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  1. I thought this was a particularly moving and beautiful gesture. Way to go Church. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900071583/gun-shots-shatter-a-day-of-prayer-but-give-rise-to-interfaith-resolve-in-new-zealand-pacific-tour.html
  2. And dominated by a single religion. Can that lead to corruption as well? Last I checked, the legislature is 90% LDS.
  3. No just following his nose, or the history as it is laid out in regards to the Church on gay issues. Greg is very, very familiar with the history of the Church and it's relationship with it's gay members. The thing that hurt was, I feel like our Church is different and has consistently show a much kinder and compassionate view of it's gay members than many other conservative/more fundamentalist churches. I do believe that President Monsoon/Nelson are compassionate people. Much more so than other evangelical/conservative leaders when it comes to gay issues I think they have a better understanding of the struggles of gay people, and have a more Christlike approach in their ministry of their gay flock. The policy unfortunately, painted the Church in the same light as churches that have a less than Christlike approach to their gay congregates. The Church is now dug in deeper with these groups. Dehlin made the leak very public, but I don't fault him for that. This just shows that our leaders had more learning to do when it comes to managing their flock in a compassionate way. The policy is just a continuation of the prop 8, scared of the progressive movement in this country. I think the reversal of the policy was an acknowledgement that it was hurting people (I really do think the leaders care deeply) and the Church's reputation. But is also think it is an acknowledgement that the 2016 election and subsequent appointment of judges will not threaten the religious liberty of the Church in a way that it might if it had gone another way. There was no longer a doctrinal/revelatory/legal basis needed for the Church's handbook policy. The discrimination lawsuits didn't come a knocking like they thought they could.
  4. This is fair. I actually agree with Greg Prince that eventually gay marriage in two generations with be normalized in the Church, especially if biological components are found. I think they changed it, because Trump won and victories for religious freedom have worked in their favor. They (Church Organization) don't have to have a pseudo doctrine/revelation as presedence, to help them if there was a legal challenge to the Church's way of doing things. I also think the leaders are very concerned about feelings and recognize it hurt people and caused many to leave The Path. I feel President Nelson is a fairly compassionate person.
  5. I the policy was a way for LTGB to continue to feel "othered" by the Church and lacking an anchor. I could see this especially true for teens who don't understand the context, or even the doctrine surrounding the policy. It was more of a, "you are not welcome here, and there is something different/wrong about you." I think the policy was more of a symbol to many than the actual legalish wording of the handbook.
  6. I have to agree the joke wasn't very good. Just a chance for someone to vent their personal feelings. Luckily they only had three minutes to share their set, then on the next person with a better set. But then again, maybe Karma has been building like static electricity, or maybe the workers plugged too many tools into an outlet 😉
  7. I think it does come to the heart. I doubt the Lord cares what the percentage is. Maybe he made it 10% because it is easier to do math. 8% was just too messy. Maybe the 10% is more about obedience, he seems to really care about that.
  8. The comedy bit was about the cover-up of the crimes of priests. Catholicism has a pretty horrid past, like many old organizations. From priest scandals, to crimes during WWII to the Inquisition. Built up Karma...this all in jest.
  9. I like that it is more about how you feel rather than how the Lord would feel.
  10. Maybe it was just the "Immaculate fire" set by an widely recognized force known as karma. Sorry, I just got back from a comedy show and one set was mostly about this.
  11. Footage of him sliding down on a zip line with a beautiful gypsy lady.
  12. The bad, the older people in power in Congress and the White House. Not caring about our debt, and climate change, because who cares. We are set, and will be close to dead by the time the ugliest part of that mess rears its head. The good, the wonderful people who share beautiful stories with my kids of the past. I love that in the Church has my kids interact with all ages of people. Without the Church, the only elderly people my kids would really interact with is their grandparents.
  13. It sounds like they will push hard on the Tooele temple to be completed quickly.
  14. I remember having to schedule a time to go to the Spokane temple, so there was at least a worker there. Don't show up on a Thursday, or Tuesday or they go into panic mode looking for someone.
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