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  1. I completely agree. I think the evidence is clear that the church and other organizations are influenced by public commentary on issues including protests. I think the POX roll back recently is another example of public pressure influencing the decision making of leaders.
  2. I think the media uses protests, both to support causes and to malign causes. The reality is that protests have a certain amount of influence on large institutions. I'm not saying they are the best method, but I do like the idea that the people have ways of communicating their displeasure. I think its an important part of a society built on the freedom of speech.
  3. This made me think about articles I've read in recent years about whether or not increased public lighting actually has a positive impact on lowering crime rates. In case you're interested, I think the jury is still out on this question. https://www.citylab.com/equity/2014/02/street-lights-and-crime-seemingly-endless-debate/8359/
  4. Is "passionate kissing" really a violation of the honor code?
  5. I wonder if politics factors into this as well? With Mormons skewing Republican, I have noticed that in general many are opposed to political protests as well. Just my observation, but there seems to be a disdain for people that protest in general from many of my more conservative friends and family. Personally, I've never participated in a protest myself either and I even though I no longer identify as a conservative politically and am much more open minded and independent, I think there is a level of discomfort for me personality speaking with the idea of personally participating in a protest. I'm not against them at all, and intellectually I'm supportive of the people brave enough to protest, I probably just have some fears about personally participating that I need to work on.
  6. Interesting, thanks for sharing. I think we have a healthy dose of both of these personality types in the church. The two categories remind me of some descriptions I've read about with respect to the kind of God that people imagine exists. Either a vengeful and judgment oriented God, or a loving and altruistic God. The former sound very similar to the traits of the Dark Triad and the late sound like the Light Triad types. Interestingly the people who believed in a more loving God also exhibited higher levels of mental health and life satisfaction. From my experience, people are complex and likely encounter situations where different traits can be manifest more prominently based on environmental factors.
  7. I believe they easily could afford this. Thinking about the cost of the average new temple in the $30M - $50M range, there is no shortage of funds. I imagine the church doesn't want to implement this practice as it somewhat undercuts the authority of the whole "discernment" spiritual gift. I also wonder if they feel that there are any legal ramifications to implementing this. If they do the background check and the person checks out fine, and then later is guilty of abuse, does the church have more or less culpability than if they didn't do the background check in the first place? I don't know, but I wonder if there is a legal angle going on here.
  8. I think if we take these statements as literal apocalyptic type warnings we are only going to find greater anxiety in our lives that can lead to all kinds of problems. 1. When I think of the idea that time is running out as a metaphor, I am able to remember how important it is to be present and use good intentions in all my interactions. There is so much going on and so many distractions in our modern world. I like the idea of taking a deep breath and pausing and remembering that the time we have is precious and that we should use it wisely. 2. Preparing for the coming of Jesus by seeking to embody the characteristics of Jesus more effectively in our lives and by seeking to do the works of Jesus as we feed his sheep. This should be a literal feeding and a spiritual feeding. This is the central ethical message of Christianity, and unfortunately we miss the mark when we focus on other things. Treating others with love because people matter more than traditions and rules. Caring for people, this is the fruit we should partake of, the Love of God, and it will be reflected through us as disciples.
  9. Its great when God's will coincides with pet peeves, right up until one person's belief about God's will conflicts with another person's belief. Until we have an objective method for determining God's will, its essentially the same thing as saying my opinion differs from your opinion. Its all subjective.
  10. Is this an updated statement from the honor code and BYU or is this just a copy of the existing honor code?
  11. I was opposed to the policy and wrote a letter that I passed up the hierarchy and I know it at least reached Area Authority level. The policy clearly violated core moral values and was impossible to logically justify with any integrity. I suspect what happened was an overreaction by church leaders worried about current events and having lost the battle for public policy and opinion on the subject of same sex marriage, they responded by implementing this discriminatory policy. The moment this went public it became absolutely clear that this was a horrible decision from a PR perspective and the church was put into a cringeworthy position to try and justify the policy. Some leaders in the church felt like they couldn’t back down from the policy because they would lose points around their perception of authority so they doubled down on the policy as revelation communicated through Nelson’s talk. This doubling down made it so the church effectively had to maintain the policy and couldn’t make any significant changes even though they continued to have regular PR fallout and member disaffection. They have jettisoned the most egregious elements of the policy now some 3.5 years after this major blunder started.
  12. This sounds a lot like my approach except with a different twist. I just assume everything they do is not revelation.
  13. Sophistication doesn’t relate to the quantity of the influence of environmental factors, it’s more of a qualitative influence.
  14. I agree with that point and added to it that all the early church leaders brought ideas to Mormon theology from their backgrounds as influenced by their environments. It’s not a uniquely Rigdon phenomenon. Hauglid said that he agrees with Vogel’s points with respect to Hauglid’s earlier published ideas that Vogel specifically addresses in his videos.
  15. What about students at BYU, can they show affection to a member of the same sex, without being in violation of the honor code? Lots of questions...
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