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  1. Another Faith Crisis Letter

    I am one of those who has changed my mind on this issue. And it certainly was not due to accusations of being a bigot or homophobe. On the contrary, arguments like that tend to backfire and cause many to dig in their heels and double down on their beliefs. My views evolved over time but one event that really caused me to reflect was when my gay cousin married his partner of over 20 years on the day it became legal in Utah. He was so excited it was contagious. On the local news they showed numerous couples getting married. They were all so happy and I could not see how it was right to deny all of these couples something that made them so happy. I contrasted that happiness with the HORRIBLE stories my cousin told me about how it was to grow up as a gay teen in the 1970's. Things have changed a lot for the better since then.
  2. Coffee an Tea

    I think they may be more strict today than they were 40 years ago. When I was young back in the 1970's my grandmother drank coffee every day. We had a coffee maker in our house just so she could use it when she visited. I didn't think much of it at the time, but she also attended temple weddings. The first person I heard question it was my brother in law after my sister's wedding. Everyone in my family was just used to it but he thought it was odd that she drank coffee and went to the wedding.
  3. I am hoping they will find some middle ground. What if they rule that the bakers cannot refuse to make a cake for a gay couple, but they can refuse to put something on the cake that they find offensive to their beliefs?
  4. I think it would be evidence of hiding whether it was a Mormon leader or not. Again, not proof but evidence. One explanation is that aliens came down and cut out the pages and put them in JFS's safe. Is that just as likely as JFS doing it? In the real world there are always other data points. There are those that defend the church at all costs and reflexively leap to the most charitable explanation possible. I think we need to step back and avoid looking at this from either of these extreme points of view. I recognize that we all have our biases but we can do our best to try to set them aside. I do not think that just because someone disagrees with you means that they are bitter and hateful. I think there are lots of ways to hide things short of total destruction.
  5. You are arguing for an impossible standard of evidence. This is a ridiculous statement. If a data point has only one explanation I would call that proof. If there are multiple explanations that doesn't mean that they are equally likely. What is this one method that you are referring to? Is it the only one that would indicate the pages were hidden?
  6. Is it proof that it is being hidden? No. Is it evidence it is being hidden? Absolutely.
  7. It's the closest thing I could think of that addressed the issue. I was hoping others would come up with other statements or scriptures related to this, but maybe there are none.
  8. Here is a quote from Gospel Principles Chapter 41: The Postmortal Spirit World Does this speak to your question?
  9. I need a cheap laptop, stat

    What is your price range? "Cheap" can mean different things to different people.
  10. Understanding Adam-God

    I don't know. I have not read much of the book. I don't know that we want to go that far into the details of the temple ceremony here anyway.
  11. There is a Dialogue article from 2014 that goes over this history in more detail. I found a link to it here: http://www.jamesjudithmcconkie.com/uploads/3/8/0/8/38081735/dialogue_larson_another_look_at_joseph_smith's_first_vision_(2).pdf Here is a portion:
  12. Understanding Adam-God

    That doesn't seem to be the case in the Endowment at the time of Brigham Young. In the book "Wife Number 19," Anne Eliza Young lists who played each part when she went through the temple. Yes she is an apostate and left Brigham and many will discount anything she says. But I don't see why she would lie about something like this list of characters. Notice that Jehovah and Jesus were played by two different people.