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  1. I think I may have seen you in the gym locker room...
  2. There used to be a website where you could make your own garments, but it is gone now. I found it in the internet archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20141204044411/http://makeyourgarments.com/
  3. Why is that? I believe that this could be a problem with the new policy. People will be judged by self-righteous individuals as being less than if they choose a civil wedding over a temple wedding even though the church has officially said it is perfectly acceptable. Because of this it will probably take time before civil weddings become the norm because of the stigma they have had.
  4. I agree with you that tracking unit numbers doesn't tell us everything, but I believe it is the best metric we have compared to the other official numbers that are publicly available. Some of the recent changes (2 hour block and merging of HP quorums) may affect the minimum size of wards and branches in the future as well. There are fewer lessons to be taught and fewer MP callings to fill. This could lead to fewer units needing to be consolidated in the future as populations shift.
  5. I think the number of wards/branches is usually the best indicator of growth of the number of active members. However, because of the large consolidation of units in Mexico in 2018, this statistic is skewed. 2018 ended with 140 fewer units in Mexico than there were at the start of the year. I believe that is likely a one-time event, so for 2019 we should see much bigger increase in units than the 30 for 2018.
  6. On my mission I had mixed responses when we taught about eternal marriage. One man responded "Do I have to?" when we said he could be with his wife forever. (She was sitting right next to him at the time.) A relative of mine told everyone before she died NOT to have her work done. She did not want to ever see her abusive husband again. Of course it was done anyway.
  7. So it looks like the way we can tell if a revelation is big "R" or not is based on how long it lasts. There was no mention of little "r" before the reversal came out that I noticed. Is there a way to determine this when a revelation first comes out, or do we have to wait a few decades before we can categorize what type of revelation it is?
  8. Does that sound like a revelation with a small “r”? Wow. So what is the latest example of a Revelation with a Capital "R" in your view? Has there been one in the last two decades?
  9. This is the first time I have heard anyone refer to this revelation as being little "r". Was anyone saying this before today's reversal? Is there really any kind of doctrine that defines the difference between Capital "R" and Little "R" revelations? President Nelson said that this was revelation from God to President Monson. He stated that all of the First Presidency and Quorum of the twelve felt a confirmation of this. If that isn't a Capital "R" Revelation then I don't know what is.
  10. This is not without precedent. See: Word of Wisdom.
  11. It appears that the church would like us to think that they now treat homosexuals the same as heterosexuals. This is clearly not the case.
  12. I had a 20 month mission. I was actually called for 18 months in 1984 but after receiving my call and before going into the MTC they changed the policy back to 2 years. We had the option to do either. I ended up making it 20 months so I could get back in time for the start of a BYU semester.
  13. I think these generic names can be confusing. If you type TheChurchofJesusChrist.org instead of ChurchofJesusChrist.org you will end up at the Bickertonite website. We really need a short name that uniquely identifies the Church. At least with the Bickertonites, it is the the name of their church.
  14. The majority of the WoW is not enforced. All of the portions of the WoW that are enforced in temple recommend interviews today were at one time allowed without consequence. As late as the 1980's my grandmother was a temple recommend holding coffee drinker. She drank coffee for almost her whole life and it wasn't until the mid 1980's that she was pressured to switch to diet Pepsi. She died less than 10 years later. There are a lot of places in the world where coffee and tea (and alcohol) are a large part of the diet and culture. I found that many investigators in Japan lost interest in our message after hearing about the WoW. All it would take would be a letter going out clarifying which parts of the WoW are required to pass the temple recommend and baptism interviews. With all of the recent changes and announcements that more changes are coming, this is not outside the realm of possibility.
  15. The reason these numbers were not realized is that growth rates have not remained constant. They have dropped off quite a bit. Here are the average annual growth rates for the last several decades based on the official numbers reported at conference: 1980-1989: membership: 5.1% - units (wards+branches): 4.2% 1990-1999: membership: 4.0% - units: 4.1% 2000-2009: membership: 2.5% - units: 1.0% 2010-2017: membership: 1.9% - units: 0.9%
  16. I know you are joking, but when I was young it was commonplace for parents to encourage or even force their children to use their right hand over their left. If they saw their child holding a crayon or toy in their left hand, they would take it and put it in their right. This happened to my younger brother to some extent (not that it did any good). It seems silly now, but there was considerable social pressure to conform and not stand out. No one wanted to be the one with the left handed child. Many in the generation of Elder Oaks grew up with that sort of mindset.
  17. You may have that reversed...
  18. When I was in high school I used to get up at 4:15 AM. I would deliver newspapers and come home and shower to get to seminary by 6:00 AM. I would leave seminary a few minutes early with some others to go to the school for early morning marching band practice. Then school would start at 8:30 AM. After school there were additional band practices, etc. I am not sure how I did it. Just thinking about that I feel I need to take a nap...
  19. It is not clear to me what the change is. You say the first question above is from the limited-use questions and the second one is from the regular temple recommend question list. What was the change? Did the limited-use question match the regular recommend question before? If not what was the limited use question before the change?
  20. According to Dallin H. Oaks only the president of the church can receive revelation to guide the entire church. Maybe there is an exception for apostles who will become the president later. ETA: emphasis
  21. If you listen to the short promo on that page you will see that it is indeed the correct story. I thought the same thing when I first followed the link.
  22. About 10 years ago my wife and I were teaching the 7 year old primary class. We were told by a member of the bishopric to avoid talking too much about baptism in our class. There was one child whose father was excommunicated for apostasy. I heard that he claimed to receive a revelation and refused to renounce it. (They didn't really go into any detail about this.) I am not sure about the status of his wife. Because of this the 7 year old was not allowed to be baptized when she turned 8. So in order to not have her feel to bad about this we were not to make a big deal about baptism in the class.
  23. Sounds like we need to star packing the handcarts for the trip back to Missouri...
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