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  1. I listened to that podcast and this statistic stood out to me as well. The number surprised me at first, but I realized that I don't have any idea what the baseline is. What is the average number of resignations per year? If I had to hazard a guess, I would say 10k-20k (around 1/1000). That would mean that 60000 would be 4 times the average. I doubt many people go from active to resigned overnight. At the same time I don't think many people who have been inactive for 20 years suddenly resign. They are so far removed from the church at that point that they probably aren't paying much attention to it. It would make sense to me that most of those who resigned had already started to back away from the church, and then something came up that pushed them over the edge. I know that the 2015 policy bothered a lot of people. It pushed a number of people to resign who were probably on their way out anyway. I think the more important number would be the active people it jolted who are now starting down the path towards disaffection.
  2. Northern California Fires

    They are being taken care of. There are a lot of good people helping out.
  3. Northern California Fires

    I have relatives there. They had to evacuate in the middle of the night without any warning. By morning they lost everything they owned except the clothes they were wearing. I think they are still in shock.
  4. Word of Wisdom Poll of Personal Beliefs

    My bishop of a few years ago drank decaf coffee. He would also drink caffeinated Diet Coke. It never made sense to me but he seemed to think it was fine.
  5. Conference and Gospel Topics Essays

    Thanks for the list. Some of these I had seen and others I had not. But none of these are from General Conference. I think the talk on Sunday by Elder Ian S. Ardern is the first talk in General Conference to reference the essays that I have found.
  6. Did anyone else notice the reference to the Gospel Topics essays during general conference? Sunday Afternoon Elder Ian S. Ardern said this in his talk entitled "Seek Ye Out of the Best Books:" This is the first reference to the essays that I have heard in conference as far as I know. Did anyone else notice this? It seems to be worded such that if you are not already aware of the essays it will not draw attention to them. Is this the first step towards openly talking about these essays in conference in the future?
  7. Lex de Azevedo Interview

    Who can survive? Who can survive? Not one of us will be alive!
  8. The Church is growing so fast...

    This is true, but it was actually the Partridge sisters I believe.
  9. The Church is growing so fast...

    The word "several" was used, but that was because it was referring to the plural wives that Emma was aware of. I don't think they wanted to bring up the marriages that occurred without her knowledge.
  10. Were there actually eyewitnesses that saw Joseph translating with the Nephite interpreters? From what I understand the eyewitnesses only reported seeing the stone in the hat method. Who did Joseph allow to see the interpreters? I thought they remained hidden from view like the plates.
  11. Maybe there are some areas with sparse LDS populations where it is getting difficult to fully staff a temple. This would open up the pool of available temple workers where a sizable percentage of the worthy priesthood holders are already busy filling stake and ward/branch leadership roles. Just a guess...
  12. A General Authority excommunicated?

    Can you really get excommunicated for disillusionment? I have never heard of anyone being excommunicated because of disillusionment.
  13. Do church leaders ever do this? In my observation it is rare to hear an official message explicitly repealed. Instead we just stop hearing about it and it is slowly forgotten. Older members remember it but younger ones have never heard it. A generation or two passes and the quiet "repeal" is complete.
  14. I don't know where to find any original copies of each account. I was referring to a footnote in the History of the Church Volume 4 Chapter 32. It is a third (or maybe fourth) hand account decades after the fact so I can understand if some question how accurate it is: https://byustudies.byu.edu/content/volume-4-chapter-32
  15. I know you didn't ask me, but I thought I would throw in my two cents. I feel the priesthood essay on LDS.org was written in a way that supports multiple explanations for the ban. I think different people with different background and experiences can read the essay and come up with very different conclusions. A couple of weeks ago I listened to an episode of the Mormon FAIR-Cast where the leadership of the Genesis Group were interviewed. The way they interpreted the priesthood essay was that the priesthood and temple ban was not of God but something that Brigham Young put in place. I know that there are other people who read it get something entirely different out of it. Again, this was a couple of weeks ago and I don't remember the exact words that were said. But if you are interested in this topic I think this podcast offers interesting perspectives on this subject - perspectives that I don't often hear as an middle-aged white guy in Utah County.