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  1. It is relevant to some because they are wanting to see if you are willing to look past your biases, just as it is important for those arguing for the church to look past biases.. It has nothing to do with the statue of limitations etc.
  2. I'd consider doing the FAFSA . I know it is not usual, but my son's friend waited for his call something like 9 months and then had to wait something like another 6 months before he was sent out - unfortunately he lost his scholarship because he deferred it, but because the wait was so long they wouldn't hold it till he got back.. It hasn't been unheard of that many of my youngest sons friends have had to wait 6 months to go out after they got their call. Your son may be able to get another semester of school in depending on how long he has to wait, especially if it is the summer one.
  3. Before I looked in on this thread I wondered if it would be another post of Smac replying to you with link after link. Many of these I have seen at least 1/2 a dozen times if not a dozen. I don't always see things the way he does, but one thing he did very well is linking those sources. If you go back a page or 2 and more you will find these links. If you find something he says without a reference I would be surprised. If you do then please list it because I think he would be happy to link it for you.
  4. Rain

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    This is not true for everyone. It was definitely not true for my daughter's group of friends. We have been open with her and at age 20 she still comes to me with questions and I find we are more open with our kids than her friend's parents were. I find that many kids may have technically heard about things, but don't actually hear them with regards to sex and well...everything. Just because you have sort of heard about it doesn't mean you actually know anything about it. You only need to read what BlueDreams has written here to find that many people just don't have a great understanding of a lot of things. I do think it depends on your experiences, who your friends are, how much you watch TV etc. and that can really vary. My husband grew up in a very small town and learned about what sex was much earlier than I did in a city 150 times the size of his town. The difference being he was raised on a farm and my parents didn't talk about those things.
  5. You reminded me of one of my companions. Her doctor reccomend her not going anywhere hot or humid. She went to....Houston. She spent two months in the mission with me and before leaving she was on , I think, 10 different meds. The last doctor she saw said not to go in hoses with cats. We thought that tracting message would be fun - "we are missionaries....We would like to come in and share with you if you don't have cats." She ended up changing missions to temple square and health wise that was so much better for her.
  6. Why do you feel it is too short for stateside? I assume you mean for English speaking stateside since you were replying to a post about languages. As a sister, I'm hard pressed to figure out what the difference would have been for me had I stayed 6 months longer.
  7. Rain

    LDS dating/marrying non LDS

    This is one reason I believe we choose who we love: "We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms -- to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way. Viktor E. Frankl" I also find since realizing love was a choice that it feels so much richer than it did before.
  8. It will be interesting to see how that goes. I would think that it may not matter much - my son's friend put his papers in several years ago and waited months (it was either 6 or 9 months, I can't remember now). When the bishop would ask he would be told the call wasn't ready yet. Then he finally got it and a month or 2 later the call was changed to a new and just opening mission- so apparently the call still wasn't ready yet when he received it. I would think that this close if there was going to be a change then it could still work even if they had turned in papers.
  9. Rain

    Beauty Pageants - Good or Bad?

    I'm wondering if there are a lot of factors. I was thinking about Netflix and other streaming companies contributing to it going down. More and more I know of people giving up regular TV for it.
  10. Rain

    Welfare square and non memers

    My dad was there for several years. I just called him for info. The presiding bishopric is over welfare square as well as over all the world. They have managers below them that cover several states/countries. Then below that you have others. My dad was in the employment part and worked more with those who had a record. One of the first things he did was find out if they were a member or not. If they were then he worked with the bishop of that ward. If they were not a member he specifically worked with them in getting a job, but if there were emergencies and others that had to do more with food orders etc were not available then he approve food orders if needed.
  11. Are you saying that fast and testimony meetings should be on par with the temple now? Only those found worthy should attend?
  12. Besides, the 3 hour block is only 1.8% of our week. While I recognize there is time spent in the temple and doing our callings and scriptures, 1.8% is not a lot of time to renew the covenants and help each other to face the rest of the week and encourage each other to grow and serve others. That isn't too say we can't be more effective - I just don't think it takes enough time to mean we can't do service as well at another time.
  13. The church has looked into opening community services. What they found was that when that service was already in the community it was seen as competition and better than yours. They found it is much more effective and the best thing to support services that were already there. Funny thing is many people don't know or recognize the help the church is giving. My friend went to a meeting where one charity gave recognition to 3 other charities that helped them, but didn't know that all 3 were actually our church because they came from places like the "bishop's storehouse". There are actually quite a few things happening in church houses. My stake center has a group that has been doing exercise classes where all have been welcome for 30 years, though in a few different buildings. My last stake had exercise classes as well. I know of language classes and 12 step programs held in them. While I'm good with filling them more we also have to be aware of scheduling conflicts that happen because of that. One day I went to that exercise class and we had to hold it outside because there was a funeral set up. Not a problem then because it was during the winter in Phoenix, but in the summer it would have been tough. And besides that, if we are pulling church members to do the day care etc then we are pulling them from services in the community like I talked about above. This is one of the reasons for Just Seve. To support the community services already there that need our help.
  14. Over and over again, with everything brought up, it seems to always come back to this. There are a lot of assumptions made from little bits of half information all over the place and not just from Bishop and when I say "little bits" I really mean it. Volumes could be written about the case with the information we haven't heard. And then on top of that you have to go back to who to believe on the things we have heard. So meanwhile we go back to Denson saying she wants to help/protect others and I wonder if some of the abused/assaulted don't want to come forward now because they don't want to be associated with her and don't want to deal with their stories being torn apart.