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  1. It's too bad there is so little known about Heavenly Mother that there can't be an article talking about mothering like Heavenly Mother. Instead, a mother's only example is a male. Not that women can't learn from Jesus, but it would be wonderful if the female role models in our theology were more than just an ambiguous idea.
  2. I was disappointed to see you removed from the other thread. You were respectful in your comments. It frustrates me that some posters like Juliann can be so blatantly rude and dismissive (actually telling someone not to post on a thread) and there never seem to be consequences. Juliann is every bit as negative as any poster on this board but seems to have significant social capital built up with those moderating/running this board. When she can call a poster a sexual predator with no consequence is really unbelievable. Now she is attempting to recreate the board in her image. I can only assume the owner/mods approve of what she is doing. You and I get punished in various ways for much less than what Juliann says and does. There is obviously a pecking order.
  3. How are you defining "Mormons"? I ask because it doesn't seem to be a standard definition that would be widely accepted. It seems your use of the word is aimed more and dividing what you consider to be "unworthy" Mormons from the kinds of Mormons you like. It seems like there are very few non-Mormons here, yet you continue to distinguish as if the Mormons are the minority.
  4. This is a tough issue and I don't know the answer of how to balance personal beliefs with public service. There is surely some discrimination that goes on, most likely out of fear of the absolutely crazy (like I mentioned above) occurring. I watched Hacksaw Ridge over the weekend about Desmond Doss, a conscientious objector who enlisted in world war II as a medic. The first half of the film is about the ways he was discriminated against, beaten, imprisoned because of his religious beliefs and the rest was about his heroism. Discrimination happens but the drum is beat so often that I think we become desensitized to the potential for how it can move from the realm of fear to reality.
  5. I think quackery is in the eye of the beholder. What may be held by a health care provider as a faith based prescription, may be viewed by others as quackery. I think of the "counselor" who lived in my area a few years ago who did "energy healing". There were a couple of bishops who referred people to her for counseling. She would do extensive interviews, wherein she would link her fingers together (in circles like Olympic rings) and pull. If the link broke on a particular question she was provided an answer by the spirit that the person had an ailment caused by an evil spirit in a specific body part. She would then make a list of all the evil spirits afflicting the person and then give it to her husband to perform a priesthood blessing, casting those spirits out. To me, this is spiritual quackery and I made a huge issue of it with our SP when I learned of it. There were members in the area who couldn't fathom why I would have a problem with this kind of emotional and physical healing. They viewed it as perfectly reasonable treatment and an extension of their faith. This is clearly a crazy/extreme example, but there are many types of energy healings and other quackery which could be a part of a person's "practice". This particular person was a licensed counselor though it seems her quackery took precedence over her training.
  6. Since I can't read your mind about who you feel is and isn't worthy enough to post on this thread, I'll share my thoughts. You seem to have clear delineations in your mind about who is a real Mormon and who is a critic, but I don't know that the way you define the two categories should be trusted or taken as gospel. You're the only one I see saying it is your board. I haven't seen anyone create a thread where Juliann has specifically been told she can't participate. I consider it our board. Everyone who posts here is a part of it. It requires significant hubris to think that the way you Mormon and think about Mormonism is the only way to do it, and that all others don't belong. Is this your board, Juliann? Do you own it? Are you on some kind of board of directors? You may be. I have no idea. You sure seem to act like you own the place and I don't understand why you feel so entitled. I hope your efforts to organize this board in your image fails. It would be a real shame. I'm curious how much of the increase negativity is correlated to when you came back and started posting regularly.
  7. Is this how this board works. One hostile individual gets to set parameters about who does and doesn't participate in a thread? You are actually telling someone to leave the thread because you don't want to hear from them. Your immaturity is showing. I'm sure you find my post rude. The feeling is mutual.
  8. This is true. I'm Mormon and your thread is attacking me and others you consider to be like me. You're trying to find ways to organize an effort to ignore or even remove us from the board so you don't feel challenged. This is too bad. For some reason you seem to think that Mormons and critics are mutually exclusive groups. You're right that this is a Mormon space where issues relating to Mormonism take place. To me, that's what seems to be happening. We get to set the boundaries. I assume you mean all Mormons, not just you. Or am I wrong about that?
  9. I don't think that is known. But it doesn't sound like it. ( at least to me)
  10. GG- In the first paragraph you explain how the bishop is telling people what is and isn't appropriate to say in a testimony. In the second paragraph you are saying Oug is misrepresenting the church when he states that they want people to repeat the same things everyone else said. You may not like the characterization, but he's accurate. Ever heard of the testimony glove? The church really seems to be trying to script testimonies
  11. Of course that's not really true either. The church absolutely cares what you think. They ask about it regularly in temple recommend interviews and PPI's and other interviews. If you don't think correctly, even when asked privately behind closed doors, then you will be subject to consequences imposed by leaders. It may mean not getting a calling, or attending a child's sealing etc, but it seems clear to me the church cares about what is believed, and not only what is publicly shared. I agree that speaking with her afterwards would have been much kinder. Instead, he humiliated her in a very public setting, with no apparent compassion or empathy. It's true that these kinds of situations can be challenging for a leader trying to decide what to do, but that's why I think we should lean towards kindness, gentleness, and love unfeigned.
  12. Not sure why you think I'm being disingenuous. We just disagree. But I view many of the comments on this board as being very negative toward this girl? Do you disagree with that? Her testimony has be referred to as a "diatribe" and as "false doctrine" and tantamount to apostasy for which older individuals might receive church discipline. These judgments on this girl are all harsh and I feel incorrect.
  13. That would have been a much better approach.
  14. Are you suggesting that she is persisting in teaching false doctrine because she talked on a podcast after the SP told her to sit down? Do you have any reason to believe the SP even spoke to her to explain what he perceived to be wrong? Or did he just tell her to sit down, and then move along? I don't know, and I suspect neither do you.
  15. If by "a very long time" you mean 2 1/2 minutes, then you're right. It was an eternity. How do you know the rest of the attendees felt awkward? You may be right, but you seem to be assuming a lot.