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  1. Actually know people in that boat, they posted something on facebook a while ago now it's biting them.
  2. Been a few months since I deleted everything and went dark, I feel happier. I know it's not for everyone, I'm lucky that the field I went into dislikes it because of HIPPA. Not being exposed to everyones drama and being able to focus on me has been a wonderful thing. That and not having people get jealous when I post hiking photos and what not is a bonus. It's interesting how social media has changed, at least for me. Years ago I'd post photos of me hiking up and down mountains and what not and people would love em, now that I have (had...) fewer single friends and more parents i'd get sneers and nasty looks. Geez, lots of em had far better circumstances than I did yet the minute people like them chose to breed they feel entitled and jealous of anyone who has freedom, despite having to overcome horrible things. Also, not having to look at the non stop bad news and drama which really doesn't affect me has helped a lot.
  3. Huh, that's interesting. I mostly know about masonry, pretty much nothing about Eastern Star except they do the cooking and a lot of the work that makes things possible. Funny how people always ignore domestic labor, women work their backsides off to make things happen and I sometimes think few men appreciate it.
  4. Knew a Chem major who did research on those things, they're pure poison. The taurine in a few redbulls is equal to what you'd get if you ate like 20 kilos of stake. When you overload your system like that it can be cancerous, our bodies can only take so much of something before it freaks out. Know you guys aren't cool with coffee but if you're going to go with something you're so much safer with that than this sludge. Either way, whenever I see that stuff this comes to mind.
  5. I always thought the star thing in the earlier temples were influenced from the masonic ties Joseph Smith and Brigham Young had. The order of eastern stars symbol is an inverted pentacle/pentagram. Never understood why people hate the symbol, besides the west China has used it for a long time. Good old ignorance.
  6. Good ole boys are still at it i see. For all the grief i give you guys this is why you're one of my favorite Christian themed groups in the country, compared to other groups you've acted far kinder than most. I can go through Utah, Idaho and parts of Colorado and see the good your people have done when building communities. I had no idea you guys stood up to the klan, bravo. Back in the day many Baptist and Methodist preachers had their clan robes next to their Sunday best, bothers me how they rip on you guys yet conveniently forget things like that. Learned recently a good chunk of my fathers side didn't like me too much since moms not caucasian, even worse is seeing that kind of bigotry make a come back. At least mormons welcome diversity with open arms.
  7. That's one reason why I tend to limit myself, side affect of all the things I went through over the past years was I have insomnia fits from time to time. Not nearly as bad now but they still happen. Chapelle show fan? Ever see the Tyrone Biggums skits?
  8. Tl:dr From the sounds of things coffee/espresso is like liquid crack to most of you. O well, more for me!
  9. Your son was homeless, then you have a good idea of what I went through. It was awful, I basically fled a horrible situation that wasn't my fault and most people assumed I was homeless because of poor choices. Try having a violent alcoholic for a father who resented you his whole life because of poor choices he made. He destroyed everything he touched and in addition to taking years off moms life he almost killed her, the restraining order i took out on him is still on file. I hated it, everyone assumed I was in the position I was in because I deserved it, I couldn't stand being around them. Not all of us get to have two educated parents from the suburbs who have good social networks and education, I just wasn't worthy enough for their kind. Yeah, I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor and justice, it can be kinda mean sometimes, but then again I had to go through similar things as a child thanks to a lot of people here so I figure it's even.
  10. Here's the thing, those things get tagged in receiving. I would see that too, I'd usually tack in depreciation. I learned to shop at thrift stores after that, not only do you get something functional considering the quality of things nowadays you get something you can make fantastic with a bit of work. They did help out members, I remember a few times them pretty much giving a couch to an elderly family that had a developmentally disabled child. I know people would gripe about them helping members, my attitude was why don't other churches do that? I know catholic charities does a lot but from my experience the others either didn't have the resources or just didn't care. Lesson I learned was it's pointless to criticize someone when your own group does nothing for their own.
  11. It's a touchy subject, was trying to soften the blow. Thing is, when something like that happens when your life is already pure hell you never forget it. Wasn't anything against you. TBH, in retrospect the LDS folks were not quite as mean, it was mostly the other Christians. Was interesting working at DI, felt like it was the place the wards shoved the rejects. That being said, wow compared to say good will or St. Vincent they had much nicer stuff, most of my appliances were from DI. Loved it when we'd get espresso machines and what not, at least members donated nicer things, most other religious folks I ran into were content to judge from their safe gated suburbs. Still, that judgement, that arrogance and disconnect from the less fortunate that so many up there had, esp. the religious still makes me want to throw up. I can't stand their kind.
  12. At this point i'm enjoying watching Seattle and Tacoma go down the drain, lets see what the entitled people do once things get really bad. Think some pain and suffering would do them some good. Flip side is lots of people are still moving there. Will give WA this, the outdoors scene is great and so long as you don't have a family to worry about it's quite nice. Mistake I made was going to Tacoma, should have found a way to stay in Seattle. Capital hill was fantastic, had the non judgemental vibe I was looking for. Stuff is relative and yeah, not all of you are bad, if so I would have left this board long ago. Ahh, there it is, that same thing that Mormons and most religious people here do, get wishy washy and bland out the blame. At least the Pope had the guts to not only apologize for what Rome did to the Protestants, they help celebrate things like Reformation Day. Youre nice but a lot of your lot isn't. You guys get hauled into court a lot, you do favor your own in hiring practices and lets not forget prop 8, I'm waiting for the next time your own is stupid enough to pull something like that, will be laughing when someone like Antifa shows up and makes the prop 8 protests look like a Sunday social. Will add, pretty much all religious groups have done it, from what i've seen what makes your lot stand out is unlike the rest of Christendom here stateside you knew better than to pull the same arrogant moves their ilk did. While numbers wise you're holding steady Christianity here is on the way out, partially I think because of their kinds poor behavior and meanness to their own. They finally angered millenials to the point where they just walked away. Kind of funny how their kind is taking the looser position thinking the rapture is coming. Amazing, their kind has been spoiled beyond belief, now that they're being replaced they expect their deity to come down, kill the people they don't like and clean up the mess that they made. Going to be interesting when they really are on the ropes numbers wise and they finally turn on each other. Be that as it may, it was your kind that was quite unplesant as they often are to the poor and disturbed, have to look no further than the homeless population in Seattle and now Tacoma to figure that out. I am enjoying watching the fear in people as they realize their wealth and gated communities can't shelter them from the now harsh realities. For those of us who don't believe in your gods, watching this all happen is glorious, free entertainment at the expense of a people I really don't like.
  13. Easy to vouch for your own kind when you're from the suburbs, middle class and have their values. Big suprise someone like me would not fit in with your people, plus have judgement passed. Thing is, when something happens when life is being really, really horrible you become resentful to the point where you for the most part want absolutely nothing more to do with their kind as a rule. I'd never set foot in a meetinghouse here in the mainland again unless I had some pressing need, same with pretty much any church. I will never forget how I was treated and decided a while ago to do what most religious people here do, associate people as a group. Thing is, I have no children nor any real ties so I can watch as things colapse and people tear each other apart with glee, not my problem.
  14. While being as nice as I possibly can, i'm going to be a bit blunt. We see more and more powerful drugs hitting the market, you and I have no say so over it, our own gov't lets it happen. https://www.statnews.com/pharmalot/2018/11/02/fda-dsuvia-fentanyl-approval/ My attitude is people are what they are, if they have that predisposition from whatever genetics they inherited plus a lousy childhood, well good chance they'll get addicted on something without discipline and possible intervention on their part. My father was a violent, psychotic alcoholic and guess what? I have the same worries with alcohol. No one cared about my problems, I could have drunk myself to death on the street and most likely no one would have raised a finger. I have to say, my impression of the saints in WA state was quite the opposite, with the exception of like 2 people most of em were entitled upper class people from the burbs who bought into the prosperity gospel and that they were better than some filthy lgbt gentile like me. Not saying they're all like that, like you most of the people here I consider good people, if I would have run into more people like you my opinion of Christianity here stateside wouldn't be so tainted, yet here we are. Thing is, most religious people i've met IRL here stateside had horrible opinions of the poor, the addicted, the very people Christ would have hung out with. Even that ward I used to go to, if Christ himself walked in I could picture most of the people panicing and wanting the police to arrest him for vagrancy. Also, the saints I knew were very, very concerned about their property values, not all but most. Will say this, the good ones I knew were exactly as you describe your membership, to the letter. That's one reason why I don't think you've seen the decline the rest of Christiandom has, your religion has seen extermination orders while pretty much every other denimination rode the wave of entitlement and privelage that gave them the wealth and status they had and squandered.
  15. Pharma should be brought in, if anyone has an interest at keeping alternative product that could help someone for less money it's them. Considering the side affects those things have and the lack of regulation plus them being busted for lying, yeah them I say bring the hammer down. I still stick with saying we need more rehab facilities and decent mental health plus a way to mainstream them into society, preferably as individuals who can make a living wage and pay taxes vs. going in and out of jail and costing us millions upon millions. I see drug abuse of any kind as more of a symptom of a disease, big pharma has just been a big winner in all this. Honestly the drug companies in this country could be considered some of the most successful drug dealers in history, they managed to bribe a good chunk of our politicians into allowing all this to spiral out of control. Way I see it you can't put the demon you unleashed back in his holding pin, best you can do is adapt to the problems we have now and hopefully stop it from spreading to the young via decent education available to everyone not just rich kids from the suburbs, that and actual job opportunities as well as other things like sports programs for impoverished youth. I don't hold my breath, much like people not wanting rehab facilities in their neighborhood wrecking their property values i'd expect them not to be too thrilled with my ideas of investing in youth.
  16. Here's my take on illegal drugs, legalize em, all of em. As a rule people don't want to do what it really takes to control it and we waste so much money on keeping the stuff illegal. I put a lot of blame on families, go to the CDC and look at a breakdown on who's overdosing. We need actual mental health and addiction treatment as well as a way to streamline these people back into mainland society but whenever something like housing and treatment for the homeless comes up (Many homeless are addicts), no one wants it in their neighborhood because of property values. Marijuana isn't as bad as alcohol which I find hilarious, the latter is one of the few drugs out there where the withdraw can kill yet it's everywhere. Kind of mean to say but hey, if they overdose they overdose, it's not like society really seems to care either way, only reason why people complain now is that it's affecting their neighborhoods and children, emphasis on the "their".
  17. Thanks and saved. TBH I have been cutting back, actually suprised at how much. That's a big problem I have, insomnia, most of it caused by the hell I had to endure fighting family for 6 years. Main reason why i've started to get curious is seeing how many young people drink those energy drinks like water, those things are horrible for you. Death is at times a mercy. Reminds me of the Tolkien universe and the gift of men, while the Elves are stuck here and to an extent the Dwarves, men just do whatever, leave and when Eu does his thing get to be a part of the 2nd music. Kind of puts things in perspective I think. Bingo, thanks for that. Since I'm now in school for and working in the field it's stuff like this i'm starting to compile. Think Dr. Pepper is one of the few sodas I can stomach, after middle school I quit drinking the stuff. That much I know. Thing is, i'm a normal caffeine consumer far as i'm concerned. I remember seeing friends try drinking that stuff as heavily as the other co workers when we were early 20 somethings, learned real quick the only thing that fixes hangovers is water and rest. I have an espresso machine and a french press so quite a bit more refined at this point. What bothers me is the energy drink and caffeine pill fad happening now, the research that happens 10-20 years from now will be quite interesting. Hawaii and parts of the west coast have matchmaking services for people here and others from E. Asia, tbh i've considered it especially now that my brothers have chimed in on moms retirement. We've had to go through enough misery, violence and legal hell in court, no way and i'm letting some trash person near my mom, esp. after all she's had to endure from people here. After my Uncle passed and pretty much all that side of the family sold out and chose to be hypocritical racists who hug the Americanized version of the cross while being ok with minorities being shot, yeah i'm done.
  18. Every once in a great white i'll drink coffee in the afternoon, when I can I opt for the Japanese coffee in a can. Most starbucks stuff is even worse, that sugary sludge they sell is horrible for you, know for a while they were selling these things, considering they had my favorite colors and a really cute design I almost fell for it. These things are horrible for you....
  19. Was curious if anyone had any scientific knowledge on the pros and cons of caffeine. Starting to really notice just how many people drink those energy drinks, those things have a lot more than caffeine and it seems like people especially kids go for em because they're loaded with sugar and who knows what. I like coffee and espresso in the morning, i switch to green tea in the afternoons and that's it, I see co workers mostly slamming down the energy drinks anymore. Some of those things even have warnings on em. Starting to think those things are to caffeine what spice/synthetic marijuana is to well, marijuana.
  20. I have to wonder just how widespread this is within LDS circles. I know Utah has issues with porn and substance abuse, as more and more non LDS move in it will be interesting to see what the impact will be. It's interesting, out here in CO we have lots of transplants complain that CO isn't this wonderful child friendly utopia they thought it was, the legal weed and beer scene doesn't necessery equate to child friendly, far as I can tell it helps increase apathy, kinda funny I think. Anyway, that stuff does affect communities. Alcohol scares me, one of the few drugs out there that the withdraw can kill. Have to wonder what groups like the LDS will do when more and more of their own succumb to the stresses of contemporary life. People like me have fewer if any children, you guys on the other hand don't thus get more exposure to this stuff. I know people out there like to think they'll win the religion wars since religious people tend to have more kids, what they forget is not only are the costs higher but the chances of your child being exposed to drugs and alcohol are far greater than they used to be. P.S, let me know when you start having kids clambake closets at your ward, after I get up from laughing so hard I fall out of my chair i'll be putting that meeting house on my list of places to visit.
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