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  1. If the Noah flood was a local flood then why bother building a big boat. Just take a nice long walk a few weeks before the flood and get out of the way. No reason to put a bunch of animals on the boat either. They can also take a nice walk. Good exercise.
  2. That is the issue. We don't know exactly the origins of the ban. There is no revelation we can examine. Was the ban authored by God or Brigham Young? If God authored it, why? Since we don't know the answers to the questions it is impossible to decide whether it was right or wrong based on God's standards of right and wrong. We need a lot more information first to make a good judgement. Remember the priesthood is not a civil rights issue. It is not a rights issue period. God makes all the rules on who get the priesthood, how it is to be used, ect. If God decides that nobody over 6 feet tall gets the priesthood, then nobody over 6 feet tall gets it. If God decides that nobody over 250 pounds and is bald gets the priesthood, then nobody gets it who fit that. This is a hard thing for some to accept. They think that they are entitled to the priesthood but nobody is entitled. One must qualify for it under the conditions God sets.
  3. I like the comment section. Yes one gets a variety of responses but its important for people to have a place to respond and even correct false statements in news articles.
  4. Most of the people who post on the tribs are non-lds or former-lds and they are politically liberal. The tribune seems to be a place of refuge where they flock to. I would not say the Trib is against the Church. They just have a lot of issues that cover different issues and sides. I have heard some commenters who have a great dislike to the Church complain about all the stories they have regarding the Church.
  5. Church Statement on Medical Marijuana

    I am for medical use of pot. Pot is no more dangerous than half or more of the drugs at the local pharmacy. However if what the UMA statement regarding this issue is true, then I am concerned. They say "The Utah initiative would allow possession of 4 times the amount of marijuana than most other "medical" marijuana states. Violations of the law would result in no more than a $100 fine, no matter the severity. Anyone could avoid prosecution simply by saying (whether true or not) they have some illness that they are using marijuana to treat as an affirmative defense, regardless of whether or not there is any scientific basis for such treatment." Medical marijuana should be regulated and treated like any other prescription and it should be prescribed based on actual research and science. I was going to vote for this initiative but if this is the case that it is not going to be treated like other drug prescriptions, then the whole thing has been a lie. I was one of the many people who signed this thing to get it put for a vote. None of this was mentioned when they went around the neighborhood for signatures.
  6. The Changing of the Guard; how did it go in your meeting?

    We are bringing pillows in next week for a group nap with the high priests.
  7. Scriptural Support of Worthiness Interviews

    Because God apparently requires it. The temple is not an open house. God does things in order. Back to my original question. "How do you propose that the Church could determine the worthiness of a member without an interview?" You responded "Each individual should determine their own worthiness." It is important for us to to determine whether we are worthy or not but that is not the question. My question is what mechanism should the church have to do as much as possible to determine the worthiness of an individual member for the temple or a position or calling in the Church? Having the individual determine it is not a real mechanism for the church. What must the Church do. So far the answer I am getting is "do nothing". Just let the individual members decide. Interviews don't stop everyone but it may stop many as they might be more honest with themselves if they are discussing things with someone else. If we all decide on our own if we are worthy or not, many of us may rationalize or dismiss something as not important when in fact it is important.
  8. Scriptural Support of Worthiness Interviews

    Ok but there has to be a gatekeeper to judge things. We all rationalize our behavior. There should be an objective party to look at issues to decide whether the behavior is in or out of bounds. In football there are refs to make calls. Sometimes they make mistakes but it would be insane to just have the players determine whether they committed a penalty and throw a flag on themselves. One thing is absolutely clear. If there were no interviews, more people would say enter the temple without being worthy than as do now. I don't see how your method would help a thing. With no temple recommend, jus anyone off the street could walk into a temple.
  9. Scriptural Support of Worthiness Interviews

    God apparently has set some standards for worthiness and uses the interview process to a way to enforce them. Some may lie there way through the process but that is just more sin on their head. I just don't see how your method of doing NOTHING accomplishes anything.
  10. Scriptural Support of Worthiness Interviews

    How do you propose that the Church could determine the worthiness of a member without an interview?
  11. Were you taught not to go to the police?

    CTR class Lesson 4 I believe
  12. Accuser of Joseph Bishop Files Suit

    Some things are more important than money. Giving money in a settlement may not mean one is legally admitting to guilt but the public often views it as such. Michael Jackson messed up by paying millions to his accusers. Many viewed his settlements to the kids he allegedly victimized as admissions of his wrong doing. Sometimes honor and reputation is worth fighting for. Even if it costs more money. Michael Jackson took the financial route but he never could regain his whatever was left of his reputation after that. Also it just encourages more people to make accusations. Some may be legit and some may not be but regardless, why not go after the Church? Seems logical to me.
  13. Accuser of Joseph Bishop Files Suit

    Yep. I could use that money more than a lawyer. Very depressing. I rather the Church fight these things even if it costs them 10 times as much. Just don't give people free money without a real fight.
  14. Accuser of Joseph Bishop Files Suit

    I read earlier that the Church recently settled a different lawsuit. The Church will settle this one also.