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  1. I would imagine that a wet t-shirt and shorts could end up being a lot more revealing than a normal swimming suit. Swimming suits are designed to get wet and still keep things covered. T-shirts are certainly not designed to do that.
  2. Oliblish

    The DNA Issue again.

    If you want to argue that these things are not literal, that is fine. But I don't know that it fits very well in a thread about DNA which is inherently about science and reality.
  3. Oliblish

    The DNA Issue again.

    The land bridge was swallowed by the sea about 11,000 years ago. Not only would this have been before the flood, but before Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden as well. The timing just doesn't seem to work out.
  4. Oliblish

    The DNA Issue again.

    How did these Native Americans get to America? When did they arrive?
  5. Oliblish

    1st Pres. and NAACP

    So this is actually from the Strangite church...
  6. Oliblish

    Fashion Question

    What seems to be even more popular is the peek a boo knee.
  7. I guess I have to agree that trying to justify polyandry with the scriptures is difficult.
  8. Depending on how you read it polyandry may be covered by D&C 132: So she has committed adultery if she is "with" a man other than her first husband if the Lord has not appointed unto here by the holy anointing, or is she is not in the new and everlasting covenant. But does that mean it is NOT adultery if the Lord HAS appointed unto her by the holy anointing and she IS in the new and everlasting covenant? That is not explicitly stated here but seems to be implied.
  9. Oliblish

    Mission calls and Monday nights

    I just went to YouTube and searched for "mission call opening." There are hundreds maybe thousands out there to view. I know my son has been invited to dozens of these in the past couple of years. I was at BYU when I got my call and my mother read it to me over the phone from out of state.
  10. Oliblish

    The Demise of Scouting

    Really? It has always been my experience that the YM have a much bigger budget than the YW. It is even worse if you consider how much everyone is expected to contribute to Friends of Scouting. When I was in YM, the YW leaders would always complain about how they didn't have money to do anything. We would be planning a 4 day canyoneering trip to hike in slot canyons including multiple rappels that required helmets, ropes, and harnesses. We stayed in a nice cabin and had good food. The trip cost thousands of dollars. That was in addition to a big stake wide campout for all YM the same summer. The YW leaders would complain that they couldn't get approval to have treats on their mid-week activity because there was no budget for it. They do a nice girls camp but their budget was a fraction of the YM budget.
  11. Oliblish

    The Demise of Scouting

    Yes, I see no reason for anyone to get all upset when females are allowed to do a couple of things that were exclusively for the boy's club in the past. No need to worry, there are still plenty of things that only the dudes are able to do so we can still feel special.
  12. Oliblish

    church-owned businesses pay tithing?

    I think people that pay on net do this. You are right that if you pay on gross you have already paid tithing on it.
  13. Every individual and every news provider has a bias. When the bias of the news provider doesn't match our own bias, we tend to label that news source as "biased" and imply it is inaccurate. Everyone has a different bias, so there are many different opinions on which news sources are biased. Just like some will claim that CNN is biased and Fox News is fair and balanced, there are others that will claim the opposite. I don't think there is a right answer to this, it is based on your point of view. We can do fact checking and call out errors when they are made. But measuring bias is tricky. It has become popular recently among some to label news organizations "Fake News" when they bring up things that are not favorable to certain leaders. I believe this should be avoided. I think labeling the Tribune as "anti-mormon" should be avoided as well. Those of us who were brought up in the church know there is a culture where it is not acceptable to say anything about the church that is not positive and faith affirming. Like Elder Oaks says: "It's wrong to criticize leaders of the church, even if the criticism is true." So when we see news articles that are not positive and even seem critical of the church and its leaders, it can be jarring. It is not surprising that faithful members will think that the Tribunes is unfairly biased against the church. There are probably ex-mormons that think it is too pro-church. I would guess that most impartial observers would fall in the middle somewhere, but it is difficult to be sure because I have my own biases
  14. Recent Church Unit Activity and Recent Church Congregation Activity have been removed from the site. Here is a sample of what used to be there:
  15. There is another site that tracked changes to wards and branches that is no longer open to the public. Here is what it used to look like: https://web.archive.org/web/20180313182800/http://ldsunitgrowth.blogspot.com/ Now when you go to it this is what you see. (First it makes you log into google.com) Is anyone here still able to access this? http://ldsunitgrowth.blogspot.com/ It actually looks like the church is shutting down anyone publishing information about wards and branches being created or discontinued. My guess is it is related to the decision to stop announcing statistics in General Conference.