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  1. poptart

    One of those days

    Ever have one of those days were you feel less than human and just hate being here?
  2. I did plus a few of your other posts, I have friends who've worked in corrections just like you, one of em with sex offenders. You are so correct, Bishops, even the general population is poorly equipped to deal with people like that. What I was alluding to is how easy it is to have your name smeared, should have read your posts a bit more first. Let me ask you this, how would you solve this? I don't see the point in long stints in jail, it costs us a lot of money and really accomplishes nothing. We could always do what other countries do and just execute them, I doubt that would fly here. I don't like pedos either but hey a lot of these people were abused horribly as children. I'm all for taking responsibility for ones life but in cases like this are they even capable of it? The average person cannot imagine the confusion and rage that's going through these poor peoples minds when they've been accused of something they do not understand. I do wonder how all this will play out in the future, white flight isn't much of an option and the moment you have kids you can't just hide from the world as easily anymore. Your kids are going to be exposed to some very messed up kids in school, even if you're a stellar parent there are many, many more who aren't. My own life growing up was pretty bad, no one cared and i've paid for it, still at least I know if I do anything horrible I'll have to answer for it, so many people in our prisons can't even do that. What's worse, esp. in the case of pedophiles the abuse they get in jail just makes them worse. Judging them, saying the kinds of things so many people do along the lines of next time don't do those things doesn't mean much once they're released. I doubt the average person thinks that a mentally ill ex convict can really understand what he did was wrong. As someone who's been exposed to this kind of stuff, how do you think this will all play out in the coming years? Like I said, white flight isn't much of an option anymore, we're running out of places to put jails and yep, the old not in my backyard rule is still in full affect. Families aren't as stable as they used to be and with the latest from the CDC the downward spiral will just continue. BTW, I like people like you, it was someone who worked with crime victims and violent offenders who made it possible for me to get work at DI, and i'm about as LDS as Trump is Muslim. I had gone through a horrible stint in life that wasn't my fault and yep, most of the people at the ward wouldn't give me the time of day. Took me years to understand that it's not like they had it in for me, the majority of people out there just can't fathom just how horrible life can be to people. I do think that's going to change very soon. The USA is playing catch up with the UK in areas like drug abuse and family disfunction, they've had to deal with it for decades. I had a conversation with my 90 year old aunt today, she's not a fan of things like legal dope yet does understand the root cause, atleast one of them, family disfunction and the broken people it creates.
  3. This is what scares me and others I know, in this age of social media it's too easy to ruin someone this way. You can create a bogus facebook, use software like tor and quite possibly ruin someones life with a little social engineering. With photoshop you can make bogus screencaps and circulate them everywhere, with linkedin you can even forward them to someones boss. Makes me wonder how much longer this will go on before people decide to be adults and not ruin each others lives.
  4. poptart

    Book of Enoch

    I'm getting that way, i almost never watch tv, i have a PlayStation i hardly touch. Think i watch mostly anime and European movies with knight's, vikings and what not. The modern western world doesn't interest me, it's like a visual sewer to me.
  5. poptart

    Book of Enoch

    Think because i'm a cultural Christian at best this stuff reads to me a lot differently than it would to most of you folks, I read giants, watchers and some really far out yet cool stuff like I've read in Ezekiel. Dude seriously, i'd emphasize the cool parts like giants and all the mayhem they caused, would get more people to read the bible.
  6. poptart

    Book of Enoch

    Thoughts on the Angels teaching men how to make war, magic and what not? The race of giants they spawned and how one of em flew though the cosmos to ask Enoch to intercede on their behalf? That and the answer God returned? The whole thing read like a sci-fi novel, no offense intended.
  7. poptart

    Book of Enoch

    Uh, there's an LDS one? Did not know that. Looking at that now... Fyi, the book of enoch was and still is in eastern hands, the Ethiopian orthodox have always had it in tbeir holy texts unabridged, as far as i know. It was just lost to the European western world. Think what i always liked about it, man wasn't on top of the pile, something most entitled people out here can't stand the idea of.
  8. poptart

    Dating/marrying non-LDS

    I'll toss this out there, moms a local from maui who went to byuh and we're both looking to go back in a few years. All.my first cousins are out there and are still quite wholesome, compared to families here anyway. It's different there, anyone who's lived out there can attest to that, the locals tend to be quite religious and community focused, they're not perfect but due to the Hawaiian and asian influence the value set is quite different. If the mormons here were like the ones mom knew i may well have converted, sorta. Bottom line, im keeping mom and my own mental health in mind, life is full of compromises and what i have in mind will probably have me around a lot of religious people. Moms side is also very religious, thing is they walk the walk so im just considering my options, simple cost benefit analysis.
  9. poptart

    New Study leaving social media makes you happier

    Oh man I know a few guys who are in trainwrecks relationship wise lecturing people on tinder dating. I miss the early days of facebook and myspace, when things were innocent, anymore social media is poison. I know a few people stalking their exs via linkedin doing everything they can to ruin their careers, my father tried the same with me.
  10. poptart

    Dating/marrying non-LDS

    If you have em sure, I tend to save those things. That's a shame, is what it is I guess. I do know the LDS folks often have a lot of things assigned, you are a busy people. Curious, did the husband participate at all with the activities, I know in Hawaii they'll often have activities that involve cooking and Hula. Mom grew up doing it and was one of the best in the state.
  11. poptart

    Dating/marrying non-LDS

    Here's another one, how often does this work out, esp. when the non LDS partner/spouse won't convert? I've read horror stories of Catholics/Non Catholic, how well does it work out? I know for me I'd be supportive, I know the child care and development is 2nd to none and if kids did come into the picture an LDS ward would be high on the list of places I'd feel comfortable having children in. I know I have family that married into Catholic family and to this day it's been non stop infighting, the holidays are a nightmare. I ask because mom went to BYUH, the first GF I had was LDS from Japan and looking back she was one of the best. Even her friends were top notch. About the only other people i've met here who've been that accepting were people from the local buddhist temples. I'm kind of taking care of mom as it is, no way would I let someone in with bad values after what we've been through and well, out of respect for mom men are kinda out of the equation so with women I'm extra careful. No offense to anyone here, just looking at my options and well, once again for all the cons the pros the LDS church has to offer are just outstanding even for a non member.
  12. poptart

    Personal revelation.

    Actually, no people should be hard on them. Many of them ride off the coattails of previous generations and contribute little to the pot. Back in the day churches were the ones you went to for help, they also upheld their end of the social contract by enforcing more accountability from their people. There's a reason why so many people, esp millenial men don't bother with organized religion, the ROI sucks. Like a lot of people Christians have a bad rep for screwing people out of lucrative employment then almost instantly quoting from their holy text things such as i'm not perfect, just forgiven. Meanwhile the people they damage are left holding the bag with no compensation from the offending party whatsoever. Actually, there is. Pew research does some. http://www.pewforum.org/religious-landscape-study/marital-status/divorcedseparated/ I disagree with you 100%, the whole relationship is more along the lines of the contemporary, American liberal take on religon. All that matters is my relationship, my responsibility to others is negotiable. Faith without works is dead and that's the problem with people nowadays, they want something for nothing. Christianity is still the defacto religion in the USA and in some places in the USA not having the right one can cost you. Think what really bothers me is how Christianity is shirking many of the things they used to do, they don't help the poor as much, they don't do prison ministry as much and there are still churches out there that will not let felons and minorities in. In response, Pagan/Neo Pagan groups have skyrocketed, there are now more wIccans in the USA than Presbyterians. https://www.newsweek.com/witchcraft-wiccans-mysticism-astrology-witches-millennials-pagans-religion-1221019 This has caught the eyes of some popular theologians out there who as always address the symptoms and not the root cause. No one wants to acknowledge the 800 pound gorilla in the room, poor behavior, marginalizing as well as persecution of groups such as the LGBT community via prop 8 has made a lot of people just hate you guys with a passion. When your on that fringe you have little to gain from Christianity esp. if you've been stepped on enough and judged. When another group comes along that doesn't judge you and has members who will unite quickly to fight priveleged groups like Christianity, big suprise they're going to be popular especially now that there is no forced/violent penalty for not being a Christian, at least one in public. You can't have your cake and eat it too, if you won't walk the walk like previous generations did your going to end up with millions of people at your doorstep just like there were at the LA temple years ago. You can go on about this being the end times all you like too, you'll end up like the Christians did during the 30 years war, having to either be adults and compremise or end up with a populace that does everything in your power to do you in. The whole we have the truth because we're being persecuted line doesn't hold up, Christians like anyone else cave all the time when they know they're outnumbered, they converted to islam when their countries were taken over and they also changed their doctorine to suit whatever political circumstances they found themselves in. That being said, have to give the LDS church credit there, they've atleast tried to build bridges, think it was elder Holland to told people to not be mean to LGBT folk. Far as I can tell, he's one of the few to actually put his money where his mouth is, coming from someone with that much clout in your religion, that's pretty amazing.
  13. poptart

    Personal revelation.

    Just realized that for the most part, I was more interested in what Christianity could do for me than actually being one. That being said, I have no right to complain over how I was treated. I do have to wonder just how many others look into Christianity for the same reasons I did. Also props to the Mormons, they really were the nicest despite my angst. The ones I did know would patiently listen to whatever I had to say and try to put a positive spin on it, have to admit the others would get uppity and angry fast, like there was no room at all for dialouge and/or discussion, I was a fool for accepting what they told me point blank, my own fault for really knowing little of how the religion works outside of reading books. That being said, I really do wonder now just how low the LDS divorce rate is, I know the Catholic Church likes to claim they're the lowest, take their immigrant numbers out and just leave Anglo Americans and I think we'd get a better picture, supposedly they've lost more people than anyone. Not trying to bash them or anyone, just a bit of food for thought on my part. On a personal note, outside of say the Freemasons (who like you almost always get a bad rap), will say that I think, at least here stateside the LDS are one of the few religious organizations where anyone can go to a ward for help and more often than not someone will do something, at least what's within their own power. I find it very funny that the other branches of the religion rip on the likes of you guys yet when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is, outside of the clergy the LDS laity does an insane amount of good even outside of their own people.
  14. poptart

    National Carrot Cake Day