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  1. Rain

    In case it turns out you are wrong...

    I try to understand what God wants for me and wants me to do. I try to be where he wants me to be. If, when trying to follow God, I don't get it right and he consigns me to hell that would be a cruel joke and makes me think I would prefer to live in hell than to live with someone who would treat his child this way.
  2. Rain

    In case it turns out you are wrong...

    My husband does semi conductor circuit design. He kind of laughed. He said some of quantum electrodynamics works, but there is some real crazy quantum electrodynamics that they are not sure about yet.
  3. Perhaps I have it wrong, but I got the impression that he doesn't understand how people "who are clearly smart and intelligent" get different answers/conclusions than he does which makes me believe he does NOT believe only stupid or uninformed people choose differently than he does, but quite the opposite.
  4. Rain

    Come follow me

    Ours are given out last week. They are also in the gospel library app where it includes videos.
  5. Have you ever learned something new and then you hear about it on the news, read about it in a magazine and then see a picture of it at the place where you work - all totally unrelated? Or maybe you asked your child to go get a jar of jam out of the storage and they couldn't find it despite you telling the shelf and position, but when you went to show him - there it was. Or sometimes there it wasn't. There is perception and reality. Most of us consider our perception as reality. It's possible you now perceive that Jesus isn't there that often so you have stopped seeing him there when he is obviously there. It is also possible that you didn't see him because he wasn't there that much. I think those critical of the church often don't see Christ, or service or any other thing because their perception often blocks the way, but those loyal to the church may not see when Christ, service or other things are not there because their perception blocks reality as well. So I think we need to ask, "Lord, is it I?" occasionally or ask if we are perceiving things realistically. To be humble enough to ask him to see reality. If you are looking for one answer you will be unlikely to find it. The answer is as varied as the people. Some may not have had enough teaching of Christ. Some need to deny Christ's existence to justify living against the truth/faith. Some are blocked to reality. Some have had such a bad experience that it has changed their feelings on the Savior. Some never tried to have much of a testimony. I suspect that giving any specific reason about why people as a whole no longer believe in God after leaving the church usually tells more about the person's perception than reality. A LOT of non LDS Christians quit believing in Christ. I know from my non LDS based message board many more atheist former other Christians than from our church. Unless you are also participating in circles where there are not a lot of members of our church your perception of your LDS circles may be blocking the reality of the world in general.
  6. You are right that one should teach others how it is done rather than to judge, but I've found that usually one needs to have the support of leaders for this to be effective. I don't mean that the leader tells you or the ward that something is a good idea. I mean that the leader shows by example that support. Over and over I have seen, in many different examples, that if I change the way I do things or show an example of those things I may have a couple of people change, but to make any lasting change the leaders need to do something. So I will continue to teach what is right, but I think it is ok to be aware of and discuss that my example alone will probably not be enough and show that there can be differences in my ward and stake beyond my control.
  7. There is a big difference in working in a career where you will hear these kind of things from people that need your help and having bishops and stake presidents who have done those things. Obviously people move around, get sick and released etc so this changes, but if one lives to age 80 in the same home with no boundary changes, one can expect to have about 16 bishops and 8 stake presidents. But let's be more generous to account for moving etc and double the number to 48 total. Specifically speaking about your career how many former/present bishops and SP with adultery/pedophile problems do you see compared to all of the people you see? If every 7 in 48 people you see is even a bishop or stake President I would be a little surprised, but I wouldn't question it from you. If every 7 in 48 were a bishop/SP with adultery/pedophile problems I would be much surprised, but wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility. Now if we start talking about the general population of bishops/SP, 7 out of 48 really becomes questionable.
  8. I've created a couple of templates for Light the Lord that can be imported to ToDoist if you have the premium version. Light the World daily Light the World weekly
  9. Rain

    Un/Re-adoption in Wasatch

    I get the impression we are not told a lot of things for privacy reasons even though some of the things shared seemed quite open. This though could really paint a big picture; "who can provide her with the socialization and continued relationship with God that she desires." The family lives in isolation. At 10 this girl could easily have strong feelings in her faith. She may have been part of choosing to be adopted a second time. She may have always had questions about being adopted and many adoped children do. She may worry she won't find her biological parents while in isolation. There is just so MUCH we don't know to make conclusions. The article gives no clue to faith of the family. While the business is based in Utah it works nationally and internationally as well. The only thing that could be taken as a clue is their location, but it could also be because of Utah's adoption laws or even because those in our church had compassion when seeing cases like this all over the world. Really, we have not near enough info to have any idea of the former faith of the family. I realized as I was reading the article that my extended family has 2 connections with 2nd adoptions. Sort of. One of our family adopted a child. A few years later they found they couldn't handle him. He had developed a some behavior issues that may be caused before birth, that they were told was the worse case professionals had seen. Meanwhile, mom and sibling also developed some mental health issues. The family just was no longer equipped to deal with him so he went into foster care that also went badly. Another family member adopted siblings who were previously adopted. In that case the children had been abused by the first adoptive family and were no longer allowed to stay with them. And yes, all 3 of the children are unstable now though I don't know how much was caused by 2nd placements/adoptions and how much was caused by physical concerns in utero, disorders and abuse.
  10. Rain

    I just wanted to say

    I like to ask people why they are stating something or why they are doing it in the way they did. I find that while many times I was right about their behavior, sometimes I have assumed things they did not mean. So I ask them because sometimes I actually am surprised and barriers get knocked down a little bit.
  11. Rain

    I just wanted to say

    I've not noticed this in any of my wards. I noticed this in my last ward, but not this one. I suspect it has more to do with age. More than half of our last ward was retired. I've found this has more to do with the teacher, rather than the students. No, I've not noticed anyone saying it.
  12. Rain

    I just wanted to say

    Serious question. Why are you reacting in this way? Was there something she specifically said that gave you the impression that men are to blame?
  13. Rain

    This American Life

    I have had a concern with many of the "defenders" of the church staying more and more quiet on these threads for that very reason. Sadly, it has shown me how I have been dismissive of the concerns of people in other situations. I think we really can disagree on things without contention. And it comes back to what I have been talking about for a long time. We need to listen as Heavenly Father listens to us. I may reply to this again and add stuff, but now I am running out the door.
  14. Rain

    This American Life

    That's good. I've been here awhile and still get caught when I shouldn't engage.
  15. Rain