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  1. New First Presidency

    I just saw this on my facebook feed. You missed in your quote that on facebook, following the word fine, he placed a heart and smiley face emoji! That means he really, really is fine!
  2. New First Presidency

    I thought the whole thing seemed awkward. I think, as Mormons, we are used to changes in callings at general conference or at church meetings. I wanted to listen to the whole press conference but found it too awkward. This wasn't a church meeting or a traditional press conference and I think neither worked well. Traditionally, in both settings, a person stands at a podium to speak and I think, having them all sitting a table and then speaking was a mistake. President Nelson is a kind man and I look forward to his address at conference. A lot of these impressions were on 'style' and not substance so I completely agree with your main point. This is just 'my opinion' and it is all the 'PR' side of my education coming out. I completely support and sustain President Nelson and his counselors.
  3. New First Presidency

    I'm not sure why my comment initiated this response. Some of the Apostles are better speakers than others and some speak in a way that resonates with people individually. Are you saying people should not have favorite speakers among the Apostles? Is this what you call a "cult of personality?" It is okay for me to miss Elder Uchtdorf speaking at Women's Conference without turning that thought into some form of hero worship. I like his talks. They helped me a lot while I was struggling. This expression does not denigrate others in the role they are now being asked to perform.
  4. New First Presidency

    Just adding this article to the discussion...and it has a photo. I had a hard time finding video or photos from yesterday to see what everybody was referring too. The stream on lds.org was not clear enough. https://www.sltrib.com/religion/local/2018/01/17/many-mormons-are-not-high-on-uchtdorfs-lower-profile/ I think Elder Uchtdorf could have been feeling a range of emotions...just like a lot of people do when changing callings. Sometimes, a person can be greatly relieved at a release but also incredibly sad too. I think having President Oaks in the First Presidency could be beneficial but I will also miss hearing from Elder Uchtdorf at women's conference.
  5. New First Presidency

    I think having them taken for a stake callings makes more sense than just a release. Do some Bishops change counselors purposely to provide the experience for more people? I know, in my ward, the released counselors both struggled to understand why they were released. There was not an obvious calling waiting for them. When I grew up, the counselors served the same term as the Bishop unless they moved. But, I've seen many people struggle when they were released from a large calling. It often takes an emotional adjustment for some people...especially if it seems premature and no new callings is waiting in the wings. Some take a release very personally or feel fired.
  6. New First Presidency

    I don’t understand why some Bishops change counselors every year or so. We have a highly transient ward and switching counselors unless needed just seems to add to the chaos.
  7. New third-hour curriculum: Your experience?

    We are having four stake conferences this year....it’s weird
  8. New third-hour curriculum: Your experience?

    I'm in primary so have no personal experience and my husband skipped his--it would have been detrimental to his mental health. He got a text from one of his counselors about how the HP council went and it did not go well. It was a lecture from High Priest group leader for all but the last five minutes.
  9. Navigating college admissions

    Utah State doesn't care if you pay the deposit and drop before the May 1st deadline. I would check to see if your school options feel the same way. I never realized how important the May 1 deadline was.https://www.usu.edu/admissions/callingblitz/soar https://students.asu.edu/freshman/deposit https://nau.edu/admission/freshmen-next-steps/
  10. Navigating college admissions

    I've looked into this a few places and thought you might find this posting interesting. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/answer-sheet/college-admissions/double-depositing-delaying-the.html " What many of these students and their parents don’t know is that double depositing is a violation of their responsibilities as established by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). The reason many of them don’t know they are in violation is that they have never heard about this or any other “responsibility” and have no idea who or what NACAC is. But students need to understand that double-depositing is wrong. Colleges dislike double depositing because the practice creates an enormous amount of uncertainty about the size of their incoming freshman classes. They can’t be certain about the number of students who are going to show up for the fall because they can’t be certain that each student who has made a deposit will attend. Since many colleges don’t require payment of the first semester’s tuition until shortly before the start of the academic year, schools can be left with beds to fill and budget shortfalls that they did not anticipate. Some colleges may find themselves over-enrolled and with a shortage of housing for students. Neither situation is a happy one. In order to prevent double depositing, some colleges actually check enrollment lists at other schools for offenders. A college that discovers a double depositor is within its rights to withdraw that individual’s offer of admission. One more...https://professionals.collegeboard.org/guidance/applications/ethics Housing seems to be the only downside of waiting until after you hear from BYU. Can you pay a deposit for housing without accepting admission or scholarships?
  11. The scouting program is very hard to carry out in an effective way. Cub Scouts takes way too many adults to staff the way it is supposed to be staffed. There is a steep learning curve and in my very transient ward, the revolving door of leaders makes an effective program hard to run. It costs more than the rest of the Primary budget combined. I discovered most of the parents do not want to buy books and uniforms and without a physical book, not a lot of time is spent by parents helping their boys advance. Online books are not the same. It only takes a few great den leaders to have a really good program but I have lost 4 den leaders in the last six months and we are starting over...the whole thing falls apart for awhile. With all that said, I didn't know we could just scrap the program and do what we want. I know where authorized by the church, we are supposed to run cub scouts. In all other areas, the church should run the Faith in God for boys program. I could not find an "out" for even small wards and branches. If each ward could decide not to do cub scouts, I would scrap it too. I have found Cub Scouts, Activity Days and 11-year-old scouts take dedicated self starters to be successful. "What Is the Cub Scout Leader's Responsibility for the Faith in God Award?Where Scouting is authorized by the Church, Scout activities take the place of activity days for boys ages 8 through 11 (see Handbook 2, 11.5.3). Find ways to combine activities in the Faith in God guidebook with Cub Scout and 11-year old Scout activities. Many activities fulfill requirements in both programs."https://www.lds.org/callings/primary/leader-resources/scouting-in-primary/training-and-resources?lang=eng
  12. Navigating college admissions

    She will be there in the fall...she sent in her scholarship acceptance yesterday. Go Aggies!
  13. Navigating college admissions

    12 continuous months...not to be interrupted by mission service. Her scholarship only covers one year of out of state tuition so she has to get in-state tuition for years 2, 3, and 4. If she chooses to serve a mission she would be eligible to leave in September of what would have been her 2nd year of college. She would be almost 20 and if she chooses a mission, it will all work out. I found attending summer camps at colleges was a good way for a student to preview the campuses, and majors while they were in high school. She rejected architecture and the University of Utah after a summer camp but fell in love with Utah State and engineering.
  14. Navigating college admissions

    Money isn’t everything. Finding an atmosphere on campus that your child fits in with should not be discounted. I will not send any of the rest of my kids to our states schools. I had no choice with one and it was the final nail in the coffin for her activity. Your son most likely would be fine and BYU has negatives too but I would visit the schools and pray hard about this decision. BYU is tough with AP credits. I don’t want my very innocent, faithful daughter exposed to the campus lifestyle in my state. She would not fit in. She is headed to Utah State with a 4 year scholarship but no housing money and it is tricky to fit the residency requirement in with mission plans. She fell in love with Utah State at engineering camp and refused to apply anywhere else.
  15. First Vision Video

    It's a "tone" thing. I was reviewing it for use in Primary so it may be perfectly fine for adults. It is serious and somber and I think it was meant to be.