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  1. The Deseret News version of the article mistakenly listed Elders Quorum presidencies (and not RS presidencies) as also subject to the training. My question is if men/women assigned youth as ministering companions need to complete the training, even if their companion is their own child? My thought is it should, even if it's your own child, but the church website does not enumerate it.
  2. I'm assuming this is a question about living relatives.
  3. The next rumormongering will likely be for the fifth Sunday in September, when second hour is supposed to focus on the new youth program. Since we know the subject already the guessing game is less fun.
  4. Not true. At best it is a per-unit decision. I know of former members who sing in ward choirs. Stake choir is different, they can pull from the whole stake so they can be more selective. For a ward choir a policy like this would surly get pushback because almost every ward choir I've sung in the director will take all comers because they almost always need more voices.
  5. In many ways conference is full of things you are looking for and of references to what is on your mind. For me I heard more of a focus on looking beyond yourself. Nelson's Sunday morning talk about how exaltation is a family affair, and the two talks to open priesthood session using team sports as a metaphor and then how a quorum grew from one to twelve in two short years were some of the more memorable for me. These last two will certainly be Deacon's quorum lessons in the coming months (since the boys almost always accept any suggestions I make). Perhaps this is because at my day job there is a current focus on working as a team, self organizing, and helping other teams that I was attentive to the organizational dynamics talks. But I think that is always the case when you have 10 hours of talks to draw from. If you want to find fear, yes you will find fear. If you want to find hope, there is always hope if you are looking for it.
  6. They are not subsidiaries. National doesn't own the local councils. They are all financially independent from national. They pay dues to national. Yes, they have the capital they need. This isn't about short term cashflow crunch, this is about long term exposure to liability from stuff that happened in the 80s and earlier.
  7. Almost all camps are owned by the local councils, which are separate from BSA financially. So I don't see a mass selling off of camps unless someone sues a specific council for past abuses, and then only that council's camp is at risk. Ch.11 may open that up as a tactic. The COs and Local councils are more liable than BSA IMHO but BSA has the liability insurance and endowment to go after. You always sue people who can pay.
  8. I do that. I walk in with one of my kid's old suit jackets on a pole and tell a story about the Title of Liberty and recruiting for the Youth Battalion. It may be just a once a year thing now, wether it is late December or January remains to be seen.
  9. My view has always been I expect that YM will still run much the same as it has, just with no uniforms, badges, and courts of honor. We will still go camping and burn stuff (responsibly). We will still go camping and try to get the other scouts to enjoy high adventure activities. There will still be wooden gravity powered car races in the spring where dads "help" make the cars. We will still have career and skill focused nights, and we will still have bad YM leaders who never plan anything and watch the boys play basketball every week. Just less guilt about friends of scouting and eagle ranks. Stake and regional co-ordination will take on more of the summer camp and large activity planning. But let's be honest, if you were a scout commissioner (as many were) you were already doing those sorts of things as part of your calling. What changes is the camp sites will not be BSA campsites and will be regular old group campsites provided by state and national parks.
  10. Reddit has a good FAQ on the possible bankruptcy. Basically national is separate from all the councils but still the target of most abuse cases because the Chartering Organizations and Local Councils (who are really the ones to blame in these cases being closest to the offense) may not have the same bags of money national has. They can handle at most 50 more such settlements before going under because their liability insurance providers are being difficult when it comes to paying up. The issue is they don't know how many more such cases are out there. Could, be two could be two thousand. A bankruptcy plan should give them some financial certainty regardless of how many past cases come up.
  11. Read the rest of the article. There's not much beyond the first paragraph, other than comparing the BSA to the Catholic Church with regards to their issues with sexual abuse lawsuits.
  12. I got a cryptic mail from the national BSA and that made me decide to to see if there were any Boy Scouts stories. And it's a biggie (behind a paywall too). No one else has picked it up yet but since it's the Wall Street Journal it seems reputable. Boy Scouts of America Considers Bankruptcy Filing Amid Sex-Abuse Lawsuits https://www.wsj.com/articles/boy-scouts-of-america-considers-bankruptcy-filing-amid-sex-abuse-lawsuits-11544649657
  13. My concern is that building hype like this just encourages people to spread their self generated "good ideas" like it was a rumor they heard, like "They are getting rid of October General Conference and replacing it with 12 super-area conferences that week." It's like the twelve are trying to drive "engagement" like it is some mobile app metric they need to avert some curse from befalling the Church. I should stop steadying the ark now before it becomes a formal calling.
  14. Remember when the iPhone was coming out? Not the first time this iconic image was used, and it won't be the last.
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