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  1. New First Presidency

    If they expect that you'd pull their temple recommend, it really isn't a surprise they wouldn't bring it up. If you don't provide a safe place for open discussion and sharing of concerns, people will remain quiet because they fear what might happen. Maybe they bring up a concern and you take their temple recommend and they aren't able to see a loved ones sealing, or baptize a daughter, or ordain a son. People fear leadership roulette for good reason. It's capricious. Pulling someone's recommend because their testimony doesn't match yours is a harsh consequence for a person being vulnerable and honest. Therefore they will most likely opt out of roulette. The church does counsel against gambling afterall.
  2. Awfully snarky & condescending. I suppose we can be certain that evidence Joseph plagiarized the commentary into an "inspired translation" would not affect the way you attend church regularly and pay a full tithe.
  3. If it is really no big deal that Joseph "cribbed" Clarke's bible commentary and passed it off as his own "translation" of the Bible, it goes to show how low the expectations are for Joseph's honesty and revelatory skills.
  4. Divine Love Is Conditional

    Either he doesn't understand what "condition" means or he doesn't understand what "love" means. Me thinks he is using his own personal definitions for these words. There is certainly something lost in translation.
  5. Are we talking about the JST inspired translation that we hardly even use in the church? It is very clear Joseph's "translation" isn't a "translation" in the normal, English version understanding of the word. Joseph seems to have pulled information from so many different sources it's hard to be too surprised when another source is discovered. It doesn't appear to me that revelation or inspiration flowed from the heavens but rather that Joseph had to work and study, ponder, and then come to some conclusions or at least ideas that he then labeled revelation and translation. Maybe there was some legit heavenly inspiration in there or maybe there wasn't, but it seems clear that Joseph wasn't the conduit of God's direct word that we often give him credit for. I doubt that Joseph was any more "inspired" than Clark was when he created his commentary. Besides, if the church wanted to put all of its eggs into the JST then it could do that. We could all be reading the JST instead of the NKJ version. But we aren't. Aside from the early issues regarding the copyright held by the RLDS, I wonder if Church leaders were aware of the commentary Joseph seems to have used as a significant resource.
  6. New First Presidency

    Are you of the opinion that there are no politics in church leadership? I see that as an impossibility. Politics, in a very broad sense, plays into every group dynamic I can think of. It's the most natural thing in the world. It's part of every conversation and friendship and team. I don't see the brethren as somehow being able to perfectly transcend that human condition.
  7. New First Presidency

    Most people feel a sense of loss after being released from a calling they've put their heart and soul into. Bishops, Primary teachers, whomever. Why would a member of the 1st Presidency be any different. He was likely working on many important issues that are no longer under his stewardship. It is totally normal to feel some loss. It would be strange if he didn't.
  8. New First Presidency

    Often it's out of the bishop's control. Sometimes the Stake requires these changes. I once went through 4 different counselors in a year because the stake continually would take my counselors for other positions. And yes, it did create challenges and chaos.
  9. New First Presidency

    But there is a difference. 1st counselor is the most trusted to carry on should the president/bishop/whatever not be present. The 2nd counselor is trusted to carry on if both the president and 1st counselor are gone. In a bishopric there isn't a ton of distinction, but in a 1st Presidency where the incoming prophet is nearly 94 years old, it could be more significant. It seems clear that Pres. Nelson would prefer that Pres. Oaks carry on in his stead more than he would like Pres. Eyring to carry that torch.
  10. New First Presidency

    So? Counselors don't usually serve for an entire SP tenure. Again, releases are expected because they happen all the time. It's the norm. Releasing a counselor from the 1st Presidency is not the norm. It's unusual.
  11. New First Presidency

    He may be thrilled about his demotion and people only think he would/should be upset about his demotion. Because, after all, it's a "demotion". People often get upset about those kinds of things but Uchtdorf may know this is a blessing in disguise. Even so, a demotion can be a little embarrassing.
  12. New First Presidency

    Stake Presidents usually serve for 9-10 years. After that a release is expected. No one would view the release as a demotion. On the other hand, what if that SP had only been serving in the calling for 3 years when he was released. No health issues. He didn't move or divorce his wife. Just released and assigned to work in primary. Would that not be viewed as a demotion? I think it would
  13. New First Presidency

    Some on this board seem to think it is unseemly to position Uchtdorf's exit from the First Presidency as a demotion. But if Uchtdorf viewed it as a demotion, isn't it a demotion regardless of what Pres. Nelson said about it. It seems that Elder Holland attempted to show some kindness as he patted Pres. Uchtdorf's hand after the demotion. It would seem that Elder Holland recognized that it could be a hard thing for Uchtdorf to go from First Presidency back into the Q12. Why would he think that unless it was likely that Uchtdorf, Holland, and others in the leadership also viewed it as a demotion. If they recognize it as a demotion, what is the harm when we also recognize it as a demotion?
  14. New First Presidency

    You're suggesting that something that happens less than 50% of the time is tradition? If your info is correct would then mean that Benson, Hunter, Kimball (among many others) weren't in the First Presidency. That is hardly a tradition. Nelson can choose whomever he likes as his counselors but that doesn't mean it isn't unusual to demote a previous 1st counselor to 2nd, and release the other counselor all together. That's not tradition.