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  1. You seem to have indoctrinated yourself into some false beliefs.
  2. I never associate you with anyone. I said it was a conspiracy theory currently bandied about by white supremacists to justify some of their unsavory ideas and white western culture. Ergo, it's better not to spread conspiracy theories and wait for actual evidence. I do not for one minute think you are a white supremacist.
  3. I don't know, would you label David Duke a white supremacist?
  4. If you're claiming it was arson by some shadowy cabal of anti-Catholics (the recent conspiracy theories include Satanists and Muslims) without evidence, then it's a conspiracy theory. Maybe wait until a thorough investigation is conducted? White supremacists and other kooks are spreading this all over the place. Never let a tragedy go to waste, I guess.
  5. Like I said, unfounded. Thanks for demonstrating. Right now there is no evidence to support this conspiracy theory. Lots of nincompoops on the internet trying to sow divisions started it up.
  6. Prosperity gospel is a scourge.
  7. We had to pay money back rather than getting a refund. Can we deduct 10% of that from our tithing? 😛
  8. Maybe include a drawing of some brass knuckles next to that proviso.
  9. No, I don't believe that the specific form of adultery you're talking about is closer to being legitimized in the church. Nor would I ever compare monogamous same sex marriage to adultery. I have no interest in guessing games, thanks.
  10. What statistics show that? First, I would be very happy if that minimum step were happening. I'm not aware that it is. But some volunteer chaperone isn't likely to be a real security professional, and isn't going to be enough to ensure that the predator doesn't start targeting more victims. I skimmed through it. The conclusions from that article seem to be that current strategies have not reduced the rate of re-offense, not that isolating them made them MORE likely to reoffend. If I missed something crucial would you mind quoting it directly? I would suggest some kind of special outreach ministry might be more appropriate than shepherding wolves in to sit with the sheep.
  11. The Lord didn't express any such thing. The eisegesis you're parroting reuses a phrase from Jesus but uses it to make the opposite point, contradicting Jesus' teaching to his followers. We are men of action. Sophistry does not become us.
  12. Maybe that's why child predators find churches such an easy place to find victims.
  13. How does allowing predators greater access to children reduce recidivism?
  14. I was talking about child molesters, although it's still creepy and inappropriate for a 22 year old to have sex with a 16 year old. I don't think your example merits life in prison, but some punishment is justified.
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