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  1. It was not in that thread (I edited my post to clarify but you probably didn't see that before you posted.)
  2. That didn't happen and I was not notified either. My post was just removed (on Stem's apology thread).
  3. Well, it looks as if at least one of the removed posts is now back, so maybe it was just a glitch? I had to wonder, because there were no personal attacks in my post that was removed. I'd just post it again, but the thread is locked now
  4. One of my posts just disappeared today. It was a respond to Stem's apology (now moved to the Social Hall). It contained no personal attacks, but just support for him and saying I hope he sticks around and that I haven't seen him do anything that he needs to apologize for. Mainly just a supportive post. My response was removed and then his thread was immediately locked. Now I see that other's posts have also just disappeared or been removed in Juliann's thread (by those who are voicing disagreement or different opinions). Is this standard procedure and has this always been going on? Maybe I've just never had one of mine removed before, so I haven't noticed. It just seems odd and that's why I'm asking.
  5. And that takes place from both sides at times. Maybe we all need to work on being more open to other's opinions and being more civil? This may be a good reminder for us all.... And, juliann, are you referring to me (who should not be responding here)? I'm not sure with some of what you're posting, so I'm asking in all sincerity. I'm still a believer, still active, hold a calling and a TR. But yes, I have doubts and questions and even outright criticism of some things related to the church (much of that is from church history questions). If you want this thread to only include those who never doubt or question or criticize at all, you're down to a very small number of posters here and even you would be excluded from what I can tell. But, out of respect to you, I won't respond anymore if I'm one of those you'd rather stay off this thread.
  6. I agree. I haven't seen many critics that are outright anti's here and they don't last long it seems. Maybe they're quickly banned or just move on after a few hits? To be honest some of the ultra believers are the most harsh and offensive in the manner they interact at times, IMO. I've seen very little of that from nonbelievers who even though they may not agree with the church, etc, are mostly civil. I think there's a very good balance here and some really interesting discussions. If they were all one sided, the board would be pretty boring, IMO. I've learned a lot from members here with varied beliefs and opinions and wouldn't want that to change. If the LGBT threads bother some, maybe just don't read them or engage in the discussion. I think that most the topics like that here are what is of interest to members or relates to what is going on in the church today.
  7. Yes, I agree with your thoughts. It would be nice to hear from the Dad. Sounds like he's trying to keep the family together. I feel for him, I really do.
  8. I'm sure he loves his daughter and supports her (he helped her write her testimony, correct? "Parents" helped her....). He had to have known she was going up and what she would say. Why would he go up afterwards? Hopefully no one believes he should have corrected her or countered her testimony! That would have really humiliated her. He's in a tough spot, I agree. But I'll bet he only wants his daughter to feel love and acceptance from him as her father.
  9. If you had a child that came to you and told you they were gay, would you love and still accept them as a gay person? How would you react?
  10. What action of this 12 year old should the parents not accept? She was expressing that she is gay and that they love and accept her as she is. There is no action there. Now if she does choose to enter a same sex relationship, then the parents will have to then decide if they will accept that action.
  11. How can you be sure she was put up to this by adults? Do you know any background here? Unless we know more details, this could have been her idea and others found out about her courage and wanted to tape it. The leaders did not have to react in a way that caused embarrassment or made them look bad.
  12. Are you seriously comparing someone being born gay with having a bad temper or having too much pride? Or having lust and wanting to cheat on a partner? How about you try to overcome being attracted to the opposite sex? Could you "control those emotions" and live a celibate life?
  13. Do we know this was written and started with an adult encouraging her to do this? Maybe it was something she wanted to do, wrote herself, and then shared it beforehand with whoever decided to tape it. Did she know it was being taped, does anyone know? Also, no one would have known ahead of time that she wouldn't be allowed to finish or how it would be handled...
  14. Some youth were talking about this when I dropped my son off at an activity. They'd all watched the video and thought it was awful that she wasn't allowed to finish. They seem to be choosing Savannah and were talking about it at the activity, so more wanted to watch it now. I guess it's being shared on Facebook by many youth too.
  15. I think that HJW was defending Stem here, not Johnnie Cake (from what I've seen on this thread).