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  1. After posting I decided to look for info on the church audit and found an interesting article. If you are interested, here it is; https://www.dialoguejournal.com/wp-content/uploads/sbi/articles/Dialogue_V48N01_112.pdf As for why they do it--My opinion is that it's been done for many years (it is not required, but started in 1915 to be a regular occurrence when Pres. Joseph F. Smith decided to do it, as he was tired of church leaders being accused of not spending the monies properly) and is a good idea. I think it's good for the security of the members(I like to know they are demanding an accounting each year) and it's good that they do an audit to make sure everything is in order and there aren't problems which might otherwise go under the radar.
  2. As Bluebell pointed out, and I can verify, they did not stop publishing it in the Ensign, it's in May 2018 and we can assume it will be in 2019 as well. If they are publishing it in the Ensign, why does it matter if the DesNews doesn't want to continue to publish a separate Almanac anymore? That's a business decision and they aren't obligated to continue if it's not a good business decision. Really, what is the reason you seem to think they ought to take precious time in the April Conference to share numbers? I agree, I think they are trying to phase out the reporting of numbers, but for some reason, I get the feeling we don't agree on why. I think focusing on numbers is detrimental--I know missionaries who's mission's emphasis was all about numbers and it was not good for the morale or the spirit. But, if anyone wants to accuse them of trying to hide the numbers, that's false, since they are published in the General Conference issue (under 'statistical report') for anyone to see. The auditing report is different, IMO. There's likely a reason they make an accounting during spring Conferences.
  3. Yep, publish it so it can be read, but it's a wise decision on their part to no longer waste time reading all that when it's not 'inspiring' and inviting the spirit, which is what we want and need from Conference.
  4. I think it's because they only have a very limited amount of time to teach and share what Heavenly Father and Jesus want them to share and it's only twice a year! That's not much time and when we tune in, we don't want them wasting time or focusing on earthly concerns. Numbers and statistics are not important--and they are not how we as members, should gauge our progress, so there's little need to emphasize them--I'd say it can even be detrimental to focus on numbers. And if anyone wants that information, it's not hidden.
  5. As to resignation: In my opinion, there is no reason someone should feel they have to resign their membership, unless they don't want to be a member any longer. Even if they are endowed and no longer want to keep their covenants, I think they can and should still remain on the records (unless church leaders decide to hold a disciplinary court and then it's not their decision any longer). There are plenty of members who no longer attend or believe--many were endowed; and unless they are annoyed with still being on the records of the church, I think they don't need to resign--but they'll have to put up with the occasional visits from members checking up on them and inviting them to come back. And just maybe, one day they will feel the spirit urging them to do so and they'll act on it. I've known lots of people who have come back, and I'm glad they were still in the records so they had occasional contact with their ward members and leaders to help them return.
  6. This seems like an odd scenario, but one that I can only consider means the person is not being honest with themselves. If they don't like keeping covenants, but like being a 'Mormon', that suggests that it is purely for the social, community aspects. So, for that person, there's no problem with attending church to socialize and support active family members, and it's up to them if they want to keep living and doing what they need to to keep their recommend. If they have an active, believing spouse, I think they have obligations to that person to not abandon the promises they made. But if it's all a lie--they aren't paying tithing, aren't keeping the word of wisdom or law of chastity or the commandments and they have to lie to get a recommend, then they are better off not attending the temple anymore and letting their recommend lapse, than being deceptive to try to keep it. That cankers the soul and doesn't do believing family members any favors. It just isolates them because they know it's a lie also, but no one else does, and that's a lonely and difficult situation to put them in.
  7. I think there's a lot we don't understand, and as humans, it's in our nature to want answers to everything, to be able to tie things up in a neat little box, but often doing so, means we close our minds to other possibilities. When discussing polygamy in the next life, my Dad would always bring up the claim that there are more righteous women than men and so they will need to be plural wives and we'd always end in a stalemate because I said he had no proof to make that claim. To him, it was what he knew--he'd been a Bishop (twice) and served in a Stake Pres. and so he had lots of experience working with members--and I don't fault his coming to certain conclusions based on his own experience. However, there's so much we haven't experienced and know little about. As Calm said, we had a whole pre-mortal lifetime before our mortality. I seriously doubt I only associated with the people I know in this life-I know that I had friends and associates who lived in other times. I think many people with righteous desires just don't have the blessing of an eternal marriage in this life--for many reasons -- first off, you have to find someone who wants to marry you, and that isn't that easy. You have to find someone you have some kind of special connection with, and then, it has to be reciprocated--then it has to be acted upon and you hope the person has the same goals, commitments and desires you do. That's tough in our fractured, frayed Society today, IMO. Heavenly Father sent us here to be tested, and it's a real test--it's hard! Our weaknesses and even our strengths are often turned against us, as we are put in life circumstances for our profit and learning for the next life. I believe that for some, not ever finding someone or losing a love they thought was for eternity, is a big part of their trial. Life is hard and it's meant to be--but to me, the biggest, overall test is whether we turn to God or turn against him, in dealing with what comes in our lives. If you put your trust in a loving God who's made promises to you, then you won't even consider that he could be unfair in his judgments. He knows the intent of our hearts and he knows everything about us. Pres. Lorenzo Snow had that kind of trust in a just God who is the embodiment of love, in regards to his sister's eternal future. We do proxy work for those who've died before us, and I'm certain that many of us will need proxy work done on our behalf --and with all the temples which will dot the earth during the Millenium, I know they will be used to make this work available for all those who desire it on the other side. 'Faith, Hope and Charity' are key to coming to comprehend the true nature of God, as well as our fellowmen.
  8. This is speculation as we have very little revealed regarding the next life. Yes, Pres. Nelson expects to be sealed to his two wives--of course, his two wives have to want this as well. Why does this theory assume that women are only allowed to be sealed to men in their own congregations? What would prevent them from being sealed to a man who lived a thousand years ago? Why does everyone assume that women are always more righteous than men--I reject that stereotype. Single men cannot be exalted either. Neither is the man without the woman or the woman without the man. And once again, the notion that single women who want to be sealed will have to be a plural wife, is based on the dubious assumption that in all ages of the world, men are always more wicked. If I was a man, I'd be offended. There's no way to prove this assumption and I personally believe this is false and narrow-minded and one of the lies Satan has promulgated. I hope Navidad will take note that a lot of members of the church would disagree with your views.
  9. I'm sorry to hear you have 'zero faith'. You can change that, you know. Read Alma 32 to find out. As for being with someone else for eternity, I realize a lot of spouses are probably just fine with that, but I'm not. My husband, for all his flaws, is who I want to be with for eternity--so I won't be choosing to abandon him, no matter what. Now, that doesn't mean he's forced to remain with me, because he has agency too. If my husband chooses otherwise, I trust my heavenly father wants my eternal joy and I will trust him. I'm not going to spend my life second guessing and distrusting God with the limited information I have here. I have all faith in him and I bet because of that, I'm a lot happier than you. Faith, hope and charity make all the difference in this life, and I suspect, in the life to come.
  10. Never give up on your loved ones, NEVER. Eternity is a very long time. Satan influences us to see with blinders on, to think with 'Natural man' limits rigidly in place. Satan keeps us firmly grounded in this world, in it's flat, finite way of thinking and perceiving things, so that we are never able to actually see outside our little bubble of mortality and when this type of thinking is allowed to grow, it will cause us to make some unwise life changing choices. I don't know what the eternities will bring, but I know what God has promised--I will not let my faith in God be eroded by the lies Satan whispers about God. Satan doesn't want us to believe or trust God and he does a very good job of continuing to drive a wedge between us and cause us to cut ourselves off from him and his spirit. This is a great talk on this subject, and one quote that needs sharing; https://www.lds.org/study/ensign/1997/02/when-our-children-go-astray?lang=eng I personally believe this counsel can apply to all our wilful and wayward loved ones, not just our children--
  11. And where did you find these 'doctrines' that you are certain this is how Heaven and and the eternities are going to be? Personally, I don't think you or anyone who told you these things has actually seen the future or the eternities to make this kind of judgment--they are 'speculating'--a practice that all too often teaches falsehoods, causing more trouble than good. What I do know is that your 'doctrines' would make Heavenly Father a liar if his faithful children must lead an eternal existence of loss and pain. Personally, I'm going to trust God, rather than the speculations of men/women.
  12. I hope you won't take offense, but really-- Oh ye of little faith!!!! I understand exactly what Elder Holland is saying, heaven will not be the same if my husband and children are not with me, but that was a risk I took when I accepted the plan of Salvation, knowing that neither I nor God can compel anyone else to want to spend the eternities with me--Heavenly Father set it up and he's going to lose a lot of his children--because he will not force them. Each one of us has agency to choose and so yes, there's a very real chance that my loved ones, whom I've been sealed to, will choose another way. But, I trust my Heavenly Father and I trust the plan he set up. It's been called the 'plan of happiness', not the 'plan of broken promises', the 'plan of dashed hopes' or the 'plan of misery', so I am going to put every ounce of my faith and trust in the fact that God cannot lie and his plan really IS a 'plan of happiness' and he knows me and I don't want to be some stranger's third wife or never see my loved ones again, and will make sure my eternal existence is going to bring me joy beyond my wildest dreams if I do the things he's asked me to do and live up to my end of the covenants I've made. At this point in time, I have loved ones who are not striving for the Celestial realm and if nothing changes, we won't be together, but I absolutely trust that God did not set up a system where I did everything I was supposed to, but yet, I'm miserable, missing those I love, forever. Eternity is an awful long time and that's not going to happen, because that would make God a liar.
  13. Well then, if simply commenting (even sharing evidence to support or question) is viewed as 'speculation', I guess I'll not waste my time even commenting. But personally, that's not how I perceived it. If, however, that's how the majority perceive it, I can't fight the majority.
  14. In some things God does not change, but in others we have evidence he can and will release us from requirements; He explains that he does give commands which for varying reasons are then revoked. It is not just 'men's policies' which end up having to be revoked. See Doctrine and Covenants 58:26-33
  15. I guess these are some of the things on your wish list. That's fine, but I'm not interested in speculation with no evidence or wish lists; I come to these types of threads, hoping there might be something that actually has some information shared which might support it. That's probably asking too much and I guess others like to speculate, so these threads are probably not for me--but I'm still sorry I wasted time keeping up with this thread, since it was 46 pages of 'fail'.
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