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  1. That Holland video is laughable. Claiming the spirit misleads us in answering sincere prayers really is an act of throwing God and the Holy Ghost under the bus. I suppose we could claim something similar when prophets and apostles teach us incorrectly but it hardly builds confidence in one's ability to get a reliable answer. They teach us incorrectly for our own good so that we can develop our inner voice and spiritual confidence to know they were wrong. No thanks. That's not useful. This story seems like a blatant attempt to explain away cognitive dissonance when a prayer wasn't answered as expected. It's like when a person is blessed to be healed and then they die the next day. See, they are no longer suffering. I don't see these explanations as honest.
  2. Last year the Annual United Methodist convention agreed to disagree about the possibility of accepting gays in their congregations and leadership which seemed intended to quell talks of division within the church. A new story describes how an Episcopal Bishop who was voted in to lead a Denver area region of the United Methodist Church is now subject to church discipline for violating church law by living in a SSM. It appears to me that the UMC group that voted this Bishop into leadership knew very well that it would restart the conversation and controversy of this topic within the UMC. I find this fascinating for many reasons and feel it relates to the familiar struggle we feel within Mormonism for greater inclusion. The issue of SSM and how to welcome/accommodate/accept the LGBT community within the church community has shifted dramatically over such a short period of time that many organizations and churches are either scrambling to figure things out or clenching tightly to their traditions. Change is hard and often takes time. The UMC may not be quite ready for this shift yet and the LDS church is no where near making this kind of dramatic shift, but I'm confident that one day UMC will change. I don't know about the LDS and find myself wondering if there will eventually be a purposeful division within both churches on this issue. http://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/methodist-court-ruling-blow-first-openly-lesbian-bishop-n752831
  3. There are also examples of excommunicated members being reinstated or having their excommunication nullified posthumously. Not sure why that would really matter as God could take care of things himself, but whatever In either case, like you say, it is not up to members of an internet board to make those decisions so it is "out of our hands".
  4. No, I don't believe she ever recanted. Yes, it is out of our hands...of course. Even if she were alive it would be out of our hands. It's a speculative conversation
  5. She's dead. And not just mostly dead. She's dead, dead.
  6. Agreed. That loophole of adoption is big enough to steer an aircraft carrier through Adam can be the literal father of all living or the adopted father of all living. But if we adopt the adoption theory then we must also reject the literalistic history of the garden story where Adam is the very first and only man. I'm fine with that but I suspect many others wouldn't be.
  7. That's interesting. So instead of Adam and Eve being the parents of ALL living are you suggesting that they may be the progenitors of their particular tribe through which the scriptures have been written? It sounds similar to the way Lamanites have been refigured from THE ancestors of American Indians to "among" the ancestors of the American Indians. It makes way more sense to me that way.
  8. I find this stuff fascinating. There is certainly some speculation and interpretation of the human evidence that can be challenged but it seems widely accepted that the dating of the mastodon bones is 130,000 years old which clearly blows young earth creationism out of the water. Beyond that, if the scientific interpretation of markings on rocks and the animal bones are correct, we learn once again how little religion teaches about the origins and evolution of the species
  9. At the time of this post you had 1500 posts and 1400 Rep Points. I love round numbers !!!!
  10. Thank you for personifying the issue I state in the OP. ETA- Most people do their best not to be offensive to others. Most people will at least try to use inoffensive language when they know it bothers others. It is a fairly basic social skill to accommodate others in reasonable ways such as not using a specific offensive word. I find it strange that there is a kind of glee in doing something that will offend others. It's difficult to wrap my mind around. Determination to continue doing something that is offensive isn't a sign of strength but rather a show of weakness.
  11. Yet some are engaging in name calling, defending it, and proclaiming they will continue when they feel it is warranted. It's very strange.
  12. I don't know about NEVER. Absolutes make me uncomfortable. I was responding directly to Pogi who stated that everyone already has a Zero Tolerance for behaviors that may be predatory. I disagree with his assessment that everyone already agrees and therefore that the conversation is pointless. Like other things, what seems predatory to one person may not seem predatory to another. To some, the context will make significant difference while to others it won't matter at all. That is why having the discussion about what is and isn't appropriate is important instead of having the entire discussion dismissed because everyone already agrees with zero tolerance. Having said that, it would be a very rare and unique circumstance that would make a 38 year old marrying a 14 year old non-predatory. It's hard for me to think of an acceptable situation but acknowledge there could be one that I'm not thinking of. The context that is most often given for these types of relationships seems to be a spiritual claim which I find very troubling and unreliable. If the 38 year old claims to have had a spiritual experience and he uses that to persuade the 14 year old into a relationship, yes, that is manipulative even if he really did have a spiritual experience. When there is a vast discrepancy in age and position there is naturally going to be a very high probability of coercion, which would be inappropriate.
  13. I understand the desire to keep things on track yet I don't know that I've ever seen a thread that doesn't move into some pretty interesting tangents. Suggesting a return to topic would be a much better way of having a positive impact on the direction of the conversation. I also appreciate when people will sometimes point out the type of fallacy being utilized in a conversation. I'm just as prone to the fallacy trap as anyone else and pointing out the logical fallacy can help me to reframe my thinking. That is helpful. Still, I've never seen a positive outcome from the name calling. Whether it is a name like bigot, liar, or troll, in each case the name calling shuts down conversation and diverts it so that the name-caller actually becomes more of a troll than what they are shouting down.
  14. Thanks for being honest about your plans to continue being offensive, dismissive, and rude in your name calling. The classiness is noted.
  15. No, it's not universally understood or agreed to that sexual predation of minors is always wrong. People defend it all the time, depending on who is being accused of the behavior. If 38 year old Joe Blow went out and married a number of teens we would all be up in arms. When 38 year old Joseph Smith does it, members of the church generally understand and even call him virtuous.