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  1. I've decided to disconnect from social media. I’m seeing some very disturbing things from some people I used to know and It’s bothered me to the point where I’m pulling the plug. I’ve had it happen to me already, when I fled the state after I had my father served with a restraining order, I was curious if he was smart enough to check social media, sure enough he checked my linkedin and saw I was working at DI. After running his mouth off over how happy he was to see me miserable, he started hounding my social media like crazy. I was able to get a job as an adjuster through a friend so I was able to work without networking on linkedin. It’s so hard nowadays to get work in white collar unless you know someone, everyone networks on social media nowadays and besides lawyers, people out to get you do find out who your employer is. Tough part is when you’re trying to find work or update your resume with contacts, people watch you. I knew a crime victim advocate who worked with LDS family/employment services, it’s disgusting what some people put others through. I know at DI we’d have domestic violence victims working there, their ex’s would call all the time trying to get info on them. Anyway, I’m seeing people I knew, a few landlords who think they’re above everyone threatening to go through people’s friends list and in essence repay 200% for anything bad they say about them. Even worse, a few people there still have it in for me after I pressed charges for fraud. Since I’m in the middle of retraining for a different field that really doesn’t require me having to network like I did in white collar, I’ve decided to disconnect from the matrix. I look at the friends I have, while none of em have it in for me most I haven’t spoken to for years. All it would take is some data leak, glitch or someone friending someone I know and mining data. Know it sounds paranoid, I’ve actually seen it happen. Another saint I know has a son who just graduated law school, deleted his a while ago over the data breech, that and facebook selling users info. Kind of extreme but I’ve made up my mind. Curious who else here has done the same?
  2. Vidar will wreck things, not all the gods will die. Baldr will take over management, Thors kids get his hammer. Forget that, i'm going to hang out with Vidar, i'm not sticking around for pretty boys rule...
  3. Odin, Vidar and all the gods in Valhalla frown in your direction.....
  4. Oh that's right up my alley. Personally, if I had my way, pic related is about as much as I'd like to see a temple develop. Here's a gem, the only Shinto Shrine in the USA, Granite falls, WA. Place is packed on new years day.
  5. Pretty sure the Vatican was built on what was a pagan temple, like most of the churches were. Notre Dame was, pretty sure one of the first Cathedrals in Germany was built right over where the mighty pillar Irminsul stood. Something that changed with time at sacred sites, while they usually started out as sacred groves/burial mounds, over time they started to build temples with the trees outside. Eventually, it was just the temple and no tree, basically the living holy spots were replaced by man made things. Think that's one thing I never liked about churches, you really think the supreme being/Allfather/Jesus/God would be hanging out in some dingy building made by human hands? I don't. I think he hangs out in the pride of his creation, nature. Why would the divine stuff himself in some dead building with stuffy people, when he can be in the living creation, associating with the living, majestic things which glorify the goodness of life and the purity of the world in it's most glorious form.
  6. This is why I moved back to take care of mom, youngest of 3 sons, mom had me waaay late in life and she's getting up there. Doesn't help she's not from here and not a stellar driver herself. Helps my older brothers can throw money at her but unlike me they're not as mobile so here I am. This is also why we're probably moving here in a few years, CO is so crowded nowadays and the people moving in are well, kinda rotten. From what I hear, Utah is getting the same, sad. Happy the family in Hawaii has it together, even though there's new construction I kinda doubt it will end up like it is out here, your average mainlander can't make it out there, esp. with kids.
  7. Christians aren't the only ones with claim on the Cross, as an idea and concept it goes back thousands of years. The idea of the Sun Wheel (Sonnenrad) easily predates Christianity, a symbol of the ever eternal cyclical nature of existence. If you get into the study of Guido von List, you'll delve into the study of the Germanics during the migration period, when the Vedas and the Eddas. I've always liked the sunwheel, while I like the Northern European take on the cross, the crucifix always made me throw up a little inside, I get the symbolism but still, eww.... If I want to see someone hanging from a piece of wood I'll defer to Odin the Allfather hanging himself on the world tree for the Runes of power, which he freely gave to all men. Oh, here's a real good one (Saved the best for last). Like this one about as much as the sunwheel, the Rose Croix. Rose Croix https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rose_Cross
  8. Nice to know i'm not the only fan, funny how close we've probably come in the past to something like this happening.
  9. Whew, glad I'm not the only person who thought about this. All for rules but considering the way things are anymore, just snitching on someone has consequences. Stakes are higher, without the right education and contacts it's so easy to end up homeless. LDS people tend to have better families than most here, even then it's still a lot harder to make it. People can and do ruin each other on social media, someone gets kicked out of a good school like BYU? If I was responsible/had a hand in it I'd very much be worried about revenge, especially if I'm in a field that requires online networking.
  10. Low energy protest, boooring...
  11. Soo, there's a story behind that. Those were during the WA days, one of the many lessons learned was when you're poor and almost homeless, good friends are very, very scarce. This guy wasn't as bad but he had some very sketchy morals, one of those don't judge me types, whatever. Anyway, I had no idea just what it was he drug me to, wasn't even there an hour before the crazy started. Like I said, I just sat back and watched the chaos unfold. Weirdest part was how the next day we all went to breakfast and everyone acted like nothing happened. Needless to say, don't really talk to him that much now that i'm gone. This is why I stick to the outdoors, less crazy...
  12. Ohh boy, never forget when I got dragged to a swinger party. I behaved myself while watching the whole thing go down. I just sat in the corner and watched, wow.... After that, really started being careful around the guy who took me there, was supposed to be a humble gathering. Amazing how degenerate some people are...
  13. I'll just toss this out there, if I went to BYU I'd be real careful about reporting anyone. I've had similar discussions with LDS friends who are lawyers, something most of em don't understand is when you get someone kicked out of school and ruin them to the point of possible homelessness, they can get ugly, real fast. Someone in that position has nothing to lose, felons are more or less invincible. Someone who's only options left in life are either jail or life on the street don't care about being sued, that have nothing to lose anymore. I've seen people get dox'd, for those who don't know that's when someone posts your personal info, including that of friends and family everywhere. If they have it, even SSN's. You can use VPN's and software like TOR to cover your tracks. Sure, it's illegal but besides proving it, fighting that stuff is very time consuming and expensive, not easy to do if you have kids. The real sick thing is some people hold grudges and wait till life has you very busy. Sad thing is, I knew someone who did this, he waited till the guy who screwed him over had his first kid. With social media, it's too easy to digitally lynch someone and turn their lives into a living hell, with linkedin it can be all too easy to possibly tank someones career, I know I had to deal with that personally when I had to go through 5 years of non stop family infighting, it's partially why I had to change careers. There was a reason why I was so mentally unstable years ago, it's only been within the last year i've finally started to stabalize. People don't play nice anymore, nor fair....
  14. I'd be very curious about that, my experience is that churches in Europe tend to be more liberal. Love the music and liturgy of the church but as a heretical Mason, yeah that kept me out. I have a cousin who's up there masonically and has Catholic inlaws, it's almost non stop fighting.
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