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  1. Was curious last Sunday, decided to go to mormon.org to ask things, even used my real name. Was totally honest. Apparently, despite all the pain and suffering i've had to endure against my will I still only have the option of women, even if she's garbage. That right there just knocked the possibility of honest conversion right off the table. Not like it matters, i'm just garbage apparently.
  2. How to talk to normal people?

    I avoid religion like the plauge. One coworker asked if I was going to mass for Christmas, most of the time when religion does come up that' usually the first guess. They're not too far off... That aside yeah I avoid it, people pick fights over it, I just keep quiet. It's hard, usually they're busy with kids and what not, about the only common ground with a few of them is I play the same PlayStation games their kids do.
  3. How to talk to normal people?

    Monster Hunter is insanely popular.
  4. Co workers asking if I have a gf

    Go on
  5. How to talk to normal people?

    Become one of us. Lol, most of the players are Japanese you're not too far off.
  6. How to talk to normal people?

    Monster Hunter is love monster Hunter is life, we're all equal. Usually dual sword, switch to bow for ranged or long sword when I need to pile on damage. Way back when had almost full red fatalis armor, just needed a few gravios plates.
  7. How to talk to normal people?

    >monster Hunter Wow!!!!!!!!! You're now one of my faves!!! What weapon? Like the new berserk?
  8. How to talk to normal people?

    So, how do I talk to normal coworkers who are religious? I like running, boxing, firearms the out doors, video games and anime, I have nothing in common with them, conversation is difficult.
  9. Wow, didn't think that came up at the workplace anymore, In Seattle if you were a certain age and single they assumed you may be gay, not so here. Kinda wondering if it's worse in the Zion curtain, I'm right next to it. Anyone else have that experience in the office? I've had friends who worked in Utah and would get asked that sometime. Actually it's really wierd being around that many stable married people, have nothing to talk about, like one guy runs but his family takes my time and all the women have kids, kinda weird hearing them talk about the videogames their kids play, I play like half of em. Then the family drama I hear about.
  10. Who Am I to judge?

    Lel some people think I'm vegan. Also, i do marathons.
  11. Who Am I to judge?

    Too much effort, cardio is awesome. I like wearing skinny jeans too much. Also kinda looking for a bf.
  12. Who Am I to judge?

    Eww why?
  13. Who Am I to judge?

    I like having shapely legs and a cute backside.
  14. Who Am I to judge?

    I'm the epitome of selflessness. That and I figured out, judging takes too much effort, can spend that time on me, working out and doing more squats.
  15. Who Am I to judge?

    Just realized, I have no room to judge anyone. I'm no better than the amoral garbage who bash anything decient when I act so, yet here I am lashing out at people who've done nothing to me.