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  1. While I think anxiety has increased I think it may have increased less than many assume it has. My father-in-law is very sweet, yet years ago when I described what I went through with post partum depression, he told me he didn't believe it exists because no one had it in his day. Having studied it I knew he was wrong, everyone just hid it. My husband has some great anxiety issues. He had no problem on the football field, but ask him to make a phone call and it is a whole other story. Being able to text has made a world of difference to his anxiety. He would have loved to have it when he was executive secretary. And his parents were so not helicopter parents. What is that quote? When we know more we do more? From what I have seen, being connected can cause more anxiety, but it also just makes the issues more well known and the different methods help some people be more a part of things than they could have before.
  2. Rain

    Pres. Nelson Op Ed

    Agreed. He follwed that into the gathering of Israel and challenging us to pray for way each day to help gather Israel. I know he had talked about Gathering in other places. Has he talked about the Abrahamic covenant in other places recently?
  3. Neither I, nor my husband, heard anything about not recording it. I actually thought about doing it and then thought they would ask us not to. Then I didn't hear it ever being asked of us. Is possible we missed it.
  4. Rain

    Recording meetings and Sunday school

    This reminds me of parents. Mom talked about dad snoring occasionally and he would deny it. One day when she was taking a nap he grabbed the tape recorder and started fake snoring into it to show her she was the one with the problem. Mom was in the RS presidency and he managed to add that snoring to that week's tape which hadn't been listened to by any of our many shut ins that lived in our ward.
  5. Rain

    Recording meetings and Sunday school

    Years ago many wards recorded RS on cassette tape and the tape was given to shut ins. It never even phased me. Now that everything can be spread across the world in a number of seconds and I have seen so many, very heavy, out of context reactions it can mean a huge difference from those early cassette tapes. Lives have been ruined over simple mistakes people make or misunderstandings of what they say.
  6. Rain

    Mike Stroud anyone?

    I know some people have a problem with people getting paid to speak because they feel it is priestcraft, but the BoM says that priestcraft is teaching false doctrine for riches and honor. So if they are humbly teaching true principles and doctrine with a modest amount earned it isn't priestcraft.
  7. I am surprised they would do it this way. Ignoring the pressure problems with this - even if I wanted to donate it is unlikely that I would have anything to give. I rarely have cash and don't carry checks. A lot of people won't have room in their budget till the next payday. So you will have a few people donating out of pressure, but many people not donating because people don't plan to be hit up for FOS and donate at sacrament meeting.
  8. Rain

    Shrinking pains

    I think the problems with shortened church are problems that have always been there. Some wards and people struggle with it and some don't. We have not had a problem with going over time in our ward or extra meetings etc. Actually, we have had less of a problem, which surprises me. I wonder about the meetings doubling. Have they doubled because of the shortened time or was it coincidentally needed because of problems in the ward? If because of the shortened time and you are a part of the meetings then I would say something about it and if that didn't change things I would let them know that I am making my family a priority over the extra meeting.
  9. Rain

    Shrinking pains

    It isn't silence though. In the rare moments it happens that is not just the awkward waiting, testimonies are being born silently. There have been times when people have stood up and said they were only getting up because no one else was and I wished they would not do that because they were missing those quiet unspoken in voice, but spoken in thought testimonies. It is very sweet to experience that.
  10. Rain

    Shrinking pains

    I am 50. I find it glorious, but then I never expected to live this long. Now I'm hoping for a good many to come. I'm not really looking forward to 51, but that is just because I have this number thing and don't like the number 51. 52 will once again be great.
  11. Rain

    Mike Stroud anyone?

    I doubt you will find him at TOFW. Not really the subject they look for even if there were not the problems discussed on this thread. The only reason TOFW was brought up in this thread was because someone said to listen to the Spirit and mustard said that some people feel the Spirit at TOFW and she doesn't get it. Nothing about Mike Stroud being there.
  12. Rain

    Mike Stroud anyone?

    TOFW is fine. It is not for everyone, but the one I went to was good. Yep, there was some emotional stuff, but no more than I have seen anywhere else. If you remember one of the missions of the Spirit - to confirm truth then it is no wonder that many women, and men, feel the Spirit there, as the speakers talk about the atonement, repentance, service, fulfilling our callings etc. It also has some beautiful music even if that kind of music isn't liked by some.
  13. Part of a possible problem with burying bodies may be state laws. Things may have changed since I took a death and dying class 25 years ago, but at that time some states required a vault to be buried in even if you were not buried in a casket. There were also some laws about transporting bodies across state lines needing to be embalmed. So if you are looking at being buried in any kind of a "natural" way it would be good to see what your state laws are.
  14. Rain

    Come Follow Me

    Yes, that's why I quoted above. While I can adapt things easily I do like a sense of order, so the idea of studying the next lesson on a day it is not dated for was bugging me more than it normally would for some reason. Doing it for personal study for the week isn't working well as 3 of the 4 of us have other things we are studying so we came to the conclusion we would do it just for family study on Sunday and my high school senior, who is spiritual, a good kid etc, is not liking the idea of reading through it, following the ideas etc. We are in a bit of a conundrum.
  15. The claim to be Christian came from the Book of Mormon where those who followed Christ were called Christians. It surprised me one day when an online poster who had left the church talked about how we never claimed to be Christian when she was growing up, but now we are doing it to be accepted. She missed the reference in the Book of Mormon and all the teachings that back up the name and claim. But to your question. I have an uneasy relationship to the one bi person in my family, but it has nothing to do with her being bi and everything to do things she says about a lot of things and how she says them. I still love her, try to treat her well, hug her etic.