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  1. I would not equate the two. There was no Supreme court ruling on the issue of polygamy in those days. It may have been illegal but legitimate questions regarding it being illegal existed. Even today, I don't see how it can be illegal if practiced under First Amendment grounds of religion. Free exercise of religion means just that. It does not mean the freedom to just believe something but also the freedom to actually practice what one believes. As to age issues, there is clear standing in the law about underage marriages today that would affect Warren Jeffs. No such laws or standards applied in Joseph day. It was not the norm in society to marry that young BUT it was not unheard of either. It was not illegal and viewed quite differently than today.
  2. Probably not common at all but not unheard of either. It was not illegal. There is no scripture that puts a minimum age for marriage or maximum age difference between those involved. My opinion is that for those involved, it was not that big of a deal. They probably were not thinking about how people 200 years in the future would judge their actions and they probably would not care anyway. I personally don't make any decision based on how people 150 years from now would judge my decision. I am sure 150 years from now if people are still around that people in those days will have harsh judgements about decisions people make today that are not a big deal to us. As a result, when I die and I meet Joseph Smith and his wives, I don't want to be guilty of wrongly judging their actions. Actions which I have little right to judge being so distant from them and knowing so little on all the internal matters that involved the decisions they made. I believe a lot of people will be asking Joseph and others for forgiveness by imposing 21st century standards and views on them and making conclusions based on very little information that they had which we do not have.
  3. There is time if one is not in a hurry to do things. One of the things I have not liked about Sunday School is that everything is on a schedule. We rush through entire books in the scriptures just to keep up with the schedule. So the members get a lot of lessons but how much do they learn or retain from the lessons? Lots of good subjects are just skipped simply to make sure one stays up with the teaching schedule. Perhaps a better method would be to spend two or three weeks on a single subject. The members can think about the lesson, think of questions and come back and ask them since the lesson has not moved on to a new subject but may be still on the same subject.
  4. It depends on the the class. If it was an issue those in the class wanted to cover, then it was a successful lesson. If not then it was not. The priesthood ban was a practice or doctrine of the Church at one time. It is not anymore but explaining the issue can increase faith by answering questions or concerns a member might have but rarely ever get answered but these issues are almost never discussed in any meeting. How are members are supposed to teach the kids at home if if the kids have questions regarding issues they hear about? One can't teach something they don't know and telling people "not to worry about it" rarely ever results in people not worrying about it.
  5. The First Vision and "Hiding History"

    Here is my two cents. Yes the Church is guilty of 'hiding history". I don't know the reasons for it. I could offer guesses but I don't know for sure. Most of the time the history they are "hiding" in my opinion is not a big deal. As they say sometimes, the coverup of the crime was worse than the crime. None of this matters however. Even if the Church did not hide anything, the church would still be called guilty of hiding history because the Church will not and cannot teach all this stuff in church for one simple reason. There is not time. If the Church was to cover history and doctrines in a lot of detail, it would have to increase our Sunday meeting to probably 5 hours instead of 3. Perhaps even longer than 5 hours. Members are not wanting more hours but less hours. Who wants in to increase their Sundays at church to 5 hours? Raise your hands please. So there is no way the Church can win this because most members are too lazy to do the required study at home. In reality, the bulk of the teachings of the gospel should be occurring in our homes. The Church should provide the members the most comprehensive and accurate history that it possibly can and that included all controversial issues but still in the end will the members do the study to learn it? In most cases probably not. People will keep blaming the Church for hiding things when it is not the Church that is at fault for members not knowing but the decision of members not being responsible for themselves and doing what they have an obligation to do on their own time.
  6. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    Football does not have to diminish. It just needs a few fixes to make it safer at least in terms of head injuries. One area could be to identify those positions most prone to head injuries and limit the number of plays or tackles one can take in a game. It would probably require the roster to be a little bigger to account for the more substitutions that occur. Fewer hits not only would protect the brain more but the body generally.
  7. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    It would be a sad day if BYU was to get rid of football. It probably would have to get rid of soccer as well since that is a sport also with an elevated head injury risk. Unless they ban hitting the ball with the head. LDS football players would simply go to another school that offer football. I guess the Utes would be the big winner in all of it. In other words, few players would actually be helped by getting rid of football. Few of them will say "I will give up football to attend BYU." So the decision to end football really would not accomplish that much.
  8. jospeh the con man?

    A con man does not believe the things they are saying. They know what they are saying is deception and lies. Joseph really believed the things he taught. Whether one believes those things are not does not matter. The fact is Joseph believed them. One can argue he was deceived. One can argue he was mentally crazy but con man I don't think so.
  9. jospeh the con man?

    What sexual exploits?
  10. There is no more reason to look for phrases common in the 15th century in the BOM than the 21st century. I would expect a translation to contain phrases common in the day that the translation was made. Common phrases do carry over in time however so stuff in earlier centuries might creep into the 19th century. People just like to nitpick stuff.
  11. Mormon 95 thesis for our day

    Most of the 95 I have no problem with. The parts that basically declare sin not to be sin and allow wicked practices to be accepted by the Church I have a big problem with. If gays get to keep their sins, I want to be able to keep my sins.
  12. A Prophet's Reward and Apostasy of the Church

    If the goal of the Church to to maximize church membership. If numbers are what we are focused on, then it would make sense to compromise our views to appease the widest audience possible. If numbers do not matter that much but being on the right path is what is important, than we should not be concerned about how much the church grows or even shrinks. Noah is a good example we should follow. Even though he did not convert really anyone, he was a great missionary. In the end, he was the winner and those that rejected him were the losers. Better to be on the winning side with a not many people with you than be with the masses who are on the losing side who all drown together.
  13. How can one trust the Holy Ghost

    I can trust the Holy Ghost. What I not be able to trust is how I understand the Holy Ghost. A person can misinterpret what the spirit reveals to them or may add their own two cents beyond what the spirit says and introduce error or misinformation to what the spirit really revealed to them.
  14. Greg Prince - Homosexual Policy and Church Fallout

    The policy does not claim that the children of a gay couple can not hold the priesthood. The policy simply delays it until at least 18.
  15. Perhaps that is so. However if one believes in a second coming, one has to believe and look forward to all the stuff that comes before it. If what people claim about climate change is correct, this could play a big role in events leading up to the second coming. So I am not worried about climate change. I am looking forward to it. I see this rather exciting even though many are trying to avoid it.