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  1. How is anyone, except the individual doing the repentance/metanoeo/change, supposed to know whether someone else has "completed" repentance? I can see that penance might be measured (the person said x number of Hail Marys as required) but I don't see how repentance can be measured other than the individual continuing to sin - but we all sin.
  2. I think we just plain don't know and anything else is speculation.
  3. Rural somewhere north of the Mason Dixon Line and east of Ohio. That's as close as you're going to get.
  4. Are we talking about repentance or penance? In the church we tend to conflate the two, but our theology actually doesn't include penance (although policy does seem to). Jesus forgave everyone who asked, and even some who didn't ask, on the spot. If repentance means change or turning toward God and Christ (and that is what it means) only the individual doing the repentance knows how complete it is.
  5. I am also not privy to that kind of information, but I'm at least 98% sure the church keeps records of all disciplinary councils. Not at the local level, mind you, but at HQ. I do not believe bishops and stake presidents are generally privy to that information though. Since you brought it up, I am less sure about the strengthening the members committee and pretty sure they do not individual activities on sites like this where most of us are anonymous and where the rhetoric is generally tame.
  6. No aspirations on his part. He's hoping he's disqualified.
  7. He has indeed been counting on it.
  8. All bishops have to be approved by the First Presidency.
  9. Thanks for your responses. Expanding on the story just a bit, this individual would be a great bishop, he has been an exemplary member for the over 20 years I have known him. I did not mean to intimate that because he's well liked he should be called, I was just saying he is well liked. He's a spiritual giant, and usually gets half the room in tears with his testimony, particularly of the atonement of Jesus Christ and/or the sacrament. He has in fact been a temple worker, but that does not require First Presidency approval or vetting. His sin was longer ago than when I met him and in another place. I only know about it because we're very close and he shared it with me several years ago. I think other than me only his wife knows here. He is himself under the belief that he will not be called as bishop because he believes that while the Lord does forgive and remember no more, the church does not. I currently serve on the high council. Our stake president has told us a couple times that when they submit a name for bishop they get one of two letters. The most common one is of course approval and direction to extend the call with some specific instructions. The other one, according to the president, simply says the individual is not approved with no further explanation.
  10. Not sure if anyone here knows the answer. There are general qualifications for bishop like a temple recommend and being married we find in the handbooks. I'm all good with that. We're due for a new bishop and there's a sort of favored guy in the ward - he is well liked and a natural leader. he currently serves in ward leadership. Most people don't know this, but I do and I keep it to myself: when he was a young man he had a disciplinary council for a sexual sin, but was not excommunicated of disfellowshipped. I've been told that even though he's "repented" and it was long ago he won't be approved by the First Presidency because of that. Is any truth to that?
  11. Come on up. We'll take all we can get.
  12. Our ward hasn't had Cub Scouts for 15 years, but we've always done a Pinewood Derby. (Our 70-something Young Women's President has won the last two years.)
  13. We had a similar story in stake conference (adult session) a couple years back. It was actually a member of the stake presidency who gave the talk. I agree, change is afoot in this regard and many others.
  14. Clearly one of the many purposes is converting the missionary.
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