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  1. That's more than a lot most and hey, tithes are tithes, seems like people just want something for nothing anymore. As poor as mom is she still gives to rescue missions and reservations. The latter I'm especially a fan of. That's encouraging, what do you guys do? Episcopals always do cool charity work, that and they love everyone just like Jesus would. Remember reading about the Episcopal bishop in SLC, he does a lot of good there.
  2. In that kids case and in the many other poor i saw in tacoma and seattle i doubt it. I knew of orgs that voted down to have a homeless youth shelter built, made me sick to my stomach. My generation especially irritates me, all the entitlement of the previous generations with none of the common sense. I like the old African proverb, if you don't initiate the young they will return as adults and destroy the village.
  3. It's appreciated too, charity is so hard to come by nowadays. Flip side is so many people exploit it, that makes me sick. Homeless families out there and slimeballs just take advantage of others goodwill.
  4. I didn't mean the LDS Church, I meant a lot of the other religious orgs out there. You guys are cool. I'll share this, I would see people often convert just to mooch off church welfare. Never forget my time at DI, everyone was asking me to discount electronics for them, that and get the bishop to pay their rent. They had been members of the church for like, a month or so. I had a roommate who had a rap sheet with the local PD a mile long, she converted and forced her son to as well, bishop was paying for everything, meanwhile she was popping pills, sleeping around and spent half the time drunk. She was the one I turned into CPS, her son was being abused big time, I probably saved the kids life. All I wanted to do was get back on my feet, not be a leech. Was grateful for what help I got, no one else cared. If I could i'd pay em back, something I think most people never do.
  5. Know i'm being a pest today but well, this site is such a good resource so here I go. Anyone have experience with mental health and red flag laws/firearms rights? I've heard from vets before that half the reason they were paranoid about getting help was they didn't want it to affect their career as well as possibly having their gun rights taken away. I'm far better now than i've been in years but still debate about going to a psychologist. Red flag laws scare me, I left a state a few years ago that's really having problems with that, people are making bogus calls to the police and people are having their guns taken away. We have the same laws in my state now and well, with the way people are anymore it has me worried. Your help is appreciated.
  6. Mind sharing a bit more? Are these things you've done, or others have done? I have a soft spot for the elderly, poor and foster children as I work with them a lot nowadays.
  7. So at the very least I'd be welcome? That's cool. I felt out of place where I was at the last time, was told wards can vary.
  8. Mind sharing a bit more? Is rent going up there at all? How big is medical tourism there? I've heard about american trained physicians and NP's setting up shop down there and making quite a bit due to there being no need for malpractice. That, and the providers get to provide America tier medical care for a fraction of the cost. These are things I think about as I'm going to be caring for family in the future. So hope things work out, half the problem is the USA, they have such a drug problem here. The answer in a lot of places is still throw em in jail, make em felons and pretty much make it impossible for them to find gainful employment. Concern I have is are the cartels employing Americans. Considering how many homeless people we have who are felons, mentally ill and just ignored by society we're a prime recruiting ground.
  9. The first and second part are big selling points. Friends I have from overseas shudder when they see how most Christian churches here operate, it's like a for profit business. Considering the violence Christians here are now having to face, yeah I'd say divisions are a bad idea. A lot of millenials despise religion here stateside because of how they were treated as kids. Think there was a main commandment, something along the lines of love thy God with all thy heart and whatsoever you do to the least of these you do to me also. Hmm....
  10. Was hoping for advice and/or guidance from all of you. Here’s where I’m at, I’ve finally started to really move past the hell I had to go through for 6 years, a lot of it was fallout from domestic violence and almost being homeless while trying to be employed. Might have just solved a lot of my problems, hopefully will be in an LPN program next year, after that mom will be retiring and we’ll be moving. I’ve had to go through a lot, most of my problems stem from the hell my father put both of us through plus the bad people I had to live around. Sucks being poor, either people think it’s your own fault or just don’t care, seems like the only people who want to associate with you are slimeballs, I’ve noticed this more and more as times get worse. That being said, I’ve been very leary over whom I associate with. Besides myself, moms the main concern as she’s not from here and has not exactly been treated well. Also, she’s now elderly. This was the other reason why I opted to change fields, besides white collar being what it is now, nursing allows me to travel here and there and not need a social media presence. It blows my mind how nowadays most employers in white collar (some in retail even) will not touch you if you don’t have a social media presence, it’s basically a free social credit score anymore. Anyway, as I progress I’m realizing that I do need people, especially as I get older. My time with organized religion in WA was interesting, something I’ll give the LDS, they understand the concept of helping their own. A lot of it was my own experience, that being said it was something I noticed, most churches either don’t have the resources or just don’t care. Even Catholic Charities was hit or miss, knew one that was good and they helped everyone, half their parish were natives. Still, they were a far cry from your average suburban parish that tended to be insular and well, little better than anyone else when it came to helping the poor. The saint I know who does work closely with social services up there even made that complaint, he gave up trying to refer people to churches for the same reasons I gave up on them. He did what he could with state resources and what he could get from the church but even then it was a struggle. That being said, for any of you who do have experience with what I’ve had to go through, what advice would you offer? I have no qualms hanging out at a ward, thing is I have no interest at all in converting and am worried about just being told to leave once that comes out. Nothing against religious people but geez, seems like anymore it’s all politics and money here.
  11. I am curious what any of you and/or your ward/church does to help the least of these. I've been here long enough and complained enough about it, kind of curious if any of you do or nor someone who does. This is more so me wanting to learn more. Something I have planned when I have my ducks in a row and I have some things here squared away is helping out on reservations. One member I knew was telling me how the Church in Utah helped a lot of the Vietnamese refugees way back when so I figure this is a great place to ask. Thanks!
  12. All well and good till family infighting happens, literally saw half of my blood relatives turn rotten. Same here. I dunno, have cop cousins who are all for throwing poor urban youth in jail with felony charges but he lives in a safe wasp suburb thats still relatively safe, for now. What bothers me besides the taxes that costs is how gangs and cartels often end up hiring felons like that. No one will hire them and their time in jail made them better criminals.
  13. More i post here more i realize how little i know and how much i like you guys. If i had the likes of you around me when life was ruining me I'd have turned out different.
  14. That's why I tossed out the not sure where they lived part, had no idea where they were and I figured someone here may. I try to be more open to learning from others vs. just causing arguments anymore, more productive and well, reminds me of an old 60's expression "It doesn't bake any bread". Miss my old hippie/vietnam vet teachers from when I was growing up, such good people. World needs more folks like that nowadays.
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