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  1. Holy Envy

    When I was in Jerusalem I went to the western wall on Friday night. Many groups of Jews gather there that night. You will see some crowded in near the wall and others all over the square singing together, often in big circles with arms around each other. Many are groups of youth/young adults. I thought then how much I wish we had a connection like this with our own people.
  2. Bishops interview with minors

    I think a child should tell a trusted adult who he is comfortable with. There is no position that automatically makes someone a trusted adult. In my last stake there was an elementary teacher that abused many children. He should have been one of those trusted adults, but was the very person the children couldn't go to. One day I was eating while my children were playing in a play place outside of a fast food restaurant. One of the 16 year old employees was cleaning outside and stopped to talk with me because she thought she was pregnant and didn' know what to do. You never know who will become the trusted adult. I don't want to tell children not to go to specific professions or callings or people. I'd like to make it as easy as possible for the child to find someone who will help them. The things you mention with a bishop could be a problem with anyone, so I want to give them as much room as possible for them to find someone they could trust. There are really good parents like this and I think it is very important to be approachable, but I'm another one who feels it greatly depends on the child's personality. I have one child that hid everything. I have one child who tells me everything. Then I have one child who sometimes tells me and sometimes doesn't.
  3. Coffee an Tea

    And all that makes me wonder. Those of you have joined the church later on or for a time drank coffee/tea and then gave it up - did you replace it with something else? I'm just thinking that if most people who have given up smoking when they realized how much it cost them in a year. I realize that giving up coffee and tea is much less likely to save you as much, but there could be a reason to live the WoW in regards to coffee that I hadn't considered before.
  4. Coffee an Tea

    It's only honest if it is actually true. Perhaps you need to go where people are serving others. I have seen and know many people who are giving up wealth and are serving others. A couple of weeks ago one of my friend's friend gave 1000s of dollars worth of furniture to furnish homes of those who have nothing. I know others who collect that furniture and furniture from others and put together homes. I know a person who pays for a warehouse that stores this furniture till it is needed and a woman who donates her truck to move it. I know women who travel an hour or more each week to teach English classes so that others can get jobs. I know people who cook meals for refugees coming in to the country for the first time and others buying several weeks of groceries for them. Then there are people who collect needed items from people here who ship the items to people in refugee camps. People who work in those camps and distribute those items. And all along the way people are praying, asking God to help them know how to give more and give best. And that's just one charitble organization. If you are not seeing these kind of things then go where you can see them before assuming religious Americans are blind and selfish. It's kind of funny to me that the WoW and charitable giving are in the same thread, but then I had to laugh because in not consuming coffee and tea then some of the people I talked about above have more money to buy groceries, which include coffee and tea, for others who have nothing.
  5. Youth trek historical accuracy

    Having just spoken with a Congolese refugee family and going to hear one of the lost boys of Sudan* share his story tonight I think that is a great idea! *if you are in the Phoenix area he will be speaking at 7pm at the interstate center (830 E 2nd Ave) in Mesa. Not a church thing - it is being sponsored by Lifting Hands International.
  6. Youth trek historical accuracy

    There is a difference in historically inaccurate and non historical. I think bringing in the hamburgers and shakes above (non historical) was a fun idea. I love it, but if they told how the pioneers had shakes (historically inaccurate) that would be a whole other thing.
  7. Youth trek historical accuracy

    Ahh. You had my son in your group (not really). The more people told him to drink water and put on sunscreen, the less he did so. He got pretty sick and ended up riding in the car one day.
  8. I am missing Activities Committees!

    Yes, if it isn't one thing it's the other. Some complain about breakfast for the party (I love it!). Some will complain about dinner. Some will complain because it is too serious. Some will complain that Santa is there. Some complain because it is always ham. Some complain because you didn't have the traditional ham. You just have to do your best and either ignore the complaints or let them know you are turning their name into the bishop to do it next year. I do get being overwhelmed. And I get the moving parts. I half suggest you don't answer your phone the day of the party and have a message that says "if you are shirking out on what you said you would do then find someone to replace you!"
  9. I am missing Activities Committees!

    I really haven't seen the "fun parts" lesson because of the change. It might just depend on the ward.
  10. I am missing Activities Committees!

    As a one time chariman, I would have loved to do something else as well as plan for the activities. It is one of those callings where you are real busy for a short while and then you have nothing for quite awhile. I did not enjoy the calling and was glad to get out. I'm not a big party planner. Having the ward counsel doing it makes more sense to me. I find that when all of the ward organizations are involved then there is more support for the activities. I totally get the idea of being a leader and being overwhelmed with one more thing to do, but I like seeing how much better the organizations step up in working towards the mutual goal.
  11. Garment changes

    The only time I have heard from a quasi-official source was when my friend went through about 5 years ago and I was allowed to go through the instruction with her, but I've heard it through many, like those here who have heard it through the instruction as well. There were 6 other women with all our moms/guides etc going through the temple when I first got the instruction. There was nothing personal about it for me. In fact, the matron kept calling us brides etc and it made me feel uncomfortable because I looked across the row and was the only one without an engagement ring and I was going on a mission. Bleach is not good for most garments - it actually will take out some of the white. Like calm said it is best to look up specific fabrics, but here are some general things. Living in Logan some of your problem may be hard water. Do you have a water softener? That should help with keeping them a little more white. (I love how much whiter they keep here in Mesa verses Riverton!) Using vinegar in place of fabric softener can also help with the Grey with the added bonus that it is cheap and also works as a softener. LIke others have said, sunlight does wonders for white. If you search for "garment white" there are a number of solutions to mix up which I haven' tried, but keep meaning too. Another idea is to through a color catcher in with the clothes. Don't know if it will work, but worth a try. I love that you are respectful of keeping them white!
  12. Confronting heathens

    I agree, at least at first. Most were willing to listen. To consider that I had something new and they were not concerned that my religion was evil. However, once a Christian was listening then they seemed to be more willing to xhange. To ask God what he wanted of them.
  13. I don't mean to be onery about this. I'm just trying to understand what I am missing. So you think that because the church uses a better written version that it means they are embarrassed by the other? Are you thinking you would be embarrassed by it and so the church may be embarrassed by it? I'm just not getting the connection.
  14. Why do you think the church may have been embarrassed?