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  1. After giving this subject much thought (and giving birth to several children), I agree with you and believe life begins when the spirit enters the body (at birth, imo). That is consistent with our beliefs about when death takes place (at the moment the spirit separates from the body). As far as abortion goes, I oppose it (except for a few exceptions). I think it destroys a potential life and that’s wrong to do (my opinion).
  2. I read through some of the reports (back from bishopric counselors and bishops). They are very encouraging and it makes me happy to see the progress here!
  3. Wow Calm! Thanks for posting this. What an awesome conference this will be! I wish I could attend. Oh, how I’d LOVE that. Were you involved in the planning? Will you be there?
  4. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, Scott. But not all who choose that method fit your description. But I’m sure you know that! This is not an all or nothing, black or white issue. There are many thousand involved with many reasons for making the decision to resign and who have different emotions involved.
  5. Who are you quoting above, Ken? Here are MN’s actual words: “Sounds like he’s a step or two below personal injury lawyers....”
  6. I’ll talk to my friend who resigned for entirely different reasons and motivation to see if she (or her husband) will register and post. If they do, can I then post “thanks for bearing out my impression that I’ve tried to convey here: that using this lawyer’s services to resign from the Church is not tantamount to extending your middle finger at the Church. I hope Scott Lloyd is paying attention.” 😝
  7. All who resign have their own personal choice to do it in the manner that works best for them. The end result is the same for the church and for them. There are different options and one will suit some better than the other. It’s really not difficult to grasp that neither one of these options are definitely right or wrong and it’s personal for them. You can have your belief that it’s wrong to choose the attorney method, but that doesn’t make that a fact.
  8. Yeah, that’s true. I was referring to the actual member who was resigning. The attorney certainly may have his own agenda. Good point!
  9. That’s not at all what I’ve seen. And why would that even be poking the church in the eye anymore than just taking care of the paperwork themselves (if that’s their goal)? I think Bernard is speaking from his experience (most of us here do that), but there are very valid reasons for some to use an attorney (as have been posted on this thread by some). Many who resign are very good people who just have decided to have their names removed, imo. It’s sad when it happens but I try to understand.
  10. I asked a friend who resigned not that long ago, and she said her and husband wish they’d gone the attorney route. What they experienced were several contacts and a unscheduled in advance visit from the entire bishopric. That was exactly what they’d requested not happen. So yes, it depends on ward leaders and it’s a roulette what you’re going to get. Where if you use an attorney you will not have the contact or questions some experience.
  11. That’s about all any of us have though, Scott, since the numbers are not shared with members (which to me isn’t a huge deal, just the truth.) And, I haven’t seen anyone say it “substantially impacts” the membership numbers. They definitely are included in the numbers though and do seem to be on the rise from what I can’t tell (or at least more publicized.). So it’s good to discuss that as part of the numbers in the opening post I think.
  12. Yup. I never heard of anyone resigning as I grew up in the church. Now I know of several who have had their names removed (ward members and a few family members). I know for sure some used that free legal service (one of my cousins, her husband and children all used it). I wonder if many before just didn’t want to deal with having to talk to their leaders or face them? (I understand that’s not necessary if you use the legal service).
  13. I think that’s a great idea! i agree about having another adult present (primary president, teacher or parent). I would hope the interviews would be like you describe above. I hope they’re nothing sexual in nature (questions involved) as I would be extremely upset to hear of this taking place with my 8 year old. I think most leaders would have the good judgement not to do that though.
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