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  1. bsjkki

    Death during church activities

    I can’t find a news story to link to but personally know a woman died this week driving back from trek. Others in the car were injured but will be fine. I had a friend die along with two of his children driving driving for youth conference.
  2. How many people do you know that have died while participating in church activities? I know of 2 and I know one who is a paraplegic due to a car accident on his mission. The other two died in car accidents while driving for youth activities.
  3. Thanks for stressing this. I was excited to learn the youth and adults will be studying the New Testament next year in Sunday School. Hopefully this helps the youth not have 8 lessons on the same topic each month.
  4. I don't think so. But, the Come Follow Me lessons are updated and added to each year. Teachers should be adapting the lessons to the age group they are teaching. When I have taught Sunday School, usually only one or two items from the lessons are covered and discussed so ideally, there should be variety in the lessons and they would never be the same year after year. The problem comes with the topical nature of these lessons. In July, the youth are still getting 8 lessons on ordinances and covenants. That is where the problems are. I often find my mind wandering after hearing the same topic repeatedly. In Relief Society and Priesthood, they are discussing the same topic for 6 months on the 4th Sunday. Now imagine if that same topic was covered twice each Sunday for a month. Boring.
  5. You are making me depressed. The old primary manuals were outdated. I don't like Come Follow Me for youth because the same topic is discussed with the youth 8 times in one month across Sunday School and youth classes. It is a recipe for boredom. The old Gospel Doctrine lessons were not great. Seminary has gone more "topical" too. Maybe the basic topics of the Gospel are being hit so hard because we are not doing well with them. But, there is an overkill factor where everyone just tunes out due to boredom and repetition. (Stake conference in my area seems to have two topics: missionary work and temple attendence. I have also had issues with the "branding" of gospel initiatives. The "hastening the work" slogan was especially irksom. It fed into many of my families "end of the world" theories and they took it as a sign of the times. Personally, I would prefer delving more deeply into the actual scriptures in classes and learning the stories from the scriptures and putting them in context. I hope that is what is focused on in Primary. I don't think we know our scriptures well enough.
  6. I think it depends on the quality of the teaching. We recently had a new counselor called to Sunday School. He was a terrible Gospel Doctrine teacher and now he is supposed to teach the teachers how to teach. SMH
  7. The old manuals were needing an update and the church history manual was inaccurate. This is great news and I'm also excited about Come Follow me for adult Sunday School. Gospel Doctrine seriously needed an update.
  8. bsjkki

    2 hour block

    My kids have had some good teachers and some really awful teachers out here without full time CES instructors.
  9. This is great news! Can't wait! https://www.ldschurchnews.com/latest/2018-07-06/lds-church-to-release-new-home-primary-and-adult-curriculum-in-2019-to-improve-scripture-study-47545 https://www.lds.org/church/news/church-announces-come-follow-me-for-home-sunday-school-and-primary?cid=HP_FR-29-6-2018_dPTH_fCURR_xLIDyL1-B_&lang=eng With further research, I think this also means Come Follow Me is coming for Adult Sunday School! Double Yay! https://www.lds.org/languages/eng/content/manual/instructions-for-curriculum-2019/instructions-for-curriculum-2019?lang=eng Sunday School Adult and Youth Sunday School NEW Come, Follow Me—For Sunday School (14716; New Testament) Gospel Principles Class Gospel Principles (06195)—a course for investigators, new members, and members returning to activity.
  10. bsjkki

    2 hour block

    That sounds awful. People have very different ideas about what is appropriate. Planning the Ward Christmas party is a minefield of differing expectations. With youth activities, I like the mix of purpose and fun but most of them should be things that can not happen on Sundays...more hands on. The youth have Seminary and Sunday church and should be doing other things during the week.
  11. bsjkki

    2 hour block

    I have some that love it and some who look like they’re being tortured each week. The men in our ward seem happier in primary than the ladies. A lot of the ladies like going to Relief Society and feel deprived if they are not there. (On the other hand, I am one who views Relief Society as a form of torture.)
  12. bsjkki

    2 hour block

    Would this make people more willing to serve in Primary or less...hmmm. (I'm sorry to say a lot of Primary teachers do not enjoy their calling.)
  13. The sooner you realize Bishop's aren't going to be perfect, the happier you will be. Just like with any calling, many do their best, pray, seek for the spirit and try to listen and do things right. Some are really good at this but not perfect. I don't expect that I will be made perfect in the performance of any of my callings and the Bishop will also learn, grow, make mistakes and so on. He has the authority to make these callings and run the ward but he will not be perfect...don't expect it. I think we should be cautious in villifying Bishops nor should we expect they "exercise special powers of discernment." They have authority and discernment and we hope and pray they get things right more than they get things wrong. When they get things wrong, the consequences are great and hurt many, many people. The church has come out with stricter policies to protect the youth because it is hard to know who the bad guys are...even for Bishops.
  14. This is where the hyperbolic discourse gets us.
  15. The nation is incapable right now of having a rational conversation about immigration policy. The media stirs up peoples emotions so that there is no way to compromise. I would like strong border and immigration reform but it isn't going to get through congress. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/23/us/politics/republican-voters-trump.html Even if Mr. Trump wasn’t at the center of the national conversation, Ms. Anders, the Loudoun County business executive, said she thinks that the country would still be polarized. But as long as he is, she said, people on the right and the left will probably continue to dig in based on what Mr. Trump does and how his opponents respond. “It all coalesces around Trump,” she said. “It’s either, ‘Trump wants to put people in cages, in concentration camps.’ Or, on the other side, ‘Oh the left just wants everybody to come into the country illegally so they can get voters.’”