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  1. Perhaps the Church should invest more money in sprinkler systems and perhaps HD cameras in and outside the property. Yes its an expense but at some point is might be worth the investment.
  2. Actually the work moves ahead regardless of how many baptisms occur. The goal is to present the gospel to as many as we can. If people reject it, the missionary work for that person is a success. The person who rejected the gospel has had a chance. The work is done for that person. It in a good way for that person but its done.
  3. If there is a genetic connection, then would be possible to treat or cure it through drugs or gene therapy. I however am not convinced DNA has anything to do with it unless they explain the actual mechanism of how one goes from the gene, to the expression of those genes to how it tells someone to be attracted to X and not Y. DNA goes to RNA which goes to make proteins. I have a hard time with the idea that if Steve has certain levels or types of proteins in his body that lead him to be attracted to Jack over Jane.
  4. "George Stuart, a leading Maya scholar who worked for National Geographic for almost 40 years, did an interview in 2011 on National Geographic Live. In the course of his interview, he made the following revealing comment: “And we hardly know anything, really about the Maya [believed to have existed during a portion of Book of Mormon times]. You know, there’s almost 6000 archaeological sites and we’ve dug at forty of them.”[9] That is less than 1%. " He needs to update a bit. Its far worse than that with the LIDAR technology. "The LiDAR mapping detected more than 60,000 previously unknown structures in total, from unknown pyramids, palace structures, terraced fields, roadways, defensive walls and towers, and houses. Archaeologists are realizing that the ancient population centers they’ve spent decades studying are much bigger than they speculated. " http://www.ancientpages.com/2018/02/03/lidar-technology-reveals-secrets-of-ancient-maya-civilization/ It says " The survey of encompassed Several major Maya sites, including the largest at Tikal, and El Zotz have been surveyed and these sites cover the area of 2,100-square kilometers." That really is a small portion of central America. I wonder what would be found if they scanned the entire central America area what they would find.
  5. Perhaps the best policy would be to have several active members who are armed in each ward. Nobody knows who they are. Sort of serve the same purpose as an air marshall. This would offer reasonable protection for the members of the ward. We don't need a bunch of members packing guns to church but having a few would help deter any nut out there.
  6. The first right explained in the Bill of Rights is the freedom of the exercise of religion. Nobody should be forced in their business to do things against their conscience. Should a Muslim photographer be forced to take pictures of people of people depicting Mohammad in a negative way? Should a Jewish photographer be forced to take pictures at a Nazi wedding? There are enough people in the US who support gay marriage that there is plenty of access for gay couples to hire a photographer for their wedding. Besides, why would a gay couple want someone at their wedding who does not want ot be there and beyond that have that person take the official pictures at that wedding. That person might just take a lot of poor pictures. I would think that the best option is to hire a photographer who actually wants to be there.
  7. The simple solution is not use Facebook. I have not used it and my life is ok.
  8. I disagree. Lets not elevate something that is "official publication" with the standard works or General conference talks. Just because something is published by the Church does not mean its free from error or the best material out there.
  9. What "new" information does the CES bring to the table. I have not read the whole thing in part that it pretty much covers the same ground have read in other anti sources. The CES is effective in a world where people are lazy and looking for a reason to find problems with the Church. It can provide all the excuses one needs. Sure there are difficult issues but lets not pretend that there is anything "new" presented. Its the same stuff that has been around for decades. It is like a cancer. If you ignore it, it does not go away. It can get worse with time. I believe that someone, somewhere in the Church decided to ignore most of this for a long time and the cancer has spread much farther than if the Church decided to start addressing it 20 or 30 years ago. Things will change but it will take some time to catch up.
  10. If one changes it to men in the general membership asking that question the results are still the same. The reason the same men get the most to say is due to the office that they hold. When Tacenda says "Who says we have to hear from the same men over and over." My answer is "The Lord says." Those men are his appointed representatives. They speak because of their office and position. Not because they are some popular older dudes in the church.
  11. The way I read it, the first 3 verses are an introduction by the Lord to the revelation but its not the revelation itself. What is called the actual revelation called the Word of Wisdom starts in verse 4. I would call the introduction scripture as well and the intent given at the time. Parts were changed later and other parts have remained the same. When asked if a member is living the Word of Wisdom, the issue of eating good things and eating meat sparingly is not brought up. Those parts still remain counsel and not commandment.
  12. I don't mind more women speaking in GC. Probably a good thing but I wonder if women in the First Century would have proposed that questions. "Who says that we have to here from the same men like Peter, James, and Paul over and over again." The reason we hear from the same men in GC over and over again is not because they are men but because of the office of which they currently hold.
  13. What do you expect the Church to do? Compromise its standards to maximize membership. Getting rid of the Word of Wisdom would do far more than any LGBT issue. There are far more people in the world who like beer than are gay. Perhaps the best way to retain and gain membership is doing away with all standards. Change the doctrine from Christ saves us from our sins to Christ saves us in our sins. Then we don't have to worry about any sin because its all taken care of. Why even be LDS or anything at that point? Being gay is not a sin but acting on it is. Mr Smart has to make a choice like we all have to make choice with whatever challenges us. What master will we serve.
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