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  1. Prop 8

    My point still stands, all sides could lobby and make things fair for all, till then i'll stand back and gleefully watch conflict unfold. I agree, MGTOW isn't unhealthy, it's a symptom of a disease but until men have more of a voice you will see more of it. Is what it is. Ahh, American entitlment. My religion isn't getting its way, must be the end times. I'm sure the Protestants and Catholics spouted the same prophetic nonsense before the Kaiser and Northern Princes went at it, ended with 8 million dead and the ottomans almost taking Vienna. Life went on, the Church reformed and that was that. P.S, will agree there, nothing scarier than a huge Samoan. Honolulu cops used to dread Samoan weddings, you could hit em with a nightstick and to them it was a mosquito bite. What would scare me is when they show up with molontov coctails and other weapons. (I.E Antifa...) Don't care how big you are, if you're not properly equipped, you're dead.
  2. Prop 8

    Change the divorce and child support laws and the whole marriage shaming thing might hold some more water, until then i'm going to sit back and watch movements like mgtow gain more steam. Honestly, to me things like this are meaningless fluff. American society needs to put their money where their mouth is and actually do something that benefits children and stops screwing men over. I've seen this stuff pushed, they forget to cite that if your spouse divorces you she gets half your pension, if the kids aren;t yours your still on the hook and overall enlisted men get the short end of the stick. I heard countless stories from buddies stationed out of JBLM in washington state how women would get knocked up on purpose to dodge deployments then as soon as they either were assigned desk duty or given an honorable discharge complete with benefits they had an abortion. Also the stuff you don't hear about, an angry spouse showing up and killing the ex wife, kids than himself. I had to pay more than a few claims on stuff like that, seeing the divorce decrees, parenting plans, restraining orders and other documents made me sick to my stomach. Of course middle/upper middle class Wasps from the burbs can safely pass judgment behind their nice white picket fences, so long as inner city problems don't encroach... I have a better idea, lets be like Germany, where they make enlisted take saltpeter which makes pregnancy almost impossible, abortion is a crime after the first trimester and the courts administer child support? I like this but I sure don't see the LDS church pushing things like this here in the states....,., https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/27/world/europe/germany-nazi-era-abortion-law.html Meanwhile, it's never ending man shaming, complaing when men refuse to be extorted by a corrupt system and more meaningless drivel of this sort. I'm not buying it and will continue to enjoy watching the whole corrupt ponzi scheme that is the insitution of marriage burn here. How about you stop expecting men to be sacrificial lambs? Why not make it fair for everyone? No one wants to do that so here we are and as far as i'm concerned my point still stands, let gays marry, if it takes antifa tier violence to get the point across, keep religion out of the civil aspect of it and geez do what Jesus would do, get along. It's not that hard.
  3. Prop 8

    ....that was sarcasm, wasn't serious. Nope, not into rollerblading down streets waving a rainbow flag. Have fun with that, let me know if you find that secret base the nazis built there, or was that the south pole.
  4. Prop 8

    A what? From what i've seen of Utah that's not much of an option. There's talk of developing the parks and places like Lehi that used to be small have exploded. The days of white flight are well, kinda gone.
  5. Prop 8

    What would make me really nervous if I was true blue LDS, the kind of backlash you see nowadays. Let's see what happens in someplace like SLC that is exploding population wise and they do something that ends in an antifa tier riot. I had friends who went to a few in portland, that protests from 2008 were nothing compared to that. Wait till you have to have a massive police presence and people start getting killed. That's what gets me more than anything, the lack of sense. Sure, i get the religious beliefs, but when you use your religion to take away someones right to marry another adult and the legal benefits it entails you run the risk of a very violent protest. That, and as someone with family in law enforcment I wonder how many LDS faithful will be out there with law enforcment, shields in hands defending their temples or will they just hide and complain like everyone else while our finest put their lives on the line. Better yet, if it just gets out of hand and they end up with boots on the ground. Sounds far fetched, considering the current events, well.... Either way the likes of me will be sitting back and watching from afar. For me it's simple, don't be a jerk. When your religion pushes you in a direction like that, time to take a good long hard look at not only the religion but more importantly it's followers. I somehow doubt the LDS will stand up to an antifa tier protest like say the alt right did at berkley, considering just how angry and marginalized people are nowadays, it's protests like this I think we have to look forward too. Funny, oldest brother went to Berkley waaaay back in the day, funny how times change...
  6. The Demise of Scouting

    I think it's a very bad idea. Boyscouts helped instill morals long ago, the forced conformity and favoring of girls (just my opinion) at the expense of young men is already taking it's toll. That kid who shot up the school in conneticut was on meds since he was a little kid, mom and dad who were divorced didn't want to deal with him, neither did the schools. We're totally paying for this now. Oh, and the military is noticing too... http://time.com/2938158/youth-fail-to-qualify-military-service/
  7. Prop 8

    i'm sure they would be too, some raging homo disaproves, can see the headlines now.
  8. Prop 8

    Nope, laying off the vape as of now, and its legal here ^_^. Funny, still can't get willie to come back, i miss him. He ever runs for prez i'm so voting for him, he'll solve all our problems. Get all the world leaders together and even if it's for like 20 minutes we'll have world peace, and a dorrito shortage lol. So, here's my understanding, with marriage you get access to different insurance as well as survivor benefits if the spouse dies, took civil unions/marriage rights for the lgbtq community to finally have the same benefits of straight people. Don'g get me wrong, the people who want to force churches to allow lgbtq people to marry within their holy halls are jerks, but when it bleeds into the secular realm that's where I draw the line, even Rome laid off. Especially when it involves financial benefits I say if violent protesting/rioting is what it takes as an oppressed minority and you have nothing to lose? Go for it. All for religious liberty, but when it oppresses my choice of who I marry I say your rights end where mine begin, time to get ugly and if need be cruel. That's the only thing that works on a bully sometimes. Where the supporters arguing against gay marriage in a church or just in general in public life?
  9. Prop 8

    I remember seeing a lot of cops, will be hilarious if something like this comes up again in an area that can't afford a lot of police protections, as it is think it's LA thats working on an amendment that makes any theft under 1k a misdomener. Will be fun to watch them bus in Law enforcment from other areas to contain the rage. Pretty much, survivor benefits, insurance etc. So the leadership did have a hand in it, wow, my opinion of LDS leadership just went down a notch. Only problem I have, when people oppose something here on moral grounds it usually involves harming them financially which nowadays leads to antifa/black lives matter tier protests which really puts a strain on law enforcment.
  10. Prop 8

    Old topic, want an honest answer from someone. Just how much support did this have from members? I remember seeing the old video clips of the protests outside of the LA temple that i'm honestly suprised didn't turn into riots, what was the deal? Most married couples I know did it mostly for survivor benefits, insurance and what not. Why did the LDS faithful even care? Was it really religious bigotry?
  11. Old Religious cartoons

    Was bored saturday evening and thought I would do a search for old school religious cartoons, found this. Wow, not sure if they make anything like this anymore, while they messed up the period armor and what not, as an adult this makes me appreciate what early Christian rulers had to go through. Charlemagne was always one of my favorite Christian rulers, defended mother church and did what he thought was right. Do they even make stuff like this anymore? Could picture this rustling a few jimmies nowadays. Man, even the new superbook kinda sucks compared to the origonal. Fun fact, lots of the old cartoons were made in Japan, this new CG stuff just isn't the same. Oh, and if anyone can tell me what piece that is they play at the end right after the corenation I'd appreciate it. Thought it was one of the graduals they sing at Easter.
  12. The Demise of Scouting

    As someone who laughs at how everything is just going down the drain I have to ask, anyone ever wonder how this is affecting young men? You keep taking away things that were theirs and well, only male oriented places they have left are ones that aren't so nice (Gangs, hate groups etc.) Oh, and with gender bending i'm just waiting for more trans people to join the girl scouts. Lets see how tolerant progressives are when they see trans girls selling cookies with their kids or using the same bathroom. Just a little personal musing, contemporary parenting stateside is always a good chuckle for me. Kinda related, does this mean the boyscouts will start selling cookies? I remember selling popcorn, laaaaaame.
  13. Inspirational music thread

    A real gem, unless you know much of the German speaking world you usually don't see this, think they've been to the states like twice.
  14. Inspirational music thread

  15. Reckless Love