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  1. I now have 3 different browsers on my phone...that way I have triple the "free" articles.
  2. Please help with RS activity ideas!

    Thank you Tacenda!
  3. What have been your favorite Relief Society Meeting activities. I would like to compile a list of "winners" for friend. Thanks!
  4. What is Going Well in Your Life?

    This post proves to me liberals and conservatives could get along quite well. We can sit and watch Thor Ragnoraok, Medium, Numbers and The Mentalists in complete harmony.
  5. What is Going Well in Your Life?

    1. I love my calling in Primary. 2. My mom could come and visit for 3 weeks...this has never happened before. Even though she has dementia, I am grateful for how well she is still doing and she still knows who I am. 3. Being a grandma is the best thing in the world. I am grateful that I have good relationships with all my kids and siblings.
  6. My girls had the best Primary teachers. They were 86 and 87. They were amazing. I love having older people in primary. Our ward just doesn't have very many left. Sad.
  7. This was before. https://www.lds.org/manual/come-follow-me-for-melchizedek-priesthood-and-relief-society-october-2017/first-sunday-council-meetings?lang=eng
  8. They are supposed to hold 1st Sunday councils just like relief society with the new curriculum guidelines.
  9. Why not be more accurate? Pet peeves.

    I think they are saying Joseph may not have known the whole story. He also says he was kidnapped from his land. “ In the meantime, from a different direction hidden from the brothers' view, a band of Midianite traders came by, and hearing Joseph's cries from down in the pit, realized that merchandise—a slave—had come their way. This is reflected in what Joseph later says to his fellows in prison, "For in truth, I was kidnapped from the land of the Hebrews" (Gen. 40:15).” Many scholars think the account is the merging of two different versions of the same story. I don’t know what the right answer is. The videos I posted were really interesting.
  10. Why not be more accurate? Pet peeves.

    “This reading of the text solves all the difficulties in this week's portion and therefore gained acceptance by most modern Jewish biblical commentators,[9]whereas most non-Jewish Bible criticism ignores Rashbam's interpretation based on a "close reading of the plain sense of Scripture." When it says at the end of chapter 37 that "the Medanites sold him to Egypt to Potiphar," this means that the Medanites, i.e., the Midianites sold him (to the Ishmaelites) to be taken to Egypt, thus underscoring what we surmised above: Joseph was removed far from the land of Canaan so that he would not return and his father's household would not hear of him. So how are we to understand Joseph's words to his brothers, "because you sold me hither," following Rashbam's interpretation? He answers: because you caused me to be sold. Shadal and Benno Jacob add: apparently Joseph thought that his brothers had indeed sold him to the Midianites as a rebellious slave. One could say further: the brothers were ashamed to take him out of the pit and sell him directly to the Midianites, therefore they left this unpleasant task to the buyers.” https://www.biu.ac.il/JH/Parasha/eng/vayigash/997BenYashar.doc
  11. Why not be more accurate? Pet peeves.

    Interesting analysis of this topic. https://www.alephbeta.org/course/lecture/where-is-reuven https://www.jweekly.com/1996/12/06/vayeshev-who-bears-guilt-for-selling-joseph-as-a-slave/
  12. Why not be more accurate? Pet peeves.

    I agree with you...I've been studying this today and find that scholars are at odds but most seem to think the "they" in verse 28 is the brothers but others disagree. On a straight reading of the King James version, it seems the Midianites are the "they." The brothers were eating and hatched a plan to sell Joseph but while they were eating, the Midianites, found Joseph, pulled him up and then sold Joseph to the Ishamaelites. Here again some scholars say the term Midianites and Ishamaelites are used interchangeably but others disagree. So...I've always thought, on a close reading of the King James Version that the Midianites sold Joseph to the Ishamaelites who then sold Joseph to Potiphar. (But then there is the Medanites too...arghhhh) If the brothers are the "they" in Chapter 28, Reuban must not have been with the others while they were eating and hatched their plan to sell Joseph or he would have known Joseph was sold and gone from the pit. As with most things, the more I think I know, the more I find out I don't know. But, then again , this seems to be a questions scholars have been debating for quite some time. So, I guess my post originated because I thought the Midianites found Joseph in the pit and sold him to the Ishamaelites. Then, the anwer to my questions would be--the brothers threw Joseph in a pit. Or...it could be the brothers drew Joseph out of the pit and sold him to the Midianites who were also refered to as Ishamaelites and then the answer to my questions would be the brothers sold Joseph. But...where was Rueban during lunch and the selling of his brother?
  13. Pet peeves...this statement is found in the teachers manual for Old Testament lesson #11. 1. Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers. Followed later by this: What did the brothers eventually do with Joseph instead of killing him? What is the correct answer?
  14. Leaders were released. No one was called. The men and ym all met together and a stake presidency member spent time convincing them all this was a good change. My spouse did not need the hard sell and left early. If the prophet made the change, why the need for a lecture?