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  1. You can always change your withholding...though if you are not paying fines for under payment it's almost always better to pay than get a refund.
  2. I wouldn't have noticed the date either, but noticed his name right away in the title. It helped that our had a star, meaning I had read it before, but the title wasn't familiar from the last few days.
  3. My definition is someone who believes Christ is God/Son of God and atoned for our sins so I would consider anyone who believes that way to be Christian. Then I met a woman online who identified as Christian, doesn't believe he is God, didn't atone for sins, but was just a prophet. So do I consider her christian? Not really, but if I were discussing her views with her I would respect that she identifies as christian because label wise she is technically correct even if she doesn't fit my definition. It's one of the reasons I don't worry if someone defines Christian with the necessity of God being Trinity and don't consider me Christian. I figure Christ knows my heart and that's really all that matters.
  4. This has been one of the hardest things for me. I was very much dealing with it when everywhere I was going I was hearing about mothers with faith. You know it logically, but it slammed against the wall that no matter how much faith I had I couldn't change the agency of my children. I absolutely hated hearing about faithful mothers for awhile and still it isn't easy. And that's where I just have to keep going back to trusting God. It has never been all on me.
  5. Since this talks about Come Follow Me - I wonder how many people feel like they have failed as parents because Come Follow Me isn't working well for them, especially when it seems to work so well for others. We currently have 2 children at home (17 and 20). Both are good kids, gospel oriented and spiritually minded. As a parent with our family CFM sessions it has not been easy. In fact it has been frustrating and I get a little irritated when I hear "it is surprising because some of the best families are not doing it" because depending on what comment my son might make you might think they were talking about us. Not that it matters what someone else thinks, just it isn't rosy for all if us even if families where everyone participating IS spiritually minded so I can imagine it is tougher when everyone is not. I think we are finally getting to a spot where things are going well. We just needed to adjust things to fit what our family needed. That is going to be different in every family and will change as people change and come and go. And that was stated from the start - that you fit it to your family, but when you hear all these great stories of it going well, and condemnations you perceive of your family you may start to think "something is wrong with me" when really it just takes time/prayer to see what fits for you.
  6. I learned some time ago with my children there is nothing I can do to change the past and I made some real mistakes, so I can only trust the Lord and look at the present and future. Heavenly Father knows that I, like my children, are still learning. He knows that my children were going to have a mom that didn't understand how to do it all when they were born. The atonement is not only there for my children, or there for me, but also there for me as a mom. So I have to go back to Elder Scott's talk, "I Have Given Unto You An Example" where he shares things like, "Remember, loving them is the powerful foundation for influencing those you want to help." Then I have to go to something the Spirit said to me about one of my children, "You don't know my whole plan for him." So I trust God, or sometimes work on trusting Him, that even with my imperfections as a mother He has a bigger plan for my children and I just need to remember "Giving them confidence in your love can help them develop faith in God’s love. Then through your loving, thoughtful communication, their lives will be blessed by your sharing lessons you have learned, experiences you have had, and principles you have followed to find solutions to your own struggles. Show your sincere interest in their well-being; " and when the timing is right "share your testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ."
  7. I didn't state that well. I was thinking of different things that have once been considered doctrine and now are not. Not knowing my history nearly so much as most here when I said "if it is doctrine" I meant that if it were ever considered doctrine, the fact that I don't know about it now makes me feel sure it isn't now. I was giving myself an out in case someone came back and said, "well in 1902 it was doctrine." Nature of the board. Lol
  8. If we think eternally (and I'm not sure how to explain this, it just came to me and feels right) they don't return so much, but more so they weren't quite all repented of yet so it seems returned. But because of Christ's gift, if we keep trying, we will eventually make it up that last step - there is part of that gift of Christ: once we make it past that first last step we will make it past that last step automatically for every set of stairs/every instance of that sin.
  9. I think it comes from the idea that part of repentance is forsaking the sin, so if we do it again then that must mean we haven't fully repented so the sin is back on us. Imagine a set of stairs - if we do all the steps of repentance and still fail at the last step it doesn't mean that we have fallen down all the stairs. It just means we didn't get up the last step before others were added. So it will be harder to repent the next time because you still have that last step, but you won't have to do 2 full sets of stairs.
  10. I've never heard of it. If it is actual doctrine it certainly isn't discussed much.
  11. Feminism did nothing to erase responsibility from men or the doctor. It is and always has been there. If a woman chose to have an abortion it is she who made the choice and was responsible for it. If a man supported it in anyway that was and still is his choice and he is responsible for his actions or lack if actions. If the doctor performs an abortion the doctor is responsible for the choice of doing it. Pro choice advocates are asserting that they get to decide what happens with their own bodies, but really they had that choice before. With pro choice now what they are really doing is choosing the HOW it is done - legally, in medical offices etc, not that they get a choice of whether or not to do it, where they didn't before. Because of this and because they were always responsible for different things doctors and men are still "on the hook". And all of this conveniently ignores the choice of the child, but if you are comparing the who have the choices and responsibilities in this life as the OP is then bringing the child's choice is a different issue.
  12. It is not wrong for BYU to make decisions that affect students the rest of their lives. If someone rapes another student and BYU turns them over to the police and they go to prison that will most assuredly affect the rest of their lives and I don't think anyone would disagree with that. If someone is hacking into the grade system and changing their own grades and getting paid to change the grades of other people the consequences of that will affect the rest of their lives and I don't think that is wrong either. People do stupid stuff all the time and have lasting consequences. Part of repenting is living with those consequences. Hopefully they learn from them. I have no problem with BYU having an honor code or having an honor code office. As an oldest child of a controlling parent I had no desire to go there with the rules determined for me, but for some people it works. The problem is determining what the appropriate consequences are for each individual and determining where the line is of when and how BYU should step in. I think that is going to take some discussion and it really does need to apply to individual circumstances. I do think it would be wise to review past cases, but that could also a huge problem.
  13. I really struggled with the talk. I'm trying to get myself in a good place to be ready to read through it with the Spirit when the transcripts are available. I don't plan on really saying anything more than this post till I have read through it. To be honest I didn't notice any calls to repentance at all. Perhaps I zoned out. Perhaps what bothered me so much is the only thing I can remember. I am perfectly fine that salvation is an individual thing. It was the repetition of the exaltation being a family thing line that hurt. Technically I know that families are sealed together, but in reality I have no comprehension of how that works so I have always trusted that we will have more light and knowledge on that. I just sat there through the talk thinking "how can it be a family thing when not everyone in the family wants to be a part of it and there is nothing I can do when agency is essential?"
  14. If I like your post am I betting you? Because I was about to like it and then worried that I would be betting something I didn't want to bet.
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