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  1. It only takes one uncomfortable experience to be forever wary. I don’t know why it’s so hard to understand this. It can also just be an anxiety or shy thing or being generally apprehensive about an interview. I think a lot of young women have a whole range of experiences and feelings about meeting with a Bishopric member. This should not be hard to understand. I have trust issues with interviews. Who knows what might be said or misinterpreted or implied. I know adults, male and female, that have intense anxiety over interviews based on past negetive experiences.
  2. What a question. I’m glad you have had positive experiences with local leadership. That was my experience...until it wasn’t. Teen girls do not often develop friendships with adult men... it’s not a thing that is encouraged in our society. Why wouldn’t being alone answering questions from an adult man make a young woman uncomfortable?
  3. Thank goodness! I don’t think the girls would like that much. 😉 But, structurally, the relationship is different. And yes, dread is the appropriate word to use. Some girls dread the interviews. True. Some girls do not like being one on one with the Bishopric. True. Some Bishopric members are viewed negatively by some of the young women. True. Some Bishops ask creepy questions. True. Temple recommend interviews can be uncomfortable. True. Even when completely worthy? Yes. Also, it’s not just the young women. These statements are true for most demographics.
  4. I do know that but there was “extra” for his process before he was approved. I’m trying to remember what that was. He may have had to write a letter about the divorce and/or fly and meet personally.
  5. One of my best Bishops was a divorced man. He had to get special approval from the First Presidency before he was called.
  6. Yep. I bet they all have amazing stories. I would like to hear from them more.
  7. A hero was laid to rest today. https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/remembering-kendrick-castillo-memorial-service-underway-for-stem-school-shooting-hero Dakota Mann, a member of the robotics team and a mentor to Castillo, regretted the experiences his friend won't get to experience again, from fishing to driving his Jeep to enjoying a lazy Saturday. "He died for us," Mann said. "Now it's time for us to live for him."
  8. Here is the second link with the dads response. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxVYFwtnZmn/?hl=en It states they added BYU’s response to the call so I think it is real. But, I will have to see if I can see that response on my computer because it’s not showing up on my mobile device.
  9. And now there is a recording. One sided since the student wants to remain anonymous. I’m trying to track down BYU’s response to this which is discussed in the second link but can’t see it on my mobile format. Sorry, it’s okay to think this is wrong and not be an apostate. Sometimes I feel people think that if you disagree with a church policy it means you’re less than faithful. I believe this is not true. The change with November 2015 policy and the change in the marriage policy are two I completely support. Also, BYU changed the response to sexual assault victims and implemented the amnesty clause. It’s okay to want changes to policies. This is another area in which changes could and should be more to bring these policies to a point we are not doing harm. I can’t imagine why having this type of conversation should ever happen especially by phone. I’m not sure what training these honor code office people are required to have but they should not do interviews like this. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxSSBVFHUbq/?hl=en
  10. Go Aggies! Link to full letter from BYU’s Honor Code director Kevin Utt. https://www.google.com/amp/news.byu.edu/news/update-honor-code-office-improvements%3famp
  11. Interesting but I’m somewhat dismayed these so-called improvements did not already exist. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.deseretnews.com/article/900070649/byu-honor-code-office-director-outlines-changes.amp “• Students will now be told during their first contact with the office what they were being accused of. "I want to reiterate that you will not be presumed in violation of an honor code policy unless you either accept responsibility or the investigation process makes such a determination," Utt wrote. • Accused students will be given the names of those making the allegations against them, "except in situations where it is a matter of safety to a member of our campus community." • Students will be told from the beginning what they can expect from the investigation process and what support resources are available.” Knowing these are ‘improvements’ makes me question what processes were in place before.
  12. As a mother of a seminary student, the assessments are “going through the motions" of a test. They do it, but you can retake, get help or take it home. I would prefer this over something actually meaningful because I am just happy if my kids go. They read their scriptures and show up...I don't want more required than that.
  13. What is your definition of speak evil? Does it require malicious intent or is it any idle gossip. Is complaining and pointing out wrongdoing evil speaking. When pointing out someone is flagrantly violating church policy is that wrong? Is questioning someones actions evil speaking? I've had a church leaders who have hurt my family but never sought to undermine them in the Ward but discussed it with close friends, family and even anonymously on message boards? Was this evil speaking. Personally, I would think evil speaking involves malicious intent, slander or defamation. I also think it matters if your trying to undermine publicly a leaders ability to fulfill their calling.
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