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  1. I hope you are right and this is spy games gone wrong and the BYU alum is innocent...I can go only by news reports. (But there are so many retractions these days it is very difficult to know the truth of anything.)
  2. So you would leave a Branch President in place while charges of sexual abuse are investigated? How about embezzlement and fraud? I used the word "serious" for a reason. I listened to the story of my current temple president who was released from all callings while he was investigated for 10 years for serious charges of fraud. He testified attending the temple got him through this very long, difficult period in his life while he defended his innocence. It was a very powerful testimony to listen to. It is in the best interests of the church to release these people from callings for everyone's protection. I also remember reading the story about the Branch President accused of wrong doing and he was immediately released and his friends and family denied the allegations. Well, having read about the case and the fact he was found guilty of sexual misconduct...it was better for the church to release him while the charges were investigated and he went to trial.
  3. Please continue to share. I have just watched someone struggle back to church. It was worth it for them but not always easy. I look forward to future installments.
  4. I do think you are correct but it is the "but" in this sentence that causes it not to be entirely the right interpretation. "This observation was profound to me. I should have been pleased to consider that sweeping crumbs was more Christlike than I had thought. But instead, I felt a wave of guilt." And then later she says this "I then realized my motives were rarely pure enough for the comparison my husband had made. The Savior never keeps a list to compare what He’s done to what I’ve done. I would lose every time." I just want to add--she is attempting to elevate her motivations for serving her family but this was triggered by guilt at not having perfect Christ-like motivations. I know too many very good people who feel guilt over things they should not. Their desire to be Christ-like has led them to place themselves in abusive situations without proper boundaries...maybe that is why I reacted to this article the way I did.
  5. I had not realized this high profile spying case involved a former BYU graduate. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865683630/BYU-grad-arrested-on-charge-of-selling-secrets-to-China.html This other story is the worst. Former Bishop's that abuse the trust placed in them...I am happy the church acts quickly. I remember when the church immediately released the branch president as soon as allegations were made against him. I thought it would be sad if the allegation proved untrue but there really is no other way for the church to behave. You can not have a leader remain in place who has serious allegations of misconduct against him. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865683563/Former-Mapleton-LDS-bishop-accused-of-drugging-assaulting-2-teens.html In the previous case, the Branch President was found guilty and the judge made the news in the sentencing hearing.
  6. I am happy more assault victims will get help from the title ix office without fear of the honor code office. Personally, I wish the honor code was a matter of honor and students were not investigated...this would motivate false reports to zero. Fear is such a dubious motivator that I wish people could work through their own repentance in their own time frame. I wish they could seek counsel from their Bishop without the fear of getting kicked out of school too. The liars and manipulators tend to get away with things either way...they know just what to say and are good at gaming the system. Criminal investigations should be referred to authorities for proper investigations.
  7. Good news! http://www.sltrib.com/home/5437526-155/byu-announces-all-campuses-will-now
  8. You expressed my feelings much more consisely and clearly. Thank you!
  9. No mention of "fathering like Christ" or the "fathers sacrifice."
  10. I had a young mother post this to her Facebook this morning so I read the article. https://www.lds.org/ensign/2017/06/latter-day-saint-voices/christlike-mothering?lang=eng "With the broom still in my hand, I awoke to a new concept of mothering—mothering as He would. Not for praise, recognition, a hug, or even a thank-you. I would sweep up crumbs with love because that is what He would do. Everything He did was in obedience to His Father. It was never about Him. The Lord always mends the broken and cleans up our messes infinitely with perfect love, for His Father and for us. I will now strive to teach and serve my children with the purest love I can. Only then do I feel like I am truly participating in Christlike mothering." Maybe I am misinterpreting the authors intent but in the beginning of the article it talks about "the mother's sacrifice." It seems to me as a mother, it is part of our duty to teach our children to appreciate and thank those that serve them, whether it is their parents, friends, teachers or our Savior. I feel it is correct doctrine to teach that Christ expects certain things from us too. I don't think it is wrong to serve my children in pure love but receiving help, thanks or recognition for ones service is not wrong and will help your children and spouse be better people. She states,"It didn’t seem wrong to desire that my children be more grateful, but in that moment of clarity, I saw that my desire was more about me receiving praise or compensation than it was about them learning gratitude. But the Savior never required praise. He never asked for it or wanted it." My motivation for cleaning and doing household chores, was never the expectation of praise or compensation so maybe that is why I don't get it. It starts like this: "I swept pretzels, cereal, popcorn, and chips into a pile. “Nope. I didn’t eat any of these things,” I said as I brushed them into a dustpan. My husband, sitting at the table, said quietly, “It’s the mother’s sacrifice.” I straightened up. “What?” I asked. He spoke louder and clearer between bites of breakfast: “It’s what mothers do. They spend their lives cleaning up messes that they had no hand in making—just like the Savior did.” My husband's comment was, "what a dufus." The husband in the story is sitting there eating his breakfast and she is cleaning and he encourages her to view it as Christ-like service and if you're not happy about it, that means you are not being Christ-like enough. Like I said, I could be misreading the author's intent but I do not think this is actually a healthy article for young moms to read. It seems, down the road, we will have a lot of burned out, resentful moms. The Savior cleans up our messes but we are supposed to accept his sacrifice and repent, love him and be obedient his commandments and always remember what he has done for us.
  11. I do not agree with this style of litmus test but in politics, none of your business doesn't cut it. Demonizing someone based on hereafter beliefs or religious based moral judgements is not healthy in a free society. How someone is willing to protect legal rights for all is much more pertinent.
  12. And yet his initial non-answer/evasive answer was unacceptable....which led to him eventually stepping down. His private religious based thoughts were unacceptable to his party. The Democrats this year stated they did not pro-life candidates. That is their right as a private organization.http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_58fa5fade4b018a9ce5b351d?ncid=tweetlnkushpmg00000016&section=politics
  13. Yes...but that doesn't stop reporters from asking probing religious questions or Bernie Sanders. If the majority believes personal religious beliefs are not desirable, being a Christian could cause the problems that this U.K. Leader faced.