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  1. As I’ve previously stated, women in the wards I’ve live in, participate as much or more than the men. As for Fast & Testimony meeting, I spend most of them wondering if any men (other than the member of the bishopric who kicked it off) are going to get up. But that doesn’t fit with your narrative, does it?
  2. In the wards I’ve been in, women contribute in Sunday school as much, if not more, than the men.
  3. I am baffled as to why this would be “sad”. I had several experiences while I was investigating the church (and after), that left no doubt. Why would I turn to man’s claims and “evidence” when I already had everything I needed directly from Heavenly Father?
  4. Thanks for posting the link to that video. It was awesome!
  5. You are either woefully or deliberately ignorant if you think the stipend is “career comparative”.
  6. Light banter? Characterizing repeated posts belittling the church and it’s members as “light banter” speaks volumes about - well - character. What herbal “tea” actually is, is clear and simple and easily understood with even a modest amount of intelligence. But church critics who are desperate for any opportunity to attack, will just flat-out lie in a feeble attempt to serve their purpose. Too bad for you, I guess, that the posters here are smart enough to see through the lies. I have no more to say on the subject. As boring as my life may be, I still don’t have endless hours to spend online, as critics apparently do. And I have no interest in interacting with people who choose lies over truth when it suits their purpose.
  7. What do Jewish dietary laws have to do with it? Yes, I know the word ‘kosher’ has been co-opted to mean something other than its true meaning of having to do with keeping the laws of kashrut (which, as a former Orthodox Jew, I am very familiar with), but a ridiculous question does not deserve a serious answer. Even after eight years in the church, I am still amazed at how church critics cant wait to jump at any excuse to belittle the church and its members.
  8. Maybe you could make a few....umm....editorial?....changes to his work. 😈
  9. They help adults, as well.
  10. Olive Osmond Hearing Fund. Found at hearingfund.org
  11. And how was that going to happen when you deliberately associated with people whose goal is to drive people away from the church?
  12. Dictionary definition of ethnicity: The fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition. Nowhere is race mentioned. You can have different races within the same culture or nationality. I am always suspect of people who insist that Judaism is a race. Some of the reasons why should be obvious, but I am not going to discuss this further in this thread. Non-Jews who insist that Judaism is a race are rarely willing to change their thinking. This thread should be about honoring those who were murdered - in their place of worship, some participating in a bris! - simply because they were Jewish. That this still happens is mind boggling, while at the same time not at all surprising. I suspect the synagogues will be more crowded than ever this Shabbos, and that when the Kaddish is being said, every single congregant will have these 11 neshamahs specifically in mind. May their memories be for a blessing
  13. Yes, when you convert to Judaism, halachally there is no difference between you and someone who is born Jewish. You are both simply Jews. This still does not make Judaism a race. And certain groups insisting it does, does not change that. Again, you can convert to a religion but you cannot convert to a race. Becoming a Jew does not magically change your race. If you’re Caucasian before you convert, you’re still Caucasian after you convert. You don’t suddenly become African-American, for example. I was Caucasian before I joined the Church, and I’m still Caucasian. I know a person who converted from Catholicism to Judaism, and then back to Christianity via The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Guess what? She remained African-American throughout!
  14. I’d be happy to share what I can. It might be more appropriate to send a PM?
  15. Judaism is not a race. Jews come in all races. You can convert to a religion, but you cannot convert to a race. Ethnic or cultural identity would probably be a more apt description. Halacha (Jewish law) is clear on who is a Jew. But when it comes to the question of whether or not a Jew who converts to Christianity is still a Jew, Halacha is less clear and you will get differing opinions depending on which rabbi you consult. Rather than take up so much time on this thread with my (inarticulate) explanations, I can steer you towards resources on the internet. At koltorah.org, there is a tree-part discussion on the relevant Halacha. Chabad.org is also a good resource. Mall that said, for me going to Sacrament meeting next week as opposed to contributing to a strength-in-numbers showing by helping to fill the synagogues next Saturday just feels......lacking? It’s just one of those feelings you cannot articulate without having experienced it.
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