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  1. The question is are the rights of the transgender above the rights of everyone else. If 25 women are in a bathroom and they don't want a transgender "woman" in that bathroom with them, are their rights thrown away because the transgender is allowed to go in?
  2. Even if the Church was not front and center, Prop 8 still would have passed. Up to that point, 30 states had voted on gay marriage and all of them voted it down. There is no reason to think California was going to be the exception. And it really was not a constitutional right to get married at that point. The only reason it is a constitutional right today is one vote by one judge. That is it. I am not too worried about the Equality Act as no act of Congress can trump the Constitution. The First Amendment is clear. We have the free exercise of religion.
  3. Lots of bad stuff are legally recognized. Perhaps the Lord gives everyone to a chance to take a stand on the issue so we may be judged for good or bad at judgement day.
  4. Which the majority of Californians supported. Remember it was millions of non-Mormons who passed prop 8.
  5. Tithing is one of the few things we know we can be perfect in when we give 10%. I don't care how the Church uses my money. All I am asked is to do my part and I am in the clear. God holds those who misuse the money not me. If one is not paying because others actions, then those actions of others are leading to your damnation as well. No reason to shoot yourself in the foot eternally to make a point for a brief moment.
  6. All my brothers and sisters are active in the Church. All of their kids with the exception of one are pretty strong. I guess we have be lucky.
  7. Yeah. I do think that God will give understanding to those who live by faith with their covenants. Some more and some less but he will help us understand more and more through time. Life is also a place to learn as well as a test of faith.
  8. Yes though more difficult but that is what life is all about. Many people refuse to believe without evidence first. Atheists will not believe unless they see evidence. What we understand in the Church is that to believe, to follow, to accept, and so forth after one has evidence is a pre mortal or first estate test. All of use proved to God and us that we could follow God in the pre mortal world after having evidence. The evidence was all around us. All of us past the atheist standards of a test and that is why we are here taking a harder exam of trusting and following God on faith than evidence. Those who require evidence in this life before they will believe really want to retake the exams we took in the first estate again. Sort of like a kid who takes general math and gets great grades but fails algebra. They want to drop out of algebra and retake general math again and then expect that to be sufficient to receive the rewards of those who passed algebra. This is the test of the second estate. To follow God and keep covenants even if we do not understand them. Even the dumbest people can believe something if they have evidence. To believe something without evidence, to follow or keep a covenant without understanding it is what separates individuals in this life from the rest of the herd and prepares them for exaltation.
  9. Perhaps some of what I said in incomplete but look at what changed said. "The church failed its test for me - they abused my kids." Who abused those kids? Did a few individuals or the church? Did the Church send out memos to target those kids for abuse? "..they support abusers, enable abuse " The Church supports abusers. Really? Perhaps some bad policies allowed abusers to do their thing but that is quite different than support support to bear or hold up (a load, mass, structure, part, etc.); serve as a foundation for. to sustain or withstand (weight, pressure, strain, etc.) without giving way; serve as a prop for. to undergo or endure, especially with patience or submission; tolerate. enable to make able; give power, means, competence, or ability to; authorize: to make possible or easy: Aeronautics enables us to overcome great distances. to make ready; equip (often used in combination): Once again, the church may have had some policies or actions that may have resulted in some bad thing happening but that was not the intent of the Church when they established them. Unless there is some evidence that the Church intended and wanted abusers to be sustained, held up as a standard and foundation and authorized abuse, I object to that characterization.
  10. The entire church abused your kids and supported the abuser? I think individuals in the Church did some bad things but not all of us had any involvement. The Church is made up of individuals. Some are good and some are wolves in sheep clothing. If the church failed it only failed your possible expectation that everyone in it is perfect and ready to be translated. My experience is that really is not the case.
  11. Hopefully polygamy will be back and a whole lot of other things will be taken off the sin list. I would like all my sins to be taken off the list. That would make my life a whole lot easier and its only fair.
  12. All sin is based on an action or (inaction in sin of omission). So all orientation regardless of all the potential flavors out there is neutral. It is when one acts on that orientation that determines whether the action is sinful or not. So I don't care if people are oriented towards the opposite sex, the same sex, to sex robots, or anything else out there. They can be a good member in the Church if they play in bounds and not out of bounds.
  13. God did say that when he starts pouring his judgements out on the earth, he will start with his house. Members should always be careful that their acceptance of anything runs counter to what the Lord accepts. If one is on the wrong side of the Lord, we pretty much know who will win. I will always remain a member regardless of what happens. Perhaps might go inactive for a bit to avoid the the house cleaning.
  14. It is difficult if you want to make it so. Perhaps some above have given an answer that comes fairly close to what happened.
  15. Don't know but its a one time purchase. Its not like the church does this every year.
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