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  1. poptart

    Greed and the prosperity gospel.

    Well you're one of the cool people, of course it wouldn't.
  2. Figured this is as good a place as any to post something like this, many of you are parents and have to deal with things like this. Also, something I always appreciate about this place, you're honest. So, how does the prosperity gospel/doctrine affect your religious experience? It's always been a puzzling experience for me considering Jesus was not only poor by worldly standards, but was not this white and delightsome person so many people here assume he is. That being said, the whole "God favors you, that's why your rich" concept always puzzled me. You use your wealth as a cudgel for your hubris, brush off criticism with phrases such as I'm not perfect, just forgiven then when you get it thrown back in your face you hear things along the lines of "Christianity!! (My own take on it...) Is under attack!!" or my favorite "The end is near!" Come on, Americans have yet to experience the hell that their European forebears did, we've yet to have something like the 30 years war, the persecutions they had in England and France not to mention the other countless slaughters Christians in what's now Turkey died in. Don't take this the wrong way, most of you are wonderful people who do care for the less fortunate, but I do have to wonder what some of you think about greed and the prosperity gospel. Going to guess most of you dislike it (Good for you!), I'm curious what your thoughts and experiences are. Reason why I started the first sentence with the you are parents part is, well, a lot of the parents i've seen, growing up and now sure have egos and entitlement complexes. Just my personal observation, but when you use your children as an excuse for your poor behavior and leverage to get more out of society, I have to wonder. Are you leaning off your parents success? The success story that is the USA? (We beat Rome in the empire building game, doubt anyone for a long time will top the USA) or just plain old hubris that comes from living in a relatively safe society that still has decent police?
  3. poptart

    "The Benefits of Belief" - Video

    You're a Bishop right? So, going to guess you've seen a wide spectrum of people in your ward, rich and poor alike. I'll be honest, this just screams of entitlement to me, that your special, that some diety in the sky will hand you everything you want. Also, related to the vid, I get a little peived when people refer to Lord of the Rings, for many the book was about passing, not some ring being chucked into the fires of mount doom. The movie conveniently left out the ealier villians, the constant wars and how not only the shire was torched, but that the dwarves were slowly dying off and the power of the Elves was in rapid decline. Anyway, I'll admit I had a bad experience with many LDS and yeah, the entitlement was there. TBH, took me a while to acknowledge that it's not just you guys, it's Americans in general but still, stuff like this makes me cringe a little inside, step back and think how a lot of people deserve it when life burns them for being so entitled. Have to wonder though, as a Bishop (Former?) You've had to have seen more than your share of white and delightsome, entitled upper class members who judged the poorer, newer members who were struggling. You still stick by the pragmatic line? As someone who's a huge Tolkein fan and at my core an ardent pagan I am genuinly curious. Please keep in mind i'm probably quite different than many here, this is the kind of stuff I go for when I'm genuinly interested in *Religion*. Basically, while there is deity, it's ultimately up to you the fate of your soul. Funny, even old school Christianity with it's Aristotle/philisophical base had this understanding and among the educated still does. Also, props to you, Bishops have a hard job. It's one thing to sit next to people you would rather shove down a flight of stairs than look at, another to actually have to listen to their drivel and serve them, all without pay. You guys don't even get the cool robes, hats and bling the High Churches get and in my opinion have to do a lot more. You have no liturgical calendar to slack off of, no fancy Missal, not as much prestige and yet while you do have teeth, considering the job cuts into your own time and mental health, well, like I said props to you.
  4. poptart

    Thoughts on this?

    That's the flip side of it too, there's a lot of male scoundrels out there, had to grow up with a real fiend so I know it takes 2. I dunno, maybe something along the lines of limiting abortion and having mandated paternity tests, shame the crap out of anyone trying to get out of supporting their kids. The whole abortion/child blame game always makes me a bit sick to my stomach, would rather see people try to come together to find solutions, is what it is I guess.
  5. poptart

    Thoughts on this?

    That's what gets me, doesn't strike me as someone who has the well being of children in mind. Just another person who wants to use the internet to bash people she disagrees with and cause trouble. No wonder people are slowly leaving social media. Disconnecting from the matrix *Social media lol* was one of the better decisions I made this year, facebook is poison.
  6. poptart

    Thoughts on this?

    What are the chances of her Bishop having a chat with her? Trying not to judge but wow, she struck me as someone with an axe to grind.
  7. poptart

    Thoughts on this?

    Hope this doesn't stir the pot too much, would like some feedback on this, I'm, well, confused lol. Fact that claims to be LDS has me wondering even more than her bit here on abortion. Would someone like a Bishop have something to say on this? https://www.kansas.com/news/nation-world/national/article218495850.html
  8. poptart

    Favorite female Christians

    Just googled Chieko N. Okazaki, wow.... Moms not full Japanese but wow, she could have easily been one of her cousins. I like this person, she's now added to the list.
  9. poptart

    LDS dating/marrying non LDS

    Might want to check out artifical wombs. I've considered making me that way, except removing all my genetic flaws, basically a super poptart. Oh, and as far as death goes, here's my plans. If i'm too broke, soak my body in white gas then set me on fire, if i'm rich, mix my ashes with cement and make a statue out of me, the cornerstone of the poptart memorial.
  10. poptart

    LDS dating/marrying non LDS

    So grateful I don't have to deal with that. Must suck, if you have family and business contacts tied up in the church i'd imagine you would tow the party line, I knew more than a few in WA who did.
  11. poptart

    LDS dating/marrying non LDS

    Ohh LDS pressure, ops. Was thinking of pressure that might affect the likes of me, or lack of. You forgot financial reasons to marry. Marriage to well off families can equal power.
  12. poptart

    LDS dating/marrying non LDS

    Uh, what social pressure?
  13. poptart

    LDS dating/marrying non LDS

  14. poptart

    Welfare square and non memers

    Guess I just rolled unlucky.
  15. poptart

    Welfare square and non memers

    That's what happened with me too, where I was had a horrible homeless/poverty problem that's even worse now. Sure the practice of busing has made it worse.