actions when coupled with faith and good works is a most precious fruit; the liberals and their mob of sodomites are the tares who appear so similar, espousing freedom of speech and anti-bigotry etc etc nonetheless produce the worst crime stats and social problems and fake news and hoaxes the world has ever seen; deleterious to health as tares are. By their fruits ye shall know them: terrorism; bigotry; hoax attacks, lies in the media, pornography, transgenderism (one of the most vilest deeds, very hateful to the most High and contrary to the eternal plan) - by the disastrous fruit shall we know them.
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