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  1. HappyJackWagon

    The Church Has Spoken on Immigration Policy

    Here's what they said... I agree with your position on loyalty. I asked because I'm continually being called disloyal when I disagree with the church's political statements about same sex marriage. Pres. Oaks famously gave a talk in which he stated there was no such thing as loyal opposition in the church which I found to be an extremely unbending as if clearly defining the demarcation line.
  2. Maybe it is because I don't view Scott Lloyd's comment as sarcasm. It was derisive in anticipation of anyone having a problem with Praise to the Man. Or maybe my sarcasm detector is flawed by misreading your comment about my sarcasm detector is flawed. I can't tell
  3. HappyJackWagon

    The Church Has Spoken on Immigration Policy

    Just out of curiosity, do you accept the church's position on immigration? If not, do you view your sharing your opinions of disagreement as being a disloyal or loyal opposition?
  4. HappyJackWagon

    Worship Music in the Church

    That sounds really terrible. It must be really awkward when they come to all of the patriotic music at Christmas time. I'm sorry Ha, ha. No. Just hoping for change
  5. If church members take an oath of vengeance, does that mean that they do nothing while they wait for God to take care of things? I must not be understanding your position because that doesn't make any sense.
  6. HappyJackWagon

    MormonLeaks does not break the law

    You seem obsessed with McKnight. You're tracking his browsing and calling him out for not talking to you? Sounds a bit stalker...ish. Did he kick your dog or something? Why so much personal animosity? "Unbridled anger is evidence of a blackened soul."
  7. HappyJackWagon

    New Ministering w/youth

    Those two policies aren't going to mesh. Either they haven't really given this adequate consideration or they've decided one on one time for ministering is worth the risk. I'm truly hoping they haven't given it enough thought, because it is absurd to take a risk like that. One on one, in a car with a non-family adult seems to be a much riskier situation than one teacher in a classroom of children. Neither is appropriate in today's climate, not is it in accordance with the church's own protection policy.
  8. This isn't the first time they've made a statement on immigration policy but it's the first time since this issue has really blown up over the last couple of weeks. Bravo, church! http://fox13now.com/2018/06/18/lds-church-says-its-troubled-by-separation-of-families/
  9. I'm not. I've already stated that in my very first post on this thread. You sure seem to be defending it, and PacMan's tone, on this thread as if you think it is a genius legal move. Time will tell.
  10. I agree. There should be a distinction. We should sing praises to God and Jesus, not to man. In our most sacred weekly meeting I'm not sure why we would be focused on a man at all. It's a service dedicated to worshipping God, so why would a man be praised. It's easy to see why some make the mistake of thinking the church worship's Joseph Smith. That would be an easy mistake to make. It's really quite a remarkable thing if you think about it. We gather to worship God and then sing hymns praising Joseph Smith. It's a little weird. I wonder if the Catholics sing songs to praise the Pope, or the Methodists sing to praise John Wesley. I kind of doubt it.
  11. Great. Set a countdown timer and lets look at it in a year to see if anything happens and the church succeeds by taking PacMan's suggestion to litigate against McKnight. Then we'll see if it passes legal muster.
  12. Oh, I thought Praise to the Man was about Joseph Smith. Am I wrong about that? Or are we really singing praise to Jehovah who communed with Jehovah...? Get's kind of weird, no? Not sure how that's a distortion. A religious congregation gets together and sings a song of praise during a worship service and you think its a distortion to call it worshipful praise? For what other purpose would a hymn be sung in Sacrament meeting? Usually it's to praise God but we can't really get upset about the occasional worshipful praise of a man, can we? If I'm not mistaken there are many hymns about "Father". It would seem more appropriate than a hymn about Joseph Smith on Father's day, but I do recognize that was only my experience in my ward and isn't universal. PS- I'll just add that this is only brought up because you brought it up. I didn't want you to be disappointed.
  13. Why should anyone mind singing a hymn of worshipful praise to a man? Seems unreasonable to me It's a very catchy tune but was a bit odd singing it yesterday as a "father's day" hymn.
  14. SMAC- you seriously don't see the anger coming from this guy?
  15. What do you find curious? That I expect those claiming righteousness to be righteous?