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  1. HappyJackWagon

    Report on Catholic Abuse = Cynicism Spreading?

    Most of the time, "what they don't know" is really just the way they interact in a very uncomfortable situation. How often have my kids told me they don't know what they learned in school today? The answer is often. Doesn't mean they don't really know. But if a kid feels pressured to talk, especially to someone they don't know well, they are likely giving the easiest answers they can muster, and that they think will get them out of the discussion the fastest. Also, expecting kids to recognize all the same words adults do is a bit of a problem, especially if there is a bishop who tends to get a littler flowery with the way he describes the everlasting and eternal atonement of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To kids that don't talk like that it sounds like gobbled gook.
  2. Good question. I didn't realize FAIR and FAIR Mormon were different entities. I thought they were the same. So that part could be my mistake and I've got no problem admitting it. It wasn't intentional and is easily corrected without attack. I appreciate you asking nicely. Are FAIR and FAIR Mormon affiliated? IF so, it would seem the confusion could be at least partly of their making. In any case I was speaking with the understanding I had. If I was wrong. Sorry. But Juliann's reaction really only illustrated my point. If they're not affiliated, I hope you can see that my mistake was honest and understandable. After you mentioned it I remember it being called a support board but it seemed to function like any other discussion board so that seems to be semantics without much of a difference.
  3. HappyJackWagon

    The Name of the Church

    I'd prefer that he be more direct. If he believes it is prophetic revelation from God, I wish he'd just say that. Pres. Nelson tends to hint around to insinuate revelation by using broad language that could be interpreted many ways. I've had many things impressed upon my mind. Doesn't mean they are all revelation. Even if I assign the Lord as the source as I try to understand why something is impressed on me, doesn't mean it actually is. As long as Pres. Nelson continues to speak ambiguously it will give people the out of not accepting it as from God while still supporting him as president. Also, in the newsroom article, why refer to him as "president" instead of prophet? I would think prophet would carry more weight than president.
  4. I've never been banned from this board or any other. Are you insinuating otherwise? You seem to be conflating my experience on the Fair board with the early days of this board as if I had anything to do with that. I don't mind admitting that I felt a little put out when a board, with the express purpose of supporting those in faith crisis, shut down without notice or explanation. It felt neglectful and dismissive; IMO- not ideal for a "support" board. You are accusing me of destroying the place. You don't know me. You don't know the name I posted under on that board. How could you possibly make the accusation that I either destroyed, or at least attempted to destroy the board? You insinuate that I'm outraged because I couldn't control that board. Pretty strong accusations when you don't even know who I am. Your anger seems to have thrust you into meltdown mode. All of this started because you made incorrect assumptions about my post and then called me out on it. You've been nothing but petty and vindictive and I've tried to stay civil but I think the best thing now is just to ignore you. Have a good weekend.
  5. HappyJackWagon

    The Name of the Church

    Yeah, that's a really unfortunate picture. You can tell a lot about a person/organization's point of view by the pictures they choose. If you doubt this, look at pictures Fox News uses of Hillary or CNN uses of Trump. That was a strange one for me to wrap my head around. Legally, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints doesn't exist as an organization. The name is a trademark. The legal entity is the Corporation of the President, but like you say, we're not members of that. The question of legal standing is interesting. I wonder if the only legal standing is as donor or if a court would take into account a person's 'membership' in the trademark name.
  6. HappyJackWagon

    The Name of the Church

    I would imagine that plays into the reasoning for the church but Scott said it doesn't bother him if people use our name or we use theirs, let alone a nickname. I find that very surprising.
  7. HappyJackWagon

    The Name of the Church

    Yes. To my understanding a number of polygamous groups refer to themselves as Mormon. I'm glad it doesn't bother you but I'm surprised you'd be ok with a polygamous group calling themselves Mormon, or a newspaper article labeling a polygamous group as Mormon.
  8. HappyJackWagon

    Report on Catholic Abuse = Cynicism Spreading?

    The reason for not trusting clergy to be alone with kids is about the actions of the clergy, not about bad press. Personally, I wouldn't trust a catholic priest alone with my kids. To be consistent, I won't let clergy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints be along with me kids either. When my bishop asked me this (probably age 12ish) I had no idea what he was talking about. He had to explain it.
  9. Ironically, Juliann is responsible for drawing greater attention to what I think was only a line or 2 in a post. She's drawn out the story so that I've even had to give more detail about it. With more detail comes more outrage from Juliann. But I'm sure my experience on that old FAIR board bore no resemblance to Juliann's reactions to me here, nor would it have been magnified by multiple Julianns responding on that FAIR board
  10. HappyJackWagon

    Report on Catholic Abuse = Cynicism Spreading?

    I agree that we "ought to be able to trust clergy" but that doesn't mean we should. I've gotta admit, I'm a bit surprised you take the position that a catholic priest should be able to hold one-on-one meetings, behind closed doors with youth and children. I would imagine that is a minority view in this country
  11. HappyJackWagon

    The Name of the Church

    Just to be clear, you don't mind The Church using the name of another church. You call that sharing. If another church coopted the church's name, would you mind? Specifically, Imagine the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Restoration Branch decided to shorten their name to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, you'd be all for sharing? And it never bothered you in the past when other groups referred to themselves as Mormon? That was just sharing?
  12. HappyJackWagon

    The Name of the Church

    How to respond to questions from members of other faiths... Q- Are you Mormon? A- No Q- Are you LDS? A- Not anymore...I guess. It's a little confusing. Q- Well, what church do you belong to? A- I belong to The Church Q- Hmm. "The Church"? So I suppose you think there is only one church? A- Blank stare. Q- How can I learn more about your church? A- It's easy. Just go to TheChurchofJesusChristofLatter-daySaints.org, Or if you want to know the church's position on LGBT issues you can go to TheChurchofJesusChristofLatter-daySaintsandGay.org Q-So...you are Mormon? I just love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. A- It's actually called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Tabernacle Choir. Please make sure you refer to it properly. Do you have any other questions for me? Q- No. I'm done here.
  13. HappyJackWagon

    Report on Catholic Abuse = Cynicism Spreading?

    Rongo, did you ever answer my question about whether you would support the Catholic Church IF it put in place a policy and practice for its clergy to meet one on one with children and youth, behind closed doors, where sxual topics may be raised? If you did, I missed it. I'm curious if you'd support it because it seems absurd that anyone would, yet to be consistent it seems that you would need to support the Catholic church doing such a thing, like the LDS, Mormon Church does, because the benefits would outweigh the risks.
  14. So you seem to agree that FAIR isn't a good place to recommend for sincere people? Otherwise you would have included them in your recommendation. Interesting As far as the accusation of telling atrocity stories goes, my experiences on the old FAIR board (of which there apparently have been 3 different iterations) were my own. They were unpleasant, largely because of people who came across as bitter, aggressive, fearful, jerks, all while trying to build faith. I'm happy to leave it where it is. I think you've shown what you're about.
  15. Great question. Of course, for the most part YM leaders had background checks because they were a part of scouting. That will actually go away so there will be fewer checks going forward. But the idea that someone can be called to work with nursery or primary kids with no background checks is pretty stunning. When this topic comes up I'm always reminded of the time a pedophile was called to work in the nursery when I had a daughter there. I didn't learn about it until later, but the previous bishop knew about that man's proclivities but the new bishop did not. In fact the new bishop rejected an offer from the old bishop to debrief on significant issues in the ward, so he was totally ignorant that he had called a pedophile to the nursery. That ticks me off. What ticks me off even more is when I learned about this I confronted the old bishop who knowingly sustained this individual into the calling. He responded by telling me he was supporting his priesthood leader and that if anything bad happened in that nursery the new bishop would have to answer to God for it. I lost all respect for both the old and the new bishop for their absolute negligence in this matter.