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  1. Helen Radkey and name submissions

    I tried to submit the smoking man of the X files but it keeps being rejected as he never seems to die.
  2. Billy Graham (1918 - 2018)

    There were some other that are contenders. Peter Popoff along with Earnest Angley could keep me watching for a while. Doctor Gene Scott also was awesome. He would blow smoke into the camera and one time he was upset about something and was threatening to excommunicate certain people on air. Very good stuff.
  3. Patriarchal Blessings: Are You Ready?

    I never had had a big desire for a PB but perhaps I will get one when I turn 50. That is only a couple of years away.
  4. An Inspired Constitution? (Needs a rewrite.j

    Nope. I rather live in a country with some risk with guns than live in a European style country where the people are not allowed to defend themselves. If you have watched what as happened in Europe over the last few years with the increase of violence including sexual assault with the migration coming in, I really find i have little sympathy for the people there. They made a choice to give up their guns and now they are sitting ducks to all these assaults. The sheep have given up their rights to protect themselves from the wolves so let the wolves have their fun. If Americans give up their 2nd Amendment rights, the population deserves whatever come to it. Frankly I think the constitution should be thrown down and replaced with an hard dictatorship because the population would not deserve to be free.
  5. Family struggles with an unbeliever

    We need to remember that we do not own our children. They are not our property but they are agents unto themselves and ultimately they have to work out their own salvation just as we need to work out ours. If some fall away, we just love them and accept their agency. Some may return and some will not. Don't blame ourselves for the choices of others. If we have done our best in teaching and being a good example, our work is done in this matter and leave the rest to God.
  6. Removing the disruption from the meeting would be very appropriate. Taking the temple recommend not so much.
  7. An Inspired Constitution? (Needs a rewrite.j

    I agree with this. The militia is not a government controlled organization like the military and national guard but closer to the local police. People should be trained. Gun safety is probably more important than sex ed in the public school. Too many examples of kids accidentally shooting others because they do not know how to handle guns or can tell when a gun is loaded.
  8. An Inspired Constitution? (Needs a rewrite.j

    Remember the police or the government is under no obligation to protect you. If someone comes up and cuts one of your loved ones with a knife, you can't sue the police or the government for failing to protect them. The police have no legal responsibility to protect you from harm. Their job is simply to arrest those after the fact. You and only you have the primary responsibility for the protect of you and your family and nobody else. As to the book of Mormon examples, slaves have a hard time fighting against their masters. So in those situations, fighting is usually pointless. Once the citizens give up there arms, they pretty much have given up their rights and freedom and are dependent on the government. The North Koreans for example can't rise up against their government. They will be slaughtered. If they had access to many guns, their government would be overthrown. If a people give up their guns and that government turns against that population and oppresses and beats them down, I have no sympathy for that population. They get what they deserve. If Americans give up their guns and become dependent on the government, the people deserve whatever they get.
  9. An Inspired Constitution? (Needs a rewrite.j

    Overall it is a minor problem. It is like the public freaking about about ISIS. The odds of people being killed by a terrorist are extremely small but we spend billions every year to prevent a small numbers of deaths while we do little on preventing say food poisoning more that kills far more people.
  10. An Inspired Constitution? (Needs a rewrite.j

    The 2nd Amendment gives the people generally the right to own guns. 99.5% of the people who own guns do so responsibly. There are exceptions and the laws can prevent these idiots from obtaining them but that is not an issue of the 2nd Amendment. One should not blame the gun for mass shooting anymore than one should blame the car for a drunk driving accident that kills 10 people.
  11. An Inspired Constitution? (Needs a rewrite.j

    I think it would be a much larger fight than that. I would be interesting to watch. Better to live free for a few minutes than be a slave for decades. Slavery comes in different forms. To be entirely dependent on the government for your protection is a form of slavery.
  12. An Inspired Constitution? (Needs a rewrite.j

    Most Americans don't even know the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. They think it was put there so that people have the right to hunt Bambi. Most Americans don't even own a gun. They know little about guns and just parrot whatever gun control lie that is told to them. They talk about the evil AR-15 and if only we get rid of those guns, everything will be ok. False. Shooters will simple use another gun to accomplish the same exact result. 32 dead, 17 injured in Virginia Tech by 2 handguns.
  13. An Inspired Constitution? (Needs a rewrite.j

    People can't protect themselves in Europe against sexual assault. They tell women to keep arms distance between a themselves and a potential attacker. Now a nice handgun will work a lot better than that.
  14. An Inspired Constitution? (Needs a rewrite.j

    On a statistical basis, one is about as likely to be killed in a school mass shooting as they are to be killed by lightning.
  15. An Inspired Constitution? (Needs a rewrite.j

    False. Guns have been around for a long time. Real mass shootings (like a dozen people shot and not just 4) is more recent. Plenty of gun access back in the 80s but no examples of a dozen kids getting shot in school. What has changed is the culture, 24 hour news and the internet. That is creating this.