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  1. Good points. We'll see in 6 months.
  2. I can't know what the motivation was for leaving it out. I just thought the the sustainings were extremely lengthy as compared to the norm. I could be wrong. It just seemed to go on and on.
  3. What is Going Well in Your Life?

    (1) Family life is great. Five children 25-35 and youngest about the graduate. All doing well, though not without specific struggles from time to time. Three of them live nearby here in Richmond VA, along with all 6 grands. (2) Wife and I are in semi-retirement and major role reversal mode. She is working at a paying job for the first time in 36 years and starting a small business. Meanwhile, I'm finally learning how to be the person responsible for shopping and cooking. So far, she has not become ill from any of my meals. I also help her with some grunt work for her business, which is taking off by word of mouth (with the help of a Facebook business page, with requests for work coming in weekly. She's doing what she really enjoys and I'm finding out I am a pretty darn good cook. At least she says so. I'm done with full time work at this point. (3) Starting my first trip to the west coast in a little over a week, catching son's BYU graduation along the way. San Francisco and Seattle lie in our path. Wife was born in San Fran. I grew up a Giants and Willie Mays fan while growing up in the Tampa FL area and now I'm going to see a game at AT&T park for the first time. I'll probably cry when I see the place. We have seats in right center, just in front of McCovey Cove. If I die at the game, my life will truly be complete.
  4. Pres Oaks said the information would be included (I suppose in the printed version). I suspect that the length of time needed for reading the names of those being sustained precipitated the decision. Just my guess.
  5. Time for a Richmond VA Temple

    I can tell you that there are 3 stakes in the metro Richmond area and 3 in the Newport News/Norfolk/Va Beach area. A temple in Williamsburg would be central to those 6 stakes and be quite a draw for tourists (visitors center maybe).