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  1. 10 minutes to put in or take out contacts? I can’t imagine how anyone could take that long, unless they were wearing mittens.
  2. Not to mention the extreme risk of infection. I wear 30 day contacts, and it does not mean you leave them in for 30 days straight. You still take them out every night to clean and soak, you just don’t have to switch to a fresh pair until 30 days. There are 30 day contacts, two-week contacts, daily contacts, etc., but they all come out at night. Indeed, my ophthalmologist chastised me recently for leaving mine in 12 or more hours each day. He said they shouldn’t be worn that many hours, but I don’t have any back-up glasses.
  3. So you’ve actually met “most” members of the Church? And observed their lives on an intimate, daily basis? Because that is the only way you could make that statement with any degree of legitimacy. If you have such a low opinion of the members of the Church, it’s rather bizarre that you spend years interacting with them on the internet.
  4. I work in downtown Portland Oregon, and you have perfectly described the vast majority of protests I have witnessed (and been negatively impacted by) in the last several years.
  5. Then why are you here? I converted from Judaism. I don’t spend my time on Jewish boards, calling people names and denigrating their beliefs. Not that I would even want to do that, but I have better things to do with my time.
  6. As I’ve previously stated, women in the wards I’ve live in, participate as much or more than the men. As for Fast & Testimony meeting, I spend most of them wondering if any men (other than the member of the bishopric who kicked it off) are going to get up. But that doesn’t fit with your narrative, does it?
  7. In the wards I’ve been in, women contribute in Sunday school as much, if not more, than the men.
  8. I am baffled as to why this would be “sad”. I had several experiences while I was investigating the church (and after), that left no doubt. Why would I turn to man’s claims and “evidence” when I already had everything I needed directly from Heavenly Father?
  9. Thanks for posting the link to that video. It was awesome!
  10. You are either woefully or deliberately ignorant if you think the stipend is “career comparative”.
  11. Light banter? Characterizing repeated posts belittling the church and it’s members as “light banter” speaks volumes about - well - character. What herbal “tea” actually is, is clear and simple and easily understood with even a modest amount of intelligence. But church critics who are desperate for any opportunity to attack, will just flat-out lie in a feeble attempt to serve their purpose. Too bad for you, I guess, that the posters here are smart enough to see through the lies. I have no more to say on the subject. As boring as my life may be, I still don’t have endless hours to spend online, as critics apparently do. And I have no interest in interacting with people who choose lies over truth when it suits their purpose.
  12. What do Jewish dietary laws have to do with it? Yes, I know the word ‘kosher’ has been co-opted to mean something other than its true meaning of having to do with keeping the laws of kashrut (which, as a former Orthodox Jew, I am very familiar with), but a ridiculous question does not deserve a serious answer. Even after eight years in the church, I am still amazed at how church critics cant wait to jump at any excuse to belittle the church and its members.
  13. Maybe you could make a few....umm....editorial?....changes to his work. 😈
  14. They help adults, as well.
  15. Olive Osmond Hearing Fund. Found at hearingfund.org
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