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  1. I think she made corrections in later editions after new sources were found or she realized she'd made errors.
  2. Nevo had asked for references or examples here, Storm Rider (in response to your post above): Nevo: "You obviously feel strongly about this. I'm curious to see your five best examples of facts that Brodie intentionally suppressed because they conflicted with her thesis." I'm interested in seeing those too if you've had time to find them. Thanks!
  3. I hope you check in often (and continue posting often too!). Don't allow the actions or words of a few drive you away from this board. You have a very sweet, kind, gentle way about you and a view of things that have helped many (including myself).
  4. Unfortunately many mission presidents are still stressing the importance of coming right home and getting married for returning missionaries. Some of the young men are barely 20 years old now when they get home with no college yet and with little to no means to support themselves. I don't get that this is still the advice they're getting. So many who follow this advice end up moving back in with parents because they can't support themselves (especially if they start having kids right off too). My friend's son just returned home from his mission and is only 20 years old. He's in a panic to find a girl and get married because this was almost pounded into him to do by his mission president. My friend is trying to reason with him to relax...wait a few years and go to college...and then maybe start thinking about marriage. I do wonder if this is more about retaining returned missionaries (keeping them active by reasoning that once they have a temple marriage and maybe even some babies, they'll be more likely to stay active.).
  5. Thanks for clarifying and explaining your views. I agree with you!!
  6. Why does it have to be good guys vs. bad guys? Isn't it just wrong to resort to name calling when discussing anything? It's kind of a given that each party may think the other person is wrong and that they are right. Some are more willing to be open and learn from others, but I wouldn't reduce this topic down to saying there is anyone "bad" here.
  7. Nope! No name calling here And, it's more than just two members here who find this type of behavior offensive (as evidenced by those expressing that on this thread).
  8. That's fine, but no need to "warn" others. Just leave the discussion (we've all needed to do this at times). Also, if you believe that HappyJackWagon is a troll, I'm not sure you actually know what one is .
  9. Yes, and we're also grown up enough that we don't need to be warned or told not to "feed the troll". It's fine if you choose to disengage, but I think you should just let everyone decide for themselves if they want to discuss a topic with any other member here.
  10. I think it's both (or can be either too of course). I also see it happening from both sides of different topics. It's not just those calling critics "trolls" that are guilty of resorting to name calling or insults. I think most on here are able to discuss things civilly even if they strongly disagree. There are just a few who always do seem angry or frustrated (at least much of the time). I tend to skip their posts a lot since there's not much substance once someone reaches that point, IMO
  11. I'm not sure what's happening on here lately (seemed to start about a week or so ago). But there's been an increase of attacks and insults, etc, on posters who some don't agree with. This seems odd to me because this is a discussion board. It's resulted in some really great (and civil) posters being insulted and hurt. Some seemed emboldened by others doing this and joined in. That may be what happened with calling some regular posters "trolls" who they disagreed with. I'd have to look at the threads again to be sure though.
  12. It's funny you'd post this as I'd noticed several labeling other posters as "trolls" here recently. Yesterday I even looked up to see what the definition of an online troll was. I found these (link below) to be interesting (and even smiled at the "grammar and spellcheck troll" description ). Here's "10 Types of Internet Trolls You'll Meet Online": https://www.lifewire.com/types-of-internet-trolls-3485894 It seems to be used here recently as an insult or jab and not very effective. Those who've been accused of being a troll didn't fit what I'd thought a troll was (that's why I looked it up!).
  13. You're a good person, Tacenda and I respect you for taking the high road, admitting mistakes or misunderstandings and reaching out to make peace with Kenngo. Hopefully he will respond and do the same and work it out with you (here or in private).
  14. How do you reconcile that with what we now know about Joseph using the "head in the hat" method (using his seer stone) and that the plates weren't even present for at least some of the translation?
  15. Well, I was referring to their speeches given to the saints on blood atonement, etc., not speeches regarding needing to fear the federal government. But, I don't want to derail the thread (just wanted to clarify).