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  1. Actually know people in that boat, they posted something on facebook a while ago now it's biting them.
  2. Been a few months since I deleted everything and went dark, I feel happier. I know it's not for everyone, I'm lucky that the field I went into dislikes it because of HIPPA. Not being exposed to everyones drama and being able to focus on me has been a wonderful thing. That and not having people get jealous when I post hiking photos and what not is a bonus. It's interesting how social media has changed, at least for me. Years ago I'd post photos of me hiking up and down mountains and what not and people would love em, now that I have (had...) fewer single friends and more parents i'd get sneers and nasty looks. Geez, lots of em had far better circumstances than I did yet the minute people like them chose to breed they feel entitled and jealous of anyone who has freedom, despite having to overcome horrible things. Also, not having to look at the non stop bad news and drama which really doesn't affect me has helped a lot.
  3. Huh, that's interesting. I mostly know about masonry, pretty much nothing about Eastern Star except they do the cooking and a lot of the work that makes things possible. Funny how people always ignore domestic labor, women work their backsides off to make things happen and I sometimes think few men appreciate it.
  4. Knew a Chem major who did research on those things, they're pure poison. The taurine in a few redbulls is equal to what you'd get if you ate like 20 kilos of stake. When you overload your system like that it can be cancerous, our bodies can only take so much of something before it freaks out. Know you guys aren't cool with coffee but if you're going to go with something you're so much safer with that than this sludge. Either way, whenever I see that stuff this comes to mind.
  5. I always thought the star thing in the earlier temples were influenced from the masonic ties Joseph Smith and Brigham Young had. The order of eastern stars symbol is an inverted pentacle/pentagram. Never understood why people hate the symbol, besides the west China has used it for a long time. Good old ignorance.
  6. Good ole boys are still at it i see. For all the grief i give you guys this is why you're one of my favorite Christian themed groups in the country, compared to other groups you've acted far kinder than most. I can go through Utah, Idaho and parts of Colorado and see the good your people have done when building communities. I had no idea you guys stood up to the klan, bravo. Back in the day many Baptist and Methodist preachers had their clan robes next to their Sunday best, bothers me how they rip on you guys yet conveniently forget things like that. Learned recently a good chunk of my fathers side didn't like me too much since moms not caucasian, even worse is seeing that kind of bigotry make a come back. At least mormons welcome diversity with open arms.
  7. That's one reason why I tend to limit myself, side affect of all the things I went through over the past years was I have insomnia fits from time to time. Not nearly as bad now but they still happen. Chapelle show fan? Ever see the Tyrone Biggums skits?
  8. Tl:dr From the sounds of things coffee/espresso is like liquid crack to most of you. O well, more for me!
  9. Your son was homeless, then you have a good idea of what I went through. It was awful, I basically fled a horrible situation that wasn't my fault and most people assumed I was homeless because of poor choices. Try having a violent alcoholic for a father who resented you his whole life because of poor choices he made. He destroyed everything he touched and in addition to taking years off moms life he almost killed her, the restraining order i took out on him is still on file. I hated it, everyone assumed I was in the position I was in because I deserved it, I couldn't stand being around them. Not all of us get to have two educated parents from the suburbs who have good social networks and education, I just wasn't worthy enough for their kind. Yeah, I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor and justice, it can be kinda mean sometimes, but then again I had to go through similar things as a child thanks to a lot of people here so I figure it's even.
  10. Here's the thing, those things get tagged in receiving. I would see that too, I'd usually tack in depreciation. I learned to shop at thrift stores after that, not only do you get something functional considering the quality of things nowadays you get something you can make fantastic with a bit of work. They did help out members, I remember a few times them pretty much giving a couch to an elderly family that had a developmentally disabled child. I know people would gripe about them helping members, my attitude was why don't other churches do that? I know catholic charities does a lot but from my experience the others either didn't have the resources or just didn't care. Lesson I learned was it's pointless to criticize someone when your own group does nothing for their own.
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