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  1. Curious about cafeteria doctrines

    That probably another thing I should probably clarify. I take a Marcus Borgian approach to salvation, in that I think of salvation as a transformation of sorts, a rebirth in your soul rather than a destination towards a place in the afterlife. Thanks so much, all the best to you as well. No pain, no gain! :-)
  2. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    I wouldn't have a tough time at all. I'm pointing you to some resources in case you're curious. Lots of substantive things, unless you're implying that the work of folks like Mr. Given's isn't substantive.
  3. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    Actually, I don't think there would be much in common with structure or liturgical forms, everything I've read about 19th century Mormonism sounds so foreign to me, can you imagine speaking in tongues, and even the sacrament meetings weren't very much like today. What i think might be familiar is the cannon, but the preaching style and the cadence of meetings and the things emphasized I think would all be foreign. I picture that really weird testimony that someone gives on occasion that really stands out, something about a three Nephites story or a vision of some kind, and then turn up the magnitude and multiply it across multiple people, that's what I think it would be like.
  4. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    Lots of good work on evolution of doctrine has been done in essays and books. I like Charlie Harrell's book because its such a good resource, but I've heard good things about Terryl Given's new books.
  5. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    From my experience dealing with people in faith crisis, the child/parent relationship is one of the most difficult to manage. I know many people who haven't been completely forthcoming with their parents about their faith journey, myself included. We often try to shield the ones we love and set boundaries in order to protect ourselves and others, and I think this is natural and healthy to some extent. My hunch is that this daughter may not have disclosed everything to her father because of her respect and desire for him to be happy.
  6. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    At the least, that person would wonder where all the beards went, and what's this strange thing about green jello!
  7. Curious about cafeteria doctrines

    Just wanted to say thanks for the honesty and vulnerability, this kind of an approach really is helpful and healthy, and I'm glad you're sharing. For me its easier to list the doctrines that I find inspirational, than all the ones I don't. I've wondered quite a few times in the last couple years as I've gone on this dramatic faith journey, what is it about Mormonism that keeps me identifying as Mormon when I have problems with so much of it. Lately I think about the following things: I think my favorite doctrine unique to Mormonism is this idea that salvation is not individual, it is communal and our salvation is tied to the salvation of everyone else. This is articulated in the verse about needing our dead to be saved, and we can't be saved without them. We not only need our dead, but we need each other. And I'm not tying this idea directly to temple rituals, I don't believe they are the important point. What is important to me, is this idea that we are all in this together, that as we unite and become more Zion like as a people, that we are doing God's work, we are on God's mission. This is the core of Mormonism to me now. The other doctrine that I like is that eternity is now, we are doing the work of eternity here on earth. I also like that we will be progressing for eternity, this idea that we keep learning, keep experiencing, keep making mistakes, keep growing for eternity, that is wonderful theology and it gives me hope which makes me inspired to do more, and inspiration to do more is at the heart of religion for me. If it can't inspire me to do more, then I'm wasting my time.
  8. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    I think pretty much everything you've listed has evolved to some extent in the last century, but some more than others, especially the wink, wink, nudge, nudge doctrine, that one has changed drastically!
  9. A Prophet of God

    This is the big myth about religion in general and Mormonism in particular. Humans are in charge (usually men). Religions are always run by people generally just doing the best they can with their limited understanding in the context of culture, and these people have flaws and biases. This idea that Mormonism has something qualitatively more in tune with inspiration from God is just a value judgment that members place on this religion. There are no means for measuring this claim objectively and there is really no evidence of this claim. I can't think of any arguments by Mormon apologists that would support any kind comparison between Mormonism and other religions that even attempts to objectively approach a comparison. All the evidence given is made up of theological arguments based on scriptural interpretations uniquely supporting Mormonism.
  10. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    Isn't this an example of D&C 121 right here? Get a little authority and it goes to your head.
  11. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    I believe this father is clueless, no offense, but he has no clue about faith crisis or how to treat people going through these issues. I only needed one paragraph to make that assessment, and I'm confident in it. That said, I'm sure he knows his daughter better than me, I don't know her at all. I'm making judgments about the content of this talk, same as you, and since neither of our judgments are based on any personal knowledge of these people, we start at the same point on the judgment scale. Also, you cropped out my qualifying adjective in that quote "many church leaders have no clue", that word many is an important qualifier.
  12. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    I know nothing about these people, this is just speculation based on experiences where I've seen that kind of dynamic develop. The words used to describe how he handled the situation, including telling her to put her trust in him. None of that is good advice, and its actually opposed to gospel principles, tell your child her her late 40s to have faith in you? Who do you think you are? This is very bad counsel all across the board, my speculation is based on what I've seen in the lives of people struggling with faith crisis, and its just speculation, yes.
  13. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    Pick a doctrine, and I would put money on any doctrine you pick that in 100 years from now it will have changed substantively. Doctrines evolve, get discarded, are deemphasized, new ideas emerge. Change will happen whether you want it to or not, and history our guide that this is true. Feeling that something will "never change" is delusional thinking.
  14. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    Thanks for calling this to our attention, a very sad response. I would say the Seventy's approach is actually counter to what I would recommend doing and the council from Elder Ballard when he said that gone are the days when you can bear a testimony and dismiss the questions. It sounds to me like that's what this Seventy is trying to do, and I would say that this doesn't work. I would even venture to say that this "sure foundation" in her father is likely not going to last or might even be a facade because the daughter is too scared to share her true feelings with Dad because of his dogmatic approach to doubt and faith questions. This just reinforces the evidence that I've seen that many church leaders have no clue how to handle or help people who go through a crisis of faith. Very disappointing...
  15. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    No shortage of weirdness in Mormonism, but you might want to check out Scientology, may be an even better fit.