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  1. I love you guys, i see threads like these and realize im not the only person crying in the wilderness. Sometimes i feel like I'm mad.....
  2. It ever occur to some of you that half the reason why this stuff gets pushed is because many people from the religious right still act like the same entitled bigots they have since the 50's? Amazing times, when it's the LDS church who actually tries to be fair, yet the flag ship denominations of Christianity (if you can call em that) either fall totally to the left or way, way to far to the right. It's like compremise has gone right out the window. Keep that up, and more people will just walk away and either become unafiliated or just plain secular. Can't have your cake and eat it too, that's life. FYI, that was a compliment for the church, an honest one. Puts a smile on my face that at least one Christian body here stateside is not stuck in good old boy mode...
  3. >Hawaii-ne wow, haven't heard that one in a while. I've been slowly removing a lot of the poison and well, decided at least here stateside if I ever take mom to church, good chance it will be LDS. Good people, they get along more than most other Christ based religions here stateside, they do more for their own and TBH, they're more Polynesian friendly.
  4. Wow, I keep hearing similar things from older friends. Knew one guy who was a volunteer youth pastor for a Lutheran Church a long time ago, seems like the 70s and 80s was really a golden age for that stuff. I vaugly remember going to a Lutheran Church in Anchorage, was so wholesome, came down here and well, not so much. What bothers me is how cutthroat people are anymore. At least the saints I know understand the simple fact that we all have to work, if you slit someone's throat they'll want to get even. Blows my mind how churches have to have the security they do nowadays, know there are crazies out there but I'm somewhat sure part of it is due to people within the organization doing bad things to someone and the nasty behavior that follows.
  5. I'm slowly becoming a necron fan.
  6. Between what i've been through, seen the past few years and well, that pope francis thread I made, made up my mind. Especially if I go back to Hawaii, if mom ever wants to go to church, it will probably be LDS. I had my stint with em, I'm not really a christian like most of you all are, and yeah the politics on their side is disgusting. I'm done with the keyboard crusaders, i'm hanging out with the cool kids. Bonus points because moms classmates from BYUH still check on her and your church has done a lot for the islanders. Even more brownie points for the lack of Masonic hate and love of our country, seeing more crazy Catholic/Protestant factions that hate Americanism, that's not cool. America first, we took in the people no one else would and still help a lot of people not starve. Really trying to be nice, have to admit looking back that it really was the Mormons who were the nicest. Find it ironic people give you guys so much grief over beliefs yet you sure act a lot more Christian. Next time someone calls one of you good people out on the LDS gospel, do me a favor and ask what they're doing to make the world a better place besides running their mouths off.
  7. Geez, Garden Girl, Tacenda, Papa. Pogi, too many of you. Nehor takes the cake for now, he's a Warhammer 40k fan. For the god emperor!
  8. See, it's because of people like you I keep coming back, you see the bigoted gay bashing for what it is, it's more so the nazis I'd be scared of. Sadly, it's Christianity that's almost always made their worst nightmares. It was one of the Popes who had the audacity to shoot his mouth off to the Mongols. Real smart, my God will let me do whatever I want, all the while the Moors, Muslims and later on the Ottomans were right at their door. Those of you here I do talk to? You guys are awesome, for one you all can see the forest for the trees. (I think.....) Hat off to the Prophet for extending his hand in friendship to Rome, while people here bicker about the big bag gay agenda and how people like me are ruining everything, your leadership had the smarts to make friends. Can't find it, Elder Holland made a speech, telling people to be kind to people, even those who are LGBT. We need more people like that...
  9. Personal fav song by Bob, miss him. Bet he's up there with St. Francis toking away, sure Pres Hinkley is up there too. You're a cool guy, i'll share one that's a personal fav, non bob related song. This one about sums up one of the ways I see death, minus the Valhalla part, no thanks. Folksvanger is much more my speed. Probably frustrates you and other posters here to no end, while I'm a cultural christian at best, at my core my beliefs are far, far from what common ground you'd share with the rest of Christiandom.
  10. Wonder if we'll get a new pope/anti-pope like this.
  11. Swiss pikemen were probably the best soldiers of the day, right up there with the landsknecht. They'd have made short work of a lot of the roman infantry. (guns....) Also, a lot of em are Swiss, never make the Swiss mad. What they lack in manpower they make up for in money, everyone elses money. Catholics in Europe are one group of people I'd not want to make angry, they're irritated enough as it is with the migrants causing trouble, someone trying something against the pope may well be enough to tip them over the edge. Would make for an awesome show, one I'd be sitting out and watching from afar lol..... Quite sure they'd love to see all of us become Roman Catholics too, that's not happening of course.
  12. So, to me that sounds less like facts and presenting evidence to a jury. I’ve not always had faith in them, they can be bias and jury by peers can mean having a case presented to some of the biggest idiots out there. That and at least here stateside, unless you have the money for a good attourney, yeah good luck. For me, facts are things backed by scientific research, many varied sample sizes, throughout analysis as well as data that statistically reflects favorably on findings. Religion has done wonderful things but lets face it, it’s also full of some bad people who will happily exploit you. In that sense I absolutely judge them because I’ve been harmed by them. I could care less what some deity has to say, if his followers are garbage people, they’re just that, garbage. They dishonor their god and their folk, I have little need for their kind nor their associations. Now for the good part of good cop bad cop, the part about faking it I totally believe. Those I’ve known who coasted tended to already have family in the church and unlike me, had families that cared about their welfare and helped/loved them no matter what. I’ve never been that fortunate and after a lot of the harm done, I am well past that point of putting faith in some arbitrary thing that’s based off the feelings of others but when it comes down to actually doing the work, will weasel out and make some excuse based off their holy text. If it was someone like you or pretty much anyone on this board, that would be a different story. I really do feel like those of you I know are very, very deceint people who would most likely give the shirt off your back. Your religion needs more of you guys. As to the last parahraph, wish I could say I experienced the same. If it wasn’t for a more liberal, understanding brother in Christ, I’d have been up a creek.
  13. Could always go back to worshiping Odin and Jupiter/Zeus....Wotan Mitt Uns, Hail Jupiter Patria! Don't forget the fun times Dr. Luther gave em...
  14. You're also a young institution, the Catholic Church has been around a lot longer and has done nastier things as well as good. Let's give you guys 2000 years and see were you're at. Also, from my experience, many of the LDS I knew willingly put aside history, facts and science for faith, from their perspective I can see why ( I think..). When your family, friends and possibly career is tied up in a religion, it's amazing what you will say you believe to be true. Seen it with Catholics as well, knew one parish that had more than a few LGBT people working as admin. Also, when you consider organizations like the LDS are one of the few that actually help their own, well yeah big suprise people are going to go along with it. If I actually had some support when I was trying to stay off the street I probably would have been a lot more open to religion. It's hard to take someone who's never experienced a fraction of the hardships I have seriously, even more so when they say things like Jesus suffered yet they're comfortable in some suburb with family that's never done things like try to murder one of your own. Sadly, I did see people in WA who converted solely for this reason, saw it at DI quite a bit. They'd convert then right off the bat want to get on church welfare and anything else they could get their hands on. Bottom line, good chunk of the churches out there either don't have the funds anymore or have people who are not as willing to share as those who came before them, is what it is.
  15. Know you mean well, hope you guys never develop the hubris that the rest of Christiandom here has, it's starting to look like this may be their downfall.
  16. Thing is, the USA has had it made for a while now and people know it. While Europe had been tearing themselves apart for centuries, we were able to skirt a lot of that. Thing is, like Europe we've tapped out what resources and affordable land we have. We're turning on and marganalizing each other at an ever faster rate. While I do not believe the LDS church is the true church (Or any religion for that matter.....), big reason why i've softened up on the LDS so much is while the rest of Christendom spent decades here destroying each other, you guys slowly built your wealth while hanging onto your conservative values. Also, I'm quite sure your leadership has watched the other major players here stateside, especially within the past decade return to ugly good old boy politics and just cringe. Even their own flock is little better. Just my own experience, your average Catholic/Protestant Parish may have other bodies but they're nothing like their grandparents used to be. I see it in other organizations, parents dumping their kids off on other people, expecting them to do their job. With #metoo and all the other stuff going on nowadays, people, especially men are paranoid about volunteering around children. Needless to say, this causes even more griping yet no one wanting to pass laws that protect people from false rape/sexual misconduct charges. Even you guys have to have another adult in the room when interviewing children, sad. That being said, the work the priesthood and relief society puts into their ward is astounding. That was one thing that stuck out, reminded me of the stories of how church used to be on my grandparents side. Moms old church in Oahu is still like that, thing is with them it's a local church so there's still that spirit of Aloha (sorta....). Going to be real interesting to see how they sort this mess out. Have to admit, a bit disgusted at the lot of them, they had so much just handed to them and they've acted like red-headed step children for decades now. I have no sympathy for them if they chose to resort to the same violence that Europe has had to deal with in the past, if they're that stupid they deserve the outcome. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  17. Hoping Nehor and I aren't the only ones who can appreciate these....
  18. No Bob Marley, no dice. That simple...
  19. Think what bothers me is how uncharitable they were to the poor. Tacoma had so many and it was the same attitude the protestants and everyone else had, they're poor because they offended God. Funny, they sure got upset at people for being just a bit liberal. The Trinitine mass is gorgeous, will give em that, just wish the people weren't so mean. Felt like if Jesus walked through the doors they'd want him arrested for being homeless. I'll come out and say it, other big reason I never converted, i'm a freemason and well, at my core a total pagan. I do try to be nice but geez, Catholics hate our guts. Masonic Charities is one of the few organizations left that I know of who will happily give, no strings attached. The York rite branch actually has a fund to send clergy on pilgramiges to the Holy Land, all expenses paid. Also, Shriner hospital. Gee, we're real devil worshipers aren't we? Wish we could all just pass a bowl/blunt and get along, world would be such a better place. What are the chances of something like that happening? If there's a big enough schizm, i could see some guy getting a lot of support, declaring anything related to the current pope and his supporters and himself being the new current supporter of the holy, correct teachings of Mother Church. Have to say, the Catholic/High churches have quite the history of bitter and at times bloody conflict.
  20. I picture Hinkley up there with St. Francis and Bob Marley just chillin'. Bet those three are some of God's favorites.
  21. Keep up with groups like these? https://www.tfp.org/ http://cmri.org/ The former is well, kinda nuts. The latter pretty much split, calling Vatican 2 heretical. They do everything old school, they even have their own bishop. Needless to say, pretty sure they're not recodnized. Point i'm trying to make with that is I would think the powers that be would think long and hard before they start excommunicating people. People are mad, they are tired of a lot of the nonsense, from the pedo scandals to financial corruption many people have had it. They excommunicate the people who are backing this, all they'll do is throw white gas on an already raging fire.
  22. Here comes the Anti-pope, also unless my knowledge of LDS history fails me, they've not caused nearly the ruckus the Catholic church has over things like this, people back in the day died.... Forgot to add, there was a real famous German quite some time ago that got tired of the current Pope's/churches corruption, big things happened, best part was the creation of Prussia.
  23. Never thought i'd be posting these here, interesting times we live in. For the Emperor!
  24. Dude, I want warhammer 40k tier fun, i.e horus heresy tier levels of epic.
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