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  1. He'll need to clarify, but wasn't he referring to tithing settlement, NOT a temple worthiness interview? I believe Phone calls can be used for tithing settlement in place of a face to face interview. I don't Bishops text worthiness interviews.
  2. I don't see how the church has any other choice. Sam Young chose a defiant and very public way to present his complaints. He's apparently encouraged other members to 'oppose' the church leadership as well. As you say, he also chose to hold his public 'hunger' strike at a time when the Catholic church's problems with pedophilia are being brought up once again, allowing the press to run with this--suggesting that the LDS church has a pedophile problem too. IMO, it was no accident, Young wanted to inflict maximum damage. And, the church had already made changes to youth interviews--that's what was so surprising about Sam Young's bringing this back into the public. This was a non issue.
  3. If you look at the letter he receive, it gives the reasons a disciplinary council is being held. From this it's likely that this is a pattern of behavior and his local leaders are aware of his activities and they've been going on for a while. From the explanation offered, it would seem his 'hunger' strike was not the only reason he's being called into a disciplinary council. I don't expect this is a surprise to him and most likely he chose to end his membership in the church with something which would garner more publicity and cause more PR damage to the church. I'd bet he'll not resign and given his publicizing the letter and continuing his stand of opposition to church leadership, I expect the outcome will be excommunication.