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  1. Billy Graham (1918 - 2018)

    If Jesus said it and you reject it, you reject Jesus. Jesus is perfect and what Jesus said or says is perfection. I for one do not believe in races. We are all sinful and very human and all related to Adam and Eve through Noah. If you accept anything apart from that , you are establishing a racist argument. You are most certainly not any better than anybody else.
  2. Billy Graham (1918 - 2018)

    I'd have to agree with Pastor Billy Graham. Messianic Jews are disavowed by Jews clinging to the Torah as their means of salvation. And many Jews are agnostic and atheistic. I personally heard one Jew say that he'd prefered an atheistic Jew to one committed to Christ. And then we have Hollywood, with all the splendor of a cesspool. But the reality is that unless one is regenerated (baptised by the Holy Ghost) through faith in the Messiah, such an individual is a pawn of the devil! I see that Pastor Graham was rather astute in his words about human nature. And frankly, Jesus Christ said this and more! I imagine Pastor Graham simply did not wish to get onto some cheap sensationalistic scandal sheet that would certainly attempt to remove the vocus from CHRIST and redirect it towards Billy Graham.
  3. Billy Graham (1918 - 2018)

    I feel that under the circumstances it's hard to say anything without offending someone. I'm sure that the Rev Graham fully understood that Jews were and are GOD's chosen people. Even Jesus would come under criticism of what He said concerning the Jewish leadership... Just read the New Testament concerning those children of the devil/vipers! People don't always like the truth.
  4. Billy Graham (1918 - 2018)

    I believe no one had a better grasp of the salvation message than Rev. Graham. He personified the 1950's and continued to be relevant through to his last crusade. He is in heaven now.
  5. Once saved always saved?

    What did Jesus say to the rabbi who came to Him one evening? Thread closed by request.
  6. Once saved always saved?

    I believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit from above! I'm assuming here that you believe someone must be baptized in water. What kind of water? Warm or cold? Fresh or salt? Spring or chlorinated? Hard or soft water? Will sulfur water work. What about water with algae. Should the person be robed, in a bathing suit , nude or fully clothed? Can a water baptism be a rainstorm, sprinkling, or a full dunk. For how long should the individual be submerged? Under and up or perhaps a count of 10? How do you know you are performing the water baptism perfectly? I mean if water baptism is a must, there must be a special way of performing it --- wouldn't you think? At what age should one be water baptized? 1, 13, 21? What if the person is 100? Can a person be baptized in a wheelchair or on a stretcher? What kind of reservoir should be used? A lake, a stream? A pool? A bathtub? AND if a person backslides, does he need to be redunked? See the above --- does anything differ? What I mean , if an individual was baptized originally in a lake and then needed to be baptized again, would a tub sifice? The reality is that I was immersed in a baptismal in a Baptist sanctuary. I was 24. I made a public profession of faith in Christ when I was 12. I believed the water immersion was an outward sign of an inward change, but was immersed to fulfill the rules for church membership for this Baptist congregation. I might add that they didn't believe water baptism was supernatural in anyway, but illustrated publically death to oneself and risen in the Lord. It also showed humility of the one being so dunked.
  7. Once saved always saved?

    A far more important question might be: If someone can lose his salvation, how does one know if one hasn't already lost it? I believe in once saved always saved. I also believe that one who is saved can reap rewards; however, this isn't one and the same. One must be saved FIRST before one can gain rewards. But if someone can lose their salvation once they've gained it, how can someone know that they haven't become lost again? I believe that those that place their faith in "feelings" may in fact have a BIG problem; because one doesn't always "feel" saved or happy, or joyous. So in that regard I see salvation as a legal issue. Once the decision is made, one's name is transcribed into the Lamb's Book of Life.
  8. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him think.
  9. And your veneration of human understanding and the book of Mormon is most apparent. As much as you say you treasure the Bible, you seem to find it unnecessary and superficial --- without Divine revelation nor protection.
  10. I believe that the Holy Spirit motivates the individual towards salvation. When the person accepts salvation the Holy Spirit washes over that individual. That is the baptism that is required. When a person continually refuses to accept that Jesus is GOD in the flesh and died to save and arose again to bring eternal life, that individual has committed the unpardonable sin. He will not be saved and is eternally damned as unknown to the Lord. He will be thrown into utter darkness and eternal separation.
  11. Memorized from what exactly? Who designed the wording? If nothing exists in the Bible stipulating the exact wording, where do the words originate and who deems them correct?
  12. Where exactly? Funnier how you see yourself playing GOD. Does the Bible dictate that you must get dunked per person, or does Mormon doctrine suppose that any number of departed individuals can be so baptized with one dunk. It would be so much faster that way (one dunk = twenty ancestors). I'd love to see the books, chapters, and verses involved. I know that Joseph Smith couldn't have designed the whole ritual himself --- prophets don't do such things --- GOD enlightens them ------------------- is that not true...
  13. The Orthodox Jewish Bible reads like this: 29 Otherwise, what will they do, the ones being given tevilah on behalf of the dead? If the Mesim really are not raised, why indeed are they given tevilah on behalf of the Mesim? 30 Why also are we putting ourselves at risk and in danger every hour? So, I'm not saying that there were not some peculiar sects practicing baptism of the dead, but it would seem that those so engaged were also questioning life after death and were not regarded as part of the audience that Paul is writing to. I'm very sorry; however, I can in no way condone Gnostic nor mystical ritualism. It supposes that we can control the destiny of the departed and we can not. We are given many chances throughout our lifetime ---- it is not about 2nd chances. People that reject the Lord are outcasts. If one never rejected the Lord ---- GOD sees that heart and deals with it according to HIS own legal inclination.
  14. The only baptism that matters is the baptism by the indwelling of Holy Spirit. This is the only baptism that GOD HIMSELF imparts. Water immersion is only an illustration. All the baths in the world isn't going to bestow the Holy Spirit on a dead person.
  15. You and they ---- "you" refers to those in the Church. "They" refers to those outside the Church. Obviously, the only ones forcing an interpretation are "they" who actually believe "they" have power to transpose anyone through their acts of ritualism. It is always a personal evaluation between GOD and an individual. I find that controlling Mormons simply shut down and turn off any real dialogue that isn't moving in their favor through exclusion. I think the Mormon term applied is "Banned". Biblically, the Aaronic Priesthood refers ONLY to Jews related by linage to Aaron (Cohen). Jesus is now the Chief Priest. The Holy of Holies was removed when Jesus gave up His life upon the cross. Mormonism seems more about reestablishing an exclusive priesthood rather than spreading the Gospel message to those alive NOW. Where is your own proof that "they" refers to an acceptable group in this matter?