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  1. A bit of Irony, mom and I can be out eating and we'll be cheering on the Asian (We usually eat Asian food) and sometimes we'll get funny looks. Besides Cheech and Chong, Harold and Kumar are two of my favorite actors, besides all parties involved being total stoners lol. (Minus the weed part, moms family still hates it. Mom's relaxed just a bit, besides seeing a good chunk of my old friends have legal troubles living in CO has made her just not care) Look up how the Germans and the Swiss do it. In Germany you can do Bundeswher (Military) or Medical. The Swiss? No idea. I remember when I was there years ago seeing a lot of male and female people in BDU;s. Cutest thing I saw while there, seeing these blonde women pass me on a bicycle with an assault rifle in the basket. That's my idea of Girl power right there.
  2. Here's the thing, lets see how well a lot of the movies that these movements have spawned, Ghostbusters was a joke and the Starwars Franchise has really suffered with the hammerblow the last movie gave it. Keep it up and you'll see more indie movies and independent studios pop up, you see it in gaming all the time. SJW's are complaining about how video games objectify this etc. There's a really good game out there called Kingdom Come Deliverance, was made by a European company and considering the whole thing starts around the 1500's-1600's, well big suprise the video game was very, very white and caused quite a bit of outrage from people here stateside. This also gives companies in more moderate to conservative countries like those in Eastern Europe and East Asia a chance to capitalize. Have to admit, it is nice playing games where the men and women look like, well, men and women. I'm all for gender equality and LGBTQ rights but geez, pendilum can only go so far. Lol preaching to the choir, i'm part Asian. Came from a long line of relatively unbroken line of German Americans (German enough that they weren't allowed to fight in the European Theater in WWII) till my father came along. That's the flip side of me, if we want real equality, how about an Asian American Captain Marvel? Considering the Nisei still have among the highest medal count and despite not having the property that was confiscated during WWII returned yet still loved this country, yeah I'd say they're as American as anyone else. Living in Tacoma was interesting, for such a liberal state wow do the Anglos look down on Asian Americans and Natives. Remember one of the clubs I was part of, sure enough a lot of the locals had quite a liberal outlook, yet when we had a lot of Koreans and Chinese join, wow the racism sure came out. Hate to say I pick favorites, considering mom raised me while my father spent most of his life abusing her and using me as a hostage/later on trying to ruin me then almost murder her, yeah big suprise who I ended up siding with. Doesn't help that my fathers side is now in a tailspin and are paying the price for entitled grandchildren. You're in Canada right? Not sure about up there but here most Asian Americans, esp. the Japanese are still very leary. The USA has a herritage of being not so kind, in the 1800s many places would just hang Chinese railworkers and treat them like garbage, hence why we had China and Japan towns pop up. The Tong and in some cases Yakuza kept em clean, still see that a lot nowadays. Fun fact, in Japan the Yakuza acts as a sort of gov't body, many retired cops end up working for em for the side money and they organize many of the local festivals, in some cases they even help fund the schools. All that being said, here it's the East Asians who almost always end up on top money and education wise, can't knock family values. Will be really interesting to see how things progress, as it is Anglo America is being replaced. While I do say society and the gov't has a hand in it, I feel like the lions share of the blame lies on their own shoulders. I look at my fathers side, they had everything. My Uncle was on the battleship the Japanese surrendered the war on, he worked his whole life, taking his family from lower middle to upper middle class. He passed, his oldest is now dealing with a bunch of entitled brats who are just dragging him down despite having the best handed to them. Sadly, the daughter who has done everything to irritate the now matriarch (Very religious, church going lady....) has preference over the son. Can already see him leaving once the father dies, i've seen it happen with a lot of my friends here. The father sells the sons out in favor of the daughter, the sons hold a grudge and when the moment comes they leave, holding the father and everyone else with the bag. I go on, seen a lot. Think that's been the biggest source of contention i've had here, i'm technically not from the mainland and have very different takes on most things here, tbh I keep most of them to my self, if I was as honest IRL as I am here, i'd never make it.
  3. Thought i'd toss this out there, who thinks men are getting the short end of the stick? At least in a lot of the West. There are far more women graduating nowadays, they dominate white collar and are very much outpacing men as far as success goes. Biggest indicators for me so far are that not only is the CDC citing a rise in female suicides, but also a mens rights group help give the selective service system a huge blow, they cited female achievements as their justification. One has to wonder if we may well end up with the selective service system going away over all this. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/products/databriefs/db328.htm https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2019/01/23/commission-eyes-adding-women-to-the-military-draft-or-dumping-the-system-altogether/ Even Captain Marvel makes me wonder. If I had a daughter i'd not be too opposed, yet I'd have to be leary just because I have the sense to know it's a bad idea to put one gender on the pedistal while just leaving the other to starve, that almost always ends with unintended and bad consequences. https://www.mintpressnews.com/hollywoods-captain-marvel-blockbuster-is-blatant-us-military-propaganda/256196/ Not trying to start a he said/she said argument, just me curious as to what you all might think. I'm all for equality but when you start stepping on one gender that bad, there are societal consequences. As an affect of #metoo, more and more men are opting out of talking to women at work without a witness, to my understanding even the LDS church has had to change ways they work with minors. I can't help but wonder just what long term consequences will come from all this.
  4. Aaaand there are people who want gun control.....
  5. I'd love to hear your opinion on this, your one of the more level headed people here. TBH I could really care less, but the whole incel thing plus all the mental illness out there makes me curious. Prostitution has usually been the solution to a lot of this, that and society rewarding people for getting married vs. what we have now. Supposedly China is now considering child quotas since their demographics aren't looking so great, thing is China and esp. places like Japan are quite a bit more homogenous. Also, while we may gripe about it the USA, even North America is a Christian place. May not practice what the religion preaches nor practice many of the religions tennants but I'd say most of the people on the NA continent will happily latch onto the religions tennants when there's something in it for them, hence collectivism as well as the care for those born in bad circumstances being more or less blown out of the water. That being said, I've always been facinated when a religious crowd, esp. one that has not known hardship like many of the poor and downtrodden have like to go on about sexual immorality yet when it comes to homeless/abused children as well as the disease and misery that comes from it all are quick to point the finger. That being said, how would you balance that kind of misery with practical sexual health. I'm all for both, Having society find someway of really helping people I think would solve a lot of the sexual problems out there, that and a lot of the substance abuse problems which in some circles go hand in hand. As a practicing saint, how would your people handle this if it was your own? Stuff like this is the chance you guys have to fix things. All too often we see middle/upper middle class folks just brushing this stuff off until it's in their community and schools. I saw in in WA and see it here now, young parents gripe back and forth that either the funds aren't there, none of the single (i.e me!) and childless parents don't care or a little of both. That and the funds that were there either dried up or were voted away with tax cuts, etc. Told this to a friend who just got married, don't expect the likes of me to raise a finger, we owe society and you nothing. Most of us are not that fortunate, have been stepped on and to be honest would most likely do nothing if some crazy idiot lost it in public, we'd flee for our lives since we have pretty much no stake in a society that has never nor ever will care about the least of these, if you want anything to change you have to do something. You who had life hand you better circumstances, you have to be the better man and do something, the rest of us won't, not unless we see some kind of stability and civility come back to society, till then it can keep right on burning for all we care. I meant it in a nice way, something i've noticed about a lot of newly weds who want kids, even if they have good families they're genuinely worried for the future, the world isn't as safe and secure as the one their parents raised them in, peoples selfishness has taken it's toll on everything, have to say I'm happy I don't have kids. Considering the uphill fight most people have and the lack of familial resources most older people have to endure I can only imagine what a fight the young families today have. Better them than me lol.
  6. Traffic's always been bad, how much worse is it now? I'd be curious as to who the buyers are, one of my brothers could quite easily buy something there and retire early if he wanted. I know here property is going up in WY and other isolated places, it's mostly wealthy people buying em. They're also buying up homes in Nebraska too, buddy of mines cabin is out there, like WY lots of natural resources. Thing with me is moms side has more than a few cousins with more than enough native in em to have land supposedly others can't buy unless they have enough Hawaiian in them. Funny, an LDS friend of mine has a few friends who went off grid a few years ago, they're someplace in the middle of ID now, I suspect people who can are now buying up land where the population is low, taxes are reasonable and living off grid is an option, even in AK for a while construction was booming, for AK anyway.
  7. I'm always savin my shekels. What gets me is property on the outer islands is very much comperable to CO and a lot of places here now that have ok wages. Mom grew up there, I was born there and all my first cousins are there too, also no kids so I save a ton. Helps that a few of em have more than enough native to live on some of the land. Looking at places to move once i'm done with school that won't explode population wise. Denver is about as bad as Seattle is price wise. Taxes are going up, people keep moving here so big suprise wages aren't going up. It irritates me, CO used to be a good place to be single, now we have a ton of California people here taking advantage of the lower taxes and safer schools, meanwhile they brought their culture with em and now we're turning into a California satelite. At least Hawaii is seperated by a lot of water so it's not going to be build up anytime soon.
  8. Anyone live in Hawaii? Considering moving in a few years.
  9. Money and food too. Guns are awesome, as a red blooded American I can't agree more, thing is if you don't know how to hunt and/or are unwilling to eat the intruders you shoot, you're going to have problems, fast. You are who you eat... Better Idea, and something folks like the Mennonites and Amish are known for, make fun with the local community. The Amana Colony in Iowa is like 30 minutes from the quad cities, smack in the middle of red territory. Those people don't have to worry about monsanto seeds flying into their fields due to religious freedom laws, also their German food is yummy. FYI, it's not so much guns that scare me now, it's drones. China and the US are developing em like crazy, Kalishnakov just created their own, it's a suicide drone of sorts, cheap but can be guided to slap into whatever target you want. I have a couple buddies who make drones from scratch for a security company, for a lot less money and training you can make something that can kill with a push of a button. Also this... If and when times get bad, my goal is to lay low and keep my mouth shut, i'll have a much better chance of survival vs. going full on mad max.
  10. If you ever want an enlightening read, check out how religion still is in Europe. I can go with Germany because I know just enough about the language and culture. I've seen posters here go on about how secular they're getting, not quite true. Nothing against the posters, if you don't know what and how to look for something, you won't know. Kind of like gun rights here, the opinion of say an English or Dane will vary greatly from that of say, a Swiss or Hungarian citizen. Anyway, businesses are still closed on Sunday and Holidays by law, divorce is lower esp in Bavaria (The Catholic part) and abortion is technically illegal, can get one in the first trimester after going through a bunch of red tape, after that it's pretty much a criminal offense. Real secular nation right there.... Germany Gets swag points too, vid related. The Teutonic Order is still alive, kicking and doing a lot of good... Yep, attacking with cartoons and "memes" is all the rage nowadays. That's why I just keep away from social media, it's such a toxic liability anymore. You're a Mennonite right? Wow you people are awesome. The Amana Colony outside the quad cities is so sucessful it's not funny. Don't worry, you guys are still close to the land, can't say the same for a lot of people here. When tough times hit and there's no food, guess who will have the last laugh? Teehee....
  11. Ohh man haven't heard three hots and a cot in a long time. You've lived in LA so you definetly know about the struggle that the police have. Think they passed a bill recently that made any theft under $1,000 a non felony. There's so much crime from the homeless and other undesirables combined with prison overcrowding they don't have much choice. Add into the mix the horrible gun laws, yeah I'd never live there. Tell me about it, I see hispanic parents showing the cartoons their kids watch to the other parents, at best they're marginally Catholic. That's the other thing, wow am I noticing Hispanics mirroring Anglos as far as religion goes, they treat it like clothes, some change them more than others. Anymore, I'm really starting to think that stuff is cultural and it's more so European Catholics who really hold onto that stuff. In Germany, I think Catholics are still the majority. In the countryside, esp. in Bavaria they run a lot of the schools and have a lot of nursing and rehab facilities. Something most people don't realize, not only is religion asked on gov't ID, it's even brought up at work because of the Church tax. Next time they give the LDS a hard time over their tithe, bring up places like Germany, it's about 9-10%, the gov't gets a cut and they collect it. What's worse, the Catholic Church over there even tries to collect if from foreigners. For Catholics, they even try to find their baptismal records if they're from someplace else in the world. Also, it's a set amount, atleast with the LDS you can negotiate with the Bishop if you had a bad year, not so much over there. Part of me is all for it, the Catholic Church does an amazing amount of good. Something about a lot of people here the LDS made me appreciate, as a rule they want something for nothing. Big suprise the LDS had the rockstar growth rate they did, they had the funds. DI was interesting, how much of the food from their farms makes it to city foodbanks? I know the DI I was at had people off the street walking in just wanting handouts, the managers told em to work for a few hours and they still refused. Would get annoyed at people constantly asking me to mark prices down, and I was the non member there. Think one of the sadder things I learned is how many people convert just to leech off church welfare. I'm grateful for the help I got but geez, amazing how shameless some people are.
  12. Dumb question, would the bishop be that nice to an outsider? Not like I have anything to offer. Supposedly Co does pay for mental health, I've debated for a while now just giving it another try.
  13. Would be cool if they incorporated some of the things they're really known for, like having awesome basketball players. Seen some of the vids out there with elders schooling people, would be neat to see that on the LDS websites. Just sayin, would get attention from the likes of me. Vid related, look at homie go, he's a G!
  14. You know, something i've noticed stateside recently, on a whole religions, at least Christian based ones are becoming very Partisan like. The Lutheran Church Missouri synod as well as a few other bodies are really going at it. One thing that bothers me, they've become anti masonic and call the ELCA non Lutheran. Their new president has done a wonderful job of scaring people away, now they're scrambling for new blood. One idea he had was to build churches in what's left of German American communities. Nice, the Lutherans sold them out during WWI, now that they're not doing so hot they want them back, how hypocritical. Big suprise why a lot of people esp. single men see that stuff and run. Seems like more and more religious people are just out to slit each others throats, I'll never understand why. Even the LDS growth rates and slowed down to about what everyone else has, I think people esp. young people have had it and just washed their hands of religion in general. What bothers me about the people who are so big on cherry picking, what good have they done? When was the last time they volunteered at a soup kitchen or a shelter? When was the last time they rolled up their sleeves and did what Jesus did? You can read the first gospel of St. Matthew and as far as I can tell they're not doing any of the things Jesus did or taught. Maybe the Pharisees... Think the other thing that makes me curious, if this ever gets really, I mean really out of hand, how violent could it get? Would they learn the lesson Europe did hundreds of years ago and behave or just destroy everything? There's a reason why the Church in places like Germany and Austria is so intertwined with the state, when you have almost 10 million people dead from a religious war that almost led to a foreign power invading you, you start to ask why? Esp. when your lucky enough to survive it.
  15. Huh, Not suprised. Seems like after a couple generations Hispanics Americanize just like everyone else. Mom and I talk about this, it's kind of interesting just how much they become like the rest of us. Not saying it's a bad thing, it's just interesting to see the same cultural traits we have bleed into new arrivals. One thing about those hate crime laws i'd consider, are the people committing them felons? Problem with a lot of the protests we've seen from Antifa, a lot of the protestors have rap sheets and are probably felons. the Feds can document all they like, felons have little to lose. Idiots are everywhere, that being said your average joe with a job and something to lose is going to think twice before he does something that stupid, esp. with social media being what it is now. For me that's the scary new reality, it's so easy to become homeless and be charged with a crime that can ruin your career and life, once the system has screwed you so much, crime is one of the few options you have left. That and you are in a way invincible, since you have nothing left to lose in life you can be as horrible as you want, what's the worse they'll do? Throw you in jail and give you a warm bed and 3 meals? Going to guess you guys are similar, one thing i'll give the LDS I have on my facebook, they watch what they say and post. A few even keep their LDS faith to themselves. I remember at DI, they would tell us to keep quiet about that, considering that about half the people working there were victims of domestic abuse that point really sunk in. People are mean.
  16. Thanks for the advice, it's appreciated.
  17. It's getting worse, curious what else I can do. Getting mental health care here is kind of a nightmare.
  18. FYI, if the speakers at conference start passing a bong around, that will be the day I go. If the Prophet has a revelation from on high that Marijuana really is his sacrament, then i'll admit the LDS church is true. I seriously hope something along those lines happens, that plant does so much good for people. Have to say there where a few times that the plant helped stave off thoughts of walking infront of a train.
  19. That's the thing, had my chance to look around, most buddhist communities i've been to have been fantastic, met one of moms cousins from maui last year at one of the festivals, guy was doing an anime convention and his daughter hula the next day. That's actually why the LDS get so many points with me, mom went to BYUH and wow the church has done a lot of good for pacific islanders.
  20. Wow, I had a med card at one time, the church is pretty reasonable. Seems like most Christians, at least back in the day looked at marijuana as the devils cabbage, yet alcohol was ok. I think it's going to be legalized soon, too good of a cashcrop.
  21. Need some advice, been reflecting a lot, esp. since i'm changing careers. One thing i've learned over the past few years, living semi-isolated isn't a good idea, I can see the toll it's taken on me. Said it before, all things considered the LDS have been among the most kind and compared to other groups not as judging. Thing that kept me from going back to a ward, besides my own mental issues, love of men and well, bouts of crazy are the horrible memories of almost being on the street and for the most part no one really caring. Still, small potatoes compared to the other groups i've had dealings with. Also, I'm much more likely to see an Asian cultural festival at an LDS ward, that or a Luau with actual Pacific Islanders. This probably comes off as rambling, I feel like i'm at a crossroads of sorts.
  22. I was diagnosed with PTSD, moderate depression and a bit of bipolar, what problems do you all have? How do you cope? I used to medicate with a lot of alcohol, now I go more for diet, exercise and when needed CPD. On that note, how does the church look at CBD? Have to admit for anxiety or when i'm just having a bad day that may lead to a breakdown, it works wonders.
  23. Uhh.... https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3442256
  24. This is also another reason why, despite liking the art and swag I could never be a Catholic, besides the discord they've caused over time it's the stance on suicide. Life's miserable and short and as a rule people are awful, Like the idea of Jesus not being mean to someone who had gone through a hard time and couldn't take it anymore vs. the Catholic one who just condemned them to hell, even worse how cemeteries back in the day forbade suicides to be buried in "holy ground". Something about the mormon, geez even the protestant take on Jesus vs the Catholic one, he's not angry and spiteful all the time. Pic related, done by an LDS artist (Pretty sure), probably one of my favorite paintings of Jesus. No judgement, no pompous anything just him sitting down, on the level with someone who's had a really bad time in life. Never understood why religious people on a whole had such a hard time with such a simple concept. CBD oil is amazing, helps with anxiety. After my exams i'm going to relax for a bit.
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