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  1. Raingirl

    Solemn Assembly

    Same here. There are no words to describe the depth of the emotions I felt.
  2. Raingirl

    On Jewish/Mormon Relations

    So you want Jews to respect your religious practices, but you see no reason to respect theirs. How hypocritical. I was an Orthodox Jew before I joined the church. I am grateful that I didn't encounter the disrespectful and arrogant attitude on display here when I was an investigator, and instead encountered respectful members who also were not so narrow-minded as to refuse to see any viewpoint other than their own self-centered one, and also had the intellectual capacity to understand that other viewpoint. I am grateful for church leaders who have utilized their considerable wisdom and respect for others to put correct policies in place as they have realized that - sadly - their are those members who either lack the capacity to understand, or simply choose to be disrespectful.
  3. As someone who was an Orthodox Jew prior to joining the church, I found that "the church" already has a great understanding of, and appreciation for, Judaism. Some of the members? Not so much. But that's their fault, not the church's.
  4. If you don't think it's okay to lie, then you simply need to stop, and not try to justify it with more dishonesty by saying it's just your "opinion" or a "feeling". By your way of looking at things, I could say something like "Tacenda is a thief", because it's just an opinion or feeling I have, no need at all for it to based in reality, right? You say you don't understand why our leaders encourage temple attendance. If you actually want answers to that, there are better ways to find the answer to that question than by simply making things up. But it seems that you would rather criticize than try to actually understand. Which is too bad, because you are seriously missing out. You seem heavily invested in a vision of temples sitting empty and unused. Whenever I've attended my local temple, the parking lots are full to overflowing, and you'll likely have a bit of a wait to perform ordinances.
  5. "Hit a nerve"? That doesn't make any sense. You made things up out of thin air, and it's "hitting a nerve" because I pointed out falsehoods? Exactly what nerve would that be? If you have a problem with temples, why not state your case using facts instead of lies? Do you have no case without them? Why would you apologize if you don't believe there is anything wrong with posting falsehoods to attack the church? I think you were given some good advice from previous posters.
  6. You make a claim that temple hours have been shortened because they "sit empty so much", then you accompany it with a lame disclaimer that this is your "deduction" after looking at temple schedules. Wow. I would call for a CFR, but you've already admitted that your statements are nothing more than falsities created for the express purpose of criticizing the church.
  7. As usual, only certain voices/viewpoints are heard on this board. Or allowed to be heard.
  8. You don't understand why someone who supports and sustains the church's teachings on this topic, and its leaders would choose to weigh in? Would you prefer that only critics be allowed to speak, especially on this topic? Or only this topic? Take heart, because that is exactly the direction this board is going.
  9. Raingirl

    An Awesome Experience... 20 - 30+ foot waves

    So glad everything is okay. I saw the alert during the night (I'm in Portland) and thought of you. Saw some video of the sirens and announcements in Alaska to immediately evacuate for higher ground. Scary stuff.
  10. Raingirl

    New First Presidency

    I also watched the entire broadcast, looking for the "upset" and "despondent" emotions that you so stubbornly insist are obvious. I tried really hard, but I don't see anything remotely resembling what you claim is there. And there is the fact that Elder Uchtdorf himself has stated he did not have the feelings you are so desperate to assign to him. I am always baffled by those who insist they know the thoughts and feelings of another person better than the person actually having those thoughts and feelings. It's just not possible.
  11. Raingirl

    Cathedral bells ring out for President Monson

    The bells pealed for the duration of the funeral procession. I was moved to tears.
  12. Raingirl

    Thomas S Monson cars

    Your comment makes no sense. No surprise there.
  13. Raingirl

    Did anyone else get a Pro-Islam PM, here at Christmas?

    Same here. Along with a notification that they were "following" me. Weird.
  14. This is not true. I converted from Judaism. In order to be a member of a synagogue, you must pay what is referred to as 'dues'. The amount is usually set by the Board and is the same for everyone, be they a multi-millionaire or living on Social Security. You can appeal to the Board to have your dues reduced, but there is no guarantee of success. If you do not pay the required dues amount in full, you are not considered to be a member in good standing, and certain things are denied you, like voting on synagogue matters, and seats for High Holiday services. One could be a member who is very active at synagogue, doing lots of volunteer work, etc., but are considered to be of less importance than the wealthy members who pay their dues, and make donations so that they can attach their name to something, but never set foot in synagogue except for High Holday services once a year. And, yes, their is pressure in the Church to pay tithing. And you are considered to be less of a Mormon if you don't pay. It is treated as the most important requirement in receiving a Temple Recommend, even if it means you have to go without basic necessities.
  15. Raingirl

    studying the book of Mormon

    I've tried to study the Book of Mormon daily since I joined the church in 2011. No fancy process, just a goal of a chapter a day, making notes on whatever strikes me. When I get to the end, I start all over again at the beginning.