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  1. KSF is correct. I've spent quite of few of my recent years as a ward clerk/stake clerk. The parents don't know about other contributions and I have made it a habit to let the parents know that they can reduce their contribution near the end.
  2. Well, any given person except for certain leaders should not expect that to take place very often. It's mostly Bishopric that will be hanging around late almost every week since they now have less time to complete their myriad of tasks during the block.
  3. We would surely have the same problem as our teacher is outstanding but we were stuffed in the RS room and chapel overflow is not an option since all three wards in the building use the overflow for sacrament. Add to that the fact that our ward grew by about 35 over the last year. At some point, we are going to have to deal with this. Unoverlapping the wards would not be popular.
  4. We had a greater than normal sacrament attendance and attendance in gospel doctrine was much higher than usual. But I'm the ward clerk so I was there 7 hours and 45 minutes. I didn't expect that to change. All in all, a good day and people showed a willingness to stick around after church for appointments that previously have been squeezed into three hour block.
  5. Duncan, before reading the thread, I just posted the same thing. I'm a ward clerk.
  6. I haven't been through all of the comments yet but I can say that women are able to see all the details of a ward's finances. I am a ward clerk and the last few times I've needed to call SLC about a specific issue pertaining to our unit, a woman answered the phone and handled the problem to completion.
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