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  1. I agree. It would be limiting if wheat only represented Church members (that is not very much wheat, the world would starve). The tares I don't think represent the apostates/enemies either. Lately my "tares" have been things that I spend time on, but are not important (surfing on my phone, hobbies with little to show etc.) Maybe each person, or group of people have heir own tares and wheat.
  2. I would like to see this happen. I still remember seeing my FIL's face as we exited the temple. He had the biggest smile and cheers the loudest, even though he couldn't attend with us. The pessimist in me doesn't see this happening...
  3. The story made sense to me. I have always felt some inspiration in the temple. Makes sense that the place that unifies the family, gave him inspiration to unify his family.
  4. I think there are two congregations in the Valley. I went to the Millcreek/Holladay congregation. It is a small group and the meeting had a similar feel to an LDS service, except more laid back (t-shirts, polo shirts etc.). Similar music and noise from kids. I saw one girl pass the sacrament/communion to what seemed to be her dad. That was nice to me. I talked with the associate pastor, he was born and raised RLDS/CoC. He told me about half the congregation is former LDS. My wife and I tried out about a dozen churches this last year. We ultimately decided that we aren't really "church people." If we do go to church it is at our ward, we love our friends and the Bishop. For the big holidays we really like the Presbyterian Church by our house. Their Easter and Christmas programs are really well done. Most of the churches altogether seem to be older (just like my ward). I think most of the churches around the East Bench are trying to keep the numbers up and when they saw my little family, their eyes lit up. The only church that seemed to be really full was a conservative Evangelical church. Lately I have been going to a secular group called Oasis. I look at their calendar and attend when I see a topic or good speaker pop up. It is almost entirely former Church members. Afterwards we do something as a family. It seems to work for the Picards. I seem to have my foot in lots of doors.
  5. It also seems like the list of temples in waiting or planning phase is growing. Perhaps a new direction, or what Temple 2.0/3.0 is going to look like is being discussed. Maybe a new ceremony like the Festival of Colors at the Krishna temple that the BYU kids attend is in store.
  6. Is the Family Proclamation just quoting doctrine from the creation story? We are mortal beings on a mortal planet. Natural laws/consequences determine situations like you reference. Why would we limit God(s) if you will, to a narrow M or F checkbox? Seems unwise. "Computer, is the Holy Ghost male or female?" Computer: "the Holy Ghost does not have a body, therefore gender cannot be confirmed using genetic assessment, or the "pinch test""
  7. Would a similar policy against children being baptized who have hetero parents not married and cohabitating cause a similar stir? I think a lot of the anger stemmed from the very, very specific wording and language used in the policy. To some it felt very bureaucratic and legal like. I guess that is how much the Handbook can read. I talked with a missionary that served in West Africa and the challenges of polygamy and how to support families already consisting of many wives and children. It is a sticky situation to say the least... Policies are never perfect, almost always someone is offended, hurt, or overlooked. Hopefully the Bishop is using their best form of inspiration...which is information.
  8. With how it works in our brains, sugar has more in common with cocaine. It almost like a non-food with how it is processed. I really like it.
  9. I hope I hear something about the changes to the youth program. Cub scout parents are asking me if I have heard anything. Zilch.
  10. You mean you can respond to needs in real time? Amazing! Glad you have this opportunity.
  11. Any mom or dad's on this forum who got to talk with their missionary kiddo this week? How did it go? Was it awkward? Was it awesome? Did you sense the missionary spirit leave their body😉? I for one heard a collective sigh of all mission presidents and their wives from around the world. They won't have to be the surrogate mom and dad for 200 missionaries all the time.
  12. At first I thought you might start talking about not eating sugar, I thought, "don't you realize this is a Mormon forum?" Meat, and sugar are where it is at. Cafe Rio is doing just fine with their meat marinating in Dr. Pepper. I have been thinking about my use of animal products. I have been on a killing floor a few times, not a pretty sight. I always hated to see the cows blinking with their big eyes, with long lashes moving through the line. Plus cows and pigs are pretty terrible for making green house gases too. I have decided to mostly limit my meat intake to poultry, fish, and eggs (ground turkey is leaner and cheaper too). I am trying to also cut a lot of dairy. There is pretty good evidence that having a primarily plant faced diet is most beneficial for people and the environment. A few changes could make a difference. Who knows, maybe if Joseph Smith had lived longer, maybe EG White could have convinced him to cut out the meat 😉.
  13. I think this is a good graph. I also never really thought of the growth as linear, good job Physics Guy. The number I would want to watch, at least from a U.S. standpoint is. The number of LDS people per population. It seems to stay pretty steady at 1 in 50 people (kind of like how 1 in 6 people live in Cali.) I do wonder from the graph above what happens to this number when those aged 60+ start to leave this mortal realm in 30 years (or 50 when nano-robots are developed fix our bodies😉). I don't think it will stay at 1 in 50. "Computer where would be the best place to start a church now?" Computer: "Central Africa would be a good start, but you better hurry, The Adventists have a head start on you." "Noted. Free hamburgers on Saturday if you commit to talk with missionaries..."
  14. I have always been unsure of what to think of the CES letter. I think Jim brought up a few points about the BOM and the CES letter. Jim is right in some ways that through CES letter throws lots of theories at BOM creation, and as they pile up it actually weakens the CES letter's argument. I tend to think Brent Metcalf and Vogel's argument that BOM creation did not need to involve plagiarism is much stronger. The ideas in the BOM where already in the open in early 1800's, anarchonisms and all. That seems to be a better argument. The CES letter has always been just to all over the place for me. It accomplishes it's task of letting readers know that history/leadership/creation have problems and these are the issues...just the explanations don't always suffice. I can only comment on part 1 (that's all I had time for). Gimlet podcasts and Audible take up most of my listening time between teaching knucklehead 13 year olds (this time of the year is tough). Both Bill and Jim seem like nice knowledgeable guys who like to have conversations about this stuff. More power to them. I wouldn't mind eating a burger with them.
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