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  1. You doubt the gospel of poptart? That's heresy man. Ugh, i have a funny feeling if I had a legit church that did something you would send funds, thank Buddha and the gods my father is dead, he'd have taken a good man like you for a ride. Funny, that's why I still post here, i've met more genuine christ like people here than IRL, you guys and girls are a credit to your faith. Also yep, it was a total jab. Good old oldsteen, never forgot when someone gave me one of his books, wow....
  2. Did you give a little extra for forgiveness? If I see a little something in my paypal, I could draw up an indulgence for you and send up a few super prayers on your behalf. Super prayers get to god x10 times as fast, why wait for your forgiveness? Prayer lines are almost always swamped, super prayers get ahead of the prayer queue. All proceeds go to The Holy Church of Poptart. (All rights reserved....)
  3. poptart

    Music thread

    I love house music, here's a persona fav. Also another of the song live
  4. poptart

    Music thread

    Music thread because why not, hipster musics a plus.
  5. That's messed up. Nicer than I would have been.... Mind if I ask, what sport? I do one competitively, know for many that's literally part of their lives, they quit and it's like you've taken a vital organ away.
  6. I love you guys, i see threads like these and realize im not the only person crying in the wilderness. Sometimes i feel like I'm mad.....
  7. It ever occur to some of you that half the reason why this stuff gets pushed is because many people from the religious right still act like the same entitled bigots they have since the 50's? Amazing times, when it's the LDS church who actually tries to be fair, yet the flag ship denominations of Christianity (if you can call em that) either fall totally to the left or way, way to far to the right. It's like compremise has gone right out the window. Keep that up, and more people will just walk away and either become unafiliated or just plain secular. Can't have your cake and eat it too, that's life. FYI, that was a compliment for the church, an honest one. Puts a smile on my face that at least one Christian body here stateside is not stuck in good old boy mode...
  8. >Hawaii-ne wow, haven't heard that one in a while. I've been slowly removing a lot of the poison and well, decided at least here stateside if I ever take mom to church, good chance it will be LDS. Good people, they get along more than most other Christ based religions here stateside, they do more for their own and TBH, they're more Polynesian friendly.
  9. Wow, I keep hearing similar things from older friends. Knew one guy who was a volunteer youth pastor for a Lutheran Church a long time ago, seems like the 70s and 80s was really a golden age for that stuff. I vaugly remember going to a Lutheran Church in Anchorage, was so wholesome, came down here and well, not so much. What bothers me is how cutthroat people are anymore. At least the saints I know understand the simple fact that we all have to work, if you slit someone's throat they'll want to get even. Blows my mind how churches have to have the security they do nowadays, know there are crazies out there but I'm somewhat sure part of it is due to people within the organization doing bad things to someone and the nasty behavior that follows.
  10. I'm slowly becoming a necron fan.
  11. Between what i've been through, seen the past few years and well, that pope francis thread I made, made up my mind. Especially if I go back to Hawaii, if mom ever wants to go to church, it will probably be LDS. I had my stint with em, I'm not really a christian like most of you all are, and yeah the politics on their side is disgusting. I'm done with the keyboard crusaders, i'm hanging out with the cool kids. Bonus points because moms classmates from BYUH still check on her and your church has done a lot for the islanders. Even more brownie points for the lack of Masonic hate and love of our country, seeing more crazy Catholic/Protestant factions that hate Americanism, that's not cool. America first, we took in the people no one else would and still help a lot of people not starve. Really trying to be nice, have to admit looking back that it really was the Mormons who were the nicest. Find it ironic people give you guys so much grief over beliefs yet you sure act a lot more Christian. Next time someone calls one of you good people out on the LDS gospel, do me a favor and ask what they're doing to make the world a better place besides running their mouths off.
  12. Geez, Garden Girl, Tacenda, Papa. Pogi, too many of you. Nehor takes the cake for now, he's a Warhammer 40k fan. For the god emperor!
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