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  1. It was not of God. I think that’s the point here. Do you believe the spirit told the leaders it was God’s will to call Bishop to be over all these young women? For Christ, he knew God’s plan and was perfect. No decision necessary when he knew what to do. But there was a decision process for the leaders who called Bishop. —- (I’ve got to get to work now, so can’t respond more until later this evening.)
  2. So true! How could calling Bishop be of God? There’s no way it was, IMO. i expect that from smac, but not from you bluebell. He’d confessed and had prior problems before he was called. Do you believe God couldn’t see what he was going to do as MTC president? Tell Mckenna Denson that what happened to her was of God!!! Sorry, but this is alarming to hear anyone believe that. I agree that the leaders didn’t do this on purpose, but yes, it was a mistake on their part to put him in that position. It didn’t come from God.
  3. Exactly. And yet you keep trying to make a direct comparison to what Christ did vs. what the church leaders did. Christ was perfect and made no mistakes. We know our leaders make mistakes. So no, that’s not a fair or equal comparison, but you keep insisting it is. Why not just own up to the fact that in issuing this calling for Bishop, the leaders made a mistake? Or do you believe church leaders are infallible and perfect like Christ was? Is it really that hard for you to admit a mistake was made by the leaders?
  4. The adoptive name of her daughter. You didn’t know her name was released? How did they get that without using their power to go into the confidential records of LDS family services? The birth mother doesn’t even have access to the names of the parents who adopted their child (without permission of the parents). That’s a huge breach. What if those parents didn’t want their names known to Mckenna Denson?
  5. How about the church giving out the name of her adopted daughter? What if her daughter had no interest in having her identity publicized? They actually did release the name publicly. Consig has not. You seem to have a double standard here when judging him and reading his mind vs. what the other side has actually done.
  6. Also, them revealing the name of her adopted daughter. That was a huge abuse of power and complete privacy invasion.
  7. Wait. He released the name of the victim? If not, that’s not a fair accusation. How would you know what was going on in his mind or what he’s planning on doing or if he’s even told anyone the victim’s name? You make a lot of conclusive statements, smac, that are mostly just guesses on your part, IMO. There’s mostly stuff here that we really do not know much about so far.
  8. I just had lunch with some friends from my ward and one said she’d read online that it was just released that Mckenna Denson revealed to the BYU Police that she had met with Thomas S. Monson after her time at the MTC. I guess this was information that was redacted, but is now being made public? Does anyone know more about this? Did she reveal or discuss the sexual abuse charges against Joseph Bishop in this meeting? I will search for more on this too.
  9. JulieM

    The Demise of Scouting

    You make a good point. A boy who feels that way may even stop attending. I’ll bet the church troops will stay the way they are (all boys). Hopefully they will have that choice.
  10. JulieM

    The Demise of Scouting

    I think most would accept and adapt and be just fine as long as they continued being able to enjoy the activities and have fun. I’m sure some would hate having the girls there though (you know, cooties and all that ).
  11. JulieM

    The Demise of Scouting

    Not really. I honestly don’t have strong feelings one way or the other. I do know that as a youth I envied all the cool things my older brothers got to do in scouting vs. those offered to girls (at least mine locally, others may have more). I do think it’s kind of a common feeling among the young women. Of course, some are happy they don’t have the same activities (and some boys hate scouting). It’s hard to please everyone (actually it’s impossible!).
  12. JulieM

    The Demise of Scouting

    You’re probably right!
  13. JulieM

    The Demise of Scouting

    I don’t see it doing harm to the boys. Let those girls join who enjoy the same things that are a part of cub activities. All girls won’t join. I’m sure many would rather join Girl Scouts anyway.
  14. JulieM

    The Demise of Scouting

    Of course. But change isn’t always a bad thing.
  15. JulieM

    Treat gay people as a race.

    I honestly don’t know of course (none of us knows). I don’t believe that there will be SSM in the temple (sealings), but I really believe that God will allow those who love each other to be together (He won’t force them to stay away from each other or be permanently separated).