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  1. Beat me too it, bud lite is disgusting. Protestants/non denominational people do it too, my cousin told he horror stories about one congregation they went to a long time ago, some guy wanted them to do a 15k job for 5k, didn't even include materials. Moment my cousin got tired of trying to be cheated and said no the pastor griped at him, saying he was defrauding a brother in Christ. One thing I'll give mass, you show up, stand, kneel, stand, kneel, feel bad, take the eucharist then go home (joking, lot more to it also It's quite pleasant, awesome music too) none of the lovey dovey stuff and the chances for exploitation that follow.
  2. Have to ask, is it really that serious of an issue for the saints now? I know my Jewish friends have been saying it for a while, sooner or later everyone else would have to deal with this, here we are I guess. Sucks, for all the grief Mormons get far as I know you've more or less just kept among your own and never hurt anyone, that and when you did mingle you actually tried to help. Sad times.
  3. It was, one of the best movies I've seen in a while. Was excited about IT 2, don't think even that will beat Midsommar. Will probably be about as good though.
  4. It's not Mormon friendly, it's meant as a counter to last year's movie Heredity, Midsommar was produced by the same guy. I love it for the Northern European paganism, movie is not for the faint of heart. Also yep, it's super weird hence why I would like it.
  5. If you wanted to see the traditional mass.... https://www.latinmassdir.org/
  6. The Trinitine mass is beautiful, still go every now and then. The Church still has the best orders too.
  7. Okay, as someone who’s mixed race and was raised by my non Caucasian mom, I have my own opinions. In life my father was very much the stereotype of someone who gets a non-Caucasian spouse, entitled, violent and alcoholic. As horrible as he was to us, his own siblings were worse. Only white first cousin I had was ruined by my father’s brother. He was on every drug under the sun and died of skin cancer years ago. The father is now in a nursing home, his daughter won’t raise a finger because there’s no money in it. His sister (here’s the real irony…) cooked up a bogus mental illness story as a kid so she wouldn’t have to work (Their father spoiled her rotten) and has bounced from facility to facility. Here’s the irony with that one, father’s side is protestant yet it was Catholic Charities and places staffed by nuns she went to. The rest of that side is pretty much like your typical Caucasian American family now, entitled, disrespectful and destroying themselves. Here’s what I’ve noticed about a lot of Caucasian families here, they give their kids the boot at 18 and provided the kids don’t end up homeless they remember being treated poorly and do nothing when their aged parents need help. I see it all the time in my line of work, the parents are often abandoned. You can ask residents where their kids are and sometimes they’ll be honest and say they treated them poorly. I know my father wanted to give me the boot at 18, despite his parents spoiling him rotten and letting him back in after he tried to assault his own father. My mom even brought that up to him and typical boomer response, that was then this is now, I don’t care. Also, look at the meds they shove down kid’s throats, especially males. I saw it all the time growing up and from what I hear from young parents, it’s even worse now. Now, mom’s side? Far as I can tell to this day none of em have ever been put on meds, the parents do their job. Also, the extended family helps out. That’s still common in Hawaii vs. here. My aunties kids are doing stellar in school and work their backsides off vs. my father’s side whom always seem to have an excuse as to why they’re having issues with their kids. They blame society, video games, social media; everyone but themselves. They always have excuses yet no solutions to their problems. Even in churches I went to I would see the same thing, excuses yet no solutions, they always wanted to outsource their jobs as parents to society yet would complain to no end when their kids end up messed up. I know a lot of kids get spoiled rotten, still I've seen similar patterns of disfunction. There's a joke among minority students in HS, inside every white kid a shooter waiting to come out. One has to wonder... I know not all Caucasian families are like that, yet when you look at the data from the CDC on drug abuse and suicide you see disturbing trends. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/hestat/suicide/rates_1999_2017.pdf Suicide has always been high for natives, no surprise there. Still, look at Caucasian stats, let’s face it for the longest time WASP’s were the dominant force in the USA, decades of family dysfunction, drugs and the ever shrinking safety net has taken its toll. https://www.cdc.gov/drugoverdose/data/statedeaths.html https://www.ajmc.com/focus-of-the-week/cdc-data-life-expectancy-decreases-as-deaths-from-suicide-drug-overdose-increase Take this for what it’s worth, as someone who had to grow up in poverty thanks to my father’s violence and alcoholism plus the racism I had to see my mom go through as a kid, yeah I’ve always had a slant on things, still I think I’ve tried to be unbiased here, I hope. Those CDC links are scary, that and far as I can tell the population here doesn’t seem to want to do anything to clean up the mess they had a hand in making. Look at the homelessness we see everywhere now, it’s mostly white males. Follow the symptoms and draw your own conclusions. Also wanted to add, as far as I know this whole transgender thing is more of a western phenomenon, this stuff doesn't fly in a lot of the non western world, Japan still has transgender people sterilized. https://www.hrw.org/news/2019/03/01/silver-lining-japans-supreme-court-transgender-ruling
  8. Anyone with a bit of common sense knows mother nature doesn't like it when you mess around with her handiwork. I knew people who did transition, a few similarities I always noticed were they ended up on a ton of psyche meds. Something i'm sure has been buried, that shooting they had at the STEM school in CO? I think both of the shooters were transgender, know one was.
  9. I'll just leave this here.... https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/10/02/fda-thousands-of-deaths-linked-to-puberty-blockers/
  10. Ok now you have my attention, sorry my bad. Most of my life the Christians i've known esp. stateside were among the nastier people i've met. Racist, mean, entitled people who felt like it was their right to just step on people, yet when karma comes back to bite them they cry woe is me and cherry pick the bible with verses judge not lest ye be judged while ignoring other parts like go your way and sin no more. Repentance is hard work, besides correcting errors it also involves restitution of some sort. Even if it's small, I say something should be done be it community service or some small deed of piety. I know most people chose not to live as such, look at the state of the USA and the destruction of the family. I very much do believe in holding people accountable for their actions, so many appologize yet keep on making bad choices that not only harm them but also those around them. Look at social media, anymore the moment some people they don't get their way they go to facebook to digitally lynch someone and possibly ruin their career. Now we live in a society were -people are terrified of someone wanting revenge for a slight, that or someone just snapping and taking their frustrations out on someone else. Could have easily prevented this if people were kinder and thought twice before they acted. You're a good guy, you have my respect.
  11. I have a soft spot for LDS and Catholic charities. Especially the latter does so much good while people give the Catholic Church no end of grief. Far as I can tell, anymore at least stateside it's mostly the LDS church who works with Catholic Charities as extensively as they do, seeing someone step up and fight for the good guys always puts a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I somehow doubt my ideas of deity are the same as yours, most people here stateside worship a deity of entitlement and excess, one they assume will always clean up the mess they make for themselves. I can't speak for you, don't know you well enough. Will say, I am enjoying watching people running out of places to flee and the rest of us in this country telling them enough is enough. Seeing their kind fail does put a smile on my face, esp. when I know i've been right all along. Bonus points for seeing the entitled develop mental delusions and excuses for the problems they've created for themselves. I have a bit of a mean streak sometimes~
  13. Nah, actions have consequences. People are too entitled as it is and need to be brought to heel.
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