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  1. Scrutinizing general conference

    The nice thing about this line of argument is that it can be used by anyone at any time to bolster any viewpoint.
  2. That argument would only make sense if someone said she couldn't have a gun. Newsflash: she can if she wants to
  3. Higher Crititicism == fake science

    If that's how it worked, Hillary would be president. She surely was ridiculed sufficiently.
  4. Mormon 9:22–24 vs Mark 16: 15-18

    I'm not talking about positivism at all - I'm not sure where you're getting that. I'm simply saying there are no historical tools to evaluate miracles. Of course these kinds of beliefs are taken seriously. That's a big part of historical criticism after all. But the historian can not use her historical judgement to say whether Jesus was divine or not. That's a theological question. The question for the historian is what the writers believed, and what the people they wrote about believed and did. These beliefs are taken seriously, but historians don't weigh in on whether or not you or I should share those beliefs.
  5. Women are locked out from most leadership positions, and assigned an inferior position to men in part of the endowment ceremony. You can say that it's the will of God but it's clearly a second class arrangement for women.
  6. Because you're in the dominant group, you currently get to choose one way or the other. Lucky you!
  7. It's going to be the day when there are enough members of the church who recognize this sin as sin and the dominant culture shifts. For now we'll keep imitating the Roman system, I suppose.
  8. Nope, no misunderstanding. Do you understand what second class means? For instance: This describes the status of women in Mormonism to a T. And men are of course are the dominant group. This is sinful. But I'm confident we'll come to our senses eventually.
  9. Women occupy a second class status both in church organizational structure and in temple liturgy. Someday we will repent for this error.
  10. Facebook conversation

    Maybe life itself is the miracle; improbable events are just built in to the whole miraculous system. That's just the nature of the cosmos.
  11. Higher Crititicism == fake science

    For reference for the OP: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_criticism
  12. Paternalism is one of the go-to defenses for discrimination against both black people and women. Why not red heads, I guess?
  13. I was being a bit circumspect in my language. Slave is another word I could have used. It's one thing to be a slave to God, quite another to be one to a church leader. Manning was given a special position of celestial inferiority by virtue of being black. One would hope that this would be cancelled eventually