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  1. Cathedral bells ring out for President Monson

    The bells pealed for the duration of the funeral procession. I was moved to tears.
  2. Thomas S Monson cars

    Your comment makes no sense. No surprise there.
  3. Did anyone else get a Pro-Islam PM, here at Christmas?

    Same here. Along with a notification that they were "following" me. Weird.
  4. This is not true. I converted from Judaism. In order to be a member of a synagogue, you must pay what is referred to as 'dues'. The amount is usually set by the Board and is the same for everyone, be they a multi-millionaire or living on Social Security. You can appeal to the Board to have your dues reduced, but there is no guarantee of success. If you do not pay the required dues amount in full, you are not considered to be a member in good standing, and certain things are denied you, like voting on synagogue matters, and seats for High Holiday services. One could be a member who is very active at synagogue, doing lots of volunteer work, etc., but are considered to be of less importance than the wealthy members who pay their dues, and make donations so that they can attach their name to something, but never set foot in synagogue except for High Holday services once a year. And, yes, their is pressure in the Church to pay tithing. And you are considered to be less of a Mormon if you don't pay. It is treated as the most important requirement in receiving a Temple Recommend, even if it means you have to go without basic necessities.
  5. studying the book of Mormon

    I've tried to study the Book of Mormon daily since I joined the church in 2011. No fancy process, just a goal of a chapter a day, making notes on whatever strikes me. When I get to the end, I start all over again at the beginning.
  6. conference today

    And I, along with scores of others, clearly understood what Elder Oaks was actually saying, that the Family Proclamation was revealed to the Prophets by Heavenly Father, and most definitely not a "man-made process". Perpetual critics won't understand that, as they won't believe any revelations not given to the prophets in a manner that they demand, rather than the manner Heavenly Father chooses. Especially if the revelation doesn't meet with their own self-focused needs.
  7. Can I ask for some prayer please

    I am beginning to understand more fully how stressful this has been for you. The Eagle Creek fire evacuations are getting closer and closer and I am beginning to freak out. And to think some areas go through this almost every year!
  8. Can I ask for some prayer please

    Quickly out of control fire here in the Columbia Gorge, with an estimated 150 hikers trapped. Just watched a live rescue of one hiker by helicopter. Not in any danger where I am, but the smoke is heavy, affecting breathing and eyes. Glad you and your family are safe.
  9. BoM The Musical in SLC

    No, they are not. They are showing joyful faces that come from what happens after you read the Book of Mormon, INSTEAD OF seeing the play. Experiencing the real thing as opposed to a perversion of it.
  10. Daughters of eve articles of faith

  11. Observing the Sabbath

    So, you're saying that "real Christians" don't keep the 4th Commandment, then? Odd.
  12. Daily scripture study

    But there is more scripture than just that which is found in the Bible. This is a Mormon discussion board, so you should know that. I suspect your statement about "discernment" is very telling regarding that.
  13. I remain somewhat perplexed as to why a man who claims to be a member of the church never misses an opportunity to promote pornography and similar "activities". I ask this question sincerely - do you honestly think that Heavenly Father looks down on his children who have chosen the so-called career of performing sexual acts with random people, having those acts filmed and sold for profit, and for the sexual gratification of the viewers - that Heavenly Father is pleased? I suspect that you will refuse to answer the question, and will instead throw your usual snit. But I have no doubt that our Heavenly Father's response is not one of approval or of joy in such a choice. Or even a nonchalant..."eh, no harm done". I can only imagine the response being that of a heartbroken father, knowing the dark path they are choosing and wishing to spare them the heartache and devastation ahead.
  14. So predictable. Any time porn, nudity, "adult clubs" and the like are brought up in a thread - there you are rushing in to defend and glorify it all. And that you throw out a CFR, smugly confident that your viewpoint of porn being a wonderful thing cannot be challenged by such silly things as research and facts, well, it just shows how deep-seated your problem is. Why are you so worried that pornography will (has been) proven to be damaging, degrading....just plain wrong? Is it because you are unable to give up your use of it? Or because you simply are unwilling? Are you as upfront in your defense and promotion of pornography, strip clubs, etc. with your bishop? With the women you try to date? Or do you save it for anonymous message boards so the aforementioned people in your real life don't find out about it? By the way, your statement about what "most young women" like to wear is just straight BS and says more about you than it does about young women.