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  1. I Am So Torn

    PM me where you live and I will tell you if I have any scheduled near you
  2. I Am So Torn

    Has been wild. I have done 8 Firesides in Utah and Texas and set for 15 more so far in Utah, Colorado, and California. I have many more requests from all over the world. The Lord has brought me a long way from anti-Mormon days.
  3. Not sure anyone has told you what you should believe. I believe anything anyone has done is show you the fallacy of your comments. However, you are free to believe whatever you need to believe to support what you feel.
  4. It is still your opinion. Refusing to admit a fact you think they should admit is not wrong. It is a choice that may have reasons behind it. You know it. I know it. You simply dislike it in THIS case, for whatever reason. Or, you need to find fault. Also, your choice. But that does not make the withholding wrong.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving from Jeanne!

    Thank you. I have been alone before on Thanksgiving and I understand the feeling. We are in Utah now, so, my family is all back in Texas, and my wife's is in Oklahoma. Our youngest sin is with us, and our oldest daughter will pop by late passing thru on her way to her new home on the East Coast. We have invited 6 missionaries for Thanksgiving Dinner. I wish you all the blessing possible. Be well. Be Blessed. Hugs from Utah
  6. That is your opinion. It is not a fact. The Lord has often withheld information for whatever reason. Just because you dislike it does not make it wrong.
  7. Often, in a trial, evidence is withheld. Let me give you an example. In Texas, in civil trials like car accidents, etc, a person's legal status is withheld. You cannot ask a plaintiff or defendant or any witness if they are her legally or illegally. The feeling is, a jury would be pre-disposed against an illegal. Is the info hidden? Nope. Just withheld.
  8. define see it. They often see the documents, but not what is on them. The docs are not hidden, just withheld
  9. Do I think not is fair? That is a vague question. If I want the evidence to be withheld, and it is, then I think it is very fair. Smiles.
  10. If a Motion in Lim ine is granted, the evidence is withheld...not hidden. We all know where it is. And...if the judge rules to withhold evidence during the trial (not subject to the Limine) everyone knows it exists and where it is...it is just withhold
  11. Shrugs....I can withhold something from you without hiding it. In fact, in Court, the judge often withholds evidence from the jury, but the evidence is far from hidden.
  12. Since I do not believe it was "hidden" I will tell you my definition of withhold "To refrain from giving or granting" and "To keep in check"
  13. Withholding and hiding are two different things.
  14. When I was a kid, my mother hid things from me that she did not think I was ready for. Later, she let me know. I guess I could call her evil and a liar for doing that. I just always figured she had her reasons and never held it against her. After reading this thread, I see how wrong I was. I Hate my mother now.
  15. Never rule anyone out

    Never rule anyone out. Never give up. Never lose hope. Never stop praying