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  1. An older, kind, and probably not technically savvy man posts personal -- not to mention respectful and reasonable -- message on FB. You decide to take a dump on him. Nice work.
  2. "I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves." How far we have fallen as a Church where we must be instructed in all things. As President Trump would say, Sad!
  3. I'm sorry, Scott. But "6EQ" is an unauthorized nickname and it's use is offensive. Please observe the naming standards where you may use the full username: "6EQUJ5" or the shortened form, "Q" You may also refer to me as "that really really smart person" or "everyone's favorite poster." I accept both.
  4. lulz... I've been threatened with a board ban because I used the phrase, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love this place.
  5. Fixed it for you. I've long argued that our pioneer ancestors didn't actually have it that hard. The suffering of the early saints if greatly exaggerated.
  6. Our very own @jwilliams would be an excellent choice.
  7. lulz. Project much? Huh? More projection. You are the one claiming that the Exodus was a historical event. I can see why that claim embarrasses you.
  8. Why don't we ask the folks at the SBL session and see what they think of Gee's "statement."
  9. I'm not naming them. You can believe me or not. I'm just sharing what I know.
  10. I think it is clear from Dan's blog post that Professor Gee was asked to step aside. My sources indicate this has been brewing a long time. They have been looking for a way to get him out since he embarrassed BYU at a major academic meeting a few years ago and proclaimed that the Exodus was a historic event. ETA: The exodus happened, of course. Proving it historicaly is virtually impossible. Indeed, the evidence works against a large, grand exodus as described in the Bible.
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