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  1. Some of the jacket thing may be related to the counsel of what looks best in pictures. If you notice, in at least quite a few years, when the choir sings they will all be in solid colors. That isn't the only advice we were given when singing in regional conference when I sang at the conference center. Another was to wear no jewelry or only pearls - things that don't flash in camera light or distract. Also, sleeves should be 3/4 or full length. I don't remember what all the rules were, but they all were things learned after years of camera work. A jacket will help or take care of a lot of the things they talked about with the cameras and give versatility to the outfits they already have.
  2. The speech has also bothered me. This conference I had a huge eye opening. One particular speaker was really bothering me. Then all at once I recognized that her voice was just like the voice of a friend of mine. The friend is amazing, has started a charity, moves furniture for the charity, drives a big diesel truck (not talking about a truck that most consumers buy, but one that is bigger than a uhaul and has the air breaks etc.), isn't afraid to get dirty, surrounds herself from people of all cultures and has such a tender heart. I recognized that the leaders voice may not be a put on voice, but a real voice from a woman who may be every bit amazing as my friend is and suddenly it all changed for me and this woman became much more powerful in my eyes. I wish that could help others, but I don't think I would have got near the picture I did of the leader without my friend.
  3. I agree about it being something that should be sent out before. I don't have a daughter out, but I was a little irritated that these sisters were needing to go out and buy them once they got to the mission, despite several of the moms saying they are usually able to buy them at thrift stores.
  4. Who told them to wear the sweaters and jackets? The mission president? The other elders? I would definitely be saying something about this to someone depending on decided it. Edited to add: I understand my son's mission president requires the sisters to wear suit type coats for meetings, but I got the impression that because it was required at meetings it was to be dressier.
  5. Just updating what I heard last night from our RS presidency about the Mesa temple and pageant. There is a couple who have been called to oversee the whole construction bit. He is in construction and is over that. She has written at least one book and will be writing a book that goes along with it somehow (didn't get the details). People are able to make appointments and come meet with her (and him if he is available). There you can learn the different things that are happening. This is what some of our RS presidency did along with others. So on topic with the thread: Mesa will keep their pageant. Something (more permanent if I understand correctly) is being constructed for it. The 2 big reasons why this one is being kept: 1. It is completely Christ centered. 2. Participants are local people. One other thing related, but not about the pageant - we've talked here about different requirements the church has of the construction workers. No swearing, no smoking etc. Besides explaining the sacred nature of it, Mesa (I don't know if all temples do it or not) has cookie day. I think one day each week. Each ward takes a turn and does something like a 100 dozen homemade cookies. These are bagged up and given to the construction workers. The workers love it and it has done a lot for how they feel about the strict rules of how to act on the grounds. They look forward to it every week.
  6. Before the 2 hour change we almost always had an intermediate hymn even when we had 3 adult speakers and 2 youth. Now we have it about once a month. Before the change we only stood once every year or two. I can't remember a time standing since the change.
  7. It depends on what you mean by "discourage" and "immigration". Immigrant means "a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country", but at least in the US, immigrant, refugee, asylum seeker, illegal alien, unaccompanied minor and other terms have different legal definitions. Working with an organization that helps many of these people, as well as the homeless and abused, I can tell you the church and other churches support those who are in need. It provides service missionaries and other means to do this. And we are not the only church discussing the gathering of Israel where immigration is concerned.
  8. I think everyone agrees that small temples are good for those areas for people with no money, which is why I feel there is more to the process than we know about.
  9. Think of a woman having a nice car, not fancy, just nice. Imagine her friend going around and telling people that the woman made a bad choice on the car knowing nothing more about the decision making than the car was nicer than what many of their group had. Telling people the choice was wrong and ludicrous. Now imagine the friend finds out that the woman bought the car on auction at a low price. That she chose this car because it was reliable and she was going to be driving a lot and driving into places where it wouldn't be good for her to have car problems. That the reason she would be doing that was to help people. Does the friend still feel she made a bad decision? Maybe, but at least this time the friend has a little more input as to why the woman chose that car. I got frustrated with your post, because as far as I was aware, you didn't know what went into the decision making. I don't know anything either. I can't make a judgment of why it would be a bad OR a good choice. I did start to question when they announced it though, "what are they doing or planning that makes them think this is a good choice?" I've been looking at where some of those small temples are going and at the unrest in the world and thinking, "hmm. That's interesting. I'd really like to know more how that all got decided." I'd love to pick their brains! So what about instead of deciding they made the wrong choice without knowing what went into that choice, people started trying to come up with positive reasons that might have gone into making it, because logically if the only things to think about were distance and finances of the patrons then the temples would be going in those places. I have yet to meet anyone in those kind of decsion making positions that were that stupid or snobby. There must be something more and without knowing those things I don't feel in a good enough position to judge their choices.
  10. You are right. The wording didn't set well with me when I wrote it. I should have spent more time wording it. I will go and retract the CFR and reword it even though I see Tacenda has already replied.
  11. What evidence makes you think you have enough insight into their discussions, pondering and planning process to say they made a bad decision? Edit: took out the CFR as ttribe correctly noted I was asking for a CFR on an opinion.
  12. Are you assuming that I assuned all those things? I did not. Nor did I go on a rant. Well actually, I did assume that you would be honest in what you said rather than "troll" for reactions. I don't find that productive nor do I find that it builds trust so I will leave you this topic and take care of how I talk with you next time.
  13. Apparently she is in good company.
  14. It wouldn't have phased me and you said yourself that most other people didn't take notice, but then I've spent time in Israel. I've been to mosques there and here. I've eaten dinner with Muslims. I've held their children. I've visited with them in their living room. I've listened to them expressing faith. What would I think if I saw smiling Muslim men in a group? That they were happy just as I would think if I saw my son and his friends smiling in a group. And if they were trolling for reactions like you think? Who cares? I've seen groups of young men who were white dressed in American clothes doing the same thing. Islam does not equal Islamic terrorist just as Mormon does not equal Mormon bishop child abuser. What the church is doing is showing that we are all God's children.
  15. You share my son's birthday. Happy late birthday! Unfortunately you forgot to add me as a facebook friend or I would have wished you both a happy birthday.
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