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  1. And there has still been no response to the CFR regarding that detail. But I guess it’s hard to respond to a CFR when you have no documentation to provide. Funny that he hasn’t even bothered to provide another somebody-said-something “documentation”.
  2. Not to mention absolutely no proof of the baptismal font that was supposedly rendered unusable. Something like that - if it actually happened- would be common knowledge in the area.
  3. Elder Holland was not speaking of the march, he was referring to the protestors who appear at conference every year. You can spin and lie all you want, but it doesn’t change the facts. Elder Holland is a straightforward person and speaker. If he had wanted to refer to Sam Young and his activities, he would have done so clearly and directly.
  4. Twenty lashes with a wet noodle. 🤷‍♀️
  5. He already posted a thread here in Social Hall. “My Semi-Annual Contribution”, or something like that.
  6. When I was baptized (convert from Judaism in 2011), I was back in the dressing room, having just removed the jumpsuit, when a sister came in and informed me that we had to do it over. The official witnesses had missed the mistake. My bishop was not in attendance, but another bishop was there, and he caught the error. So, yes, I would agree that training is very necessary. I wonder who will do that and how it will be done.
  7. It always baffles me that people will whine about, and vehemently object to, dressing up for church, but will happily acquiesce to dressing up for work or any number of secular occasions.
  8. Three wards in Oregon. Two English speaking, one Spanish speaking.
  9. Even in waiting areas, there is a level of decorum, respect, and reverence that is appropriate to the temple. In the year between joining the church and receiving my endowment, I would go to the temple regularly to pray, meditate, and enjoy the peace and special presence I felt there. I would spend time in the waiting room, the atrium, and on the grounds. Some of the behavior I saw there was appalling. Noise levels more appropriate for a bar than a temple. A guy loudly bragging that he had used someone else’s recommend to attend a sealing, as he didn’t have one because “it’s just a bunch of BS”, kids treating the grounds like a playground (while their parents pay absolutely no attention to them), to the point one toddler fell into the reflecting pool three times, and bystanders had to rescue him each time. So, yeah, I totally get what the OP is saying.
  10. I don’t think it was a mistake. The OP is clearly so anxious to tell us that we’re all wrong, and he’s right, that he couldn’t be bothered to abide by the rules he agreed to when joining the site.
  11. Tacenda made a declaration as though it was fact. The burden is on her to back up her statement. If and when I make a statement of fact that you dispute, you are welcome to issue a CFR to me. Anyone who makes a statement of fact should have no issue with backing it up with credible proof, correct? However, you will never find me calling President Nelson a liar.
  12. CFR that President Nelson got this revelation wrong. Surely you must have some special inside information that allows you to make such a statement of ‘fact’.
  13. You don’t seem to have a point other than to engage in the same type of behavior as Tacenda.
  14. CFR that “people that join the church to commit these type of crimes”. And please do give us the evidence that this was true in this specific case, along with all of the other specific instances that you seem to have knowledge of.
  15. Your source is a cut and paste from “someone on FB”. You’re nothing if not consistent. You’ll believe anything as long as it’s critical of the church. I lived in Hillsboro during this timeframe and still live in the area. Every source I’ve encountered has reported that he was released from both school and church positions immediately upon discovery of the allegations by the entities involved. And I’m not talking about church-friendly sources, either.
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