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  1. Hopefully Statgazer will honor the CFR and post some links. I’m interested to see what she has found or written that backs up her beliefs on that! (I’d never heard she believes this.) Too bad she doesn’t post here! We could call for references when now we can’t
  2. Can you please post the links to where you’re quoting? That’s part of supplying references. And, I really am interested in reading more about why she’d post or believe that too! Thanks, Stargazer.
  3. CFR Please give links and exact quotes containing these “lies” you’re accusing her of telling.
  4. What an awful, judgmental attitude and about as unChrist like as one can be. Aren't you serving as a Bishop?
  5. I think you’ve been amazing here and are speaking for so many. I’ve been reading this closely and have appreciated all that you post. My mind is not made up (of course about who actually abused them) about what happened here, but I believe firmly these poor children were horribly abuse by someone who they should have been able to trust. It’s very tragic and sad. It will be interesting to see what happens with this case. Thanks for not backing down!!! I have a lot of respect for you.
  6. JulieM

    LDS Personal Faith Crisis- 2013 study

    I have to agree. I tried to read it. I REALLY wanted to love it and just kept reading. I couldn’t get through it and neither could my husband
  7. JulieM

    LDS Personal Faith Crisis- 2013 study

    I’m just starting to read through this. Wow! It’s really great and spot on. Who did they give this to, do you know? Did the local leaders receive it or just the general leaders? Also, who released it now (and why, if you know)?
  8. JulieM

    Interesting trek change

    Yeah, that’s a lot of deaths that (most) could have been avoided if more money had been spent or more good sense used (or advice listened to from someone who was knowledgeable about this trail).
  9. JulieM

    Interesting trek change

    Thanks! I’ll take a look and appreciate you posting this!
  10. JulieM

    Interesting trek change

    Just saw this (I must have been posting while you posted). Thank you for the links. Very interesting and also heartbreaking details. Those saints were truly SAINTS. It’s amazing so many survived and I am very touched. This makes me want to study more about this. It does make me wonder if the money had been spent to actually provide more supplies and actual wagons, how many more members would have arrived alive and safe in SLC. Of course, hindsight is always 20/20 and I know no one meant this to be such a loss and tragedy for many (the deaths and great suffering).
  11. JulieM

    Interesting trek change

    This is what I have heard (and read some too). I heard one historian state that untruths have become legendary (myths) when speaking about these treks (they’ve been embellished to make them more incredible or faith promoting). I should read more on it myself, but what he said was interesting. One of the things I remember him saying is that it’s not true that not one of these members from these companies ever left the church (some did). I like rongo’s post and suggestions. I think it’s important to make this experience more accurate.
  12. JulieM

    Bill Reel’s Conference Predictions

    Do you think he was lying? Has he a history of telling lies? I don’t know much about him other than what I’ve read on here, but he seems honest and sincere (I don’t agree with all he posts though). I imagine he does know some who may work for the church and was just relating what he’d heard. He definitely got some of the changes right (and maybe some others are still coming that he heard about?).
  13. JulieM

    Interesting trek change

    Or at least make sure any future re-enactments are more accurate.
  14. JulieM

    April 2019 Conference

    Did you read the other article? “In reference to comparing the changes in April to what may come in October, at least a handful of general authorities, including President Dallin H. Oaks, Elders Jeffrey R. Holland and David Bednar, have compared the April conference to a “snowflake in a snowstorm.” In Holland’s case, he used the word blizzard rather than snowstorm. That also plays off other comments like “big things on the horizon” or “the coming rush of revelation” that were used in speeches from California to Washington. Church leaders using those phrases seemingly appear excited and anxious to use them.” Why are you trying to claim this didn’t happen? I’m not sure why this is such a negative thing in your mind. Do you believe the article is false or all the reports came from members who are lying about what they heard? I’m not sure why you’re claiming this. What proof do you have that these are lies or never happened? I’m turning in now, but please post anything you have that shows these are lies or are false quotes if that’s what you believe!
  15. JulieM

    April 2019 Conference

    This is silly. Do you believe these quotes are faked or that the members are all lying who heard the leaders speak about the upcoming changes to come at the next GC? Why would members lie? Why would there be articles written about it if the leaders didn’t say those things? Why does it bother you if the leaders did excitedly talk about upcoming changes when they spoke to members about October conference? The members loved this and embraced the changes. It’s a positive thing, in my opinion.