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  1. Well, you could be right. Who knows? I'm skeptical, though. I'm thinking the social thing is the biggest driver both for people who stay and for people who leave.
  2. At the end of the day the inspired people are the ones who can look beyond the prejudices of their day and can envision a better way forward. MLK was one such inspired person. That's the meaning of revelation/inspiration, IMO.
  3. Bishops interview with minors

    I'd love to know as well. I think early early in the church you were supposed to confess your sins in public, as in to the congregation. Sounds like an awkward F&T meeting.
  4. Adam-God and Idolatry

    Is it? It's a belief in the FLDS church, but I don't believe that many LDS hold to it.
  5. Bishops interview with minors

  6. Bishops interview with minors

    I have a recollection that the church successfully argued in court that they have no duty to report.
  7. Bishops interview with minors

    Yes. They need to stop making exceptions for bishops.
  8. Bishops interview with minors

    What I mean is it's an excellent opportunity for abusers, when called to that position, to have unfettered access to children. I do think being called to the position helps, but once an abuser is in the calling, all bets are off. Even beyond that, I consider invasive sexual questions a form of sexual harassment. It's fairly normalized in the church, so people don't even realize they're being abusive. It's a tradition that turns people who wouldn't normally abuse into abusers. They think they're just doing their religious duty.
  9. Bishops interview with minors

    I've been told that children of gay parents don't lose out on anything by not being baptized until they're 18. So the same must hold true for worthiness interviews. yes?
  10. Bishops interview with minors

    In our building the bishop's office has heavy doors with no windows. Another person in the other room will not protect a child from abuse. Cub Scouts den leaders and primary teachers are required to have two adults in the room at all times when interacting with children. That's a good minimal safety standard, but for some reason that goes out the window with this tradition of worthiness interviews.
  11. Bishops interview with minors

    I think one finds the same defensive posture when discussing abuse and practices that lead to abuse in the Catholic church. Pretty sad.
  12. Bishops interview with minors

    The tradition of bishops/counselors conducting worthiness interviews alone with kids provides an ideal playground for abusers. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/865683563/Former-Mapleton-LDS-bishop-accused-of-drugging-assaulting-2-teens.html
  13. Bishops interview with minors

    Some bishops will protect the abusers to keep scandals hushed up. Far better for victims to tell a teacher, who by law must report to the authorities.
  14. Sure, but how long can they keep that up? I think people like that are at greater risk for disaffiliation.