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  1. churchistrue

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    Here's my take on it, especially related to the challenge the brethren have of making changes that appear liberal without upsetting the conservative base of the Church. http://www.churchistrue.com/blog/lds-temple-changes-for-2019/
  2. churchistrue

    Oaks on Religious Freedom

    It feels like he's mixing up the concepts of "religious freedom" and "respect for religion". Or at least using those in a way that I'm not understanding the point behind it. I think both are important. But when we demand respect for religion as a constitutional right, then I think we're not on solid ground.
  3. churchistrue

    And now, Gina Colvin faces a Disciplinary Council.

    I'm not sure about the rules of responding to comment in locked thread. I'm responding to a comment in the Bill Reel thread here. @HappyJackWagon said: I was simply pointing out to Randall that Bill had the same intentions and expectations when he started his podcast. In some ways, so did Dehlin and Colvin. But perhaps he's better than they and won't follow their same path. Time will tell. My response: I didn't want to let this go without clarifying, that I don't think I'm "better" than Reel, Dehlin, or Colvin. I may have similar perspective as they had in the beginning of their online careers, but I've had pretty static views on this for about 10 years. I think they were in a state of evolving much more than I am now. And I'm starting from a more loyal position. Even in the beginning when they were further on the faithful side of things, they used language like "we must change", etc.
  4. churchistrue

    Bill Reel Invited to Disciplinary Council

    I'm starting a podcast and will prove you can speak up and not get excommunicated. TIA for taking back this statement when I do that.
  5. churchistrue

    Are Gadianton Robbers non-Lehites?

    I agree with your comments here about pure descendants of Lehi, but then I'm not a fan of LGT-Mixing Populations Theory. If there was a such thing as Nephite, Lamanites, and non-Lehites in that time period, it would blow away the LGT Mixing Populations Theory. Which explains why we need non-Lehites in the first place.
  6. churchistrue

    1835 First Vision Account and Lehi's Vision in 1 Ne 1

    I agree with your last sentence. I am interested in intertextuality in Joseph's works, but I never view of it as evidence that it's not inspired. When we see God and then we see Jesus, but they're not together, I think that might be evidence of an underlying modalistic understanding of God, but I agree this isn't strong evidence of it. The idea of modalism has been a highly charged criticism, due to the heretical nature of it, and that it is deemed to come from an ignorant mind that doesn't fully understand Christian theology. Malarkey. I think God is still a mystery for humans, despite the revelations we have. We don't need to consult with centuries old Christian theologians to make sure our doctrine checks out. I kind of like the concept of modalism. I think a lot of Mormons/Christians view God this way, because it's the easiest way to connect emotionally with God.
  7. churchistrue

    Middle Way Mormonism

    It's frustrating sometimes having these questions because everyone likes to be unique and also people are worried about others judging the category if they go ahead acknowledge the label. I have this problem whenever I talk about "neo apologist".
  8. churchistrue

    Skousen & Carmack Lecture Take Aways

    Is "more part" related to "fifth part" and "tenth part"? ie is it similar forms of speech that would be used by the same author?
  9. churchistrue

    Bill Reel’s Conference Predictions

    Just got caught up on this thread. I had the luxury of reading from the beginning knowing the outcome. I read the original list of predictions from Bill and thought "wow, he really did have some inside info." That last point about the Salt Lake temple made it clear he wasn't just making it up. Then I watched so many people pile on, insult, and mock him. I kept reading, sure that when the post dates got to the end of conference, that there would be a lot of "sorry Bill, you were right" posts. Nope. Nothing like that. I'm kind of disappointed.
  10. churchistrue

    Temple Recommend Questions

    A TR interview is for the purpose of getting a TR. ie if the answer is no, the person probably wouldn't come for the interview, so the bishop is expecting a yes answer. With that expectation, most likely the bishop or stake prez would probe the answer, trying to coach the person to change the answer to get the recommend. For example, "no" to question "do you keep the law of chastity?" No? OK, how are you not keeping the law of chastity, do you have something to repent of? Well, I have impure thoughts. Is that it? Yes. Well, that doesn't keep you from being unworthy from the temple? Are you sure? I feel really guilty. Yes, I'm sure. You're normal. If you're not acting on those thoughts, you're fine. OK, then, I guess it's a yes. If the interview candidate is adamant about the no answer or if the clarifying questions bring out detail that would cause the bishop to agree with the candidate that they aren't fit for TR, then they would not give the recommend.
  11. churchistrue

    Skousen & Carmack Lecture Take Aways

    Great thread. Thanks to Stanford and everyone else for participating. I'm obsessed about BOM origination theories again. Thanks (or no thanks) to the BOM conference up in Logan last weekend and discussions like this one. I think it's truly one of the biggest mysteries of my life. My best guess: Joseph had a powerful theophany in his teens where he felt inspired to write the Book of Mormon. Ideas were swimming in his head from that time and on. He used the seer stone to develop these ideas and produce some initial texts and drafts. It was communicated to Oliver what he was doing, and Oliver had a similar theophany and also started writing on the text of the Book of Mormon. When Oliver met Joseph, they both had copious notes and partial drafts that they shared together and then hammered it out together. Joseph started out allowing Oliver to use most of his stuff, but he didn't like the ending, and he started dominating the writing process midway. This piece is important to me because it explains the "L Voice" concept I've pointed out. https://wheatandtares.org/2018/02/22/bom-wordprint-analysis-review/ The EModE stuff is most likely a combination of purposefully trying to sound like the Bible and/or a product of the oral back woods language being remnant of EModE. The first hand accounts of him dictating were either to convince others of the supernatural aspect of the production of the book or it was Joseph's final check to determine if they had the book right, before copying out the text to become the manuscript. Emma and Oliver were in on the "making of the sausage", but they felt part of an inspired process and so they never revealed this process. The Book of Mormon is inspired scripture.
  12. churchistrue

    Are natural disasters on the rise, and a sign of the time?

    I imagine data on this is readily available.
  13. churchistrue

    Nick Frederick on New Testament -- BOM intertextuality

    Are you suggesting they are all paralelomania type hits? Or that that they have a common Old Testament source? Frederick started with 1800 phrases and narrowed down to 650 he felt were direct intertextuality with the KJV as antecedent. He gives his methodology and criteria for eliminating false hits. Seems pretty convincing.
  14. churchistrue

    Nick Frederick on New Testament -- BOM intertextuality

    Thanks for the heads up on the video. I found it.