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  1. Home/Visiting Teaching to be discontinued

    I don't think it makes a difference in the big picture. Home and visiting teaching has always meant ministering to me. I do think that for some they will start to understand that better. I know for my companion that has been the case. She has prayed more fervently over the needs of the sisters to know what she can do. I have been reading his book, "Increase in Learning". He talks about how knowledge (learning in our mind) and understanding (learning in our heart) need to be followed by action and that becomes intelligence. Intelligence is a changed nature, the nature of God. He talks strongly that some wait to be acted upon, but that doesn't change you. You MUST act to be changed. That is up to each of us individually. My husband, whose dad had a sheep farm, had a goat when he was little who watched out for him. Before his dad sold the farm I saw the goats one day. There was a big pile of manure in the middle of the field. One sheep started going around it and the rest followed around and around. Now we both think that maybe we really don't want to be sheep because they are not the brightest animals! It does really emphasize how much we need the Savior though.
  2. No more First Presidency messages?

    This is exactly what my husband and youngest does with one of the families they home teach. They are not allowed to give the first presidency message (the home teachee already read it) and my husband is not allowed to give it. My son asks what the teachee would like the lesson and then spends time in preparing it. And it is the opposite with the woman they teach. My son is supposed to ask her a question and then she voraciously studies it that month so she can tell them about it.
  3. Thoughts Re: "Veils"

    This reminds me of when I out lotion on my mother-in-laws skin just after her surgery. I do not do well with injuries. When I lifted her gown I wasn't expecting staples and almost chose not to do it, but I did anyway. It became, as you said, a sacred experience and I am so grateful I got to experience that.
  4. Thoughts Re: "Veils"

    I too have a problem with the veil over my face. I start to get overheated and that is part of my problem. I hold it out to the best of my ability so it is not touching my face. I always thought it was just me! I never guessed other women struggled with the physical discomfort as well. I have the same problem as calm with the ties. Sometimes I feel like I can't breath if the tie is tight enough to actually stay on. Unfortunately I have tried the other veils and I just can't keep them on. I bought one with a comb some time ago and was excited, but my hair is fine and the comb just wouldn't stick. It's really frustrating.
  5. Rep point. Just to be clear. I wasn't talking about money I donated. I bought the items, but was reimbursed out of the primary or RS budgets. There are many items personally donated by members and that's what I was talking about when I said "giving us opportunities", but what I was trying to show in the bulk of my post was that there are many places where the church gives to the poor and needy, but you may never know because they are not in the budget where you would normally expect them to be - so even if the church put out a general "this is where the money goes" thing out there you would miss many things happening on watd and stake levels.
  6. The $1.4 billion is only "humanitarian" aid. The church has other forms giving to the poor and the needy as well. "Welfare" (which benefits non members as well) is one of those. There may or may not be others. Last fall I bought sewing items for my cub scouts to make sewing kits for refugees. Last spring I bought food items for them to make treats bags for an organization who gives them to poor and often abused women who need to go to court with their children so their children can have something to eat while they wait all day. Neither of these came out of the humanitarian fund or the welfare fund. They came out of the primary budget and was probably about 80% of what I spend for the year. A few years ago I suggested anther thing to my RS and that came out of the RS budget. The Just Serve website cost and still costs money to run. Is that part of the Humanitarian budget? I don't know. It is not like the other things mentioned so there is a good possibility it is not "humanitarian". I have seen a lot of good things that have helped the poor and the needy through it. Just yesterday I met a family who found an organization through it and donated lots of food and hygiene kits. Many times ham, paper dishes and other things are donated for funerals - some of that comes out of welfare budgets. Sometimes it comes out of RS budgets. Those people may or may not be poor at the time, but they are needy and I can tell you from personal experience how healing it is. I would expect that other projects have come through other budgets as well, but are never going to be reported by the church as money given to poor and needy because it came out of another budget. "Humanitarian" money shows just part of the picture. I'm sorry if it seems like I am pounding on this. It is just one of the few things I know about and the more I learn the more I see how much I, personally, am missing of where the church IS giving to the poor and needy so it frustrates me when the church is criticized over a tiny sliver of evidence. It truly amazes me how often I find the church is helping here and there and then on top of that giving us opportunities to open our own hearts even more. It's beautiful.
  7. I don't think we can tell this. Now I can understand how some would like to be able to see this, but since we don't have the figures I don't think we can really know how we stack up against others. One of the things I like is how the church supports agencies that are already out there. They have found that it is often better to do that then start up a new program. The organizations already have connections, education, know how and we can learn from that. Then the church comes in and helps with money or volunteers. One organization I know has received 3 grants this last year from the church - 99% of the people involved with that organization have no idea about it. The organization has also shared with other charities how to also get this help. Basically I'm saying that the assumption shouldn't be made that the church doesn't help enough unless you see the whole picture. I do see a lot of needs. That is one reason I asked, "where is money NOT being spent?" Do you know of needs specifically where the church is not spending it, but should? Where should the church draw the line of decorating a beautiful temple and spending on charity? I know that I have this same conversation with myself and my husband and the Lord - is the Lord ok if I eat out tonight? What if I buy a decoration for my home? A new car? Or should I always eat at home, have no decorations and buy old beaters so I have money left for the poor? If you and I are both Christian and have inspiration should you, I and the church all have the same line? I've always found it kind of funny that we needed to go to a 4 fold mission. To me caring for the poor and needy was part of perfecting the saints. Now it's emphasis is just more pronounced. It's not like the church suddenly went into action with it - they have been caring for the poor and the needy since the beginning. It's how Relief Society got its whole start. It's how fast offerInga came about. And disaster relief that has been going on for a long, long time. And education in more poor countries. Perhaps adding the 4th thing up helped members who weren't getting it understand- if so then that is a good thing. And the church might communicate better about taking care of needs now. I just don't feel the church taking care of the poor and needy is anything new. I highly reccomend a tour of the distribution center in Salt Lake and time spent volunteering in welfare square. It might help you see much more than you have.
  8. Family struggles with an unbeliever

    I'm so glad things went well! So glad you were brave and talked with him and that he was understanding. I hope things go well for you.
  9. Family struggles with an unbeliever

    Tell him. He can't help you where you best need it if he doesn't know. Tell him how you felt alone. Tell him if you want VT or don't. People lead best when they don't have to play guessing games. Give him the opportunity to be a strength to you. One good thing coming new into this ward is that bishops are generally more aware of how people have faith struggles now.
  10. Where is money not being spent, but is needed?
  11. Brigham Young and the Love of God

    I agree that as a prophet there should be things that he should understand better than others. There is a responsibility he has to teach so he should understand. It's kind of like as a mom - I have things I need to understand better than my children. I have a great responsibility to understand. I need to teach my children to eat, to brush their teeth, to be honest. Yet there are times, many times, where somehow it works that children teach their mother and it works. My sister taught my mom makeup tips. My daughter has taught me compassion by example. My youngest has taught me things about fitness. I am still the parent. I still have that responsibility, but God in his wisdom has allowed us to be taught by our children and we them. So if a prophet needs to learn something as well then I am ok with that. We learn from each other.
  12. Brigham Young and the Love of God

    Years ago I was visiting teaching. The sister was telling us her troubles. I started to feel this great, almost overwhelming love for her. I asked Heavenly Father, "what is this? I know it isn't MY love for her?" He let me know this was a tiny portion of his love for her. I agree that we don't fully understand. We do not have the capacity to understand.
  13. You are right - the topics are not the same thing, so after this post I would appreciate if we stay on topic. I am aware of what you are talking about. I know about it through you. I'm not sure if you realize how much you have talked about it and what happened with your inlaws. Is there anything you can do about that situation now? Then please to it for yourself. If not then I would try to let it go. It seems to weigh so heavy on you and I would love to see you free from the pain of it.
  14. Does that say something about how you are supposed to give 10% of your estate as your last tithing check?
  15. The odd thing with my friend is that she is upset about how the will was written, but the church wasn't getting anything. She basically said that someone had too much influence over the deceased before he died and got the bulk of the estate and cheated the rest out of their entire share and even cheated the church out of the "last tithing check". This is just another reason why my husband and I expect nothing from our parents and will be pleasantly surprised if we get something. He saw his extended family torn apart when one family member got much more than the rest and we don't want to make the money/things more important than relationships when the time comes.