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  1. One of the things behind JustServe is that the church has found that there are a lot of times organizations that already have their feet on the ground. Rather than coming in and starting competition it is better to help the charity that is already there. I love what the church has done for this area where refugees and asylum seekers are concerned. There are so many churches here helping and they finally got together. One of the churches hired someone to be in charge of it all and all the other churches work through her to get things done. One really good thing about JustServe is that you can choose what kind of service you want to do. Just have an hour to do something. There may be someone in your area that needs that. How about a weekly position where you come in for the whole day? One of the charities may have that. Want to work in the arts? Do a search on the site for that. Or with the elderly? You can filter for that as well. And if there isn't something for you now there might be next month. Some of the things I know people have done: sewn bears for children's hospitals moved furniture into refugee apartments done a drive for diapers donated a pair of used glasses or an old phone yard work painting a house crocheting or knitting scarves, gloves, toys served food to asylum seekers translated for refugees or asylum seekers sorted clothes donated to a children's home cleaned books donated to a home for abused children sorted food at a food bank sat at an information booth for a motorcycle show the city had passed out water to runners at a charity run prepared a meal for a newly arrived refugee family painted pictures on a wall inspired by the art created by the needy children in the home (abused, foster, I'm not sure who the home was for). driven meals to the elderly entertained the elderly in assisted living with music, stories and art gathered jackets from school's lost and found areas (where children had long past picking them up) for the needy And that is just the tip of all the things that could be done.
  2. To sign up for the reminders Giving machines will be in: Denver Gilbert, AZ Laie, HI Las Vegas London Manila New York City Orem, UT Salt Lake City San Jose, CA
  3. I'm not wading through 4 pages to see if I remember right on this so sorry if it has been repeated. It seems someone was worried about names showing up on the (not sure what to call it) ledger that can be given to parents to see how the account stands. I asked for one yesterday. There are 3 types of contributions that have been made on it. One from us, one from my son and one from another ward member. All 3 have shown up as "online donation". All have a reference number - each donation has it's own reference number, not each person so our donation in September is different than the one in October etc. The only way I know that someone else has made a donation is that I know the amounts that we and my son have donated and there is a donation amount we didn't do. So if you want to donate online without the missionary's family knowing you are safe to do it online, provided their family is not in a position (financial clerk, bishop etc) to know.
  4. I would probably like Halloween more if I didn't become a diabetic at age 9. Kind of puts a damper in things. I think it is fine to dress up, but I don't want to do it. My exercise class was fun on Thursday when about half the class dressed up. Basically as long as things are not gory etc I have no problem with other people participating.
  5. Great idea. Let's not be extreme: if you dress immodestly, you are magnifying this problem by becoming pornography to some of the men who see you. You are so correct in this. So we really out to stop blaming young women and women for this automatic arousal.
  6. She has not had the best day today. You made her smile and she said she appreciates it.
  7. You did it much better than I was coming up with, but it is in the direction I was trying to go - asking him questions so he can think through it and make his own choices. I suspect that is how many loving YW leaders would handle some of the more extreme cases with young women.
  8. Just confirmed with my daughter what I said above. She had a good thought to add. Anything that we are talking about is "relative to the body". Too short? That's relative to where it falls on your legs. Too low cut? Relative to where it dips on your chest. Too tight? Relative to how it hugs your body. Or how my daughter's relative compliments her on having modest prom dresses? Relative to how it looks on her body and boy, does this make her feel uncomfortable.
  9. I think I would have asked him questions or had one of the YM leaders ask him questions. Depending on the situation (you obviously know more about him: first time to church, short on funds, going through a rebellious period etc) and being prayerful and loving about it they would be somewhere along the lines of: What are your feelings about what is on your shirt? Did you have a reason you wore it tonight? How do you feel when you wear it? What reactions do you get when you wear it? Just some kind of questions that give you more understanding of why he wore it. Then I would have to go from there as to what I would do next. The difference I see in this and the modesty idea, as calm sort of talked about, is not that the picture was modest by any means, but when you remark on a girl's modesty she sees you as looking at her body. When you remark on someone's picture on a t-shirt, generally, it is unconnected to her body in her mind. So personally I am going to treat it differently. But I've never been in YW or YM so maybe I just don't know better.
  10. So how many people have you approached to warn who were smoking? Or chewing tobacco?
  11. THIS, THIS, THIS. This is exactly what I have been thinking. Imagine being date raped by someone in your ward or stake and then hearing talks or lessons like this. Can you just see them start to question? "I didn't wear a sweater to church. I must have been pornography to him and caused him to rape me." Of course that is wrong, but when you get told you are the defense for the man, you are becoming pornography, you should wear pants to girls camp because there will be priesthood leaders there, but the boys don't need to, you should wear baggy clothing because it is turning the bishop's son on etc and then you get raped? Is it any wonder that this modest young woman or woman feels she caused it? My heart weeps for these women. Stop teaching the application of "dress modestly" and spend more time on increasing understanding of the doctrine that God is our Father, the principles of faith and wanting to be like him and then ask others to consider for themselves "what do you feel you should do (apply) when you have a testimony of those things?"
  12. I would really suggest calling one of the hotlines. They are not just for dire emergencies. They can give you some info that may help before it comes to that.
  13. Prayers going out for him and you Tacenda. I can't imagine how tough it is for you. Have you thought of calling a suicide hotline?
  14. On another thread Tacenda posted: "I am sorry to piggy back on this thread, unable to create topics. Just hoping for prayers for my husband, his stomach pain has returned. He is doing odd things like taking off without telling me, or not answering his phone when I call, not helping a friend that needed it ( he never does that), and getting all of the titles out for his motorcycle, and four wheeler and now thinking of selling them. He mentioned just ending it, he's done this before. Also, he thinks his family (some of his kids) are all going to crap because theydrink occasionally, especially around Halloween this past weekend with parties etc. Thank you, I've no-one else to ask this because if I toldfriends/family he would be so mad."
  15. Rain

    Need prayers

    I'm going to start a new thread for you. Something like this I would be happy to do for you any time. Just message me. I'm sure the others would be happy to do it as well.
  16. Rain

    Need prayers

    I hope things are going well. Praying for you.
  17. I haven't forgotten about this. I'm looking into scriptures, talks etc. Meanwhile, thinking out loud here. One side of me would agree that we are accountable for influence. The other side not so much. If someone tells me to do something then that influences me not to do it. If they tell me to read my scriptures are they responsible for the influence of not reading my scriptures or the intended influence of reading them? It all gets kind of sticky especially when you throw in relationships, past experiences etc. So while I can see Alma being specifically able to tell Corianton that he was accountable for his influence on the Zoramites because he knew hearts and situations can we really apply that to unintended in all situations? (I'm guessing Corianton did not intend to influence the Zoramites to not listen to Alma, but was more self oriented and didn't even think about them when going after the harlot.) So let's say that a well endowed young woman is at youth conference and her shirt gets ripped. She borrows a shirt from a friend and because of her size her cleavage shows. A YM sees and starts to have normal body responses. Does this mean she is accountable for her influence on the YM? I really don't think so. Both Corianton's and the YW influence was unintended. So it isn't just an intended/unintended thing. It seems to me part of Corianton's accountability comes from his role as missionary. This goes along with our accountability in a parents's role. If we are talking about role's then it leads me to the idea that the YW has no accountability of influencing the YM because she has no stewardship there and no intention. Still thinking and reading on all of this, but one thing just keeps getting in the way. If we are specifically talking about how immodest dress affects YM I think the idea of influence doesn't really apply - our bodies have normal and natural sexual responses. This is not a bad thing. If a boy looks at a modestly or immodestly dressed girl and has these responses he has done nothing wrong. The problem comes with what he does with those responses and at that point the girl with with no intended influence is out of the equation. I'm debating on starting a new thread about influence and accountability because of this.
  18. By demeaning, I wasn't talking at all about how we understand it differently. "One must listen very carefully. And then think about it a whole bunch. " It is the implication that one who doesn't feel the same hasn't listened carefully enough or thought through it enough that is demeaning. And honestly, I don't have enough trust in you that I would want to talk with you about it in the temple especially with you in the roll as teacher showing me where I was wrong. I have discussed it with my husband as equals.
  19. Would love it! Not just to have your awesomeness next door, but to share the carbs. It's really nice when he shares with the neighbors.
  20. This is demeaning. The idea that those of us who don't see or agree with him in this matter must not have listened carefully enough or have been thoughtful over the matter. He has talked about it enough on this board that I am pretty sure I know what he is talking about. One time he was pretty clear and I specifically went through the words for what he was talking about because I had never noticed anything like that. I heard it - I just don't agree that it means what he feels it means.
  21. My husband would have a real problem with this. He would want to make the cinnamon rolls. He would likely do it and create some kind of art out of them. He once made rolls for something I was at. It was done on a big silver cookie pan. It was Santa Claus. Some of the rolls were shaped as the curls of his beard. Two as his cheeks and one as his nose and so on. No one wanted to eat it because it looked so good. I finally had to take one so that others would and then they all talked about how good it was. Today he is excitedly making jack-o-lanturn breadsticks, whatever those are, but I think the design is one he saw online somewhere.
  22. Our ward does a chili cookoff and trunk or treat. Most years the missionaries get to sample all the chilis and judge them.
  23. Trying to be clear here. Is this what you meant to ask when you asked:
  24. I'm not sure about that. Your post has me questioning. I will have to look up some scriptures, but timing is not good. Feel free to remind me if I forget to get back to this.
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