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  1. Sounds good. I'll have to remember when I am on the computer and can see your sig line.
  2. I did not know you lived close. I would love to have lunch with you if you are interested. No problem if not. Just pm me if you are.
  3. Yes, I remember the MTC experiences from 30 years ago, but knew a lot had changed. Just getting his call changed since they come by email now. I knew there wasn't the meeting thing anymore. I had assumed we got him to Utah and to the MTC so we were thinking fly him up and then grandma takes him to the MTC and then I read the request tickets thing. I think there was a number listed there. I'll have to try to call when they are likely open and ask.
  4. My sons mission info says that "if needed" he should request plane tickets to get to the MTC. I'm wondering if that means financially or distance. Asked the bishop and he said he thinks it means financially, but he isn't sure. Anyone know?
  5. Nope, but it came with a low which sometimes make me giggly and act drunk. 😁
  6. Not trying to make light by any means, but I have a hard time believing you would feel the same way if you replaced God with Santa - for many people losing their belief in God is similar to losing their belief in Santa.
  7. Yes, changed it. Though I was shooting up insulin at the time.
  8. There probably are some who feel shame. I know when my brother and I were young and he started drinking and doing drugs I felt some of it. When he went to prison I felt it more. However, as I have matured I have lost all of that shame/embarrassment. When my son and sister started separating from the church I was past all of that. My deepest concerns were for their eternal happiness. Embarrassment has not been a part of my feelings at all. What I conclude from this? That embarrassment has less to do with church and more to do with maturity and how comfortable you are with yourself.
  9. I agree with the grief process for many. I had to go through grief just leaving an organization I was a part of when I moved. I finally hid posts of facebook from people in that organization till I could deal with my sorrow. I had to do that as well with friends who posted news a LOT constantly about their missionaries when my oldest decided not to go. (Coincidentally to this post I posted last night that my youngest got his call). I have wondered why people react so differently though. Sometimes I feel the anger is greater than for those losing a spouse or a child. From what I have seen and read the anger dwarfs by a long shot the anger over losing family members. And I have never seen someone in deep grief attack over and over for years like I have with some leaving the church. And then for others they quietly walk away and by their own words, they never feel those strong feelings. What makes the difference? Is it just personality? Some say it is the church culture or the church's fault that they have such a hard time, but if that's the case why is it not so hard for others?
  10. I'll tell you why I don't discuss things with my daughter-in-law. She is incredibly angry at the church. She quotes things and takes them completely out of context or says they say things they very much don't. On her facebook she rants and raves. My relationship with my son is somewhat precarious. There have always been things that haven't been great between us since he was fairly young. So many times he refused to communicate with us about what we said and totally misunderstood what those things were. Those two cling to each other. I'm grateful they try to cleave together. However, if I try to discuss the gospel with my DIL, even if I just ask questions to understand better and make no statements, I have no doubts at all that some of my questions will be misunderstood as accusatory and it will eventually pull my son further away from me than he already has after all of the work I have done to just "love him' as God as directed me. You bet I'm afraid. Knowing my son and how often he totally has read people wrong all his life and how much communication he misses ALL the time I have little doubt that he thinks I can't handle "the truth" and little doubt that a discussion with DIL will be seen, no matter how I present myself, as an attack on her. I'm absolutely afraid to have those discussions with her. I don't want to lose my son in the process. Little by little I am gaining his trust* back and maybe someday those discussions can take place sometime, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. *His mistrust was not lost over the church.
  11. I have noticed this and not just in Utah (I am beginning to think if you only notice things just in Utah you are blinding yourself to the things outside of Utah. The more we travel outside of Utah and the US the more we find what goes in Utah also goes outside of it). I have also seen it 80-90% of the time with men's callings, but occasionally see it with women. Nehor mentioned it happening with a subset of people and I think for the most part he is right. I do think it is a status thing for some people. Those people will not only give congratulations, but go overboard on publicly praising people for the service they give or how they raise their children etc. Not a cultural thing, but I have definitely noticed one or 2 people like this in every ward.
  12. If she were called out for counseling then the situation would be more like my needing breakfast and could be alone than for you going with your companion with a special assignment though. I'm not being dismissive nor am I likely to believe anything she says at this point without a lot of verification, but I just don't think your situation is that similar to what she describes as happening. And truly one of the big difference besides the nature of what you were doing is you are male and she is female, and differences in how we are treated, even today abound. I'm not a Denson cheerleader by any means. I just think if you are trying to get to the truth then it is important to also look at things that are contrary to what you want to have happened as well as what agrees with it. Either way, I agree that I would really like people who were actually there to speak up, though I don't know how great memory will be about it for those in class. I would be really surprised if any of the elders remembered me eating with the group of them alone. Why would they? I remember having had an interview with my branch president alone, but I can't tell you a single thing about it or even what he looked like. I highly doubt those in class would remember me being called out, but may remember that a number of us or all were. The only thing I would expect from a memory from them were if she came back flustered or upset. Something to make the memory different.
  13. I was there in 1989. I had a companion that would refuse to come to breakfast. I am a type 1 diabetic and needed to eat breakfast. I was given permission to go alone. So being without your companion isn't unheard of, though I don't remember other times.
  14. I seriously doubt it will damage faith here. I think you may be reading things wrong. Generally I am getting it is not a SS topic because we don't know much and because it is not important to the now in SS, not that it is too deep and shouldn't be discussed or damage faith.
  15. No, but I don't think that makes it something we shouldn't discuss or that we cannot know. It's just something that may not be right for the relatively short time in a Sunday School class. It's a good or better thing for SS, not the best thing. Now at other times that is is going to be individual.
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