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  1. What was brought up in the beginning of this thread (specific to how you view those who are gay) is very relevant to understanding why you insist on continuing to do what you do in relation to this topic. There was nothing wrong with clarifying that fact as part of your thread on this, imo. But once established, the discussion moved on which was good, I agree. I was happy to see kllindley enter the discussion since I value his perspective and I think he adds good insight on these topics. I don’t think anyone’s opinion has changed here, but at least those with respect and an open mind are willing to hear other’s views and feelings and understand them better. And also honor their wishes as to how they want to be identified.
  2. That’s funny. But just to be safe. Ha! We all suffer from the disease of attractions.
  3. He’s stated he believes it’s a “malady” (his word from reading his past post). When asked if he really believed that about those who are gay, he replied “Yes.” He’s entitled to believe as he wishes, but it does shed light on this thread’s topic I think (his views on it).
  4. I think his refusal to answer IS his answer. If he no longer believed that gays suffer with a disease, he’d clarify most likely. If Scott does still believe it, he should just admit it and own it, imo. But he won’t. That’s up to him of course!
  5. Yes, Scott has stated that’s what he believes. I think he was quoted in the last thread (or the post was linked to...can’t remember). And so far, he hasn’t said he’s changed his mind about it.
  6. Because it is on topic, imo. If you do believe that those who are gay “have” a disease, it helps us understand why you have no problem continuing to say they “have” same-sex attraction. It appears you still believe it’s a “malady”?
  7. So? There are others here who are not members of the church (and never have been). He has every right to come here and be a part of discussions that are still important to him. He was a very active member for a great deal of his life and iirc, still has active children and other family members. This issue also really affected his life and still does.
  8. Exactly. Why even bring this up again? It was discussed at length in the other thread and no one changed their minds and Scott refused to stop using a term that offends many. Or have you changed your mind now Scott? Do you no longer believe those who are gay have a disease?
  9. Look at how a few are offended if we still use the word “Mormon” or “Mormon Church” on this website! And then look at the name of this forum 😊
  10. It explains his views here, but I think it’s truly sad that anyone would still believe this today.
  11. Do you still believe that being gay is having a disease or illness? Or have your views changed on that since you posted it back then? If you still believe that, it now makes sense why you’re ok saying that they “have” same sex attraction like it’s a condition or ailment.
  12. Yup. Those I know just prefer gay or homosexual and really hate ever hearing that they “have” same-sex attraction. I get why it can offend them and I respect them enough to never use it as an identity. Sometimes it’s really hard to know what might hurt someone, but it’s easy to avoid if we do know. I’ll do the same now with TBM. If it only offends even some, I won’t take the chance and won’t use it. I had no idea, but I get it now that I hear some explain why and I read some experiences or examples where it is used in a derogatory manner.
  13. Yeah, that’s awful (if it’s what happened). Way too personal and way too public.
  14. More than 60% of mine are now out (all brothers served missions and all of us were married in the temple). Same stats for my husband’s siblings.
  15. As some have said, there’s different levels and types of background checks. It makes a great deal of sense to me that anyone with anything to hide would avoid them if possible (record or no record) and stay under the radar with no unnecessary attention. I agree there would be some who wouldn’t care, but let’s divert the ones who do away from any potential victims. At least that’s how I feel.
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