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  1. This is no longer the case. The handbook states:
  2. T-Shirt

    John 5:18 - LDS Non LDS

    Why do you believe the King James Bible is the word of God? How do you know it is true?
  3. Of these, "many" bad and questionable things that he did, I would be interested in seeing your top ten list so we might discuss it in a dispassionate manner. And, since you are big on evidence, let's see the evidence you have for your top ten list.
  4. T-Shirt

    Moroni's Promise

    Good to see you are still proof texting. Ironic that the meaning you attach to this verse is quite different from the meaning conveyed by the chapter in which it is found. Joseph didn't pray in a field and he didn't see an angel. He knows by the Holy Ghost. I think, even, you believe in the Holy Ghost What is truly circular is believing that the KJV of the Bible is the whole and complete word of God, simply because you think the book, itself, tells you so. The prerequisite is having faith in Christ and real intent. It says nothing about believing Moroni or the Book of Mormon before the test. Of course, Moroni doesn't mention anything about a feeling in the heart. Let me ask you a question. When the Holy Ghost teaches you something, how do you know?