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  1. I not completely following you here. All I see is a father who accepts his son and his agency to live his life. He probably hopes for a miracle and things will change. If I had a son and he came to me and said "Dad, I want to star in porn." What should I say to that? Should I say "Way to go boy. I will support you 100%"? Should I disown him and never talk to him again? Should I be disappointed but still love my son and keep my relationship with him and perhaps he makes better choices in life? I think the best action for me is the last option. I don't see huge changes in the church other than members being more kind and wanting to help people to repent. Repentance rarely is caused by force or threats. We need to become more of a Zion people but I don't think accepting bad behavior is part of the qualifications of Zion.
  2. I can say that its historical is that I believe the events actually happened and the people actually existed. However proving that based on current knowledge is impossible to do. So I say its historical but not historically proven. Lots of things have happened in history since the dawn of time but proving those things by evidence is not possible. Evidence even if it is recorded can fade away over time. Most of the things that have happened to me in my life are not recorded and I have no evidence to prove those events to anyone. That does not mean the events did not happen.
  3. Mormon will be the most common name that most in the population will refer to the Church and its members. It simply is a term that has been around a long time and is one word. For members to always avoid the word may not be realistic. In terms of internet search, avoiding the word may dramatically reduce the numbers of people who might get to a site. I understand what the Church is doing but there are some limitations that come with not using "mormon."
  4. I think the risk of me committing suicide would increase by 5000% if had to do the vegan lifestyle. Food is one of the few things in life that make life enjoyable. I would always be in a horrible mood if I could not eat cheese, meat, and other things.
  5. The Church is the only thing that exists on this earth that can pave the way for women to be exalted. Wealth and power beyond understanding for all eternity. Secular organizations and government can give women and social standing. It can give them awards to put on their wall but once these women die, what do they have? Nobody will care in the spirit world. I am all for more equality in the work place but perspective needs to always be front and center. The kingdom of God is not a democracy nor are initiative voted on for change. God rules the kingdom and makes the rules.
  6. Jesus healed people and people watched these miracles but I guess rationalized it away. Joseph Smith also did through the priesthood and to outside observers say he did but they could not put it all together I guess. This account was written in Campbellite publication. "Ezra Booth, of Mantua, a Methodist preacher of much more than ordinary culture, and with strong natural abilities, in company with his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, and some other citizens of this place (Hiram), visited Smith at his home in Kirkland, in 1831. Mrs. Johnson had been afflicted for some time with a lame arm, and was not at the time of the visit able to lift her hand to her head. The party visited Smith partly out of curiosity, and partly to see for themselves what there might be in the new doctrine. During the interview, the conversation turned on the subject of supernatural gifts, such as were conferred in the days of the apostles. Someone said. "Here is Mrs. Johnson with a lame arm; has God given any power to men now on the earth to cure her?" A few moments later, when the conversation had turned in another direction, Smith rose, and walking across the room, taking Mrs. Johnson by the hand, said in the most solemn and impressive manner: "Woman, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command thee to be whole," and immediately left the room. The company were awe-stricken at the infinte presumption of the man, and the calm assurance with which he spoke. The sudden mental and moral shock-I know not how better to explain the well-attested fact-electrified the rheumatic arm-Mrs. Johnson at once lifted it up with ease, and on her return home the next she was able to do her washing without difficulty or pain." (A.S. Hayden, "Early History of the Disciples of the Western Reserve, [Cincinnati: Chase and Hall, 1876], p. 250)
  7. The role of these men is not be be "up with the times" or to be popular. When one says they are "behind the times", I think one does not really understand what their job is. In fact any apostle who is basically up with the times of how the world is and the world is agreeing with him has failed in his calling. God and the devil can not be made friends. The gospel and the world likewise can not be friends.
  8. I believe this to be the case as well. My former bishop who works for the Church and has some close contracts with the apostles gave our Elders quorum some information he received that this is the case. But I am not to inclined to post it here as I don't know if I should. But suffice to say if correct he is getting more than we realize.
  9. They generally do get equal pay. Are there lists out there that employers use with one pay scale for men and one for women?
  10. Research is valuable but has its limits. Ask 10 people to do research on issue X and you probably will not get 10 people arriving at the same answer on the issue. Everyone uses different stuff in their research and even if they read the same information, they may interpret the information differently. So if 10 people are having a faith issue and they simply rely on research to get their way through it, some of them will get the answers they look for and some will not. If the goal is to retain more people, then additional things beyond research will probably will be required.
  11. Its a good thing I was not involved in all of this. My general disposition is to keep most important things that happen to me to myself. If I saw John the baptist, I might wait 30 years before mentioning it. I don't keep a journal and I even have told very little of my life to my wife and kids. Not that I am ashamed of anything but simply I keep things to myself.
  12. The evidence is NOT new. It is just new for "many" who where not exposed to it before.
  13. Actually saying "I don't know" is probably a better answer than giving a really bad answer. Some questions simply can't be known. We can answer the question of why Joseph married so many women as that what could happen if one practices polygamy. Polygamy can be defended in the scriptures. What is hard to know is why he married some women who were married to other men. That answer is not knowable. We can make guesses but that is all they are. I suppose if I was to travel back into time and asked Joseph and the women in question why they did it, they most likely would give me an answer that makes sense and is satisfying. Since I lack a DeLorean, I can't do this and I can just brainstorm reasons. That is all critics can do as well. Brainstorm and think up the most negative reasons and use those as excuses. So on this point is more of a faith thing. I have faith that when I die and speak to Joseph on the issue, he will explain it all in a manner that makes sense. I also have faith that those who are critical of Joseph regarding the issue will have to offer a big apology to Joseph for being critical regarding an issue they did not understand and had little right and position to judge based on the level of facts we have now.
  14. He acknowledged that some Latter-Saint couples face conflicts over important values and priorities. Matters of Church history and doctrinal issues have led some spouses to inactivity. Some spouses wonder how to best go about researching and responding to such issues. “I suggest that research is not the answer,” he said. The Church does offer answers to many familiar questions through its Gospel Topics Essays found at lds.org. “But the best answer to any question that threatens faith is to work to increase faith in the Lord Jesus Christ,” he said. “Conversion to the Lord precedes conversion to the Church. And conversion to the Lord comes through prayer and study and service, furthered by loving patience on the part of spouse and other concerned family members.” I guess we all read things differently. I see nothing wrong with what he said. He did not say research was not good. He did not say that research is never an answer to a problem. He simply said that research was not the best answer to a specific situation in this case an issue regarding history and doctrine. He then explains what he means by saying the best answer is to increase faith in Christ. I view this under the principal of that has been stated before in the church of "Good, better, and best". The "best" is increasing faith through conversion. A lesser but still good way to to resolve these issues is research. He included research when he says "through prayer and study and service." Study includes research. Research is great but there are limitations to it. Especially when it comes to church history issues as we don't have a perfect record or understanding of events in church history. All we have are records by individuals concerning an event and the rest we personally fill in the blanks by what we think happened but what we fill in might be way off target. So research is good or better when it comes to doctrinal and history issues. But the best is always a testimony by the spirit. Research can never replace revelation. That is what Jesus told Peter when Peter told Jesus that he was the son of God. Jesus praised Peter that he came to know who Jesus was not be research but by revelation.
  15. Yep. Nobody ever dies of cold in the Book of Mormon. No wars are affected by snow or cold. No battles are delayed due to a snow storm. Weather issues was a big problem in WW2 in Europe. Yet not really a problem in the Book of Mormon. Suggests to me a more temperate climate. I believe there is a passage that talks about it being hot. Central America just fits better when I read the BOM.
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