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  1. If one changes it to men in the general membership asking that question the results are still the same. The reason the same men get the most to say is due to the office that they hold. When Tacenda says "Who says we have to hear from the same men over and over." My answer is "The Lord says." Those men are his appointed representatives. They speak because of their office and position. Not because they are some popular older dudes in the church.
  2. The way I read it, the first 3 verses are an introduction by the Lord to the revelation but its not the revelation itself. What is called the actual revelation called the Word of Wisdom starts in verse 4. I would call the introduction scripture as well and the intent given at the time. Parts were changed later and other parts have remained the same. When asked if a member is living the Word of Wisdom, the issue of eating good things and eating meat sparingly is not brought up. Those parts still remain counsel and not commandment.
  3. I don't mind more women speaking in GC. Probably a good thing but I wonder if women in the First Century would have proposed that questions. "Who says that we have to here from the same men like Peter, James, and Paul over and over again." The reason we hear from the same men in GC over and over again is not because they are men but because of the office of which they currently hold.
  4. What do you expect the Church to do? Compromise its standards to maximize membership. Getting rid of the Word of Wisdom would do far more than any LGBT issue. There are far more people in the world who like beer than are gay. Perhaps the best way to retain and gain membership is doing away with all standards. Change the doctrine from Christ saves us from our sins to Christ saves us in our sins. Then we don't have to worry about any sin because its all taken care of. Why even be LDS or anything at that point? Being gay is not a sin but acting on it is. Mr Smart has to make a choice like we all have to make choice with whatever challenges us. What master will we serve.
  5. Lots of Millennials are joining a new religion. It used to be called the Church of global warming. Then it became the church of climate change and now transitioning to the church of climate crisis. In this religion, fossil fuels is the devil and carbon taxes, government, and science is the savior.
  6. I see the story of the human family on this earth as the story of one heavenly family that we are all a part of. There may be many other divine beings out their with their own families but we are not a part of them. They are on other world and probably other universes. So one Father but possibly more than one mother but all part of one of one spiritual family unit. As to being literal children. I think we became literal children of this one family at the time our intelligence was clothed with a spiritual body. How and when that happened don't know. The family came together as a whole over a long period of time. Once that occurred we where a part of this grand family together.
  7. Maybe its a count down to zero. I see the trend lines to be how they probably should be. As we get closer to the end and the people get more focused on the world, the next stage before Christ comes again is getting set up. It is concerning but also exciting times we live in.
  8. I guess its possible that God could use his agency and do something that would cause him to cease being God but overall if God is perfect, then he has no flaws at any level. Any chance of him making a mistake at this point is not possible.
  9. I hold to a limited geography view but my inspiration of that does not come from the RLDS church. It simply comes from reading the BOM and applying some reasonable conclusions from it. I will hold to that view until I can find reason to believe Nephites had communications equipment that could cover vast distances and fast transportation like trains and cars that could cover thousands of miles in a reason time.
  10. “Our retention rates will dramatically increase when people desire to be baptized because of the spiritual experiences they are having rather than feeling pressured into being baptized by our missionaries.” I think this confuses two issues. Baptism and retention are two different things. Some of our retention will increase when we start caring more about the members and work with them in their difficulties. Be a little slower at excommunication and people who are questioning things. Be more helpful in working them through their struggles. The church can do a little better in Utah but not being so involved in so many social and political issues that come up. Yes it can have a voice and opinion and should state that but when it works to advance things, it really is a turn off to many non-members. If you are a non-member in Utah and you currently like to drink booze, you probably are not too happy about the church on some things. That hurts missionary work.
  11. " "In reality, biblical prophetic texts are not predictions of the LDS movement. The biblical prophets were not fortune-tellers." The issue here is a prediction of the Book of Mormon and not the LDS movement. They are two different subjects. I would agree that the issue raised by David does not support the BOM well at all. Biblical prophets were not fortune tellers but prophecy can foretell events in the future. IT might not be the main role that prophets do but it is an aspect or role they do on occasion.
  12. This is really not a big deal. An artist has a right to their artistic expression. So an artist can put a bunch of anti-gay stuff on their work and would be fine. That would solve this issue fast.
  13. I do believe God works with many groups of people. However God does not have a mental disorder where he seeks to build on organization while helping other organizations tear the organization he is building down. IT would be sort of like Bill Gates actively building up Microsoft while he has a side job that support organizations that go out and sue Microsoft and try to break it up. If everyone makes it the Celestial Kingdom, why would the other kingdoms exist? They have to be inhabited by somebody.
  14. We did not leave the comforts of the premortal world to have a few moments of worldly pleasure. The fact that we were willing to take a great risk to come suggests that exaltation is the goal for all that are born and anything less is failure.
  15. The scriptural and historical connections however would not be difficult to establish. I don't predict it will be brought back. I just say that it would be a thousand times easier for the church to do it than gay marriage. The foundation for polygamy is there.
  16. I find that 98% of all instances where the word "homophobia" is used, an actual phobia does not exist. Simply not liking or agreeing with something does not constitute an actual phobia. I would not have a rainbow flag on my lawn as it may give an impression that I accept certain things when I don't. I wonder where this is going however. Given technological advancement into AI and 5G and the development of what is called "sex robot", perhaps we may see a day when these robots are given rights and perhaps its legal to humans to marry them. Sounds crazy but 30 years ago, gay marriage was a crazy notion. We have no clue what society will accept 20 or 30 years from now. I am sure many of us would be shocked if we had the chance to see 25 years in the future just as people from 1995 would be shocked to see what exists today.
  17. It can't be reconciled. I will continue to assert that it thousand times more likely that the church will practice polygamy again before accepting gay marriage let alone gay temple sealing.
  18. I am sort of tired of the word "progressive" as it suggest that any given issue at hand is always better or forward. Unless of course one is charting the progress towards the end goal of arriving at the bottom of the pit.
  19. I try to stay very close to home so there is little chance I would ever end up on an island.
  20. The LDS church is what one needs to get into the Celestial Kingdom. You can be pretty much anything else and get into the 2 lower kingdoms. So with no access to the Celestial Kingdom, it really would not matter what I would be. I gain nothing by being part of any other religion or being non-religious. I guess I would just focus my mind on sports, money, and being a nice person. I could still qualify for the Terrestrial Kingdom.
  21. Its pretty much impossible to prove a vision to a skeptic. I love those people who dismiss near death experiences with the suggestion that there is no proof. What proof would they expect? Those who are having it somehow are able to take their iPhone along with them and take a selfie? In almost all these cases the experience whether visions or other things is for the benefit of the individual having them.
  22. I think the problem is that heavenly visitations almost universally occur out of the blue with no expectation that it will occur. For example when Joseph went for an answer in the First Vision, he was just seeking an answer to a prayer. He was not expecting an actual visitation. Visitations from God or any other righteous being cant be conjured up by someone. They come by their own will or to accomplish a certain task and they are very rare events. Probably the closest thing to a Medium in the Church is a stake patriarch who gives a blessing but that probably is not a good example of it. My sister was telling me a story of her talking to a temple sealer. She asked him basically what was the most interesting thing he has experienced. He simply answered to the effect "Sometimes they let me see them." Anyone who goes into the temple expecting to see something like this are probably those who will be the last to have an experience such as this.
  23. People go inactive for different reasons. I am not the most active member not because I am lazy or don't agree with the Church. My job often requires me to work on Sunday. Hospitals have to stay open 24/7. Some people might be inactive simply because they find church boring or they just are lazy. We should not assume that an inactive person has a testimony issue. So nothing wrong with approaching inactive people and finding out if there is a reason they are not going to church. If the reason they are inactive is they simply do not want to go to church, then we should respect their choice at that point.
  24. That might be true but I would just say that this attitude does not come a doctrinal, scriptural, or historical point of view. This support is coming from somewhere else. I don't personally get it but I guess I am just old white guy who is out of touch.
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