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  1. Book of mormon

    Less you can get screwed for in court. Read up on divorce and child support laws in some states, it can be really easy to get stuck with child support for a kid that's not yours. For me it's a no brainer, considering it's hard to find someone in the states without kids at a certain point who's decient men are the superior choice.
  2. Book of mormon

    Lol safer bet heteosexual divorce in the USA is very expensive especially when kids are involved.
  3. Book of mormon

    Lol you forgot the homosexual tendencies.
  4. Book of mormon

    Considering that pope Francis up recently tried purging the order of Malta of freemasons not to mention the weird people the church attracts why are you surprised? Google codex gigas sometimes, trust me there are far stranger folk than me in the clergy.
  5. Book of mormon

    Still amazed that pope Francis spoke infront of Congress in English, even more amazed and disgusted no one listened. Makes me wonder how long it will survive among Anglos. The Hispanic friends I have who are Catholic tend to have 2 things in common, little divorce and increasingly higher incomes. Off topic, looks like the pope wants to alter the Lord's prayer. Still like the German version, love how himelreich translates.
  6. Book of mormon

    Been keeping up with the shakedown of the order of Malta and the Vatican bank? Looks like pope Francis is pulling a Trump and just firing people.
  7. Book of mormon

    Wow, I'm picking that up, between those 2 orders that would be an intense debate, mind going into a bit more detail, I'm genuinely cuious.
  8. Book of mormon

    Just the clothes on his back? If he had anything else think they'd have made a relic out of it by now, along with the crown of thorns, nails from the cross. Oh nvrmind, the holy grail.
  9. Coffee an Tea

    Your pocketbook.
  10. Coffee an Tea

    You know, Germany and I think a few other eu countries have free education for foreigners, could have gone to school for free.
  11. Coffee an Tea

    I've had my throat slit playing that game before, I'm poor, have debt and mental issues plus I'm not religious in the sense you are, I go with science and facts. It would take them making the first move, I'd expect a counter of how worthy are you which would escalate in me saying screw it and walking.
  12. Coffee an Tea

    Again, I have seen otherwise. Look at the rise of evangelical churches, a good chunk of them get in trouble with their taxes. Sadly, even a lot of the neo-pagan groups that are racist come about because disenfranchised segments get ignored, judged and rejected due to ptsd from the military, being felons etc. Can't have the black sheep near the blessed who God chose to be wealthy can we? Look at the protest where that marine decked that sjw piece of garbage if you want to see my point.
  13. Coffee an Tea

    Uh, what?
  14. Coffee an Tea

    I'l give you that, tea and coffee isn' cheap. Thing is, I've tried religion before and looked at as a crap tier investment/convert prospect, tbh I'd have to be able to trust people first and since I've been burned before I'm even more Leary and still stand by my statement.
  15. Coffee an Tea

    You on the other hand may be that rare exception which is very rarely found, especially stateside. Forgot to add last nigjt I did know one person that Christlike, a nun.