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  1. Was Noah Really a "Preacher of Righteousness"?

    I’m thinking when the earth collided with another large body and that collision created the moon. In other words, sexual sin.
  2. Watching a Bird...

    Thanks. The fun thing about stories like this is that everyone sees something different in them.
  3. Watching a Bird...

    One night after many years of blissful life as a house trained bird in the library, the bird has a terrible dream in which it envisions the library that it has called home all these years transforming from a wonderful sanctuary of happiness into a prison of confinement and darkness. The next morning after waking from the dream the bird has an epiphany. It begins to notice patterns in the markings on the pages of these books, and it determines that it will discover the meaning of these markings. Day after day the bird studies until finally it makes sense of the patterns and learns to read. After a few years of incredible dedication the bird is able to read hundred of books and learns that there is so much more to this world than what exists inside the cage of this library. The bird breaks free from its prison and ventures out into the world determined to discover and experience the world that it was missing in all those years of confinement.
  4. The Changing of the Guard, Part 2...as predicted.

    Sounds like the 2 hr block needs to be implemented sooner than later.
  5. Watching a Bird...

    But all the books in the library are made from trees... Oooh! Yes, and these books are fundamentally different than the image of a tree as the bird perceived earlier. So learning that the core components of the books are made from the substance of trees is an interesting insight. Another possibility is that the bird never learns that the books are fundamentally made from tree parts, yet still is able to enjoy its experience in the library, unaware of that material relationship.
  6. Watching a Bird...

    Yes, I think opening a window is a good metaphor for change. In this case with the bird, opening the window would make the reflection of the tree disappear and the illusion of another tree existing would be gone. That is also an interesting thought to ponder.
  7. Watching a Bird...

    Humans are very much like this bird. We inevitably follow our intuitions over and over and over again. We are slow to learn from new information that is presented to us, because we are creatures that have a particular narrative about how we think the world works, and any information that contradicts that narrative, no matter now obvious that information may seem, is filtered out and discarded or ignored. It often takes a major event of some kind to get a human to change their perspective about how things are working in the world. Otherwise, we'll just keep doing what we do in spite of evidence to the contrary.
  8. Was Noah Really a "Preacher of Righteousness"?

    Good thing they had photographic technology back then and took pictures like this to document these important events. I just wish they had gotten some pictures from the ark when the waters were covering the whole earth, a picture from space would have been cool. Also, Noah must have been pretty buff under that toga, with all that arm raising and ship building.
  9. Incredible Books on Biblical Studies & Ancient Religion?

    Here are a few I'd recommend: The Bible Tells Me So - Peter Enns (So far all of Peter Enns books I've read have been excellent and very accessible for a popular audience. He also has a podcast titled - The Bible For Normal People, and I would recommend that, he has great guests on as well.) Meeting Jesus Again For the First Time - Marcus Borg (I absolutely love Marcus Borg) I would recommend reading some John Dominic Crossan, and some Bart Ehrman books as well. If you want someone more conservative theologically but still honest on the history side try N. T. Wright.
  10. Not sure we're getting anywhere close to a productive or interesting back and forth. I have no clue what beatitude you think supports your idea that apologies are not scriptural. Lots of people had a hard time with the Elder Oaks statement a couple years ago about the word apology not being in scripture as well. I find the entire gospel message supportive of the whole idea of apologizing and making things better wherever possible. To try and extract some kind of technical argument out of a core gospel ideal is a problem with religion. Religion should not be about technicalities and legalistic interpretations, its should be about about loving, serving, doing good and promoting peace.
  11. The policies were "aimed against" women and blacks very specifically. And you can't tell me you aren't familiar with teachings about blacks being inferior, as well as women. The way you are trying to twist the meaning of essay isn't reasonable. Give me the language in the essay to support your reading as I'm not seeing it.
  12. Let me know if you need any pictures or mementos of me for a voodoo doll.
  13. How is this different than how any other religious person thinks about their beliefs in God. Where God is "real" is a different question. God is certainly not objective, you are misusing the word. Try to give me any objective facts about God? You can't, they don't exist.
  14. Things could have been much better as well, can you imagine a scenario where the church's efforts on this matter early on might have helped the entire country to move forward towards equality faster. There are countless examples of progressive people and organizations who have been a positive catalysts for change. Imagine a Mormonism where the church was leading the way on civil rights, rather than pushing against it. It might have been amazing and inspirational.