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  1. Discerning true and false prophets - how?

    A prophet is only a prophet when acting as such. Prophets are men like everyone else. The only difference between a prophet and a person who is not a prophet is that when someone acts as a prophet, they are speaking by the Holy Ghost. So yes all statements by Joseph Smith and others regarding geography are not binding on the Church unless such statements were made through the Holy Ghost and established as binding on the Church.
  2. God probably won't allow us to find Nahom

    And if Ashton believes in aliens visiting the earth even if he was to base his views on archaeology it still has nothing to do with Nahom. An archaeologist can be wrong on one thing and right on another. A doctor of medicine can be wrong on one thing and right on another. I just don't see the point of raising the issue other than you just want to smear him because you think bringing it up somehow devalues an unrelated issue perhaps out of fear.
  3. God probably won't allow us to find Nahom

    Even if true, what does it matter? If a well respected authority on cancer research believes in a government coverup of aliens visiting the earth, what does that have to do with his expertise on the issues of cancer?
  4. How an Ahistorical Book of Mormon Can Still Be Scripture

    Anyone can create a book of fiction that contains spiritual truths in them. If that is all the Book of Mormon is, why bother with plates and translation? An angel should have just dictated spiritual truths to Joseph Smith sort of like how Muslims say Mohammad got the Koran. Both the Bible and Book of Mormon might contain fictional stories within it to present truth but that does not mean the whole is fiction. My spiritual witness comes for the great teaching of Jesus that man is to live by every word that proceeds forth for the mouth of God. Whether it be the Bible, Book of Mormon, D&C, Pearl of Great price, General Conference, other ancient books. We are not live by every word that comes from God and pick from a menu of what parts we will accept from God and what parts we do not based on our personal preference.
  5. God probably won't allow us to find Nahom

    God covers up the evidence to test the faith of people who already believe in the BOM narrative and this evidence would only enhance the faith that they already have. I don't see any rational reason for this. It also raises questions of how serious God really is about all of this stuff. Why should we promote the Book of Mormon if God is actively working against it and to make efforts as difficult as possible?
  6. Why care is some nuts classify the Church as a hate group? Can't please everyone and many of these people have a lot of hate towards others who do not agree with them. Who is trying to ban gays from buying wedding cakes? If a business does not want to make money off gays, why should that matter? It is their financial loss. There are plenty of people willing to take as much money from gays as they are willing to give. I personally would not want to make someone angry if they are making my food. Who knows what they might do to my food. Forcing a baker to make a cake might persuade the baker to give some added goodies in that cake or at the very least under or overcook the cake.
  7. Explaining the Word of Widsom

    No. If a member wants to boil their Pepsi before they drink it, I don't have a problem with it.
  8. A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief

    The nation needs and welcomes immigrants but no nation can survive if it does not control who comes in and how many comes in. I don't have a problem with the Catholic Church or any other organization advocating for the illegal aliens. They have a right to voice their concern as anyone else. It is the job of government to protect its citizens and control the borders. I have no problem keeping the adult DACA kids here as long as the border situation is solved and we hold the parents of those DACA kids accountable. We can't have an immigration system where people know that if they bring kids along with them to this country, that those kids anchor them to the US and they are allowed to stay as well.
  9. Upon this rock I will build my Church...

    A covenant is a two way contract or"an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified." If God expected nothing in return, that is not much a covenant.
  10. Establishing Boundaries within the LDS Church

    Unless the goal is for one to purposely take themselves off the straight and narrow path and desire something other than Celestial glory for eternity. If this is the goal, resigning is a good option to advance one towards their goal.
  11. Was it against the law? Cite the law that says "glass looking" was illegal
  12. The Lord Preaching His own Sermons

    I don't put too much weight on any one event or even a series of events during a year. But I think if one looks at the trends, it is clear we are getting closer. If the climate change prophets are correct, this matches pretty well with last days issues as mentioned in the scriptures. Great hail storms, droughts, famines, floods, cities being destroyed by the seas, ect would all fit the context of the climate of the earth being different than what it was before. These climate change events would spark world wide disruption of food supplies and cause internal civil wars as well as wars between nations. Looking at earthquakes at least in the US, all the major faults are due or overdue to go. We will see earthquakes in in the US that we have never seen since the founding of this country. The 21st century looks to be a century that promises to be of great distress. Far greater than we have seen in previous centuries. My kids will see and experience things that neither I nor my grandparents had to go through.
  13. I could welcome the children. I could welcome the gay men as well but to the same degree as I would welcome a man and woman who live together but are not married.
  14. Prophets to guide us

    I do. Just because a person is called to be an apostle and "prophet" does not mean they have unlimited access to all truth that exists. Prophets only know what God tells them. What God does not tell them , they are free to have an opinion on. God does not remove their agency and right to have an opinion on an issue. The location of Hill Cumorah might be of interest to some people but its not one of vital importance to the membership of the Church and I don't think its a high item on God's list to correct leaders if they get it wrong. That that might be important is that there was a Hill Cumorah.