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  1. revelstoked

    That Deadpool Poster

    Remember when the iPhone was coming out? Not the first time this iconic image was used, and it won't be the last.
  2. revelstoked

    April 2019 Conference

    * Some talk that focuses on what people are doing with the one hour not spent in church meetings on Sunday. * Men will get a 13 day video game and sports fast. This includes watching people play video games and sports. Count your blessings brethren, it was nearly a 13 day media fast (all media, not just social). * No talk of the new Youth Program, I agree with @rockpond it will come in October. I honestly don't see any need for another big set of changes. We need to let these settle in and see how they play out.
  3. revelstoked

    AP Styleguide refusing to dump "Mormon"?

    On a related tangent, AP doesn't always use PPPs outside of he/him/his and she/her/hers (Personal Preferred Pronouns). The singular they was a major issue, and ze is right out. From their twitter: So I don't feel they are grinding a religious ax against us, but just being conservative in the way their reporting reflects common usage. They follow the curve, not lead the curve. If ze/zir/zis becomes common usage then the style would be updated, similary Latter-day Saints becoming the new Mormon. If anything that is a call on the saints to be sure they use the preferred terms to make it mainstream.
  4. revelstoked

    No more Gospel Principles.

    My wife and I were discussing it and one of her concerns was that one of the benefits of keeping gospel doctrine separate from gospel principals was to keep the long time enfranchised members from going into wild tangents with the new members around. Milk before meat (before recreational drugs).
  5. revelstoked

    Bill Reel’s Conference Predictions

    We almost do that in my ward. Because of the size of the Aaronic Priesthood we combine them all on the first Sunday and rotate around the adult quorum leadership and have them teach the "Duty to God" lesson. All other weaks I have my deacons teach. We just went with an age based rotation so it's consistent. What usually ends up happening is the assigned Deacon leads a group discussion and the leaders tend to re-direct, but the Deacons have taken ownership. Once the quorum president thought we should have a chastity lesson and he taught a lesson on pornography, all on his initiative. It was "out of cycle" but I allowed it. One of our Deacons regularly puts a slideshow together when it is his turn and even finds church memes to finish off his lesson. It was rough the first couple of weeks but the Deacons got into the groove after a while. A friday/saturday reminder text to parents has been essential.
  6. revelstoked

    Problem with the 2 hour block speculation

    The latest twitter rumor is 15 minute sacrament. All sacrament, no talking. I mean we got out of Scouts and ended Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching, two big wishes right there. This is the sort of wish fulfillment that is plausible, unlike 5% tithing and repealing the Word of Wisdom. Wishes come in threes right? I could totally see this for branches, but not wards.
  7. revelstoked

    Problem with the 2 hour block speculation

    There are more gems sending mixed messages. From this article we have this line (emphasis mine): I don't think we are getting global 2 hour church. My guess is that this is taking into account small branches where they just cannot justify 3 hours and do the 2 hour thing (with approval, it already exists in places). If we were getting global 2 hour church then a different phrase such as "the time" rather than enumerating hours. I expect a FHE reboot much like what HT/VT got in ministering.
  8. This is what's going to led to a historic decline in Scouting in Utah. A lot of people I've been involved with do it because they are asked to, and do a very good job. But when it becomes scouting for scouting's sake many will be "no thank you." There are also those who stay involved long after they are released. Our local council won't turn anyone away who passes background checks and does good work, they will find a slot for you (and there are many open spaces).
  9. Luckily this lines up with what I've told other parents about what Deacons will look like in 2020. There will still be camping, playing with fire and sharp objects (safely) and Tuesday nights at the church. What is changing is no more uniforms, no more blue cards, and no more checklist oriented activities. I've already adopted that in my "troop" where I will sign anything they've earned that they put in front of me, but otherwise we do activities that fit under rank and merit badges and use the books as more of a lesson plan than a checklist. None of the deacons I'm involved with care about ranks and badges, some are even vocally opposed to checklisting (for example he is one foam plat glider away from the Aviation merit badge but refuses to do it). I hope they establish a YPT certification training like the boy scouts do. We've been riding on their coattails to get our leaders certified and approved when it comes to boys and young men. IMHO it should be required for all leaders and all parents of children 8yo to 18yo. the parents because they are always the default option for two deep when one leader cannot make it. I also hope we can get some replacement for what was merit badge clinics at the stake level. Our stake did a good job of getting the other not-required merit badges together for classes, like robotics, electricity, and architecture. Perhaps a "Skills and Career Day" where we would cover most of the same subjects but make it more actionable and engaging for the youth. Probably cover the same checkbox items but don't send them home with a half filled blue card they will immediately lose.
  10. revelstoked

    Notations on Records about Callings

    The only two notations I am aware of translate basically to "no youth/primary callings" and "this individual has been re-baptized but has not had priesthood/temple blessings restored." There may be more (such as a "no finance access") but the pattern I've seen is that unless it causes actionable or constrains actions by the bishop or stake presidency there won't be a formal notation. Simply being bad at your calling won't elicit a notation, unless it involves money. And when someone with a notation enters the ward the bishop gets direct contact from SLC (by letter) stating what the notation means calling and activity wise (the one for those returning from an ex-communication is not an obvious one at first). If you had a notation on your record you would not be surprised by it's presence, they are not easy to acquire.
  11. revelstoked

    Denson's Lawsuit Dismissed by Federal Judge

    Except, IIRC, the Bishop didn't actually notify the ward specifically who was excommunicated and why, but instead spoke in generalities. This was to protect the children of the involved and also to prevent the one spouse who had no fault in that situation from public embarrassment (at their request).
  12. While service missions have been a thing it seems that they have been more of the exception. A way to accommodate physical constraints, neurodiversity, or mental health issues. The vibe I got from the post is a full church wide rollout that a service mission is just as good as a teaching mission is on its way. Having that pointed out from the pulpit from the conference center I think is needed for the full cultural pivot that a service mission is some sort of a consolation prize (it isn't, it is the same prize).
  13. revelstoked

    Are More People Leaving the Church: Study

    I'm in the cohort. When you ask my cohort to "search and ponder" search means go to Google and then think about what you found. We are much more likely to exchange notes about our leadership experiences with relative strangers from other wards/stakes. That feeds into others accounts and so because of the behavior of one leader in an area you are nowhere near now you see the instances where men fail, and project it on the church as a whole.
  14. revelstoked

    Sacrament shooting

    For reference here is the current church-wide policy (handbook 2, section 21.2.4) I was in a previous ward where a church shooting (non-lds) had happened and the stake presidents in the area did a full security assessment. There was a discussion of who might be allowed to concealed carry at church and the conclusion was only active service police officers should. There were other members of the ward who wanted to (and who had licenses) but were not in law enforcement but the direct request was for them not to. There is more to security than simply being able to safely handle and fire a weapon. There is situational training and experience in knowing when and how to act or not act to resolve a situation, because the wrong actions make make it worse.