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  1. I remember reading that talk back in the 1980s when I was at BYU but at the time I certainly did not interpret it to mean that the previously taught reasons for the ban had been repudiated (curse of Cain, etc.) That thought had never entered my mind until the church statement in 2012. I remember telling my wife about it at the time and she was very surprised and had never heard of it either. Evidently even a long serving religion professor at BYU hadn't heard of it either. If the church intended to disavow those theories in 1978 they did an extremely poor job communicating it.
  2. Can you tell me when these theories about the priesthood ban were repudiated? The first I heard of it was in February of 2012 when the Church issued a press release in response to the Washington Post article where Dr. Bott made his statements. Then the priesthood essay was released in December of 2013. Was there an official statement made prior to those that was issued to the general public?
  3. Oliblish

    Woman Denied Temple Recommend for ...

    You can listen to her tell her story in her own words on the Tribune podcast. The interview is not long (about 20 minutes) and she sounds like any other Mormon mom you would find in your average ward. https://soundcloud.com/mormonland/breastfeeding-mother-speaks-out-in-first-audio-interview-since-being-denied-a-temple-recommend-episode-42
  4. Oliblish

    Woman Denied Temple Recommend for ...

    This seems to be the real issue that a lot of posters seem to have with this woman. Most don't seem to care about the breast feeding. The fact that she wouldn't submit to authority and stop breast feeding seems to bother some. But the real push back that I am seeing is that she spoke out about all of this in public. That is the real taboo here - openly criticizing a leader. If she criticizes a leader that is seen as evidence that she is in the wrong. This is what I don't understand. I don't think it is wrong to speak out when you feel you have been treated unfairly.
  5. Oliblish

    Ammon Bundy, socialists in the church?

    Fortunately for us the sun shines quite a bit, and wind farms are built in windy areas. I am not saying we can convert to 100% renewable energy any time soon, but we can and are expanding the usage of renewable energy. We are certainly not limited to a "tiny fraction" of our power needs. I understand that we need to be realistic and there are challenges getting to high percentages of our power coming from renewable sources, but I believe we are still in the "low hanging fruit" stage. To go beyond that we will need to be able to store energy. There are a number of ways to do this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grid_energy_storage I think an interesting option is to use excess solar energy to create hydrogen during the day. This can be used in hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity when needed or used to power hydrogen automobiles.
  6. Oliblish

    Ammon Bundy, socialists in the church?

    Why is solar and wind limited to a tiny fraction of our power needs? Do you have a number in mind? In April of this year solar and wind power accounted for over 30% of electric power generation in Germany. Solar power is booming in China. I know there are hurdles to get past but I believe that renewable energy sources can become a significant part of the world's energy production. I agree that nuclear power should be considered, but current public opinion makes that very difficult. I see hydrogen as more of a battery technology, which can be important as well. I agree that we should not put too much of a burden on the developing world. But I think renewable energy can work out very well for them in a lot of situations. Small, inexpensive solar panels can provide single homes with light and other basic needs where there is no electric grid available.
  7. I would imagine that a wet t-shirt and shorts could end up being a lot more revealing than a normal swimming suit. Swimming suits are designed to get wet and still keep things covered. T-shirts are certainly not designed to do that.
  8. Oliblish

    The DNA Issue again.

    If you want to argue that these things are not literal, that is fine. But I don't know that it fits very well in a thread about DNA which is inherently about science and reality.
  9. Oliblish

    The DNA Issue again.

    The land bridge was swallowed by the sea about 11,000 years ago. Not only would this have been before the flood, but before Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden as well. The timing just doesn't seem to work out.
  10. Oliblish

    The DNA Issue again.

    How did these Native Americans get to America? When did they arrive?
  11. Oliblish

    1st Pres. and NAACP

    So this is actually from the Strangite church...
  12. Oliblish

    Fashion Question

    What seems to be even more popular is the peek a boo knee.
  13. I guess I have to agree that trying to justify polyandry with the scriptures is difficult.
  14. Depending on how you read it polyandry may be covered by D&C 132: So she has committed adultery if she is "with" a man other than her first husband if the Lord has not appointed unto here by the holy anointing, or is she is not in the new and everlasting covenant. But does that mean it is NOT adultery if the Lord HAS appointed unto her by the holy anointing and she IS in the new and everlasting covenant? That is not explicitly stated here but seems to be implied.
  15. Oliblish

    Mission calls and Monday nights

    I just went to YouTube and searched for "mission call opening." There are hundreds maybe thousands out there to view. I know my son has been invited to dozens of these in the past couple of years. I was at BYU when I got my call and my mother read it to me over the phone from out of state.