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  1. Our ward hasn't had Cub Scouts for 15 years, but we've always done a Pinewood Derby. (Our 70-something Young Women's President has won the last two years.)
  2. We had a similar story in stake conference (adult session) a couple years back. It was actually a member of the stake presidency who gave the talk. I agree, change is afoot in this regard and many others.
  3. Clearly one of the many purposes is converting the missionary.
  4. There definitely was some judging of those who chose to leave as opposed to extend. Not so much for me because my flight reservations, dinner with the president, etc. were already set. My comp did choose to extend but there was another elder in my zone who was leaving a month after me and chose not to extend. I'll just leave it at the was some judgmentalism. So, yes, there would be some logistical issues and likely some judging. But I might point out that several of the major changes of the past year have had some more minor precursors, and the change in application procedure earlier this year could be a precursor to such a change and/or a change to more service oriented missions.
  5. OK, I served 1984-1985 (Feb-Sept). Clearly on your graph there was a dip then and an uptick following the return to two years. After that (18 month missions ended in 1984) there was another drop (1986 in your graph) and then there was an even bigger downward trend (90-92) and a continued downward trend after that - we're nowhere near what levels were then. I'm not seeing a cause and effect here. I served a foreign mission where baptisms were and are rare. Some missionaries went home without any (even in two years), I was fortunate enough to have had three.
  6. So are you saying missionaries should not read the essays? That they should not be exposed to truth from a and "authorized" reliable source? I think when the essays were first published, which was before all missionaries now in the field were there, it was a shock to some to find out things like Joseph Smith was a polygamist. I had a son on a mission at the time (nothing in the essays was news to him) and his mission president ended up having a special conference to address concerns. The biggest concern: all their lives, Primary, SS, Seminary, etc., they were either not taught the stuff like JS was a polygamist or were taught the opposite - the he was not. From what I understand, current missionaries are exposed to the essays in the MTC if they have not been before. To the OP, I have heard the rumors and I'd welcome some changes.
  7. Disaster? I was an 18 month missionary so my point of view is probably different, but for me it was no disaster. To begin with, I may not have gone if it weren't 18 months and I was not even considering it before the change. It changed back right before the end of my mission (I had a month to go) and in my opinion the arguments against 18 month missions were baseless. Just my experience.
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